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Job Selector Set-Up (for promotions).

  • The Job Selector feature within Compensation relies on two sets of data from the Admin menu.  When enabled, the Job Selector can be accessed from both the worksheet and the profile.

    • The first is Families and Roles which can be found in Admin Tools >>Company Settings>>Manage Job Roles>>Families and Roles. From this window you can create new Families or edit existing ones.
    • Job Code and Pay Grade Mapping tables, which can be found in the Compensation Home screen under Actions for all Plans.


  • Compensation


Manage Families and Roles

  • From the main Administration Tools screen, click on the Company Settings icon and then select Manage Job Roles.

        1.png i.png

  •  The list of Families and Roles appears.

        2.png d.png

  •  To edit an existing Family select the Family name. A list of existing Roles will appear. To add new Roles, Click Create New Role.

       3.png c.png

  •  Enter the appropriate information to create a new role and click Save and Close.

        4.png d.png

  •  To edit existing Roles (change name of role, add or remove Job Codes), click on the name of the role. Click on Edit Properties.

   5.png b.png

  • Here you can edit the Role name or add/remove Job Codes. Usage should be set to Default:

        6.png b.png


           Note: Families and Roles are used in other modules. Your consultant will work with you regarding any coordination issues that need to take place.

  • Once Families and Roles have been established the administrator can import associated Job Codes. This is done via Admin Tools>>Company Settings>>Import Job Roles. The import file should be in “csv” format and contain the following headers. More info is included in the next section on importing files:

         7.png b.png


Import Families and Roles:

  • Prepare Families and Roles File

File 1: Load this file first:

  1. Column A – Indicates if the row is for a Family, Role or Competency.
  2. Column B – Family Name (should be the same for all rows).
  3. Column C – Role Title.
    1. Optional Description for a Family row.
    2. Role Title for Roles & Competencies.
  4. Column D –
    1. Blank for a Family row.
    2. Role description for Roles.

        8.png a.png


File 2: If you have multiple Job Codes for a single role, load this file second to add job codes to the families and roles:

  1. Column A – Job Code.
  2. Column B – Family Name (should match exactly with File 1).
  3. Column C – Role Title (should match exactly with File 1).
  4. Column D – Module always = Default.


  1.  Import Families and Roles in Admin Tools: Go To Admin Tools under Company Settings. Select Import Job Roles.  



  1. Import Families and Roles File
  • Below are the settings to select if you do not wish to delete any of the existing Families and Roles in the system. These settings will ADD new Families and/or Roles, but not delete what exists already. If you wish to delete all existing Families and Roles in the system and replace with new roles, select the Delete Them radio button and the Delete the Families radio button. Use caution when deleting families and roles. These are used by other modules, such as recruiting and performance management.


  •  After the file loads, you can check the load by going to Admin Tools à Company Settings à Manage Job Roles. Click on the name of the Family to view the associated Roles. The screenshot below is from the files imported above (see screenshots above).



Job Code and Pay Grade Mapping

  • The second set of data used to support the Job Selector that can be loaded via Admin Tools is the Job Code and Pay Grade Map. This map populates the pay grades on the pop-up Job Selector when an employee is promoted with the appropriate range.
  • From the Actions for all plans screen, select Import/Export Data. Under the Salary Plans dropdown, select Job Code and Pay Grade Mapping.


  •  The import file is a two column “csv” file with the following headers:



             Note: The Job codes should not contain any commas and the name of the Job code must match exactly what was imported into Families and Roles.

  • To make a change to the Job Code and Pay Grade Mapping, scroll to the bottom of the table and select Export.


  • Make changes to the Job Code name and Pay Grade. Save to your desktop as a CSV file. Go back to the Job Code and Pay Grade Mapping screen. Browse for the file and then select Import. Check to see that your import was successful by checking your changes on the screen.



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