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2084836 - Performance Ratings Not Updating on Compensation Form or Reflecting the Correct PM Rating


  • This KB article discusses issues with Performance Ratings that are not updating, including HBA and non HBA configurations. 
  • What is completed-only="true"?
  • Why do some people show N/A as the performance rating on the compensation form?
  • How do I make the compensation plan show the rating for a completed performance form?
  • What is comp-rating-source?
  • What is checkRatingSourceAcrossTemplates?


SAP SuccessFactors Compensation


  • The following options are all important when considering what form rating will be used in the compensation form, whether those ratings will update while in progress or not, and whether a performance form needs to be completed for it to be used as the rating in the compensations plans.
  • The compensation plan must be saved in order for the form to be updated when viewing via the Detailed Document Search Report.
  • Note: The form with the manager will always refresh.
  • Performance forms must be launched prior to launching the Compensation form at all times.


  • On a compensation template there is an option to use only completed compensation forms.
  • Check the configuration to see if this is enabled.
  • This option should be used only if:
    1. All performance forms are completed at the time of launching the compensation plan.
    2. Or you do not need any ratings for incomplete forms to update on the compensation plan once they are completed.
    3. People having incomplete performance forms will show N/A.
    4. Note: Merit guidelines will not work if based on the performance rating and the rating is N/A.
  • If you need in-progress performance scores to be reflected on the compensation plan as they are updated or are completed, then you must set the comp-rating-source as completed-only="false".
  • This way your compensation plan can link to in-progress performance forms and update as they change.
  • When compensation plans are created the system automatically looks for the most current performance form for each user and creates a physical linkage between the comp plan and the PM form.
  • When completed-only="true" is set on the template and if the pm form is NOT completed then no linkage will occur, so that the individuals rating will forever remain as N/A.
  • When using completed-only="true", if you do need to have the users rating change from N/A to the completed rating, then once the performance form is completed, use the "remove member from plan" option and add the member back so that the linkage to the completed PM form can be established and the rating displayed.
  • This can only be done while the compensation plan is still in-progess. 
  • Changing your configuration may require a change request.
  • If you need a SuccessFactors Support Engineer to make this change for you, open a support case with Product Support.
  • Changes will only apply to new compensation plans and not existing plans.
  • To update live plans, use the steps outlined above to remove and add members back to compensation plans.

When using HBA

  • User’s Performance ratings were changed on the Performance form but the compensation form is showing the old rating.
  • Note: HBA doesn't support automatic refreshing of Performance rating from PM forms. Only opening compensation form supports this.
  • Best practice is to complete the PM forms before launching the compensation forms.
  • If this is not feasible, there are two ways to sync the Performance ratings on the compensation forms: 
    1. Open the compensation forms > click save.
    2. Perform a Mass Update of Compensation Forms.


  • Most clients will only define one performance form as the rating source.
  • So for the current year there will be one compensation plan and one performance plan template used as the performance rating.
  • Some clients may have multiple performance forms, and would like the compensation plan to check multiple performance forms to determine which is used as the rating.
  • There are 2 basic options:
    1. Use the comp-rating-source from the first template defined in form-id:


<comp-rating-source useFor="all" form-id="1" is-default="true" completed-only="false" use-calculated-rating="true" import-from-assignment="false"> 
<comp-rating-source useFor="all" form-id="5" is-default="true" completed-only="false" use-calculated-rating="true" import-from-assignment="false"> 

      • In this example, if a performance form for a user exists based on form-id="1", then use the rating as found in this PM form.
      • If no PM form exists, check for one based on form-id="5".
      • If more than two rating sources are defined, it continues down the list until a form is found.
      • If no performance form is found, then for this person they will remain unrated.
      • Even if now creating PM form, the compensation plan will not update to use this rating, as the PM form must exist before your comp form is created to be used as a rating source.
    1. Use the newest/most recent form's rating:

      • Check all form templates, form-id="1" + form-id="5"  and then use the rating from the newest form.
      • In the example above, even though form-id="1" is the first form defined in your list, if form-id="5" is a newer form, then use the rating from form-id="5".

To enable this functionality you need to use comp-rating-source in combination with checkRatingSourceAcrossTemplates.


  • When configuring a compensation plan to use checkRatingSourceAcrossTemplates, the following logic is applied:

    • true = get the latest comp plan rating source form instance across all of the rating source templates defined.
    • false = use the latest comp plan rating source form instance from the first rating source template found.
  • Note: If there are PM forms with an embedded compensation section, and if multiple PM forms are tied to the same compensation form template, make sure:
    1. The ids are accurate in all templates.
    2. Validate checkRatingSourceAcrossTemplates is set to true. 
  • Not doing so can result in incorrect form linkages.
  • IMPORTANT: Errors resulting in incorrect form linkages cannot be corrected under any circumstance once the forms have been launched.
  • The only option would be to delete existing compensation forms, correct templates or launch needed PM forms, and then relaunch the compensation plan to pick up the expected data.

Flag for Reloadable Field Update only on Mass Update to Improve Performance

  • Enhancement CMP-17337 introduced feature Compensation Home > Plan Setup > Advanced Settings > Only reload user data on mass update
  • When this feature is enabled, it's meant to stop reloadable fields from automatically updating after saving the worksheet.
  • This feature also impacts PM ratings.
  • If you want ratings to automatically update when saving the worksheet or updating the PM form directly, please disable this checkbox.


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