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2084853 - Offline Edit via Executive Review Export to Excel in Compensation/Variable Pay


  • How to Perform Offline Edit via Executive Review.
  • You have the option to export Executive Review data into MS Excel format to review and edit offline at your convenience. You can then import the edited file back into SuccessFactors and the changes will sync with the system. Only the Excel file exported from SuccessFactors can be imported back in.
  • This is for customers that would like to edit their compensation/variable pay data offline, specifically in MS Excel, and bring it back into SF Compensation/Variable Pay module.

Note: This is not a best practice recommended approach; however, it makes sense in certain cases, some such cases are mentioned below:

  • When a compensation/variable pay form has a huge number of rows and entries need to be edited.
  • Senior executives who are not familiar with SF module and would like to edit the compensation/variable pay data.
  • Administrators who would like to make an adjustment to the entire population due to change in economic conditions.

Costs: None if subscribed to Compensation Management and Variable Pay Module

**Images and data taken from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo environments. Any resemblance to real-world data is purely coincidental.**


  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay


Pre requisite 

This requires the feature "Enable SAP Fiori Re-styling of Legacy UI Elements [Demoable, Not Ready for Production]" in provisioning. Please contact your implementation partner for assistance.

Enable the Feature

  1. Go to Admin Center > Compensation > Actions for All Plans
  2. Select Company Settings > Manage Company Settings > Compensation
  3. Check Enable Compensation Excel Offline Edit for Compensation module
  4. Check Enable Compensation Excel Offline Edit for Variable Pay module


  1. Save

Provide RBP Permissions to the Relevant Roles

  1. Go to Admin Center > Set User Permissions > Manage Permission Roles
  2. Select the relevant permission role (e.g. Manager role, Compensation Planner role)
  3. Click Permission...
  4. Click Compensation and Variable Pay
  5. Ensure the relevant templates are checked under Executive Review Read, Executive Review Edit, and Executive Review Export for both Compensation and Variable Pay


Note: These permissions use target population, so ensure you're granting these to the correct planner/manager and the appropriate target populations.

  1. Click Done, then Save your permission role
  2. After enabling the feature and granting the necessary permissions, you now have the Export and Import buttons in your Executive Review page.

Exporting Current Data (Client):

  • ONLY the exported data can be imported back into the system. You cannot ADD or DELETE any records from the Excel file.
  • If the data being exported is too many, the export will run as batch and the exported file should be downloaded from Scheduled Reports page.
  • Exported data is base currency centric.
  • To export...

...for Compensation/Salary

Click Export > Select "I want to add my compensation changes to the exported file, then upload it when I'm done. Recommended if you want to primarily make changes by import.

We recommend selecting this option if you plan to import your compensation changes into system.", Format will be "Export as Excel" then click Export.

...for Variable Pay

Click Export > Select "Update variable pay worksheet by modifying data in the exported file and reimporting the same file


Use this option only if you want to primarily make changes by import.", Format will be "Export as Excel" then click Export.

A pre-requisite is "Enable SAP Fiori Re-styling of Legacy UI Elements [Demoable, Not Ready for Production]" option should be enabled in provisioning. Otherwise the above options won't show on the UI.

Editing Exported Data:

  • Before editing, please perform a SAVE AS to save a copy of the exported file. This can serve as a backup in case something goes wrong with your edits.
  • Fields/columns highlighted in Yellow color are the ONLY fields that you can edit. The Non-Yellow fields won't be reflected even if you edit them.
  • Input compensation/variable pay data from backup or aggregate report to the appropriate field/column.
  • Ensure that the value being inputted corresponds to the field/column type; if the field/column type is Amount or Money then ONLY numbers is accepted.

Note: Even if merit,lumpsum and promotion amount column is hidden and only percent column is enabled, importing percent columns via offline edit import is still not supported. Only the amount column is importable.

For Merit you cannot import percentage, you have to select the field type in design worksheet as either " Show both percent and amount" or "Show Amount only". After saving, export from executive review and you can notice the fields are Yellow and hence can be editted and imported back.

Important: In case you want to remove values from the fields and leave them blank, you'll need to add spaces in order for the system to recognize it's a blank value. This is expected behavior.

Importing Edited Data:

  • It is expected that the file format (number of columns and headers etc) of the import file are same as that of the exported file.
  • No new employees can be added to the exported file; the reason for this is - when a new employee is added to the file, the system would not know to which form to add the employee, in addition the budget implications can't be anticipated as well.
  • However, it may be OK to drop employees from the exported file.
  • To Import...

...for both Compensation and Variable pay

Click Import > Browse your edited file and select the appropriate email notification then click Import.

  • A validation message will be displayed whether the data imported into the system has been accepted or not.
  • Only the editable fields/columns should be considered as part of the import process, any other changes made to the import file will be ignored.

Note: This does not include comments. It is no possible to either import or edit comments using this file. This has to be done via the UI.

  • The violations that occur due to the imported data should be treated like normal exceptions.
  • If hard stops are implemented on the form any violations will stop the form from being moved forward.
  • Audit trail will be maintained for rows that have been changed via the import process.

Note: Please allow data to be replicated in the database. Replication can take up to 24 hours max, depending on how much data is involved.

Confirmation Email Executive Review- 'Number of plan entries successfully updated: 1' 

  • The message 'Number of plan entries successfully updated: 1' means there is one entry in imported Excel file and accepted by system. We don't have a way to know whether user edited any cell of imported Excel file. So, we just count number of entries user has permission to edit and acceptable to system in imported Excel file. That message doesn't necessarily mean all those entries have something changed.
  • Validation errors are per field. If value of a field is not valid, we will just reject that value and output a validation error in notification email. If that entry has change to other fields and their values are valid, those values will still be saved to the system. So, one field has invalid value doesn't mean we will reject entire entry. Validation error only indicates a field has invalid value, it doesn't mean the whole entry was rejected.

Note: It is possible to permission the export/import executive review button and this can be set within Action for All Plans> Company Settings> Enable RBP for Executive Review Export. It then can be permissioned via RBP once this is enabled.


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