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  • What information is available from the Compensation Diversity Report?


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    The compensation diversity report is a standard spreadsheet report available for clients with our Compensation Module. It is available from Reports/Analytics > Spreadsheet Reports

    This detailed report provides in-depth analysis of the depth of diversity in your compensation process. Use this report to find out: How equally are we paying by gender, compa-ratio, range penetration, and salary?

  • Users need to be permissioned to see this report: Admin Tools > Manage Security > Manage Spreadsheet Report Privileges > select user > Spreadsheet Report Privilege.
  • If you do not see this report in the available list, but would like to make this report available to your users, please open a support case with Customer Success to have the report template added to your instance.


The compensation diversity report will help you answer questions like the following:

  • Where do we stand on compensating our employees relative to compa-ratio?
  • Is there a difference in how we are compensating the women and men in our Organization?
  • Between our female and male managers are we compensating both genders equally?
  • How many employees fall into each compa-ratio category when plotted against ratings? Or by percentage, where do our employees fall when comparing compa-ratio to ratings?
  • Relative to range penetration, how many employees do we have in each quartile?
  • How many women and men to we have in each range penetration quartile?
  • Which quartile does the majority of our management team fall in?
  • In general, what are the salary differences between women and men in our Organization?
  • How differently are we paying the women and men at each level within our Organization, especially at the higher levels?
  • With each of our compensation pay grades, what are the differences in our salary payout?
  • Filters are provided so you can isolate the data for a particular Division, Department, Location, Level, Form, Manager's Team or Employee.


         You can also drill down to details to see the specific employees.  

  • The report will be available via Scheduled Reports once run and you will be notified by email once the report is available for downloading.


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