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2084913 - Compensation - YouCalc Widget Configuration and Considerations


The purpose of this article is to provide basic information regarding the setup of the YouCalc report widget for Compensation worksheets in SuccessFactors Compensation.

**Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental**


SAP SuccessFactors Compensation



  • Support of custom YouCalc widgets created by implementation partners is limited.
  • If a non-standard widget stops working please have this reviewed by your implementation partner.

How to enable Youcalc via provisioning

  • This can be enabled either via support or your partner.
  • If a support ticket is required, please create one and ask for this feature to be enabled.
  • There is no additional cost involved.


  1. Sign into Provisioning.
  2. Go to Company Settings
  3. Tick "Enable YouCalc widget on compensation forms".
  4. Save.


  • Compensation templates are hardcoded to specific YouCalc widget ID's.
  • When creating new Compensation plans it may be necessary to adjust the widget ID or create new widgets.
  • Please have this checked yearly and add to your checklist for launching new cycles.
  • Currently, YouCalc supports field-based permissions.
  • If you apply ANY field based permissions to a user for ANY field, the user will be able to see the widget.
  • Although the YouCalc widget will display while field based permissions are enabled, the widget will display all data regardless.
  • The Compensation administrator will be responsible for hiding the widget if they contain sensitive information, depending on RBP (CMP-9811).

Uploading YouCalc Files

  • The Administrator can do the following via the User Interface (UI):
    1. Navigate to Admin Center > Reporting and Analytics > Manage Dashboards.
    2. Select "Manage Standard Dashboards and YouCalc Files".
  • On the top of this page you will have the following options:

manage dashboards.PNG

  • The options used for YouCals here are as follows:

    • Add from Success Store - Add a standard YouCalc widget into the instance.
    • Upload Custom YouCalc File - Upload a custom YouCalc widget into the instance.

  • With each option used, a unique ID will be generated for each widget.
  • This can be found from the main screen of Manage Standard Dashboards and YouCalc Files:

widget id.png

  • Alternatively, this can also be seen by selecting the widget itself:

custom widget ID.png

Adding Widgets to a Compensation Plan

  • The administrator can open a support case to have this updated/added. Alternatively, this can be done via your implementation partner:
    1. Confirm the widget ID which you would like to use as outlined above. Provide this to support.
    2. Go to the required Compensation plan and download the template xml. This can be done either via the UI or Provisioning > Form Template Administration.
    3. Save the file locally and open it with an XML editor.
    4. Locate the "comp-include-salary" section of this file and find it's end tag.
    5. Insert the following XML into the file:

<comp-youcalc-applicationID="381" appDisplayHeight="200" showInExecutiveReview="true">
<comp-field-label lang="en_US"><![CDATA[Metrics]]></comp-field-label></comp-youcalc-application>

As highlighted above, we have added in the widget ID of 381 and are also able to define a label to appear in worksheets.

    1. Save the file.
    2. Upload back into your instance via provisioning.
    3. To ensure the correct permissions are given to your planners/Compensation administrators please check RBP permissions.

Launching New Worksheets

  • Once the above has been completed you can launch new worksheets to view the widget.
  • This will be shown within your live worksheets:

worksheet widget.png

  • This will also populate within Executive Review if enabled.
  • This is the showInExecutiveReview="true" tag within the xml code added to the template:

executive review widget.png

Template Settings & Performance

  • You can control the performance of your YouCalc reports per template.

    • Within the Compensation plan go to Plan Setup > Settings > Advanced Settings and find "Maximum YouCalc Entry Size (range 1-50000, default is 1000, only applicable to Compensation Executive review)".
    • Increasing this limit will degrade performance and may result in failed reports.
    • The upper limit of the "Maximum YouCalc Entry Size.." option is 50000.
    • Any existing entries over this amount will be legalized to this value.

  • NOTE: Should you experience the widget not loading correctly at any stage, please refresh the page (CMP-17247).

Considerations of YouCalc

  • If you have a custom widget, please ensure ALL fields used are reportable within column designer.
  • Should fields used not be reportable, the widget may fail to load data.
  • If you find fields have not been set to reportable and worksheets are already launched, new worksheets will need to be created.
  • YouCalc does not support non-reportable fields from Compensation plans.
  • If any these are used, there will be unexpected behaviors like blank data and inconsistencies between Executive Review and worksheets.
  • To make standard fields work correctly within your YouCalc, here are some scenarios when data will load non-reportable fields

We always load the following on worksheets:

  • All non-reportable fields will load into Executive Review is any non-reportable field is used in bonus guidelines
  • All non-reportable fields will load into Executive Review is any non-reportable field is used as a budget base or rule (<comp-rule-base-field-id>)
  • All non-reportable fields will load into Executive Review is any non-reportable field is isNeedCalcTotal="true"
  • All non-reportable fields will load into Executive Review is any non-reportable field is isTotalable="true"

In all other scenarios, we will NOT load a non-reportable field.


Question: What is the YouCalc calculation for merit Increase when there are multiple users on a form/plan being paid at different frequencies

Answer: The following is an example with calculation on how this would work:

In the following table we have calculated the values for merit based on data in the worksheet for the sample users.

  • Monthly rate (MON RATE) is calculated by dividing annual salary (ANN) by pay cycle rate (RATE).
  • Merit amount is calculated by multiplying annual salary (ANN) by merit percent (MERIT).

YouCalc Merit Calculation.png

In the next table we have calculated the values that appear on the YouCalc widget within the worksheet/ Executive Review.

  • Salary sum is calculated by adding all salaries for those who have the same rating.
  • Merit amount sum is calculated by adding the merit amounts for those with the same rating.
  • The average is calculated by dividing the merit amount sum by salary sum.

YouCalc Merit Increase.png


  • In Compensation calculations are based on a 12 month pay cycle.
  • The widget will take into consideration all users who contribute to it, even though they may not have a merit increase.
  • For example, the two users above who have a rating of 2 shows only one with a merit increase. However, the merit amounts are divided by the two user salaries combined.

See Also

More information can be found within the Compensation Implementation Guide.


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