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  • Is it possible to delete some of a client's existing personal compensation statements without deleting all of them?


  • Compensation


  • No. This is not directly possible, but it is indirectly possible via Compensation Admin 2.0 and using the RECALL STATEMENT option in conjunction with creating GROUPS, and then relaunching statements only to those that you want to receive statements.
  • We recommend all clients upgrade to Comp Admin 2.0 immediately to get this and other functionality. Just open a case and ask for this to be enabled in your instance (no cost).
  • Once this is enabled you can delete compensation statements using the "Recall Statement" Feature. See: 2085173 
    Go to Admin Tools > Compensation Home > Select the worksheet that statements were launched for > click on Complete Compensation Cycle:

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  •  Then from the Complete Compensation Cycle screen select "Recall Statements" from the "Rewards Statements" dropdown:

         Untitled-2.gif 2.gif

  •  From "recall Statements" you can select the template that statements were launched for and recall all the statements. Note: It is NOT possible to recall individual statements. It is ALL or nothing.



  • Now that you have recalled all the statements you have some options to effectively relaunch statements to only those people who should have them in the first place.

1. Statements are only generated for people with completed compensation worksheets:

  • Knowing that ONLY people who have a completed worksheet will get a statement, it may be possible to move certain worksheets out of the completed phase and back into progress. When you relaunch the statements people on these in-progress worksheets will not receive a statement.

2. Remove Visibility for Roles:

  • It might be possible to simply remove visibility permissions for a certain role, if the entire group of people you want to remove the statement for are all a specific role, such as HR, Employee, Second Manager etc. Go to Admin Tools > Compensation > Select the worksheet > Complete Compensation Cycle > Reward Statements > Select Statement Templates:


  •  Then from Select Statement Templates > select the ACTIONS > Manage Permissions link to manage the visibility permissions for the roles that can view this statement.


    Options are to:

  • Change permissions for who can view generated statements, Default option.
  • Specific Roles.
  • Generated statements are not viewable.

        Untitled-6.gif a.gif

3. Create Groups and Relaunch:

  • You can create "groups" of people. Then launch statements to just those "groups" that include people who will receive a statement. This requires that you are able to reasonably create these groups, which at times is difficult if you have very large populations and you are picking out very random specific individuals, and there is no clear logic you can apply.
    For example, it is easy to create a group for "everyone in HR" and exclude "everyone with a specific jobcode", but not so easy if you just want to exclude "200 random people from HR & other Depts."

          Go to Admin Tools > Compensation > Select the worksheet > Complete Compensation Cycle > Reward Statements > Select Statement Templates:

         Untitled-7.gif a.gif

  • Then from Rewards Statements > Select Statement Templates > make sure you have associated the statement template to the worksheet. Note: You need to add TWO statement templates (see example below)! It could be 2 different statements, or a duplicate of the same template. This is needed to use the group function. This will enable you to assign people to a specific group or groups for the first template, and then the second one is used as a default (which you cannot assign specific people or groups to, but CAN remove visibility from everyone), so in essence, you end up with the first statement being launched to just those you have defined in the groups.


  • As you can see in the image above, for one of the two templates, you will now see the "Assign Employees" option. Select this option to now create the specific groups of people you need to relaunch statements.

             Note in the image below we are creating a group for specifc pools of people, and then EXCLUDING the launch from 2 specific individuals, John and Brooke.


  •  Now you can relaunch statements knowing that these 2 individuals will not get the statement.


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