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2085227 - Compensation and Variable Pay Template Settings and Changes to Live Forms


  • Describes the template level settings available in Admin Tools advanced settings, per template. 
  • What setting changes will update live worksheets?


  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay

Reproducing the Issue



How to optimize your program settings

In this solution we explain all the options you will find on your Compensation Template Settings page in Admin Tools.

  • Available from Admin Tools > Compensation or Variable Pay > Compensation Home
  • While for some options we indicate recommended options, the very fact we have options is indicative of the fact there is no absolute right or wrong option. While we can provide recommendations, Customer Support is not able to provide definitive advice as to what is right or wrong for you. What is right for one client may not be what another client expects, and why we provide the many configuration options.
  • It is the responsibility of each client to thoroughly test the options you have set (regardless if you personally set them or had Support,  PS or a Partner set them) and confirm before launching to end users, that the outcomes and behaviors you need are met. Remember, no setting is wrong, but it may not be right for you.


Updating Live Data in the Worksheets

Settings: General Template Information

        This page displays basic information about your compensation template. Some of this information is editable. Unless otherwise stated, these settings will apply to live worksheets.

  •    Template Name: This can be updated within Plan Setup> Settings> Advanced Settings> Template Name.
       Please note the change in name can be added in different languages. This will then show for users while in their own default local lanaguge.
  •    Updated on: Non-editable
  •    Forms using this plan: (indicates how many forms exist using this plan) Non-editable
  •    Enable Guideline Optimization: Recommended this is turned on.
       This feature provides additional performance gains by storing guidelines in a more efficient way and has the added benefit of allowing you to change guidelines to live forms.
       This does not apply to live worksheets. more info...
  •    Currency: Set the default currency for this compensation process. Note! Changing this once forms are live will NOT apply to existing forms. This is referred to as your "Functional Currency". more info...
  •    Route Map: Allows you to associate one of your route maps to this plan. Note! Changing this once forms are live will NOT apply to existing forms.
       You will need to delete & relaunch, or use the Modify Route Map tools in Admin Tools.
  •    Currency Conversion Rate Table: Select one of your available conversion tables. Note! Changing this once forms are live will NOT apply to existing forms. more info...
  •    Proration Options: (click link for more information on using proration).
  •    Enable Salary Proration: Flag to enable this option.
  •    Prorate Based On: Date or Percentage.
  •    Proration Date: Set your date range (Typically 1 year period). Keep dates within the same fiscal year).
  •    Prorate Salaries based On: Hire Date or Enable prorating start and end date from user file. 
  •  Salary Pay Matrix: Associate the programs Pay Patrix. A Salary Pay Matrix is a table that defines ranges of pay based on grade level, and up to three additional attributes (such as country, city, job level, etc.). Pay matrices define the minimum, midpoint, and maximum pay levels for each pay grade and are required for compa-ratio and range penetration calculations. more info...
  •  Fiscal Year End Date: When creating a new program or copying last years program be sure you set the Year End date to the correct value for this cycle.

Form Template Settings


XML Changes to Live Worksheets

Due to data protection security policies we are unable to push out data or xml changes into ANY customers live programs. This is called "brute force change" and is a violation of data security protection rules, and is not supported. It would also introduce severe risk of data corruption to existing programs & user data. It also would introduce changes into programs whereby there would be no audit capacity to know who, when or why such data or xml was changed, which also precludes SAP Successfactors from being able to perform such tasks to live programs. 

  • SuccessFactors recommends that a program is corrected to the specifications you need so you can launch new forms.
  • This is the only zero risk option and the only option supported by default within the product.
  • Partners should NOT attempt to change live form XML via any front end or provisioning level tools! Any damage caused to forms are likely irreversible and may result in loss of data, and forms that can no longer be used. Changing live xml code in a production instance may breach SAP policies.
  • For XML Software Changes for Compensation Templates please refer to SCR Form


  • We have made every effort to ensure accuracy in this document, however we cannot guarantee every option is true in your instance. Features change over time, and especially between versions. What works in one version may not in another based on your custom configuration.
  • Customers are responsible for applying all changes to their own instances (including test) via admin tools. Support does not make Admin Tools setting changes.
  • Customers are responsible for determining which settings meet their business requirements. Support does not consult or advise on what customers should configure. If you need further assistance, please reach out to your Certified Partner if you have one, or look for one using 2149831 - SAP Professional Services / SAP Certified Partner / SAP Account Management Team [SuccessFactors Cloud].

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SAP SuccessFactors Compensation all versions ; SAP SuccessFactors HCM Core all versions


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