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2085231 - Worksheet Design - Column Designer - Compensation


  • The Column Designer allows you to add/edit/delete columns setup within your configuration.  Below is an overview of how to navigate within the tool.  Your Professional Services Consultant will walk you through your specific configuration.
    • Design worksheet
    • Plan Instruction
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  • SuccessFactors Compensation


  • Admin Tools > Compensation > Compensation Home > Select Plan > Plan Setup > Design Worksheet (form fields - For renaming Navigation Fields click here.)

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 Column Designer

  • To make a change to an existing column select the column on the left.  Tip: To enable full screen view and make navigation within column designer a little easier press F11 on your keyboard.
  • To add a column choose Add Column at the top of the screen.  Depending on the type of column you are adding it will either be Standard or Custom.  Please consult with your PS Consultant prior to go-live or Customer Success after go-live if you are unsure which option to choose.
  • Once the column is added it will appear at the bottom of the field list.  To change the order of the column click and drag it to your desired location by clicking on the dotted columns.
  • Grouping: To add a Grouping of columns click on Add Grouping at the top of the screen.
  • Your group will be added at the bottom of the field list.  Give your group a name and specify the group header color.
  • You can add fields to your group by clicking on the dotted columns next to each field and dragging and dropping those fields into your new group.
  • You can also change the order of your group by clicking on the dotted columns next to your group name and dragging it to your desired location.
  • Field Formula's: Example, a custom field “Business Unit Performance” referenced a lookup table and needs to be updated to reference the new lookup table. Find and click on “Business Unit Performance” on the left to see the configuration details on the right. Lookup table named “2011_BU_Performance” needs to change the formula from: lookup('BU_Performance',BusUnit,1) to lookup(„2011_BU_Performance',BusUnit,11.
  • Update the formula and click Save.

  • Note: There are MANY different configuration options for each field within column designer.  Many of these configuration options were decided on and set by your Professional Services Consultant during implementation.  If at any point you are unsure of a change you are about to make please consult with your Professional Services Consultant prior to go-live or Customer Success after go-live to ensure the change you are about to make meets your specific requirement.
  • As of B1103 you can add a Stock Participation column as a standard column. You can specify the column name but the values shown will be read only. Additionally, this column only applies to stock sections of the form. (CMP-4382).
  • As of B1103 you can use import keys with Job Level and Pay Grade fields so that they can be easily reloadable. Previously, no import key was available for these fields. (CMP-4292)


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