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  • This article describes how to run an "Executive Review Report" in the compensation module. How to set permissions, and general details about the report.
  • Can we grant Executive Review permission to access only specific templates?

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  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation


The Executive Review is a report that gives Executive managers and HR a centralized view of the compensation allocations for their entire organization. This lets Executives and HR make necessary adjustments directly within the report.

Requirement: Compensation Module, as well as admin has granted Compensation Executive Review Permissions for user.

Available from under Compensation Tab -> Executive Review

  1. Click "Executive Review" (Only seen if granted permissions)
  2. Set filter options
  3. Ensure the selected user(s) have compensation data
  4. Click "Update"
  5. Report results rendered



Access: To set permissions to use the Executive Review report go to
Admin Tools > Compensation Administration > Manage Compensation Executive Review Permission

  • Find the user(s) and set permissions as needed.
  • This will enable the report
  • The Executive Review report links displayed reflect all currently enabled compensation form templates. Currently there is no ability to determine which forms you can report on/have access to. It is all or none when granted access to Executive Review.
  • Audience: Once permission has been granted to use Executive Review the person will be able to run reports for the audience defined in Admin Tools > Security Permissions > Detailed Reporting Privileges
  • Note: When setting this permission understand that this applies not just to the Executive Review Report, but to all reporting functionality throughout the product, so always use caution when granting Detailed Reporting Privileges to make sure you do not grant access to data that a person should not see.
  • You now have the option to grant Executive Review permission to access only specific templates, as well as expressly grant read or write permission for each template. Previously, you could only grant Executive Review permission to all or no templates and the same with the read/write permissions. To grant permissions, go to Admin Tools > Compensation Administration > Manage Compensation Executive Review Permission page, and for each person or group, select the All option to continue to provide access to every template, or select the Other option and select the templates from the dropdown menu that you want to make available. (CMP-3923)


Results in Reports Not Correct

If you are not seeing the expected results in the executive review, there can be multiple things you will need to check. Please begin by reviewing the following solution:  Executive Review - Report is Not Showing Expected Results. Values Not Same As Form

Exporting Executive Review

  • This Comp Planning feature allows authorized users to review and edit comp planning values for selected employees. The interface is equivalent to the Compensation form itself, with the difference being which employees are presented to the user.
  • The rights of either Executive Review or Edit are granted to a user, determining whether they have read-only or edit capability.
  • For example, in the compensation form created for Cgrant, cgrant’s direct reports are included: 6 employees in this case. But if cgrant was granted Executive Edit rights, she could potentially have access to all of the employees below her in the hierarchy, or even all the employees in the company.

Edit Executive Review Offline in MS Excel:

  • You have the option to export Executive Review data to MS Excel format to review and edit at your convenience offline. You can then import the edited file back into SuccessFactors and the changes will sync with the system.
  • Only the Excel file exported from SuccessFactors can be imported back in.
  • Only Excel 97-2003 formats are supported. (CMP-3920)
  • Only fields in yellow can be edited or filled out; any changes to other fields will not be recognized
  • Date fields must be in General format or they will not be imported (CMP-5316)

Export Executive Review:

You can export the exception status to make it easier to sort and find exceptions to guidelines. (CMP-3790)

Performance Issues:

Consider the following option if the executive review times out, is failing or is very slow to load.

  • "Executive Review: do not automatically retrieve compensation data". This option is on the Template for the worksheet > Admin Tools > Compensation > Plan Setup > Advanced Settings: We recommend that clients with very large populations use this feature. Executive review is tested for around  5-10,000 records, and can experience performance issues when there are large numbers being reported on. Enabling this will show a button on the executive review that the user will need to click each time they want the worksheet to update with the latest data. A manager or CEO can preselect filter options to limit the scope of the report which will greatly improve the performance and loading time for very large populations.



  • The information in the Executive Review comes from each individual manager’s compensation plan.
  • Review overall budget to see if total compensation recommendations fall within the allocated budget.
  • Review Proposed Allocations: Sort report by name, rating or other columns to explore exceptions. Review the individual performance by clicking on the Rating link as well as notes in the Action column for explanations.
  • Make Edits: Adjust compensation recommendations to better fit your overall strategy. Use this opportunity to discuss revisions with affected individual managers.
  • Export Results: When you are done, click the Export results to MS Excel button to download a copy of the plan.
  • Q. Is it possible to disable this export option?
    A. This is not a configurable option.
  • NOTE that executive review export goes asynchronous after 500 entries by design to improve system wide performance.

  • How to Spot Exceptions: The Executive Review enables Management to sort compensation data for exception analysis. The results can then be exported to Excel for additional analysis or distribution. To sort data, click on any column name that is underlined. To export the results, click on the Export as MS Excel button at the end of the page. The Top 3 Compensation

Reports include:

  • Sort by Rating Distribution
    This report helps you understand how many of your employees are high vs low performers and where the bulk of your budget is being allocated. You can also verify if any allocation is being given to low performers and why.
  • Sort by Job Level or Job Title
    Compare how well employees with similar roles are performing and being compensated in your organization. Quickly spot outliers and exceptions to the norm when you view their ratings, merit and bonus increases together.
  • Sort by Merit Increase or Bonus Increase Some companies give standard merit or bonus increase across divisions, departments or the entire organization. This report will help verify that the compensation allocations were distributed according to plan.


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