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  • Planner Mode in Compensation.
  • Rollup report is not working correctly for compensation template using planner heirarchy comp-plan-creation rollup-users="1".


  • Compensation


  • The SuccessFactors Compensation Module allows for 3 different planner methods. The planner will be the manager or person who will recieve the form with everyone on the plan considered "members".

             Please refer to our main article on the 3 main options.

  • You can use the regular employee manager hierarchy. [Defined in your template as <comp-manager-hierarchy type="1"/>] This uses the relationships as defined in your regular employee import in the MANAGER column.
  • You can use SECOND_MANAGER heirarchy [<comp-manager-hierarchy type="2"/>] which is explained in other solutions, but allows you to define a hierarchy in the SECOND_MANAGER column just for compensation purposes to avoid conflicts when you have manager changes during the comp cycle.
  • And we also have Planner Mode, which allows you to define custom PLANNERS in an ad hoc fashion. You define just the planners in a column called COMPENSATION_PLANNER_<template ID> in your user import where <template ID> = the actual ID of the compensation template. Please contact Customer Success to get that ID, as this ID will change each year for each new template you create. Planner mode can be used with either regular or second manager hierarchies. Only those defined in the COMPENSATION_PLANNER_<template ID> column will have forms created for them. The system can intelligently determine all the people who should be on the planners form by using the information you have defined in your MANAGER or SECOND_MANAGER columns.


Limitations Using Planner Mode

  • Please carefully decide what is most important to your organization. The huge benefit of planner mode, and why organizations choose this method, is that it is not related at all to your regular manager-employee relationships, allowing you to set anyone as a planner for anyone without limitation.
  • The downside is that you are now no longer using your regular hierarchies and any features that are inherently related to regular manager and employee changes. These include but are not limited to the following..

Move Members

  • When using planner mode please understand that moving members automatically between forms on manager changes is not supported since it is not using any regularly defined manager logic. Functions like remove inactive users,add, move, user to manager form functions will not work. How employees might have manager changes in the real world in your regular employee imports does not translate into any logical change when using planner mode as in planner mode you can be making totally random assignments as to who belongs to which planner (which is the benefit of using this mode). Therefore in planner mode its impossible to know how that change should apply to the worksheets.

Rollup Reports

  • Planner Hierarchy is not fully supported with rollup reports. The rollup report utilizes an organizations regular hierarchal relationships, but when you use the planner mode, you are in effect creating ad hoc relationships that do not follow the regularly defined hierarchy that the roll up report is not able to maintain as data changes.
  • If your compensation template is configured to use rollup mode then you may see unexpected results when using the rollup report once any manager changes occur, or when certain data is updated via imports, as this is not a supported mode. Correct operation of roll up reports is only supported when using standard manager hierarchy or second manager hierarchy.
  • If you are using planner hierarchy your template will be configured with
    <comp-plan-creation rollup-users="1"/>
     <comp-manager-hierarchy type=...


Hierarchy Based Approvals (HBA)

          more info..


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