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2085347 - Compensation - How to send a copy & carbon copies of worksheets


  • Compensation worksheet is visible to an incorrect manger/employee and it should not.
  • How do we remove visibility to a worksheet from someone?
  • Not sure how a person got a copy of a worksheet
  • How do we tell if it was via Send Copy or Carbon Copy?

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SAP SuccessFactors Compensation


Send Copy - One reason why this is happening is that the Compensation Worksheet was shared (Send Copy). To check if the compensation worksheet was shared using "Send Copy" please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Compensation Worksheet that is visible to the incorrect manager/employee.
  2. Click on the “i” icon on the top right of the screen



     3. Check the Audit trail on the bottom right of the screen


     4.If you see “Send A Copy” under the Action Column it means that the form was shared and this is the reason why this worksheet is visible to an incorrect manager/employee.

Note: It is not possibile for SuccessFactors support staff to explain how this happened, other than the obvious, which is the person physically used send copy to do this. We are unable to investigate any instance where the person claims they did not use send copy. The only record we have is this log that the "username" did use Send Copy. It is not possible it was due to system error.


If you need to remove the document from a person, we cannot physically delete it, but you can remove visibility from them. Note down the document id from the same screen:


To Remove the visibility of the Compensation Worksheet from the user in question Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin tools and under Managing Documents click on “Manage Document Visibility”
  2. Here select “by document id” radio button, put the document id, click on “find user” and search for user in question.


     3. And then click Remove Visibility.

Carbon Copy on Completion - Another Reason could be that the route map that is used in compensation worksheet is configured to send a copy of the work sheet to employees/managers in the route map.

You can check this by following these steps:

  1. Go to Admin tools
  2. Routing Maps
  3. Select the Route Map that is associated to the Compensation Worksheet.
  4. Click on the Completed Step
  5. And see if the “Carbon Copy These User Roles Upon Document Completion” has any value like employee, manager etc.


  • If you do see any role it means that the Route Map is configured to send a copy of completed worksheet to the defined role.
  • Solution: Repeat the steps mentioned above for Manage Document Visibility to remove the visibility from the incorrect manager/employee.



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