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2085395 - Employee Profile Error Messages - Troubleshoot and Probable Causes


This article provides guidance on how to troubleshoot errors on Employee Profile (Live Profile), and probable causes.


SAP SuccessFactors Employee Profile

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Employee Profile;
  2. Error Message* is shown right after accessing the page or when scrolling down the sections.

*Error message may differ, but most common errors include are "The requested operation is not available" and "Unexpected failure".


Common Causes

  • User Data - when only one user or a small group of users receive an error message (most common);
  • Portlet/Field XML code (Data Model) - The error message may be specific to a portlet on user's profile layout. Portlet may not be supported anymore, implementation of the portlet is incomplete or portlet code on XML needs to be updated;
  • Changes applied to the XML code of the instance (data model);
  • Code issue in SuccessFactors (least common).


Understand the Data Being Reported On

It is necessary to understand the Employee Profile layout. Since it is possible to grant specific permissions to groups and roles, to see data and portlet on Employee Profile, it is important to validate if there is consistency with the set of groups or roles that have permission to access the specific portlet and/or data in the portlet/field.

    • Error occurring for a specific user or small groups of users - understand all the data that might be displayed, by accessing the profile with a user that does not receive the error message. The error message may be caused by performance data, employee data, development data, goal data, compensation data etc;
    • Validate permissions for the user(s) receiving the error message - to access the portlet information, users must have at least "view" permission over the portlet or fields, granted in the section "Employee Data" on RBP;
    • Review the source of the data populated in the portlet throwing the error message, to determine if user(s) that are receiving this message have bad data associated - common scenario is when an import of bad data to a group of people is made; by copying and pasting bad data from text programs (MS Word) to a form (Goals Performance, Development Plan, Compensation); or even when a portlet/field requires data (mandatory), for which the given user does not have it populated.

          Steps to Troubleshoot

          After reviewing the source of data and no apparent issue with data is found, a troubleshoot using a copy of your Live Profile will be your next step:

          1. Go to Admin Center > Configure People Profile;
          2. You can verify all portlets and fields configured for each section (block) of your profile;
          3. You can validate the portlets and remove, if necessary, the portlets that throwing the error one by one;
          4. Save Changes;
          5. Go to Employee Profile and verify if the error message is still occurring:
            1. In case the error persists and all portlets and fields were validated, it may be necessary to open an case with Cloud Product Support, under component LOD-SF-EP (Employee Profile);
            2. If the portlet that is causing the error message is identified and removed, and when accessing the Employee Profile, the error message is not displayed anymore, the source of the issue was found. The issue may be liked to the portlet itself or the data populated in it:
              • Modify the data for a test user (if possible), to validate if the issue lies on the portlet configuration or data filled;
              • In case the data for this portlet cannot be modified for user(s), it may be necessary to open an case with Cloud Product Support, under component LOD-SF-EP (Employee Profile), to determine the next steps to correct the root cause.
              • If it is determined that the portlet is not needed or is invalid based on changes made to the XML code of the instance (Data Model), then, the removal of the portlet from Employee Profile is solution.

          NOTE: If all users from your instance are receiving any of these error messages and/or all the steps above were followed, and yet the issue persists; please open an case with Cloud Product Support, under component LOD-SF-EP (Employee Profile).


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