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2085400 - How to Delete Legacy Positions from Succession Org Chart - SCM


  • This KB article provides information on deleting Legacy Positions (non-MDF) from the SAP Succession module > Succession Org Chart.
  • What are the differences between the actions PURGE and DELETE when using the legacy position import file and how are deleted positions restored?


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How to delete Legacy Positions?

Legacy Positions can be deleted manually from the Succession Org Chart or through a batch job using the Sync of Positions or Import of Positions methods.

Manually deleting a position in Succession Org Chart

  • Only users with the Succession Planning Permission defined will be able to manually delete a position within their target population on the Succession Org Chart.
  • More information on the permissions for Legacy Positions, can be found in KB article 2202776 - Succession Management permissions for Position/Role-person nomination method with RBP Permissions.
  1. Go to the Succession Org Chart
  2. Search for the incumbent of the position (User Search)
  3. In the position node, click the action menu option
  4. Select the option "Delete Position"
  5. Confirm the action

Deleting position using Sync Position Model with Employee Data method

  • To be able to use the sync the user should have the  permission.
  • This is available under Manage Succession tab within Role-Based Permissions (RBP).
  1. Go to Admin Center > Succession
  2. Select Position management > Sync Position Model with Employee Data
  3. Select the sync options
  4. Run the Sync

More information on the options available for the Sync Position Model with Employee Data in Legacy Position nomination method is available in KB article 2229918 - Legacy Positions: Sync Position Model with Employee Data options.

Deleting position using Import Positions method

The import file is used for creating and updating the Incumbents of Position records when using legacy position-based nominations.

  1. Go to Admin Center > Succession
  2. Select Position Management > Export Positions
  3. Open the csv file
  4. In the column "ACTION" fill with command "DELETE" (soft-delete) or "PURGE" (permanently delete)
  5. Save the file
  6. Go to Admin Center > Succession
  7. Select Position Management > Import Positions
  8. Choose the file
    *Optional Setting: "Do not delete positions which have successors nominated".
  9. Import Positions.

* This option prevents the positions with successors from being deleted during the import of positions.

More information on how to use the import of positions is available in the KB article 2395215 - Import Positions for Legacy Positions - SCM

What is the difference between the actions "PURGE" and "DELETE"?

If the optional ACTION column is included in the import file, you can mark position records to be deleted or purged on import.

Soft-Delete Position

  • This is a logical (soft) delete of the position record. It will disappear from the succession org chart and the position export file.
  • The positions in soft-deleted status can be restored, as the data is kept in the system.
  • To export the position file with deleted positions, the option "Include delete positions" must be enabled, before downloading the position file.

The following operations will soft-delete the position:

  1. Manually deleting on Succession Org Chart;
  2. Position is deleted during Sync Position Model with Employee Data action;
  3. Position record with command "DELETE", under ACTION column, in position import file.

Purge Position

  • This is a permanent (hard) deletion of the position record. This action cannot be undone.
  • You would need to re-create the position if you want to restore it, and new position will not have any successors.
  • This action is only possible through the import of the position file by using the command "PURGE" under the ACTION column for the position record. 

How to restore a deleted position?

  • To restore a deleted position, it is necessary to use the command "REACTIVATE", under the ACTION column, for the position record, when importing positions.
  • This will restore a position that was deleted with the "DELETE" command, or deleted manually on the succession org chart.
  • If there were successors nominated to the position, they will reappear as well.

See Also

Complete information on nomination methods available for Succession Plannings is available in the wiki page Succession Management - Nomination Methods and Features.


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