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2085500 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0.2 ESD #5 - SAP ASE


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
26808 sp_dboption successfully turns OFF the 'select into/bulkcopy' option even for temporary databases.
368245 The installmontables script has been included within installmaster. There is no longer any need to run installmontables to get the latest Monitoring Table definitions. The installmontables script is still provided as a template for retrieving monitoring data remotely via RPC.
389227 Feature Request: Currently. monOpenDatabases.BackupStartTime is updated for database and transaction dumps. Transaction dumps should be separated into their own field.
398586 ASE server or client will not start when IP is present as master/query in interfaces file. ASE Server fails to start with error "ninit: cannot find host"
418519 Group and Distinct Hashing Operators have been modified to support dynamically claiming more buffers from the tempdb cache (if it is a named cache). This is done provided there are still buffers available against the "max buffers per lava operator" configuration parameter for the given operator. This can significantly improve performance and reduce the tempdb space used. Use "set statistics plancost" to check for I/O against these operators or if you get an 1105 error.
421607 More efficient mergejoin/hashjoin plan might not be possible for MATCHNULL equijoin query. This includes the sybase extended column syntax query and the MATCHNULL join predicate coming from the predicate transformation on "r.a = s.a OR (r.a IS NULL and s.a IS NULL)".
423396 DBISQL now allows user to change password if the login's password has expired.
436330 Under rare conditions querying the monOpenObjectActivity table may result in error 14108 or a stack trace reported in the error log including the modules "mda_populate_monOpenObjectActivity", "mda__accumulate_ptnstats_for_obj" and "ind__get_sysindrow".
443258 The error 11206, 'Unable to connect to server' will be raised if a user tries to access an MDA table from within a login script in some 64 bits platforms.
445969 When replicating a cross database execution of a stored procedure using 'table' as its replication status and 'log_current' as its log mode, Rep Agent is terminating with error 9205.
446905 RTDS: Under certain circumstances the first time a session calls msgpublish() to a Tibco topic will fail with a 'Not permitted' error. Thereafter, it will succeed.
447371 If an ad-hoc statement inside a cursor requires creating worktable, then the session assigned user tempdb can not be dropped after such cursor is opened.
460869 SET PROC_OUTPUT_PARAMS OFF option incorrectly suppresses the return of the result value via the output parameters for the outermost procedure call. When this option is OFF, only the return of the output parameters to the client stream should be suppressed, but the output @variable should continue to return the result value to the application.
461074 ASE may return a wrong result set when a query is run at transaction isolation level 0 (dirty reads) on an All Pages Locked table and a covered non-clustered index scan is chosen by the optimizer as reported by the set showplan option with message "Index contains all needed columns. Base table will not be read."
468447 sp_serveroption will fail if the full option name is not used when setting 'server cost' or 'relocated joins'.
471303 Backup Server occasionally gets a Segmentation Violation in memcpy() and dumps a corefile on Solaris AMD64.
473008 Adaptive Server Enterprise HA agent, may not start on Veritas Cluster Server 4.1 for Linux.
475245 In some cases, DDLGen incorrectly misses out the WITH OVERRIDE clause for the last disk piece of a database when generating the DDL for multiple databases named by a pattern specifier. Also in some cases, when generating the DDL for a single database, the WITH OVERRIDE clause is generated for some ALTER DATABASE statements even when it is not necessary.
475264 If a table is created in a stored procedure, subsequent INSERT and UPDATE statements may fail with error 225 (text) if the table is not qualified with exactly the same prefix and name as in the CREATE TABLE statement.
481048 Error number 660 will be displayed along with message.
481506 Option 'literal_autoparam' is not shown when running 'sp_show_options' to display current session option settings.
483286 MDA process which calls monlocks will cause timeslices when holding a spinlock.
484991 Queries against a semantically partitioned table, where the predicate on the partition key column involves a local variable, did not perform partition elimination when the statement is executed inside execute-immediate. With this fix, partition elimination is enabled, resulting in increased performance.
485461 In some circumstances the process accounting statistics (I/O and CPU) are not updated when an end-user logs out from ASE.
485623 MDA Tables such as monProcessStatement may list processes that are not listed in the sysprocesses table.
485752 Error 515 is raised when update non-null image/text column with 256 bytes through jConnect Stream/BLOB interface.
485801 CIS: ORDER BY doesn't work if a proxy table is involved in the derived table with a SARG IN
485863 When using a select with an order by clause as the source of values for an insert statement (eg insert table 1 select column2 from table2 order by column1, column2) then the ordering may not happen correct if all the columns in the order by clause arn't also in the select clause.
485881 ASE 15.0.2 GA hits signal 11 in processing sp_helpdb < userdb > > kernel Current process (0x180018) infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) > kernel Error at address 0x4000000000db6c33 (pg_fill_supergam+0xfb)
486604 During redo pass of instance failover recovery, when recovery thread tries to acquire logical lock while redoing DEALLOC or DEALLOCM type log records, it could fail which will result in error 3484.
486677 The message "Current process infected with signal 11" in the module 'stio_writehistogram' together with a stacktrace that includes 'st_writestatistics' and 'sysstatistics_write' may be reported in the errorlog when an UPDATE STATISTICS command is run on a multi-attribute column group with sampling enabled.
486918 In an HA environment during failover, if a connected client is using encrypted passwords, the diagserver will shutdown due to an error condition during decryption which will cause an assertion to fire due to an invalid length.
487170 The datachange counters for a NC global index on a partitioned table should be reset with update statistics.
487359 In rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may hang when changing mode of a system stored procedure which doesn't exist in the current database.
487376 Error 632 is raised when Kerberos logins request message confidentiality with network packet size greater than or equal to 16K.
487472 sp_helptext fails in displaying procedures with group number greater than 32767. The fix here restricts the upperlimit of procedure group number to 32767 ( the max value of 'smallint')
487967 sp_droplogin is not cleaning the tempdb bindings associated with the login.
487979 The message "Invalid column length: xx. Value must be between 0 and xx for 'all-pages' row with minimum row length of xxx." together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'collocate', 'makeindrow' and 'sobld_presortindbuild' may be reported in the error log during CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX WITH SORTED_DATA on an APL table in a database that has been loaded from a dump of a platform with different byte order.
488132 When an UPDATE query updates a text, image or unitext column by selecting new values for the column from another table and the first new value is a NULL, a segmentation fault can occur. The resulting stack trace will contain the function, inserttext. If the query is executed by the diagserver, an assertion will precede the segmentation fault: Assertion ((s_sdes- > sdesp)) failed in file /remote/heartland_nbld2/ase1502/sunsparc32/porttree/svr/sql/generic/source/manager/text.c line 2268
488193 If the index is suspect(because created with different sort order, or due to any other reason.), update index statistical information would get stack trace. fix is simple, skip this index if we found the index is suspect.
488217 Under rare circumstances, for a query involving the > = or < predicate on a large table, if the search argument constant value falls exactly on the boundary of a histogram range cell and if this is the last cell of the histogram, then a histogram processing adjustment that converts the predicate to > or < =, might result in an underestimated selectivity for the predicate.
488239 A SELECT-INTO query that contains a UNION or UNION ALL operation and also contains an identity function can give inconsistent and unexpected results because of ambiguity in the handling of the identity column on each side of the UNION. These kinds of queries are no longer allowed in ASE. A new error message, 16306, will be raised when such a query is parsed. An example of such a query is: 1 > select a=id*10000, n=identity(2) into #t from sysobjects where id < 6 2 > union all 3 > select 999, 999 Msg 16306, Level 15, State 1: Line 2: You cannot use an identity function in a SELECT INTO statement with the UNION operation.
488298 An 'ALTER TABLE < tabname > PARTITION' command that creates a large number of partitions (the exact number of partition is platform dependent, but in the repro for this CR, 300 partitions were created on Solaris64) can cause a stack overflow error.
488372 In rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may give time slice error with stack trace which contains function 'cm__check_page_range' or 'cm_choose_buffer_pool'.
488553 With server wide traceflag 217 enabled or 'set fipsflagger on', if a alias of column is used in the query, it could display the Non-ANSI warning message which is not non-ANSI.
488567 If a query has an outer join and the inner table has a COUNT aggregate as one of the projected columns then we might get error 530 "Attempt to insert NULL value into column 0 in work table (table id -1); column does not allow NULLS. UPDATE fails."
488656 "sa" user name and authentication mechanism are missing in audit record. A user who is authenticated with LDAP server will get "username/NONE" in audit record instead of "username/LDAP" for LDAP state change auditing event.
488762 Wrong results could be returned under some circumstances when executing a query using "advanced_aggregation" and having equality or non-equalitiy WHERE clauses involving columns which store NULL values.
488881 Error 279 is not raised when UNITEXT is used in expression subqueries.
488960 The message "process infected with signal 11" may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'pgd_findusedextents' and 'd_usedextents' when DBCC USEDEXTENTS command has been previously run against an archive database.
489040 Request to change a Japanese message of Msg ID #17714 in server.loc.
489145 Possible stack trace in CgpGenerate(), when a query has an outer join between a derived table and a regular table.
489186 In rare circumstances, a 692 error is reported for syslogs when a database is loaded using a database dump that was taken on a platform where the byte order(endian type) is different.
489194 The built-in asehostname() can be executed by anyone when only users with SA role should be able to.
489251 An UPDATE query that changes a LOB (TEXT, IMAGE or UNITEXT) column of the target table and gets the new values of the LOB column from a UNION ALL query (either a derived table or a union all view) that has a literal LOB on one side of the UNION ALL and a LOB column on the other side of the UNION ALL can change the target LOB column to garbage values instead of null when the source LOB column is NULL.
489253 Console logging will be disabled if setting console to nonblocking fails. This is available when commandline traceflag 4084 is set.
489536 'set forced plan on' for query with outer join returns unwanted warning messages to the client
490046 When Rep Agent hits error 9266 ("Error in passthru packet:..."), it may fail to print part of the message. When this occurs, a wrong dbid is reported as well as the message "Invalid pointer param number 3, pointer value 0x...".
490100 Stacktrace may occur when accessing proxy tables mapped with uppercase remote server names in noaccents sortorder servers.
490239 literal parameterization results in literals being replaced by parameters since the statement will be placed into the statement cache, with a stored procedure wrapper. The parameter is defined as the max length for a datatype e.g. for an integer it would be 4. However for columns with smaller lengths than the max length for a datatypes (e.g. tinyint) there will be a mismatch on the search argument for an index lookup which could result in suboptimial plans for the greedy algorithm. The change will allow the search argument for an index to be considered. It may affect queries with greater than 6 tables in the query, in which indices have columns whose length is less than the max length of the datatype. If timeout occurs in the optimizer, then a suboptimial plan may occur.
490335 Error 4057 is returned when end users of encrypted data with decrypt permission are not users of the key database.
490390 The message "Current process (0x4d004d) infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) "in the module 'login__ldapauth' may be reported in the error log if an engine is onlined after offlining it. No user connections will be accepted on this newly onlined engine when LDAP authentication is enabled.
490495 When the execution of sp_bindcache fails with error 861 because an open cursor on the target table exists, subsequent sp_bindcache or utility execution will fail since Adaptive Server will complain that there is a level0 scan query active on the target table. Alternatively, a level0 scan query will fail since Adaptive Server will complain that there is a utility execution active on the target table.
490502 The left outerjoin hash operator may not return null-supplied rows if the inner stream is empty and returns LRET_ENDOFSCAN when opened. Note that the rows will be returned if the inner stream returns LRET_SUCCESS on open and LRET_ENDOFSCAN on the first next call. The later scenario is more prevalent.
490588 For DELETE and UPDATE queries that include a self-join of the target table, but will only qualify a single row, ASE was incorrectly choosing to update the row in deferred mode instead of in direct mode. Direct mode results in improved performance.
490767 Previously DBISQL failed to edit datetime field. This has been fixed in DBISQL 9.0.2 Build 3620.
490866 Increased the maximum limit for 'global cache partition number' configuration parameter to 128.
490950 When statement cache is on, if a query that uses local variable is run under 'set noexec on', optimizer might choose a sub-optimal plan.
490964 sp_estspace reports wrong results for DOL tables with max_rows_per_page option. This option is ignored while creating the DOL tables and is not reflected in sp_estspace.
490966 Login attempts may fail with a message "ks_falloc: Cannot allocate using ubfalloc(rnetmempool, nnn)." if clients use large network packet size under heavy load environment.
491056 This is discovered through internal testing and no customer reported it so far. For now, we disallow 'set ciphertext on/off' command within an instead-of trigger. If the ciphertext setting when an instead-of trigger is executed is different from the time when it is compiled, the instead-of trigger will be recompiled.
491079 Enhancement to showplan output to print statement cache ssql_id with the plan. Example: STEP 1 The type of query is EXECUTE. Executing a newly cached statement (ssql_id=12345678912345678) STEP 1 The type of query is EXECUTE. Executing a previously cached statement (ssql_id=12345678912345678)
491220 Providing bigints as a parameter to a print statement on linux may give a wrong result
491256 In rare circumstances, a process might hang soon after an index page is split in an all-pages locked table.
491427 When statement cache is on, and a cached query is run twice with invalid parameter/datatype, 706 error might be raised.
491453 Update Sybase Central 4.3 to Build 2468 to better support Windows Vista. Interactive SQL is updated to Build 3620.
491695 Feature Request to implement to run sqlupgrade with ASE in single user mode.
491697 New values may be calculated for materialized computed columns when the migration utility is used to migrate tables to a new server.
491806 An undetected deadlock may happen when an INSERT-SELECT (or SELECT-INTO) statement is executed in parallel, LOB datatype (text, binary, unitext) is involved and other session is concurrently updating the source table.
491911 A shared intent lock on Syscolumns may not be released by Adaptive Server when a session that was running an ALTER TABLE command to partition a table has been chosen as a deadlock victim due to concurrent activity on system catalogs caused by other DDL commands.
492004 DDLGen does not generate DDL for a temporary database or an archive database in 15.0.2 ESD#2. This issue can ben seen both in the command line version of DDLGen and the Sybase Central ASE Plug-in.
492079 Server Properties dialog Configuration page has been modified to use table cell editors that limit the configuration values for each configuration option. Previously the cell editors were plain text fields which would receive any input, including non-numeric text for numeric values.
492289 Previously DBISQL sometimes was not able to reliably cancel a query. This has been fixed
492368 Using bcp to copy IN rows to a table that uses the allpage (APL) lock scheme, and whose rows have both encrypted columns and null columns, can produce rows that are wrongly formatted but are not detected when the rows are inserted. Replication Agent may report error 9289 when attempting to replicate a DML operation done on the badly formatted rows.
492552 New Feature - Sybase Central ASE Plug-in and DDLGen support IPV6 addresses
492586 Stored procedure created with WITH RECOMPILE option may be executed using existing query plan instead of generating a new one at each execution if some procedural statement is compiled in the deferred mode during runtime execution.
492632 After HK CHORES task fails to generate a new RSA key pair for network password encryption with the message "ks_falloc: Cannot allocate using ubfalloc", you may find approximately 3000 bytes memory leak in Network Buffers.
492645 When statement cache and literal autoparam are on, if a like pattern contains a control character at the end, less rows might be returned. Similar, if a like pattern is a variable or stored procedure parameter that has control characters at the end, less rows might be matched.
492681 Need to print reserved and allocated % values for each disk piece so as to set sp_dumpoptimize parameters.
492726 An invalid column length error may be reported in the error log or 1142 error may be returned when a database is loaded using a database dump that was taken on a platform where the byte order (endian type) is different.
492754 Improve multi-insert performance with statement_cache & literal_autoparam
492819 When delete row involving forward rows, server could hit Signal 11 if it hits out of log space 1105 error.
492949 Stacktrace when querying a proxy table mapped to a DirectConnect server and unichar columns are used in the where clause.
493048 The message "process infected with signal 11" may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'proc_release' and 'ptnc_replace_ptncond' when an ALTER TABLE DROP PARTITION command is run while concurrent activity on the target table takes place.
493078 Equijoin on two correlated subqueries could lead to signal 11 stacktrace in e_eval*LeEvals::LeEvGetFirstEval() during execution.
493107 1) sp_modifylogin < login > , "authenticate with", "ANY" sets a value of 480 but it should be 0. The value set should be the same as sp_addlogin "ANY" which is correctly value 0. 2) Kerberos logins upgraded from pre 12.5.4 to 12.5.4 having status value of 224 can not login. 3) No upgrade action automatically fixes status values 224 and 480 to be 0. sso should execute new stored procedure sp_update_authmech_value to fix the status.
493130 Server signal 11 stacktrace could happen in ResRelOp() when using variable assignment in a DISTINCT query with outerjoin.
493262 A 1763 error, "Cannot insert rows into sysstatistics, due to multiple equal frequency values, please contact Sybase Technical Support." may be reported when "alter table < tabname > partition by roundrobin n" is run on a DOL table with a primary key constraint/ index, where n > 3
493264 infected with 11 may occur in CgEvals::_CgCompVcol() when executing a query which has 400 or more predicates.
493342 signal 11 stacktrace might happen during CgpDistinct::_CgpInitSubstitution() call for complex join query using DISTINCT view or DISTINCT derived table on expression(s).
493344 A 8201 error will be reported "Keep count of descriptor (objid= < value > , dbid= < value > ) was expected to be 1. Instead 2 was found." when SP_FIXINDEX is run against the system table systabstats.
493365 For large join query (more than 6 joining tables), APL clustered index scan might not be used in the final plan even when it would be better.
493412 The statements referencing temp table are now cached when statement cache is turned on. Trace flag 467 can be used to turn off this functionality. So when 467 is on, such statements are not cached.
493488 ASE 15.0 ODBC driver may encounter an error when unsigned integers are used in a search criteria.
493565 signal 11 stacktrace might happen during CgpDistinctSorting::_CgpInit() call for DISTINCT on a scalar aggregate result together with another expression result.
493566 Signal 11 may occur for complex queries on multiple views which involves UIV and correlated subquery.
493592 If merge-join is used between a proxy table mapped to a table in DB2 and a local ASE table on a character field that contains numeric characters, some matches may be missing in the result set.
493648 ASE gives ip address as network name when ipv6 address is used in interfaces file.
493684 Using DISTINCT on expression involving a char type column and also having equijoin between the column and another different length char type column could lead to wrong result.
493701 On tables where all of the following occur: 1) lock scheme is APL (All Page Locking), 2) table has at least one encrypted column, 3) table has at least one variable length column, 4) a row has more than 255 bytes of fixed length data, then BCP IN on those tables will fail to insert rows.
493736 During UPDATE STATISTICS, the number of extended steps, that is, the product of the requested step count and the histogram tuning factor, is restricted to the maximum of 10% of the number of rows in the table and the requested step count. However, if the histogram tuning factor is at the default value of 20 and the proposed number of extended steps is greater than 400, then the actual number of steps in the histogram is restricted to a maximum of the requested step count and 400.
493751 When the power() builtin function is used in a SQL statement and the second argument to power() is an integer datatype, a 3606 error (arithmetic overflow) can be incorrectly raised.
493891 CREATE EXISTING TABLE fails to import indexes when an index contains more than 1 million pages. The ASE errorlog contains the message "user api layer: internal common library error: The bind of result set item 12 resulted in an overflow."
493919 A query that uses the same column more than once and assigns multiple instances of this column in the select list the same column alias will cause error 7348. If the same query is executed without assigning column aliases, the query executes successfully. An example: > select col1 as 'column1', col1 as 'column1' from tab1 > go Msg 7348, Level 15, State 1: Select expression results in more than one column having same name. Column name 'column1' is specified more than once.
493953 Starting IPV6 needs turning on trace flag 7841. This requirement is removed. We need to just give machinename.v6 or ipv6 address in interfaces file to start ASE with IPV6.
494008 QP metrics is not captured for INSERT...VALUES statement consistently
494013 When statement cache is on, if a goto query is run after a cachable statement, the branching to the label statement might not happen.
494066 Setting the server option 'net password encryption' for non-ASE backends is silently ignored.
494128 Error 10863 "Initialization of the cache ( < cache name > ) failed due to lack of space. Changes will take effect when server is rebooted. To make changes in the same instance increase the value of 'max memory' config parameter and retry command." may be reported while configuring a named cache with 64 cache partitions using sp_cacheconfig.
494188 An expression involving Blob type (such as text/image) column in the SELECT list for a join query could lead to signal 11 stacktrace in CgEvals::_CgCompVcol() when a reformatting (store_index) plan is chosen.
494239 A new static configuration parameter "max nesting level" is added to configure the maximum allowed nesting level in the SQL queries for execution. This configuration value can be in the range of 16 - 100 with 16 being the default value.
494397 Updates to date columns of proxy tables mapped to direct connect servers cause the millisecond portion of the date to be set to zero.
494407 With abstract plan load on, sometimes the optimizer could stack trace
494441 insert-select statement fails with Cs-Lib datatype conversion error when the select portion of the statement is a union of proxy tables
494587 When running update queries against tables that are being dropped and recreated on the fly, ASE can run into a signal 11 while trying to compute the resultant row size. This generally happens under stress conditions.
494608 When the the query plan chosen by the optimizer has: 1) A left semi-join using the hash join algorithm and 2) Filter predicates in addition to the join clause that can eliminate rows after they have matched on the joining column and 3) Rows with duplicate joining keys in the outer input stream to the hash join op and 4) At least two rows that match in the inner input stream, the second of which must fail the additional predicates the first time it matches the joining column and pass the additional predicate on a subsequent match of the joining column, too few result rows may be returned. Query plans with left semi joins usually appear for queries that have subqueries in an IN-predicate.
494648 Under rare circumstances, executing UPDATE INDEX STATISTICS on a table that has been unpartitioned might result in a 14108/20/4 error message "Could not find partition descriptor for objid xxxx, indid x, ptnid xxxxx in dbid x" followed that by a stacktrace that includes the following routines: ptn_get_pdes(), ptn_pdes_set(), open_partition(), update_statistics_col()
494650 Sometimes, when you try to login to ASE with the requested packet size equal to 'default network packet size', you may get a protocol packet error below and fail to connect to ASE. CT-LIBRARY error: ct_connect(): network packet layer: external error: There is a protocol packet error. An illegal length was received
494936 ASE may return wrong results when a SQL statement satisfies the following conditions: 1) It has correlated subquery that does not get flattened (i.e. NOT EXISTS) 2) Subquery caching on (it's on by default) 3) It has two or more correlation columns that come from at least two different tables (i.e. a join under the left-most child of the LeSQFilterOp. 4) The values of correlation column(s) coming from the inner scan of the join must have varying lengths (i.e. some NULL values and some not NULL or different VARCHAR string lengths). 5) There must be multiple rows from the inner scan of the join that match the joining column of an outer scan row. 5) The ordering of the columns in the rows of the subquery cache has to have the correlation column from the inner side of the join placed before the column from the outer side. 6) You have to get some matches in the subquery cache. Also, this bug is most likely to happen after the size of the subquery cache has been adjusted down to a single row - but this is not a prerequisite.
494982 Running a query whose subquery referencing a table with functional index and another table from the outer query may hit SIG11 from pre__replace_fi().
495049 When statement cache is in contention (full, and all cached statements are in use) and literal parameterization is on, stack trace may occur from opt_like_and() - > find_ep() when executing a statement with like clause against a literal value.
495118 Sub-optimal performance can be noticed with SELECT queries involving large IN lists.
495163 A 803 error "Unable to place buffer ..." may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'txst__read_node', 'gettxtpage' and 'bufkeep' when a SELECT command has been previously run to extract XML data. Alternatively, a 804 error "Unable to find buffer ..." may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'updtext', 'inserttext', 'alloctext' and 'bufunkeep' when an UPDATE command has been previously run to update XML data.
495400 When statement cache and literal parameterization are enabled, a query with like clause may run into stack trace in opt_like() - > find_ep() if the query is run under 'set noexec on'.
495438 GroupHashing operators with large input sets that are not partially sorted may do many useless comparisons. This can use a significant amount of CPU and slow down the query significantly as well. We now check to see if previous group checking is not effective (low hit rate). If not, the last group comparisons are disabled.
495499 The message "process infected with signal 11" may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'ptn_rowcopy' and 'ind__get_sysindrow' when the DBCC CHECKVERIFY command has been previously run.
495601 ASE running with multiple engines may hang during shutdown.
495751 Explicit conversion from null numeric/float/decimal/money to univarchar/unichar may get 265 error or sig 11 from com__subexctnumetochar().
495830 select case and xmlextract will hit signal 11 at LeRun when xmlextract returns a large result
498007 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11" in the module 'col_encrypt' together with a stacktrace which includes the modules 'LeEvRun' and 'LeRun' may be reported in the error log when using encrypted column in a WHERE clause in a UNION query
498414 insert into a view on proxy table fails if column name is aliased
498631 A SQL statement containing an IN-list and an OR-clause, and with at least one NOT in the OR- clause such as: declare @v varchar(20) select 1 where @v IN ('abc', 'def') OR (@v in ('data') and NOT exists (select 1 from sysobjects where name = 'foo')) can return incorrect results. If the query is executed with the diagserver, and assertion will fire: Assertion (pNode- > sym.node.type == AND) failed in file .../generic/source/preprocess/resrelop.cpp
498734 When the RAND2 builtin function is used in a SQL statement that contains no table references, it will return incorrect results. An example SQL statement that returns wrong results is: if (rand2() < .5)
498740 AP load might fail to load a previous dumped AP for query with comments.
529787 Unexpected results could be returned under some circumstances when executing a query using CASE expressions involving inside comparisons to NULL literal values and ANSINULL session option is not active.



  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0


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