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2085516 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.5 ESD#4 -SAP ASE


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
475469 Message 4207 Dump transaction is not allowed because a non-logged operation was performed on the database will be raised if the SELECT INTO EXISTING TABLE syntax is used even if the SELECT INTO / BULK COPY dboption is turned off. The SELECT INTO EXISTING syntax was meant for internal use and not intended to be documented or used by end-users.
491727 In rare circumstances, after HA-failover, message "infected with signal 11" in module 'astc__h_ase_sendrpc' may be reported in the errorlog along with a stacktrace.
539699 Computed columns using global variables may under some conditions provide unexpected values. Sometimes stack traces may happen with reference to add__computedcol module when using the table with such computed columns.
547757 Error 559 and 3702 could be raised when executing a stored procedure if set fmtonly is on.
555255 When a query contains a negative integer specified such as -(90), and when literal parameterization is on, parser or normalization syntax error might be raised when the query is cached and has to be recompiled during subsequent executions.
557351 DDLGen does not generate ddls for user resource limits and audit settings
568554 Sometimes, while an user is attempting to login to the server and system runs out of configured number of locks, message like "process is infected with signal 11" may be reported in the errorlog along with error 1204, "out of locks error".
577089 select * into temp table from a view with TOP and unionall doesn't return all the rows.
578391 The DBCCLOG command in sybmon is extended to support reading compressed dumps.
581438 New built-in function migrate_instance_id() to return the ID of the instance that initiated a task migration in SDC environment.
589686 Feature request to have Msg 935 (WARNING - the timestamp in database '%.*s' is approaching the maximum allowed) always be sent to the errorlog when it is raised.
590626 The database timestamp could wrongly exceed its maximum value following a 6901 error, "Overflow on High component of timestamp occurred in database < dbid > . Database table possibly corrupt". This is no longer possible. After warnings that the database timestamp is reaching its limit, the database will finally be shut down, leaving the database in read-only mode.
592395 Signal 11 in function ResRelOp()and spid termination with ResRelOpProcess(), CgpPop::_CgpPePredBmToScalar visible in the stack trace in the error log. Query involving outer join onto a virtual expression from a sub-query containing the column involved in the virtual expression in a further outer-join clause. A virtual expression is generally the result of a built-in function (isnull etc) Trace flag 7757 turns off this change.
596198 User with sa role is allowed to login to cluster while polite shutdown is waiting for current user connections to exit.
596681 Missing message in outputs of sp_helpconfig for some parameters in ASE 1503.
610496 Signal 11 in function CgEvals::_CgCompVcol() may be seen in the error log and the spid terminated under rare circumstances involving a reformatted correlated subquery with group by\having clause which references a column in the outer query. Other entries in the stack would include CgpGroupHashing & CgpStoreInd
619134 @@rowcount is not 0 after TRANSFER TABLE command failed to import data.
622415 If a table has a trigger on it and 'statement cache' and 'literal autoparam' are enabled, it could cause a problem if some error is detected when process the trigger.
622722 In SDC, error 2601 is seen when insert large number of identity values into table with unique index. Trace flag 16842 can be used to track the SQL that caused the 2601 error.
623591 Error 691, "Encountered invalid logical page < pgid > while accessing database < dbname > , object < objname > , index < idxname > , partition < ptnname > . This is an internal system error. Please contact Sybase Technical Support.", will be raised when running WRITETEXT statement on a text page chain of a replicated table after rebuilding this text page chain using "dbcc rebuild_text()" with the first text page number specified.
628124 In ASE cluster edition, server may hang while running some utilities like alter table.
628597 In a shared disk cluster system, poor performance of failover recovery can result from an unnecessarily large number of disk writes that are performed when recalaculating OAM counts at the end of the failover recovery redo pass.
629475 A 225 error, "Cannot run query--referenced object (name NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization." may be reported when running a SELECT INTO from a view that had to be internally recreated from its source text, for example, because the database was upgraded from a previous version.
629846 Executing CIS queries concurrently accessing external files on a multi-engine server may crash the server with signal 10 (SIGBUS).
630202 In rare circumstances, stale log pages might be cached after node failure in a shared disk cluster such that two or more surviving nodes are left and failover recovery was needed for a multi-database transaction that was found in a prepared state. If the database is replicated, it is possible that the stale log pages will result in errors during replication.
630377 1. If user create a table with round robin partition or hash partition, and user do not specify partition name, DDLGen can not generate system generated partition name.
632023 Under very specific circumstances a query that has been cached in the statement cache appears to be cached a second time according to the output of showplan, but the query has actually reused a cached plan.
632055 When large Java classes using nested methods causing deep recursions are run concurrently by multiple sessions, ASE may run into a situation where the signature cache of the PCI integrated JavaVM gets corrupted causing the report of inconsistent error messages. In some cases this may result in the JVM aborting or ASE shutting down itself.
636706 The "directio on" attribute of a database device may be lost mistakenly after having unmounted and mounted a database that is using this device.
636806 When Java methods that request lots of memory for their execution are run concurrently by multiple sessions, ASE may run into a situation where the PCI integrated JavaVM aborts after having reported "OutOfMemory" error messages. In some cases this may result in ASE shutting down itself.
636825 If "enable ssl" is configured and there is no ssl entry in the interfaces file when starting an ASE, sp_listener "start","ssltcp: < host > : < port > :'CN= < common name > '"," < engine > " will fail, with common name mismatch error.
637307 Using the "with verify=full" option for a database causes warning messages in the backup server log relating to pages 24-31. These messages are due to the system table that uses these pages having a special format. They can be safely ignored.
637698 Pass in id, dbid column to lockscheme function from master..sysprocesses give Msg 9543.
638488 SELECT query after USE DBNAME in the same line may look up a previous cached statement in another database and raise 225 error with state 3: "Cannot run query--referenced object (name NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization."
640541 Error message 14702, "XMLPARSE(): XML parser fatal error < < An exception occurred! Type:RuntimeException, Message:The buffer manager cannot provide any more buffers > > at line < line_number > , offset < offset_num > " may be reported when parsing XML documents with large number of namespace prefixes.
640552 A mismatch between the Config Value and the Run Value will occur during booting of the dataserver if a load of sybsecurity database had resulted in less tables than configured for. The mismatch will be seen when executing sp_configure 'current audit table'.
641109 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'getvalue' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_retparams' and 'execproc' may be reported in the error log when an INSERT statement is run on a table having an encrypted CHAR/VARCHAR column, the configuration parameter "statement cache" is active and the INSERT statement was previously cached but it had to be recompiled or renormalized because, for example, all the query plans were in use or the schema for the underlying table changed.
641192 Reboot of a cluster edition server may fail to recover local system temporary database, when model database is loaded from a lower server version dump, but not onlined before reboot. The errolog will contain message "infected with signal 11" in the module 'obj_id' along with a stacktrace which includes the modules 'recover_tempdb', 'upgd_upgrade_db'.
642023 The values of monStatementCache InstanceIO column is incorrect when queried on SMP server.
642571 A SELECT using an IN clause with more than 128 elements on a table with an indexed encrypted column fails with an infected with 11 in stu_bincharinter
642776 SELECT INTO proxy table may fail silently when inserting NULL into the proxy column.
642812 In ASE Cluster Edition, under some rare conditions, graceful shutdown of a cluster instance may crash the instance being shutdown and result in failover.
643625 Historical Server may crash with a core file when executing hs_list sessions command if the client's charset is incompatible with the server's charset.
643910 Change Severity for Error 13905 from 16 to 10 as in the manual.
644104 Under some rare condition, it could stacktrace at LePlanRelease, LePlanWriteStats,LeAlfaStatsCollector.
644280 After alter table modify an identity column and crash the server, a large identity gap is seen after reboot.
644357 If a stored procedure is created based on a non-partition table and later on this table is altered to a partition table, it will cause stacktrace and raise 12329 error when we execute this stored procedure when compatibility mode is enabled.
644402 ASE miss count the failed sdesmgr request when we need more auxilairy SDESs than configured in s_execute()
644479 If TraceFlag 15891 is enabled, the following message will display at shutdown. "mhdc_get_stat: No persistent reservation holder with res_type:2109524184"
644607 When using the plancost command from sybmon, ASE will stack trace. This is observed mostly on the Windows platform.
644669 The message "WARNING: The transaction log for database ' < dbname > ' (dbid < dbid > ) can no longer be dumped due to user ' < username > ' (suid < suid > ) executing < cmdname > " is now reported in the error log when the transaction dump sequence is broken.
644994 Under some conditions, for example reset or reconfigure 'parallel degree', it could leads to statement cache clean up issues and memory leaks and it could also make the purge statement cache entry impossible due to ssql_keep > 0.
645530 Sometimes the DBCC CACHEDATAREMOVE command may fail when run for a system table, and the following 1265 error "An illegal attempt was made to release an invalid lock or a lock that is not owned by the process family..." may be reported even if there was no contention.
645753 Temporary tables created with a lock scheme of allpages locking may report error 311 when an attempt is made to read that table using a cursor, despite a unique index having been created. The error only occurs in the case of all pages locking and if multiple cursors are declared in the same stored procedure
645810 Linux with multipathing displays "reservation conflict" errors in the machine log when fencing is enabled.
645860 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'lt_sqlrep_comp_policy' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_compile_stmt' and 'GenLava' may be reported in the error log when a session executes a query that is being compiled by ASE, while a REORG REBUILD command or DDL activity takes place concurrently on the same table.
645944 Issue a warning if a network listener is using the IP address of a CIPC interconnect
646101 disk init may hang indefinitely.
646207 For tables with dbcc tune (des_bind), error 8428 could be thrown and the table no more usable.
646220 When selecting from a view using an equality predicate over two view columns where the two view columns are the two SELECT DISTINCT columns of the view and one of them is also a non-correlated aggregate subquery result there, it could lead to signal 11 stacktrace in CgpDistinctHashing::_cgpInit() or in CgpPop::_CgpReplaceVars().
646388 When tables with large number of partitions (typically greater than 32) are used in a query that has a union or a union all query with ASE configured for parallelism, ASE can stack trace.
646467 ASE Cluster Edition running on SuSE linux may hit SEGV if native CIPC thread is enabled (traceflag 15582 is not used).
646490 For a table with auto identity column, reorg rebuild after any data copy operation (like alter table involving datacopy or reorg rebuild) would fail with error 1763. Also, two consecutive alter table add/modify operations involving data copy may remove the auto-identity column so that any later attempt to see the values under SYB_IDENTITY_COL may fail with error 207.
646693 sybmigrate: 12.5.4 to 15.5 diff report fails on datatype usmallint
646844 On AIX logical volumes cannot be fenced directly.
646933 In a 4-node cluster, if any node is crashed, "drop index" from active node will see error 3757.
646987 When inserting data using PreparedStatement and DynamicPrepare=True, data might be truncated under the following conditions: - The column type is univarchar - The first value inserted into the column is less than or equal to 128 characters in length. If these two conditions are true, then every subsequent value inserted into the column will be truncated to 128 characters, if greater than 128 in length.
647051 The selectivity estimates for predicates on columns with NULL values may be incorrect for the !=, < , < = operators. There is also a correction for ANSINULL handling of NULL selectivity in which magic numbers were used instead of histogram values. Change is turned on by optcriteria cr647051 in optlevel ase155esd4
647138 A 11035 error, "Execution of procedure < proc name > failed because upgrade found no entry in syscomments for this object. Please drop and recreate dbo." may be reported when executing a stored procedure which belongs to a procedure group that was created using deferred name resolution and at least one of the procedures in the group has a SELECT * statement.
647202 monOpenObjectActivity.Operations is not incremented when statement_cache is on.
647485 Executing a SELECT INTO EXISTING command on a proxy table with identity_insert option turned on does not insert the data.
647654 In rare circumstances an ASE task that is in the process of creating a temporary table in a user defined temporary database may sleep for ever while ASE generates the object ID value for this table. The call stack for the sleeping task will report the modules 'crt_main' and 'objd_id'.
647726 A parallel reformat inside a subquery may be costed incorrectly.
647973 When insufficient served licenses are available ASE should report the requested license type and quantity, as is the case for unserved licenses.
648018 sybmigrate fails to migrate server data on unsigned int srvstatus2 column in sysservers, fails with 257 error.
648593 Repeated invocation of space related built-in functions like data_pages() used in sp_spaceused reads the missing (not found the in ASE cache) pages from the disk and will never keep them in the ASE cache. This incurs lot of i/o on large databases (database having lot of tables) and may degrade the response time.
648664 Under some rare conditions, the statement cache entry could have ssql_keep > 0 and this entry could not be removed by 'dbcc purgesqlcache' command and this could cause problem for the statement cache.
648948 Executing a procedure with derived table containing union query could lead to permission error.
649006 Table scans were avoided since the CPU cost for table scans did not take into account reduced row counts due to partition elimination
649145 In rare circumstances, the message "Sybmon encountered signal 11" in the module 'pci_configured' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'sm__exec_memload' and 'shm_memload' may be reported in the error log when a memory dump is loaded with Sybmon while attached to ASE server.
649428 Adaptive Server may hit "storage access violation" error when interrupt query execution.
649470 When conserve_tempdb_space optcriteria is used, then tempdb space estimates inside subqueries are not recognized when query plans using large amounts of tempdb space are to be avoided
649590 Inherently zero row queries, ie with an always false constant conjunct (ie where 1=0), can take a long time to find a query plan.
649710 You may retrieve a strange row which has ErrorNumber=110081 and Time='Jan 1 1900 12:00AM' from monErrorLog just after the ASE is restarted if the ASE is configured with multiple engines.
650103 DDLGEN cannot generate range partition clause when there is a local index
650268 For options, for example 'cpas per ccb', defined as CFG_MEMORY_USED but do not consume any memory at run time, sp_helpconfig will raise error when estimate the memory usage on them.
650316 When replicating data from a low durability database, RepAgent may sleep on the end of the log and fail to detect that the log has been extended. The problem is more likely to be seen when there is little activity and the transactions are short. RepAgent wakes up and resumes replication once the log grows past the current last log page where it stalled.
650660 Setting DECRYPT_DEFAULT may prevent queries with outer joins on encrypted columns from returning all the rows from the outer table.
650840 If user didn't properly uninstall SySAM server in previous setup (remove the files; but not the SySAM Window service), he/she won't able to install SySAM Server.
650977 Unnecessary procedure renormalization involving insert\update into temporary table after temporary table re-creation and recompile. This can cause sysdepends\sysprocedures contention.
651021 Error msg 7105 was changed from "TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT page < page id > does not have a next page, although it should." to "TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT page < page id > does not have a next page. Either there is a suspect text page chain, or transaction isolation level 'read uncommitted' has been set. Database < db name > , table < table name > , first text page < page id > ."
651085 If stack size is configured very small, sometimes showplan could cause stack corrupted for a very complicated plan.
651228 Running job scheduler installTemplateXMl.csh script gets "ASE150.csh: No such file or directory"
651865 updates on a nested view may cause a stack trace
651914 The 0x08 bit for sysindexes.status2 field does not get correctly cleared when running sp_rename or dropping a constraint.
652103 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'des_unkeep_or_drop' or s_free() with a stack trace that includes the modules 'apm__metrics_insert', 'kill_proc' and 'proc__dealocmem' may be reported in the error log after a session that was hanging because of the transaction log being full was killed and the configuration option "enable metrics capture" was active. This error resulted in ASE shutting down itself.
652110 if a constant expr is in the select list of a view or derived table, and the view is the inner of an outer join, and the constant attribute is correlated into a subquery outside of the ON clause of the outer join, then a stack trace could occur if a subquery reformatting strategy is chosen, such as in the following query. select Panel = (select PN.c1 from tb1 PN where A.r2=PN.c2) from T3xxx RE left join (select 1 from T1xxx r) A(r2) ON RE.c3=A.r2
652275 When ASE is waiting for tasks to exit, print additional information to understand why shutdown is not proceeding.
652396 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module astc_xid_gen along with a stack trace which includes module sysxacts_materialize may be reported the error log while using systransactions system catalog or stored procedure sp_transactions.
652535 Sometimes, when you have statistics io on and bcp raise an error, it could cause SIG 11 in LeOperator::LeOpProcessIOStats.
652562 A Cluster Edition instance cannot be "onlined" after it was previously killed by VCS during an attempt to join an existing cluster.
652634 When selecting from a view that selects DISTINCT rows from a base table with at least one encrypted column that specifies a decrypt default value, Adaptive Server gets a SEGV violation and aborts the user session.
652646 A select statement with a qualification that searches an encrypted column that has a decrypt_default modifier and another column using the LIKE operator may ignore the LIKE filter and produce wrong results.
652738 When inserting audit record in audit table fails and node shutdown is issued, node shutdown happens with signal 11 stacktrace.
652772 Alter table drop column operation might get 804 error while dropping a text column from a data row locked table with forwarded rows.
653053 In a user-defined transaction, an UPDATE to a VIEW which triggers an insertion to a remote TEXT column may hang indefinitely.
653067 sp_helpcache do not displany correct cache binding.
653101 In very rare circumstances in a multi-engine environment with a high degree of DML concurrency, index corruptions evidenced by errors like 12301, 12314, 632, 692 and others, can occur following the roll back of a transaction in which index splits or shrinks occurred on data-only locked tables.
653212 The message "Error: 820, Severity: 21, State: 6" may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace including the modules 'bufpindirty' and 'pg_allocate'. Alternatively, the "infected with 11" message may be seen in the error log together with a stack trace showing the modules 'xls_bufunpin' and 'buf_get_latch'.
653246 In 'Advanced Options' page of 'Add Database Device' Wizard, the 'skip allocation' is enabled by default (the box is checked).
653385 In Adaptive Server Cluster Edition version 15.0.1 ESD#4 or later, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module cm_bind_cache() may be reported in the error log when a cache binding or unbinding operation fails due to any error.
653511 If a stored procedure undergoes recompilation, and the procedure makes assumptions regarding session's state (ie session environment settings), the resulting recompiled plan can be significantly different to the original. This fix is only active when traceflag 7773 is active.
653694 Transfer table command with destination to a 'fifo' file can fail for tables with rows of larger size.
653786 Sybase Central 6.0 with ASE Plug-in may raise the ClassCastException when displaying device information from database property if an additional segment exists on the database.
654011 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'bufdlink' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'pg_allocate' and 'bufpindirty' may be reported in the error log when a table was in the process of being created and ASE has previously hit a 1204 error "ASE has run out of LOCKS. Re-run your command when there are fewer active users, etc.".
654339 A 539 error "Unexpected internal access methods error < value > , state < value > etc." may be reported when an UPDATE with OR clauses is executed on a Data Only Locked table while concurrent DML activity takes place on it. The execution plan would report "Using Dynamic Index" and "Positioning by Row IDentifier (RID)". Alternatively the message "The current row ID ' < value > ' does not match the new row ID ' < value > ' for update, etc." may be reported in the error log.
654532 A 15412 error may be raised when setting up the context for decryption if there is a lot of user sessions which use encrypted columns features in the ASE.
655135 Environment variable SYBASE_ASE is not removed in uninstall.
655352 When expressions on GROUP BY lists are in the select list or HAVING clause in which the same column is used on both sides of an operator, then a wrong answer could result e.g. col1 + col1
655386 When gracefully shutting down the coordinator node, the cluster may perform failure handling which will be aborted. This will cause some remaining nodes to become inaccessible.
655613 A DB2 error indicating an invalid value may be returned when a query referencing a remote DB2 table contains a DATE search value.
655642 In ASE Cluster Edition, under some rare conditions, the create/drop database commands may hang forever as the other task does not send the wakeup event.
655766 1)Change the default timeout value to 5 minutes 2)Provide new command option, so customer can change the default value according the environment. start instance < instance-name > timeout [ < timeout(seconds) > ]
655828 During shutdown instance processing, the shutdown thread may hang during dbtable cleanup. This prevents local instance polite shutdown
655846 ASE at a higher engine count may encounter error in allocating monitor memory during disk init for higher device count.
656075 In environments with a high number of concurrent users and using intensively the statement cache it has been observed using the monitor counters for spinlocks that the DES manager spinlock was excessively used.
656159 User can not register Agent Management Console in Sybase Central because $SYBASE/AMCP/amcplugin.jpr refers to incorrect path.
656294 The values of the metrics in the monCachedStatement table are the same for all related columns.
656374 Sybase central might fail to load 32bit mclib.dll on winx64 platform.
656475 After changing the server's "default sort order id" from 52(no-case) to 50(binary), insert into list partitioned table hit error 9573.
656566 On AIX planform, a client session running a batch job may be terminated with error "ct_results(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Library operation terminated due to disconnect] SQLCODE[-84083974]" and the ASE errorlog is logged with message"kernel nrpacket: recv, Resource temporarily unavailable, spid: < spid > , suid: < suid > ".
656606 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 's_retparams' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_setreturns' and 'execproc' may be reported in the error log when a SELECT statement is run on a table having an encrypted column and the configuration parameter "statement cache size" is greater than 0.
656643 In rare scenarios when invalid tds packets are received, Adaptive Server gets infected with signal 11.
657084 Add Windows 64-bit Monitor Client Library
657271 Possible stacktrace in LeScrContext::updCacheStat when procedure cache is exceeded (701 errors) while aquiring the cursor cache.
657353 monitor element SMC_NAME_PAGE_LOGICAL_READ and SMC_NAME_PAGE_PHYSICAL_READ seem to be calculating incorrectly. The logical and physical read counts are coming out the same, even when we run queries that only do logical reads.
657380 The RowsAffected column is incorrect in monSysStatement for parent procedures.
657407 The error message, "There is heap memory not freed for spid < spid_id > . This heap memory pool will be destroyed", may be reported when ALTER TABLE command fails.
657655 sp_helprotect shows only public permission instead of permissions of group that the user belongs to.
657705 The message "Current process infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)" followed by a stack trace that includes the module crdb_main() can be raised when trying to create a new database and the configuration parameter "number of open databases" has already been exceeded.
657963 Error message 233 appears when a ISNULL clause is present in a SELECT INTO EXISTING query where the target table is a proxy table.
657997 House keeper task never writes the in-memory statistics (SYSTABSTATS) of table created with 'for load' option to disk. This may result in sub optimal plans after un-paritioning the table.
658105 "set switch serverwide on 'disable_minmax_optimization' with override" has been enhanced with new session level criteria "set allow_minmax -1|0|off|1|on". It can also be used in query level AP to control just that query.
658122 The DBCCLOG command in sybmon is extended to support reading dumps taken on a server with a logical page size greater than 2KB.
658276 A "9219, severity 20, state 83" error may occur when a stored procedure with enough wide parameters that the number of bytes necessary to log an invocation would require more than a single log page. The error will only occur if the stored procedure has been previously invoked with null values in the wide parameter(s) and is subsequently invoked with non-null values in those same parameter(s).
658317 The DBCCLOG command in sybmon is extended to support displaying pre-15.5 ASE transaction log records.
658430 The PR_DESCHAIN NHASH sybmon command does not print the right information with regards to the hash by name table of DEScriptors.
658702 Installer EULA panel has incorrect title for Italy license.
659042 When the master database is marked for replication the execution of sp_addlogin does not replicate the login with the correct password expiration interval.
659485 A "timelice error" together with stack trace which includes module 'idt_value_verify' might occur when several rows are inserted into database, or inserting rows followed by retrieving identity value from the database, if 'bigint' datatype is used for the identity column.
659912 If a query hash joins a unichar and univarchar column and the joining values differ only by trailing blanks, then the row may not be returned.
659996 Under very rare circumstances, a task committing its transaction may go into an undetected deadlocked condition with another task which is truncating the transaction log.
660043 File libsybunic64.dll is missing in Windows 64-bit installation.
661802 Once UAF agent checks heartbeat successfully, it will return to client.
661814 Changing ASE config parameters can cause exception java.lang.NullPointerException at java.lang.String.compareTo(
662014 Signal 11 can occur in th_curunreservedpgs when an ALTER DATABASE is run at the same time the curunreservedpgs() builtin function is used.
662247 customer requests the ability to configure DBISQL's preference files location on a per-installation basis
662338 IOTime in monIOQueue is incorrect for multiple engines server on windows platform.
662586 ASE dataserver does not give page or dbid information with error 290024.
663005 ARIES CE setup with > 1 instance hits SIG11 inside function lock__mmaster_processque
663224 In some cases, ASE WebService cannot consume the WebService which has SOAP datatype parameters including soapenc:byte, soapenc:boolean, soapenc:long and soapenc:int.
663304 if an APL table has a unique clustered index with all keys specified by constants and a non-clustered index is forced, then the join order will place this table at the beginning of the join order, bypassing costing, which could result in a performance problem. This behavior is fixed by optcriteria cr663304 or trace flag 16926
664833 Normally, if an attribute from a table inner to an outer join is referenced in a higher scope outer join or in the WHERE clause, it would cause the outer join to degenerate into an inner join since all null extended rows would be eliminated. The exception occurs with "null preserving" predicates such as IS NULL which would not eliminate the row. If a nested outer join exists where a table is inner to an outer join and an attribute of the table is referenced in second higher scope outer join ON clause in a "null preserving" predicate then a wrong answer could result when a mergejoin/hashjoin is chosen for the higher scope outer join.
665043 When 'restricted decrypt permission' is configured, a table owner who has decrypt permission on an encrypted column through group membership is not permitted to select decrypted data from the column.
665666 Specifying "as template" in a sql select list incorrectly reports a syntax error.
669592 When sp_extrapwdchecks is installed in the master database, adding or changing a login password to one containing single quotes fails with errors 102, 105 and 17720.
669650 In the installer panel that prompts the ASE configuration, it may displays incorrect message about ASE not able to start because it can't allocate enough physical memory.
671228 ASE running on linux with batchio enabled (which is by default) could hit timeslice error during basis_flushbatchio().
671598 A 15760 error, "Invalid dump header when loading the database with ID ' < value > '" may be reported when attemptimg to load a valid database dump into an archive database.



  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.5


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