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2085561 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0.3 ESD#4 -SAP ASE


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
172714 New feature request to make DBCC MONITOR a grantable command.
384140 Failed to build sample programs testmon and testhist on multiple platforms.
409793 OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Cannot install OLE DB meta-data stored procedures if ASE db option "allow nulls by default" is set to true.
415383 An error message "The configure size for data cache < cache name > is not sufficient to handle the sort buffers < value > requested. The data cache is waiting to claim sort buffers." will be printed to errorlog if there are no enough buffers in the cache to be claimed when doing the no-parallel sort on runtime.
439123 With low cardinality tables i.e. the number of rows is less than the number of steps in a histogram, then there is a possiblity of having a 1 row range density selectivity, where the range density should be 0.0 optcriteria cr439123 needs to be on to see the change.
455781 The Historical Server reports an incorrect time value on the windows platforms.
456094 DBISQL connects to wrong host in interfaces file when using standby addressing
464489 The error 'Error while parsing ASE version string 12.5.3a' would be reported when migrating ASE 12.5.3a to other versions with migration tool.
470289 Under rare circumstances a 12511 error, "During recovery, quiescent last log marker was not found for database ' < name > '. The backward log scan was started on marker ( < value > , < value > )." may be reported when a transaction dump that has been created with the STANDBY_ACCESS option is loaded.
484306 Sybmigrate does not recognize source databases that have XPDL bits set.
484811 Sybmon can't load memdump file smoothly on linuxamd64 platform.
490592 The query "select * from monWaitEventInfo" does not show the running process row except WaitEventID = 0 condition.
493360 ASE running on windows reports blocks four "Cannot get value ..." [from registry] error messages every time it starts
495176 In rare circumstances, determination of the database timestamp may inadvertently set it higher than it needs to be, increasing the likelihood of running out of timestamps for any database during its lifetime.
529508 In rare circumstances following undo of an allocation, the database timestamp may be inadvertently set higher than it needs to be, increasing the likelihood of running out of timestamps for any database during its lifetime.
532933 The error 3935, "Fatal protocol error. xact_beginupdate() API was invoked in the wrong context. The transaction is currently in 'Abort tran-attached' state." will be raised if the command DROP DATABASE fails while trying to release the internally created devices of an archive database.
533623 Error 287 "Command not allowed within a trigger" may happen during trigger's execution. The message header indicates the name of a stored procedure called by the trigger and not the trigger's name.
534014 Backup Server does not use directio or dsync i/o as configured for database devices.
543877 When you install ASE 15.0.2 ESD5 and select "Update" as Install Type to update all installed ASE components, the installer should determine the installed components and update them to the latest available versions. But the installer may additionally install the following connectivity components even if those are not installed components. o Embedded SQL/C o Monitor Client Library o XA Interface Library for ASE Distributed Transaction Manager o Connectivity Language Modules for chinese, japanese, spanish, french, korean, polish, thai, german and portuguese.
549264 When doing an alter table on a replicated table containing a text column, and the alter table does not involve dropping a column, ASE produces a SIGSEGV in cri_ncrebuild().
550607 Skip opening and holding lock on sysconfigures for some config option; Skip starting an xact for some more config options.
551875 UPDATE on an Oracle DATE column results in error 1843 when both the configuration option 'enable literal autoparam' and 'statement cache size' are set.
553873 Killing a task which has previously performed Java operations may result in a stacktrace. This may also apply to tasks killed when the client unexpectedly disconnects, or the task has experienced stack overflow, or an engine is taken offline.
554214 dump database with EMC Networker failed with Archive API error indicating failure in loading the API library on HP-UX platform.
556015 VCS HA cannot failover to companion server due to weak regular expression check in "".
558228 In DBISQL 11.0.0, the plan output which was displayed following SET SHOWPLAN ON always contained plans from a number of other statements which the user did not directly execute. This has been fixed to restore the 9.0.2 behavior which is as follows: If DBISQL is configured to display results as text, or read-only grids, the SHOWPLAN output is just for whatever statement(s) you explicitly execute. If DBISQL is configured to show results as editable grids, it requires more metadata. That metadata is provided by the JDBC driver (JConnect) which makes a number of database requests on our behalf. These requests themselves cause SHOWPLAN output which users might not expect, but there is nothing further which can be done about it. DBISQL also includes a plan viewer window which is a good alternative to the textual SHOWPLAN.
558273 A 2601 error may be reported during online upgrade if systabstats placement index is bound to a named cache.
561513 Allow the i_scan() construct to be used in abstract plans to indicate that an index scan is preferred over a table scan is possible. If the query does not contain any columns of the index which are in optimizable predicates or is not covering, then the index will still not be used.
562507 Optdiag output will result in "Internal error: data length mismatch in ct_fetch()" if the table contains a unichar column of size larger than 127 characters.
566608 If statement cache is enabled, the value of the global variable @@error will be reset if it is accessed in a batch together with a statement that gets cached.
567968 Online database hits error 3905 while undoing a split log record on an APL table with clustered index.
569005 Upgrade may fail with a 2601 error on sysusers while trying to add system role 'dtm_tm_role'. A workaround is to remove DTM_TM_ROLE, HA_ROLE, MON_ROLE, MESSAGING_ROLE, JS_ADMIN_ROLE from sysusers and sysroles in the database on the original ASE version and retry the upgrade.
571073 Sometimes while booting ASE with multiple engines, transaction coordinator initialization fails.
572710 Performing sp_engine "offline", < N > on engine N that is hosting a COTS Java VM can result in stacktraces being reported in the ASE-errorlog if there are users connected to ASE executing Java in SQL statements.
573068 Setting a DOL table as a Hot object using dbcc des_bind decreases performance, as more time is spent in acquiring more intent locks.
574923 Part of the optimizer search space involving merge joins and/or hash joins are skipped if plans are evaluated before the exhaustive search engine is entered. The symptom may be seen by forcing a query plan which has a better estimated cost than the query plan that is eventually chosen.
575195 duplicate references in the ORDER BY list of a query could result in signal 11
575562 Error: 2805, Severity: 18, State: 0 Bad pointer 0x4 encountered while remapping stored procedure. This may be seen in the error log on execution of sql statement containing constants in both the predicate and in a group by clause. Should only happen with 'enable query metrics' enabled at point of proc creation.
578797 Neither of these traceflags introduced via this CR should be required and should only be considered if stack traces are seen in 15.0.3 ESD#4 involving des_wkinstall() For 578797-1, we added some codes under trace flag 7751 to clean up worktables at the end of execution if worktables are not dropped. We also add some diagnostic codes under trace flag 7752 to print out diagnostic info if we found the worktables are left at the end of the execution. SQL Text and the query plan are printed to the errorlog and the showplan is printed on the console if both trace flags 7751 and 7752 are turned on.
579283 Error 1622 following error 1105 and error 3621 may be reported when bcp in data into table with text/image columns.
579446 In rare circumstances, setuser command fails sometimes producing stack traces in setuser().
579925 Error 247 is raised incorrectly in some cases when performing calculations on literal numeric values involving different implicit precision and scale.
581045 With statement cache\literal parameterization enabled. If a parameterizable statement has a literal value whose precision exceeds the limit of decimal\numeric (38) then a 2756 error may be received on recompile followed by a 706 error and stack trace in the error log involving the function rm_prochdr(). The spid will be terminated.
582009 Queries accessing remote tables do not return any rows after a connection error even if the remote server is started up later and the connection is established.
582157 The stored procedure sp_export_qpgroup raises error 213 " Insert error: column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition in 15.0.3 and higher. New columns were added to sysqueryplans but the procedure was not updated accordingly.
582263 If a store procedure use an unpartitioned table and the compatibility mode is turned on, it could return wrong result if later this table is changed to a partitioned table when executing this procedure.
582328 Sometimes, the SIG 11 in the module s_handle is reported in the error log along with errors 2601 and 546 while trying to insert into a table with foreign key constraints.
582989 INSERT < table > SELECT < scalars > UNION ALL SELECT < scalars > can be non-performant when there are many union sides.
583403 A scanner would get a temporarily 12301 error if concurrent task deallocate the page which the scanner is working on and reallocate to same object.
584332 User see msg 'mclib.dll:can't load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform' if uses 32bits mclib.dll with 64 bits jre.
584457 QPMetrics was not capturing ad-hoc statments when enabled statement cache. This was observed after QPMetrics lazy dumping was introduced. The change fixes the problem.
584609 Cannot build server on AIX if LC_ALL is set to zh_TW
585221 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'des_rekeep' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'proc__linktopss' and 'lwp_proc_setup' may be reported in the error log when a client application is executing a query using "dynamic sql" and the system is configured with a low value for the configuration parameter "number of open objects" according to its workload.
585304 Parallel BCPs into a semantically partitioned DOL table can deadlock when two sessions perform allocation at the same time. The deadlock information will consistently show the deadlock ccurring on rowid 0 for both spids.
585474 When using a dblib client version < 5.0 that doesn't permit numerics, selecting on a bigint column creates a tds stream error.
585588 When a disjunctive predicate that is same as a row constructor is used in a query, the optimizer will not chose a general OR strategy (also know as index union) will not be selected. The row constructor type predicate will have to look as follows (col1 > < literal1) OR (col1 = literal1 AND col2 GT/GE literal2).
586833 DBISQL does not support password encryption directly.
586861 Query with CASE expression returning TEXT columns and TEXT constant may fail to execute correctly producing stack traces.
587220 The error 3146 will be raised when trying to load a database from a valid server version onto a database after having loaded a previous version onto the same database without having set the database online.
587406 In specific circumstance, error 511 may occur during optdiag input mode when creating column histograms.
587442 Error 1265 when cursor fetch rows from syscomments table.
587742 ASEPlugin 15.0.3 - NullPointerException error if SSL check box is checked.
587864 Parallel query plans are not chosen when using tables that are not partitioned, despite using the stored procedure sp_chgattribute to set the parallel degree. Traceflag 15331 will be added to enable this fix.
588214 Under rare circumstances when an ASE task disconnects due to connection loss the Java associated thread executing on the behalf of the ASE task will not be notified to clean up its resources. This will result in leaking thread and memory resources at operating system level.
588724 The user_name() function incorrectly returns NULL for negative user ids starting in 15.0 GA.
589204 Historical Server playback incorrect spid value on unix 64bit platform and miss the first sample when the timestamp of sample equal to the start time of playback session
589220 On little endian platforms the builtin is_quiesced( < dbid > ) returns always 0 although the given database was previously quiesced.
589235 ASE raises an infected with 11 stacktrace in function valid_Xcast with lasterr 10762 if an attempt is made to use a Java method when there is no JavaVM in place.
589346 The message "Current process infected with signal 11" may be reported with the stack trace including modules 'NormalizeScalar' and 'Optimize' when executing a SELECT statement with a GROUP BY clause which joins two or more views including subquery(s) in the SELECT list of the view(s). The query must be a non-ANSI extended column aggregate query, which references columns outside the GROUP BY list, in the SELECT list or HAVING clause, outside aggregate expressions.
589619 In rare circumstances, the message Current process (0x...) infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) together with module names like SeClock::SclResetTimeoutCeil() may appear for queries involving many tables ( > 10).
589650 Error "Msg 325, Level 18, State 1: Server '...', Line 1: Adaptive Server finds no legal query plan for this statement." may be generated for queries involving outer joins to a derived table (and/or views) which itself contains grouping and the user has disabled reformatting, either via "set store_index off" or traceflag 328. The 325 error can also occur in derived tables (and/or views) using unions, and/or when multiple derived tables are in the same query with "store_index" turned off.
589780 The table-level SQL statement replication threshold setting is not kept consistent on all the nodes of the cluster when it is changed on one of the nodes and the table is not marked explicitly for replication.
590027 Hit the error 1950 while creating an index by primary key constraint on a partitioned table.
590183 In rare circumnstances, sp_monitorconfig might report higher Max_Used value than configuration value.
590420 If there are tables with names wider than 30 characters and SET STRING_RTRUNCATION is set ON, sp_fkeys fails with errors 9502 and 17461
590636 A SEGV could occur in norm3_get_node_sqlt() in union queries where there is an expression in the select-list that requires a sequencer node to evaluate it(e.g. - any single table column that appears in an expression in the select-list). This will occur in parallel queries if an XCHG op is placed between sequencer node and union node where it must be evaluated.
590650 The result of derived_stat builtin is incorrect when the partitionid parameter is not supplied.
590694 ARIES_SMP: when sybmigrate migrate database 'pubs2' from 1503 to aries, the following error message show, Error while executing SQL for migration of 'LK.dbo..au_pix'. Root Cause:Msg 17741, Level 16, State 1 Server target, Procedure sp_primarykey, Line 131, Status 0, TranState 1 Primary key already exists on table -- drop key first. Recoverable error. Task 'LK.dbo..au_pix' for path 'pubs2 -- > pubs2' will be retried.
590800 In some cases, it could raise meaningless error message when using triggers that select from a text column or an image column of the inserted or deleted table because this functionality is not fully supported.
590845 The message "kernel PCI(M1): PCI Bridge Config: Found incorrect table data, sockatmark() for 1 is not supported" may be reported on Solaris 10 setups unnecessarilly.
591040 Executing a query involving encrypted column may hit a stack trace, if the encrypted column has decrypt_default and column statistics.
591328 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'memmove' may be reported in the error log while executing a query requiring to access a partitioned table which partition conditions had to be recreated from source text and statement cache is enabled in the server.
591472 Error 16022 may be reported "The ASE PCI-Bridge is not able to process the requested dispatching. This is a fatal error, etc." when the PCI is unavailable with a stack trace in the error log showing modules "jvminit", "SYB_CreateJavaVM" and "terminate_process" although the stack trace information is unnecessary.
591540 Strong "exponential" performance degradation is observed by customers running ASE_JAVA invoked methods which perform lots of ASE table stored data manipulation or direct Client related data processing. Although it is known that current execution performance is limited with respect to what can be done it was found that certain COTS JavaVM instrumentation flags caused huge impact on top of the current model. These instrumentation flags should not be enabled within customer / production environments.
591604 When statement cache is on and a cached query is run twice with invalid parameter or datatype, 706 error might be raised.
591867 During upgrade from ASE 15 to another version of ASE 15, if 'enable merge join' is 1, the upgrade process fails with a stack trace containing function names alloc_dirtychains() and LeWkTbl::crtWkTbl().
591988 Adaptive Server may hit timeslice error during 'disk init/resize' involving filesystem devices or on usage of the device immediately after creation of the device using 'disk init' for huge database devices.
592007 On Windows systems when Adaptive Server is running with configuration option "enable literal autoparam" active in some circumstances the execution of a query containing a big literal binary value may be aborted and the message "SQL Server system exception (0xc0000005) generated by a storage access violation" together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'memcpy' and 'mkconst_desc' may be reported in the error log.
592745 DBISQL raises a syntax error at line 1, column 1 when trying to use the dbisql CONNECT TO HOST:PORT command syntax against ASE.
592829 In some cases, using duplicate correlation names for the expressions can lead to a stacktrace in function find_dup_corrname().
592948 The newly added optcriterion (disable_nonbin_sortorder_interpolation) will turn off interpolation costing. This is a session-level counterpart of Traceflag 15310. It is OFF by default for all optgoals.
592977 Some queries using "not equal" operators and involving local variables when they are run with SET ANSINULL OFF could return different results from Adaptive Server 12.5 when the results from Adaptive Server 12.5 are considered correct.
593053 Fix the performance downgrade of sort module with large buffer pool in 15x.
593464 Runtime execution errors may happen when executing a stored procedure creating temporary tables with column based on user defined datatypes if the datatype definition is changed between execution of the procedure.
593682 select of varchar returns trailing spaces
594101 The newly added optcriterion (multi_attribute_density_costing) will use the legacy multi-attribute density costing technique. This is a session-level counterpart of Traceflag 437. It is OFF by default for all optgoals.
594140 Error 204 and stacktrace could happen during codegen when SELECTing from a UNIONALL over DISTINCT query and the DISTINCT select list has two char type columns which are equijoin'ed together. This would only happen when the optcriteria "opportunistic_distinct_view" is off (by default it is on) or the DISTINCT select list also has some expression (including subquery).
594228 Executing an OPTDIAG STATISTICS command without specifying a table name may not succeed if an underlying table contains a column name longer than 31 characters.
594449 The initial value of "ASE.autoCommit" of setting file".isqlPreferences11" of DBISQL is not correct.DBISQL will work an auto commit. However, on the option screen of DBISQL, an option is OFF.
594489 The predicate transformation code for or-clauses was modified from that of version 12.5. In some cases, this may result in or-clause predicates that reference only one table to not generate new optimizable clauses. Support has been added to revert the same table predicate transformation behavior to be more similar to 12.5. This can enabled using trace commandline flag 15333.
594502 Wrong result could happen for EXISTS/IN subquery with an ORDERBY clause on a character type column under non-binary sort order when merge_join is disabled. The EXISTS subquery's correlated predicate contains only equijoin.
594510 Update and delete queries may choose a bad join order when run in compatibility mode. Specifically, "PLAN FOR ONEROW" scans are not placed at the start of the join orders. This only occurs when the query in run in "restricted compatibility" mode as indicated by @@qpmode=2. See the "Using 'Compatibility Mode' In ASE 15.0.3 ESD#1 For ASE 15 Migration" technical white paper or the "Sybase® Professional Services - ASE 15 Migration Strategy" paper for more details on restricted compatibility mode.
594606 Need DDLGen support password encryption
594957 If there are more than 32 keys in a group by and there exists a unique index which has attributes which are a subset of the group by keys, then there is a possibility of a signal 11
595091 Msg 325, Level 18, State 4 may be seen reporting no legal query plan found under specific circumstances pertaining to a TSQL outer join with an or-clause that contains a subquery that references an inner member of the outer join.
595448 Sig 11 at GcvIsVIrtualColumn when using allrows_dss and a query involving aggregation and grouping on same column used in a join with a char/varchar match.
595458 A table corruption may occur with 2525, 1133, or 7968 errors being reported during dbcc tablealloc or dbcc checkalloc when a constraint is dropped and added in the same user transaction.
595516 A 8203 error, "Expected to find the descriptor for object < negative id > in database 2 in DROP state." together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'lwp_drop' and 'des__markdestroy' may be reported in the error log when a session is trying to release a dynamic SQL statement (previously prepared) and concurrently another session is trying to access the same prepared statement, for example using the OBJECT_NAME() builtin with the id used by the internal procedure created for the prepared statement.
595550 A 257 error, "Implicit conversion from datatype '...' to '...' is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query." maybe be raised when "statement cache" is configured and a client sets the parameters of a store procedure with a different datatype as defined in the store procedure with NULL value. Command line traceflag 7741 could be used to allow the execution of such application with success when 'statement cache' is configured.
595709 Incorrect cleanup of the cursor worktable may happen leaving worktable descriptor in the incorrect state. Additionally the worktable datapages may remain in the tempdb and sometimes different stack trace may happen during cursor cleanup code or while installing/dropping subsequent worktables for the same session.
595713 The DBCC REBUILD_LOG command may assign a used timestamp value for the database.
595882 When execute a select into an existing table multiple times, it could cause stacktrace.
596045 An infected with 11 error on function LeSortInputStream may occur when a query generates a very wide worktable.
596227 When parallelism is turned on, some queries may hang waiting for read operations on pipes.
596593 Using ASE version 12.5.4 ESD# 9 or version 15.0.x using trace flag -T519 to disable streaming sort, Adaptive Server may hit timeslice error when a lot of spids doing sorting or running ASE with compatibility mode.
596623 ASE prints "Warning: ASE_HA has no valid license ..." messge in errorlog even when HA feature is not enabled.
596681 Missing message in outputs of sp_helpconfig for some parameters in ASE 1503.
605364 When ASE is booted with trace flag 9403 Java performance issues may result due to implicit engine affitinity.
605626 Job Scheduler (jsagent) heap memory usage grows after job runs resulting in memory leaks.
605671 Under some circumstances when a parameterized statement is being compiled and Adaptive Server is running out of memory for procedure cache the message "Stack overflow detected" may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'pars_release_resources' and 'recvhost' and may result in Adaptive Server being shutdown automatically.
605817 Previously in DBISQL 9.0.2 the command "set" brings up the Options dialog displaying the current options, but in DBISQL 11.0.1 the dialog is empty.
605862 If IN lists occur under OR predicates then OR optimization will be considered for example a query such as the following select id from sysobjects c where (id in (1,2) and cache = 10) OR (name="edwin" and uid = 5)
605864 Session can be disconnected if SQL Function references a dropped object.
606015 backupserver's charset setting is not correct.
606019 In rare circumstances, message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'des_wkinstall' may be reported in the error log while executing a query that needs to use worktables.
606096 Corrects a signal 11 which occurs inside the PeAnySetAllPredBm routine, which can occur if the query is complex and IN list within OR predicates
606231 Execute sp_showplan on a running CIS query may get a Signal 11 stacktrace at CgpGenerateSQL::_findVariableValue.
606234 When ASE is booted with Java enabled and running under a multi-engine environment the module responsible for physical I/O protection may not be correctly installed.
606449 Sybase Central BCP in "specify field terminator" requires a "\t" for tab delimited files, while command line -c needs no -t \t arg.
606473 Sybmigrate cannot handle the new device that never used on the source server.
606489 Signal 11 occurs with replication setup when Adaptive server is booted with -psa option to reset the sa password.
606648 New traceflag to control the synchronization of file/device between writers.
606659 If the optimizer chooses a hash-join strategy and the hash key requires an implicit conversion and the build input set has a column with null values, then a 530 error may be generated during execution: Msg 530, Level 16, State 3: Line 2: Attempt to insert NULL value into column 0 in work table (table id 4294967295); column does not allow NULLS. UPDATE fails. Command has been aborted.
606867 A query that contains more than one outer join and one of the inner member's of the first OJ is a derived table or view may return wrong values. This could occur only if the second OJ uses a hash or merge join strategy. Here, first and second are referring to the relative join order processing. Using the following query as an example: select a.c1 from a left join (select distinct b1 from b) as dt on a.a1 = dt.b1 -- OJ #1 left join c on dt.b1 = c.c1 and a.a1 = c.c1 -- OJ #2 Here, OJ #1's inner member is the derived table dt. OJ #2 uses the result of OJ #1 in the on-clause "dt.b1 = c.c1" and these columns are transitively associated to OJ #1's result. All of these on-clause conditions must exist for the problem to occur. In that case, incorrect values for a.c1 may be returned.
606970 In some cases, DBCC CHECKALLOC may report error 12909, "Table with object id= < id > (name = < name > ) inconsistent after Large Scale Allocation. < no > pages in extent < extid > were found reserved.", some time after either LOAD DATABASE or boottime recovery had processed log records relating to large scale allocation.
607039 A user is not allowed to execute a procedure which makes a cross-database access based on a chain of ownership after the owner's alias is removed from both databases and his login dropped.
607416 sp_object_stats skips to report the lock contention details for the objects in tempdb.
607451 Error 11076 is raised if a procedure name longer than 30 characters is passed to EXECUTE as a variable rather than a literal, i.e. execute @procname. A workaround is to convert this to dynamic sql, i.e. execute (@procname)
607747 If a view is inner to an outer join and a view column has an expression under it which could lead to potential null row extension, it could return wrong results for assigning this view expression to an local variable.
607765 procedure group cannot be created using DBISQL attached to ASE15.0.3 ESDE1 or later. DBISQL returns a syntax error.
607924 this change corrects a "no plan found" error when using trace flag 450
608216 ASE server on 64 bit platforms fails to start the Job Scheduler when LDAP Directory services is enabled.
608223 The message "Infected with 11" together with modules like "stio_write_missing_stats", can be found in the errorlog when "capture missing statistics" is enabled and there are greater than 32 missing statistics to report. If the session-level 'set option show_missing_stats on' is used it is also possible to hit this bug, stack trace will include VbmManager::_VbmPutBm() and GttTable::GtGatherNoStats()
608297 DBISQL:To return number of rows when text result style option is choosen.
608362 Expression subqueries in the select list of a view, which is the inner of and outer join, may get merged into an OR predicate which has other subqueries, can result in an incorrect answer. Trace flag 16902 will turn off this change since there may be some performance degradation.
608905 In sybmon, memload might hit signal 11 on a host which has different page size with the host for memdump.
608963 The replication status 'never' set on a table may be ignored mistakenly on ASE CE by nodes other than the node where the status was originally set. Alternatively on ASE SMP, this status may be ignored mistakenly after an ASE restart.
608975 The error 3906, "Attempt to BEGIN TRANSACTION in database 'archivedb' failed because database is READ ONLY. " may be raised when trying to access a partitioned table in an archive database.
609045 Quoted identifiers are inconsistently handled by the SQL Replication module leading sometimes to the syntax errors on the replicated site.
609078 In rare some situation, query with host variables could cause SIG 11 at LeColumn:LeColumn().
609365 Enhance ASE WebService to embed Jetty6 and fix SSL MITM vulnerability: CVE-2009-3555.
609475 In some cases, the error 15717, "The archive database ' < dbname > ' is already being updated by the process with spid ' < spid > '", might be raised when trying to access an archive database that has been recovered by ASE using parallel recovery.
609534 xp_cmdshell creates defunct processes when using "no_wait".
609543 A complex query using CIS tables and OR predicates may stack trace with a SEGV in Pop::popIsCollocated().
609819 ASE may disable the LDAP URL for a locked or disabled login, if the LDAP server returns error code 53-'Server is unwilling to perform'. ASE treats error code 53 as fatal error and the URL is marked as FAILED. ASE should handle error code 53 without disabling the LDAP URL.
610076 Querying a proxy table may get a wrong result in rare circumstances when an exact same IN item list is present in different clauses of the query.
610506 QPTune "collect" may appear to hang when processing a large number of rows (eg. about 2M) in the catalog sysquerymetrics.
610709 Adaptive Server Enterprise Plugin for Sybase Central incorrectly shows that the password for a login is not expired while actually it is expired.
610763 monOpenObjectActivity does not record stats for system table even if the traceflag 3650 is on.
611152 SET ROWCOUNT does not take effect for CIS quickpass UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT-SELECT queries which do not return a result set.
611378 Stacktrace with the invalid Column length msg when store_index is used in AP
611385 improved "values scan" costing, which can occur for an "if exists", large "IN list". Previously defaults of 300 rows with 100 pages were used for costing. This behavior is enabled with the cr611385 optcriteria.
611637 if there are 2 or more != or IS NOT NULL predicates on the same column of the form tab.col != constant1 and tab.col != constant2 ... then there is a selectivity estimation error proportional to the number of NULL values in the column. Also, for the specific case of tab.col != NULL, the estimate w.r.t. the ANSINULL state was inverted, i.e. 0.0 if ANSINULL was off, and the number of NULL values if ANSINULL was on.
611840 Sybase Central prior to version does not support Windows 7.
612264 FORXML query fails to execute if it uses LIKE operator with local variables or parameters. Stack trace is produced indicating module opt_like_and.
612300 User performing a DROP INDEX is blocked indefinitely by the HOUSEKEEPER CHORES process in what appears to be an undetected deadlock.
612316 signal 11 at CgLavaUtils::CgTargetListExprs could happen for DISTINCT view self join. Due to the self join, DISTINCT view has to be materialized using a Store operator. The DISTINCT view select list has a char type column which is equijoin'ed with another char type column. This would only happen when the optcriteria "opportunistic_distinct_view" is off (by default it is on) or the DISTINCT select list also has some expression.
612448 For a query with an expression involving subquery and the expression is projected out and it is also used in local predicates, it could return wrong result sometimes.
612451 On hpia64 and hppa64 platforms, while unmirroring a device, the unmirroring task may hang and subsequently hanging other tasks in ASE. The unmirroring task cannot be killed and the ASE server needs to be restarted.
613054 When a NULL = NULL join is used on top a materialization step such as a vector aggregate or in an extended column aggregate, then there is a possibility of a wrong answer, when the join is pushed down into the materialization step. The NULL = NULL join is created when an explicit predicate such as r.a = s.a OR (r.a IS NULL and s.a IS NULL). The NULL = NULL join can be implicitly created in an extended column aggregate (a non ANSI sybase feature) such as select r.b, avg(r.c) from r group by r.a The NULL = NULL join semantics can be turned off, and instead normal join semantics could be used instead, resulting in a wrong answer.
613305 On Power6 architecture running AIX Operating System, alstat tool shows alignment exceptions when ASE is performing certain operations, for example floating point operations.
613330 sp_setrepdbmode and sp_setrepdefmode with 'threshold' raise an error if you connect to the ASE with japanese language.
613474 The first time syconfig is used to create an ASE, the specification for tempdb size and device is ignored and tempdb is created only on the master device with the minimum size.
613585 Distinct queries that contain a non-correlated subquery in the select list may raise a 530 error (NULL can't be inserted in worktable) if the query uses a distinct_hashing strategy and the non-correlated subquery returns a NULL.
613631 In some situations, computed column could get wrong result from an identity column.
613678 When an SSO drops a login, which is a user in a database having status 'dbo use only', sp_droplogin gives error 923 and 208.
613808 system procedure 'sp_volchanged' failing, if dump operation happens to be on remote backup server.
614461 There is a costing adjustment for rid joins that reduces the estimate of in-order rows if a general OR optimization is used or if the non-covered index scan is not clustered. The in-order row estimate is used to help reduce physical IO estimates when good cache hits occur.
614567 Extend internal diagnostics to trace recompilation of stored procedures.
614637 Server hits 806 error when inserting a row into an APL table with non-clustered index, the row being fetched from a cursor that involves the same table again. This situation is only likely to occur when index split happens due to the insertion of data row.
614952 The message "Infected with 11" maybe be found in the errorlog together with modules like "LeOperator*LopScanValues::_lopCodeGen" for queries involving only derived tables and a redundant distinct operator.
614959 Incorrect number of rows (more rows) may be inserted when inserting or selecting into a table from a DISTINCT view or derived table on some outerjoin inner table column, provided there is an extra WHERE clause on the outerjoin inner table column before the INSERT. The extra rows are due to not including the WHERE clause in the final plan.
615110 If a client is old version which can not understand a DATE data type, ASE in compatibility mode may raise a 247 error (Arithmetic overflow during implicit conversion of DATE value to a DATETIME field) on a row containing NULL in a nullable DATE column.
615210 During bootup or when using sp_configure, ASE may indicate that verification of a configuration failed because "The sum, (number of user connections) + (number of devices * max online engines) + (number of remote sites) + (max number network listeners) + (max cis remote connections) + (number of java sockets), must be no greater than ' < value > '", where the 'value' at the end is not correct.
615382 ddlgen generate syntax error on create table command.
615852 DBCC CHECKTABLE may report invalid very large values for the empty pages and pages which could be garbage collected counters. The correct value is in the lower 32 bits of the reported value.
616869 When a proxy table is accessed through a query limited by either SET ROWCOUNT or the query is aborted through CNTL-C, then a subsequent query to the proxy table will raise a 11206 error, "Unable to connect to server < servername > . Command has been aborted."
617227 Error 8203 may be wrongly raised when doing select into or alter table. The message seen is as follows: Expected to find the descriptor for object %d in database %d in CLONED state.
617372 When user make use of srvbuild to create monitor server and input invalid value which exceeds the allowed maximum number 20, there is no warning message but task will fail due to can't boot server in the end.
617412 Password should be quoted if it has special characters.
617809 Update statistics does not allow "with consumers" and "sampling = n percent" to be specified simultaneously.
617850 If the client is an old client, pre-15 client, in some rare situation it could get unexpected 103 error message for alter table command when a column name is over 28 bytes.
618219 Wrong result could happen when selecting from a distinct view/derived table over an outerjoin with a WHERE constant equality clause (col= < cnt > ) on an outerjoin inner table column and DistinctSorting is in the final plan. This will only effect non-binary sort orders.
618289 User performing a DROP INDEX is blocked indefinitely by the HOUSEKEEPER CHORES process in what appears to be an undetected deadlock.
618469 The message "Current process ... infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)" in module "CgEvals::_CgCompVcol" may be reported in the error log followed by a stack trace during the execution of a query involving UDF/ADT constructions. The modules "jvmfini" and "BRIDGEjvm_AbortJavaVM" will also be reported resulting in the current session terminating. This error is caused because the COTS JavaVM integrated PCA/JavaVM cache gets corrupted. Alternatively this may cause ASE shutting down itself. In order for the current fix to be effective and prior to start the COTS JavaVM, the PCA/JavaVM cache needs to be disabled by the SA user by running in the sybpcidb database the command: sp_jreconfig "disable", "pca_jvm_sigcache_enabled"
618513 sig 11 is not triggered on recovery of sybystemdb on 15.0.3 upgrade using in place upgrade. It does not stacktrace on dump and load migration of sybsystemdb onlinedb.
618778 When compatibility mode is turned on, select assign query which assign a local variable or parameter and use the same local variable or parameter on the qualification side could return wrong results.
618815 BCP IN will fail with error 2624 when the target table has one or more encrypted columns and all variable length data in a row is NULL.
618851 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 's_free' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'clean_process' and 'kill_proc' may be reported in the error log when a session executing a query involving session temporary tables was killed by another session and statement cache is enabled in Adaptive Server. Under some circumstamces a 6103 error, "Unable to do cleanup for the killed process; ..." may also be reported after that.
618926 A connection/isql session may get terminated printing out a stacktrace involving the functions :s_compile(), s_compile_stmt(), PssInit(), getdbsize_in_mb() in that order when the task receives attention when waiting/sleeping after a lock request.
618963 On a multi-engine server, the number of Ct-lib connections per engine may not be evenly distributed among all the engines. The load imbalance is observed using the sybmon command 'engines -1 ectcount'.
619238 Under certain specific circumstances, calling a user defined function within a cursor that is defined in a second user defined function can result in a stack trace in ASE.
619267 User Defined Functions may not get called correctly in queries involving outer joins
619324 DDLGen for a table does not generate ddl for indexes which have been created with sorted_data option
619387 Print command in sybmon cannot print double data type correctly.
619396 On the platforms that support dynamic CPU additions, after adding a CPU, ASE engine online fails with error like "kernel ueonline: Not enough CPUs to online engine. Number of CPUs 7. Engine Number 8. Please reset the number of engines at startup parameter."
619707 Errors 208 and 267 'Object not found' may be raised incorrectly from a stored procedure if the procedural statement is compiled in the deferred mode.
619756 Row estimates for a distinct or GROUP BY aggregate operation may not be accurate, which may result in an incorrect row count estimate of 1532 rows. This can occur when there are missing histograms involved on some of the columns or expressions are used for which histograms do not exist.
619916 If a query involes a column from a view and the column is defined as an expression with subquery, and this column appears in the select-list and in a conditional expression(or-clause or case statement) in the query's predicate-list, the query might return wrong results.
619965 if a histogram cell has the specific date "Jan 1 1900 12:00:00:000AM" then it will not be recognized as a dense frequency cell, which means that for this specific date, the range density would be used for an estimation rather than the weight of the frequency cell in the histogram. fix is enabled under optcriteria cr619965 which has been associated with optlevel ase1503esd4 for all optgoals
620045 Under -T2792, if built-in functions are trying to access a table on which a reorg-rebuild is under way there is a possibility of undetected deadlock between reorg rebuild and the running task. Note that 2792 is a trace flag used to make the concurrent tasks sleep when reorg rebuild/AMC is under way instead of throwing 8233 error.
620183 DB2 DATE and TIME datatype cannot be mapped to an ASE DATE and TIME datatype against MFC 15. They are mapped to ASE DATETIME datatype instead. A workaround fix is provided to enable the mapping and traceflag 11238 is used to turn on the fix.
620241 In rare circumnstances, database processes are waiting for a semaphore from the kernel memory pool and can not be killed.
620278 SEGV 11 in AnyDataType::_computeBoolResult.
620512 Backup Server does not print Operating System error when a Network error (status 32) is encountered in srv__io_check.
620587 A 2583 error, "Number of data pages ( < n > ) counted by DBCC differs from count in the data OAM ( < n2 > ) for dbid < db > object .." may be reported by dbcc checkdb when a dump from a previous ASE version is loaded when a table is bound to a named cache.
620992 Under very specific circumstances, delete involving with merge join and using direct update mode an error msg 644 could occur and the delete will fail.
621129 A deadlock may be encountered between a task waiting to get the PLC lock and another task trying to latch on a buffer on Sysobjects when a create table is being done on a database marked for replication.
621138 Under certain circumstances, a stored procedure that references a view can raise error 11060 if the objects are created on a 15.0.3 ESD#2 server and that server is subsequently upgraded to 15.0.3 ESD #3
621333 On sunx64 platform, signal context output in sybmon is incorrect.
621449 Enhance Active Messaging to support empty string message properties.
621750 In complex nested views on the inner table of an outer join, in which at least 2 nested views have string expressions or constant expressions, then there is a transformation to allow merging of the views. If the predicate is such that the outer join degenerates into an inner join, the resulting strength reduction assumed the previous transformation would only occur once, when in fact it could be nested and occur twice. The end result is a partially dengenerated outer join that results in an inconsistent state that results in a signal 11.
621762 Under some rare situations, if a table has expressions as computed columns and the expressions reference different data types, it could return wrong results.
621817 With the configuration option 'net password encryption reqd' set to 1, the JSagent fails with "ct_connect() failed", "jsd_MakeConnection() failed", "jsj_AddConxs() failed", "jsj_AddConxs() failed" and "Initialization failed initializing connection pool" messages in jsagent log file.
622114 In some situation, if compatibility mode is on, computed column is not getting the correct values from an identity column.
622150 A statement may fail to compile in deferred mode (and will successfully compile in normal mode) when it references a view and there is another view of the same name under the user executing the procedure. With 'set showplan on', you will see:- QUERY PLAN IS RECOMPILED DUE TO DEFERRED_COMPILE_FAIL, TABMISSING. THE RECOMPILED QUERY PLAN IS:
622151 An additional line of client-side output with respect to 'rows affected' may be seen in circumstances where the procedure has been recompiled due to a deferred compilation failure. For example:- 1 > exec p1 2 > go (1 row affected) c1 ----------- (0 rows affected) (return status = 0) 1 > Instead of:- 1 > exec p1 2 > go c1 ----------- (0 rows affected) (return status = 0) 1 >
622350 The execution of a stored procedure that in turn calls a cross database udf may result in permission error 10351 if the caller of the stored procedure is not the owner of the udf.
622595 Wrong outerjoin result may happen for a query with an outerjoin between a GROUP BY view/derived table and other table when there is a constant sarg in the view for the equality joining column. Null-supplied rows from the outerjoin may be incorrectly eliminated.
623274 If a hash-join has a buildset/probeset key pairing of {BINARY/VARBINARY} or a key pairing of {BINARY(length M)/BINARY(length N)} and the binary values differ only by the number of trailing 0s, then these rows won't be returned.
623788 ASE can't start Job Scheduler on IPV6 enabled AIX server for specific ipv4 addresses
623833 A 6909 error, "The timestamp ( < timestamp > ) of the transaction that started at date ( < date > ) in database ' < dbname > ' (database id ' < dbid > ') is earlier than the timestamp ( < timestamp > ) of the most recently started transaction." may sometimes be reported when the log records of a transaction running in chained mode is flushed from its user log cache by another concurrent session.
624086 The NETWORK HANDLER gets a timeslice error and the stack trace contains pss_init().
624114 In a complex predicate involving ORs in which it may qualify for a "row constuctor" transformation as defined by SQL semantics, if there is a IS NOT NULL or a IS NULL predicate, along with other inequalities, then there is a possibility of a stack trace.
624187 Under specific circumstances during the close cursor of a query involving more than 128 hash distinct operators, an Error: 706, Severity: 20, State: 2 may be seen and the spid terminated - it may also manifest iself as signal 11 in rm_prochdr() if the cursor is non-procedural.
624218 In rare circumstances, timeslice error might be reported when running query on monProcessProcedures.
624245 The Backup Server error message indicates that there is RPC parameter count mismatch between ASE 15.5 and Backup Server 15.0.3. The message needs enhancement to prompt user to verify Backup Server version compatibility with ASE. Backup Server error message: Backup Server: Improper parameter count 6 for RPC bs_begin_load; expected a minimum of 3 parameters and a maximum of '5' parameters. The ASE stack trace gives the impression that the problem is complicated. The simple solution is to use the newer version of the Backup Server.
624835 Correlated predicates are not recognized as search arguments for purposes of constant attribute optimizations so a query like select * from t1 where t1.a1 = (select max(b2) from t2 where b2 < = 10 and a1=b1) should behave the same w.r.t. subquery index selection on an index on t2(b1 asc, b2 desc) as select * from t1 where t1.a1 = (select max(b2) from t2 where b2 < = 10 and 5 =b1)
624979 Performance drop with sp_helprotect on databases with large syscolumns tables.
625356 Diagnostics with "set option show_lio_costing on" was incorrectly reporting large I/O prefetch being used when eventually it was not
625816 Fix the 832 error when building index.
626000 A 702 error, "Memory request for < big number > bytes exceeds the size of single page of 16384 bytes" or some random stack traces may be reported in the error log when a stored procedure (or SQL user defined function) which contains an insensitive cursor involving an expression which results in a size bigger that 255 bytes is executed by reusing a plan generated by a previous session.
626435 Signal 11 in LeSQLRep::LeSQLRep is happening occasionally when using SQL statement replication and the ASE is configures with CIS services to access non ASE servers.
626458 When sybase NULL semantics are enabled i.e. set ansinull off (which is the default) then there is a possibility of a wrong answer when a DISTINCT, ORDER BY, or GROUP BY is used in the query with = NULL .... or an equi-sarg like = @v1. The behavior is as if ansinull is on, which would eliminate NULLs.
626711 There will be exception stack trace when NTLM is used for authentication in 15.0.3ESD#2 on Windows platform.
626767 Deferred compilation is sometimes not used for a statement with LIKE clause.
626833 cpuinfo.mechanism=NOAPICCHECK exists in ASE-15_0/sysam/ < server > .properties file
626918 Heap memory growth is observed when a readtext or writetext command on a textpointer pointing to a proxy column is executed repeatedly.
627103 Login performance degrade when there are a large number of multiple simultaneous connections that use a single or a small pool of Syslogins login credentials.
627114 ASE configured with hugepages on Linux platform hits leak in hugepages in every boot-shutdown of ASE due to Linux kernel bug . Install Linux kernel patch for this bug to resolve the memory leak.
627222 Adaptive server might update the values of few page counts in systabstats incorrectly especially for partitioned tables, when upgrading the database from any release to 15.0 or higher.
627652 Union all queries with a distinct select query on one or more sides of the UNION ALL may generate a SEGV during the cloning of the hash operator's input aligned data row. This will occur if there is a join between projected columns of differing lengths in at least one of the UNION ALLs select statements.
627722 Intermittent memory errors resulting in various stack traces and 'infected with 11' messages may happen when executing a procedure with a cursor with union operator and if the query returns constant literal values.
627725 This is a memory corruption issue and the following case could cause this memory corruption.If a table is created with a column of BIT datatype and this column is encrypted, after insert a row to this table, the memory could get corrupted. The subsequent queries could get stacktraces or some unexpected results.
627908 BCP into a table with at least one encrypted columns and more than one "bit" type column raises 15417 errors on select of the rows.
627993 A 208 error may be mistakenly reported " < tablename > not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help ..." with Adaptive Server 15.0.3 when a SELECT command is run against an archive database user table and the archive database dump was taken with Adaptive Server version prior to 15.0.
628305 If forced indexes do not exist then table scans will be used instead of ignoring the bad index id and using the best index available
628311 if a reformat on a table in a "multi-table" subquery is executed outside the subquery (i.e. it was "decorrelated") and if there are correlated joins to that table, then it is possible that cost of the reformat could be very underestimated resulting in a performance issue. optcriteria cr628311 associated with optlevel ase1503esd4 or trace flag 16909 will turn on the change to correct this issue.
628555 Many long-running sessions which need to create worktables, could lead to a signal 11 (or storage access violation on Windows) in memset() and stacktrace. This is due to fragmentation in the Pss Session Heap memory pool
628590 'drop role' sql may hit SIG11 in qualpage() due to faulty internal scan method
628691 When a stored procedure is first executed by a session with a particular SET ANSINULL setting (ON or OFF) and later a session with different SET ANSINULL setting executes the same stored procedure then the stored procedure is recompiled. This could cause excessive recompilations if the same stored procedure is executed concurrently by many sessions with different ANSINULL setting.
628845 If running optimizer level ase_current on 15.0.3 ESD#2 or higher (or any optimizer level from ase1503esd2), and your server is configured for parallel, you may see a degradation in performance for certain ORDER BY queries due to the avoid_bmo_sorts optimizer criterion being enabled. optcriteria cr628845 or trace flag 16912 will correct this issue.
628853 update statistics on partitioned tables may be slower in 15.0.3 ESD #3 than previous ESDs.
628867 signal 11 on solaris, and error 403 without stacktrace on aix with insert into a table after adding a check constraint on encrypted column with a decrypt_default
628916 ASE running on windows may fail to start if Performance registry subkey is not present
629164 Fix 832 error when reorg rebuild a lot of index partitions.
629322 In queries with EXISTS or IN subqueries that get flattened and a CIS table is referenced in the main query (not the subquery), then there is a possibility for a stack trace if a unique index exists on the CIS table, if not all the columns in the unique CIS index are referenced.
630195 When user does an install on platforms without Developer/Express license or didn't specify a license key during installation, $SYBASE/SYSAM-2_0/licenses directory is missing.
630246 In 15.0.3 ESD #3 and 15.5 ESD #1 there may be incorrect answers or stack traces in queries involving OR predicates (i.e. IN lists) with equi-sargs on the same column, and joins to columns on differing datatypes e.g. r.intcol in (6,10, ...) AND r.intcol = s.numericcol This should only happen if constants are used without literal parameterization, i.e. using variables in the OR predicate should avoid this error.
631179 A 14108 error, "Could not find partition descriptor for objid < objid > , indid < indid > , ptnid < ptnid > in dbid < dbid > " may be reported when creating a huge non-clustered index on an allpage-locked table using parallel sort.
631204 The message "Native thread (ThreadID < value > ) infected with 6", OR "PCI(T1): - > PCA_JVM: JVMLOG 'FATAL ERROR in native method: Bad global or local ref passed to JNI'" followed by "PCI(T1): JVM_ABORT called - ignore", OR "PCI(T1): DEBUG: pci_command_stop; Request to stop slot 1" may be reported in the error log during the execution of a query involving UDF/ADT constructions. This error is caused because the COTS JavaVM integrated PCA/JavaVM cache gets corrupted. This will result in either the current session terminating or ASE shutting down itself. In order for the current fix to be effective and prior to start the COTS JavaVM, the PCA/JavaVM cache needs to be disabled by the SA user by running in the sybpcidb database the command: sp_jreconfig "disable", "pca_jvm_sigcache_enabled"
631308 If a scalaragg is projected from a view (or derived table) and the scalaragg is subsequenctly used in a group-by clause and the result of the scalaragg grouping column is is subsequently joined to itself, then a SEGV could occur in _CgReplaceVars(). Note extended column semantics will create an implicit join between the grouping instance of the scalaragg and another instance of the scalaragg. The following extended column query is an example of the problem: select s.c3 from (select count(r.c1) cntem, r.c2, r.c3 from r) s group by s.cntem, s.c2
631382 Possible 712 error and stack trace when using reserve_identity for many reservations over a long lived session.
631531 Renormalization of stored procedure or triggeres may fail with error 208 (Object not found) if the procedure was created by the user with 'sa' authorization under impersonated user with setuser 'username' command and the execution is done by the real connection with 'username'.
632515 alter table with 256 length encrypted column and init_vector is 30x slower on 15.0.3 than it is on 12.5.4 and windows.
632572 comparison of metadata names sometimes ignores the sort order character semantics for comparisons of table names, correlation names index names, work table names, disk names, view names, node names. This could result in name mismatches with mixed case for nocase installations.
632623 Trace 299 has no effect on queries with outer joins if the temporary table has the outer position in the join.
632694 891 error along with stacktrace may be reported when creating placement index on empty non-partitioned DOL table to which a named cache is bound implicitly or explicitly.
633087 After a placement index column of empty DOL table is changed using ALTER TABLE cmd, error 2583 may be reported when running "dbcc checktable" on this empty DOL table.
633168 A client which can not understand a BIGINT data type may get a tds protocol error when trying to retrieve a signed 8-byte integer value in compatibility mode.
633287 Error 100016 will occur when doing dbcc checkstorage after create placement index on unpartitioned DOL table using parallel sort and not explicitly requesting multiple consumers.
633942 When an expression contains the string concatenation operator "+" that references a column in the inner table of an outer join and that expression is in the WHERE clause, then the outer join can degenerate into an inner join (as seen in showplan) resulting in an incorrect answer with null-supplied rows being eliminated.
634285 A global reference to a Java object may be mistakenly destroyed twice, resulting in methods being executed unexpectedly due to class-loader structures getting corrupted. Alternatively Java Null Pointer Exceptions may be raised within classes unexpectedly. When global references get destroyed repeatedly, this will result in the COTS JavaVM aborting.
635084 At the end of a load sequence, a database incorrectly inherits the database timestamp of the database into which the load was done, if that is bigger than that of the database that was dumped.
635453 sp_post_xpload without force option will cause error605(reindex)
635623 When user installs a product to a machine for the first time, the product may fail to run because the grace license has expired.
635627 In rare circumstances following the undo of a deallocation, the database timestamp may be inadvertently set higher than it needs to be, increasing the likelihood of running out of timestamps for any database during its lifetime.
637828 ASE tasks may be terminated with a timeslice error if the ASE is running a multi-byte character set and SQL batch capture is configured to 1. The stack trace may contain oh_get_obfuscated(), copy_sqltext() and sqlpars().



  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0


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