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2085562 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0.3 ESD#2


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
398435 DBISQL returned error from queries with compute clause.
414994 When the source and target ASE are not set to the same default character set and 'enable unicode conversions' is disabled on target ASE, sybmigrate handle the case as a warning during the setup phase.
456683 On platforms supporting directio, make directio as the default option for disk init/ reinit instead of dsync.
479631 When running jobs using "Job Scheduler", any occurrence of "[gG][oO]" in the text of a job command will be considered as the batch delimiter "go" and hence, the job command will not be correctly parsed, resulting in the job failure.
487559 A new configuration parameter 'ltl batch size' has been added to Replication Agent. This parameter determines the number of bytes that Replication Agent can send to Replication Server before the EOM (End Of Message) status is required. Its default and minimum value are 16384.
491277 The message "Current process infected with 11" together with a stacktrace which includes the modules 'mda__check_waiting_procs' and 'mda_populate_monState' may be reported in the error log when a SELECT query is executed against the monState MDA table.
497118 A 257 error, "Implicit conversion from datatype '...' to '...' is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query." maybe be raised when "statement cache" is configured and a parameterized statement (containing '?' parameters) is executed without using the "dynamic prepare" option and it sends a NULL value for one or more of the parameters and the datatype specified for the NULL value is incompatible (no implicit conversion available) with the target column affected by the statement. Command line traceflag 7741 is added to allow the execution of those statements with success when "statement cache" is configured but those statements sending NULL values for parameters will not be cached.
498476 Errors 804 or 806 may be encountered during disk refit if a raw device is used that previously contains ASE databases from a different server.
532474 Open cursor command takes a long time with a complex select statement
534946 Ignore partition id checking for sampling sort merge page.
537594 In rare circumstances, a query being executed in parallel may hang when Adaptive Server is configured with several engines and some other queries (which ran in parallel too) were aborted (for example sending CTRL+C).
543349 Under rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'bufdlink' may be displayed in errorlog while doing 'online database'.
543871 Set resource_granularity give error messages Invalid pointer param number 1 if you try a higher value than what is set with sp_configure "max resource granularity".
544589 If CIS and java features are enabled in ASE 15.0.3, JVM and all CIS connections are affinitied to the same engine. This results in OMNI connections not distributed across the engines that can potentially cause performance degradation.
544889 If CIS and java features are enabled in ASE 15.0.3, JVM and all CIS connections are affinitied to the same engine. This results in OMNI connections not distributed across the engines that can potentially cause performance degradation.
545489 DBISQL 9.0.2 cannot import data into a datetime column because of the message "Can't find type 'TIMESTAMP'". This has been fixed in DBISQL 11.0.0. Also, before DBISQL, importing a char/varchar column would result a syntax error. This has been fixed.
545633 Sybase Central can not connect to ASE if "net password encryption reqd=2" was set on ASE.
546707 Cannot run optdiag when ASE parameter "net password encryption reqd" is enabled
547375 This feature provides the ability for a user to set the sql statement replication threshold at the ASE session level using the syntax: set repthreshold < value > .
547749 The 857 error was changed to include user defined temporary databases, but the wording of the error message is confusing customers who are not trying to bind a user defined tempdb.
547752 On Solaris platform, an ASE task may be terminated with a timeslice error while issuing an asynchronous i/o. This is caused by a hang in the operating system, and can lead to recovery errors in Adaptive Server. Adaptive Server has been modified to avoid terminating the task, and will print an informational message instead. Recovery errors will be avoided, but ASE engine will hang until the operating system responds.
548137 Under certain circumstances an error is reported when an invalid data type conversion is attempted, leading to a stack trace as the failed conversion causes an invalid function pointer to be referenced.
548560 Commands 'raiserror' and 'print' do not work with unichar and univarchar parameters.
549086 'disk init' command and sp_deviceattr procedure does not prohibit setting of directio/dsync options for raw devices.
549316 In rare circumstances, a query being executed in parallel may hang when the query had to abort due to a 1105 error, "Can't allocate space for object < table_name > in database < db_name > because < segment_name > segment is full/has no free extents. If you ran out of space in syslogs, dump the transaction log. Otherwise, use ALTER DATABASE to increase the size of the segment.", caused by insufficient space in tempdb for the worktables that the query internally needed.
549412 DDLGen generates duplicate column names in partition key list.
549413 DDLGen creates range partition in the incorrect order causing error 14304
549415 DDLGen creates the partition condition section, it is all bunched together
549892 Error 128 is raised when running sp_listener remotely.
549937 On ia64 Itanium HP-UNIX and WinX64 platform, a GroupBy with more than 32 groupby columns and with more than 6 joining tables might hit signal 11 and stacktrace during the call of s_ap_compat_gen(). It could also happen for more than 32 groupby column query under compatibility mode.
550032 SyConfig or SyBatch may receive a ct_fetch error when querying the status column of sysdatabases after the upgrade successfully completes.
550351 On HPPA64 and HPIA64 platforms, if Java in Database feature is enabled in High Availability system, failback operation results in a hang if Java was used prior to failback on the secondary server. Secondary ASE errorlog reports "scheduler infected with signal 11" message with a stack trace that includes keipanic().
550737 UPDATE INDEX STATISTICS sometimes generates a next-to-last step with a weight of 0, despite there being data in the associated value. This occurs when creating frequency cells. So there are a relatively large number of rows that qualify for the associated value. A weight of 0 will lead to a row estimate of 1 and the optimizer will tend to scan the associated table too early in the plan leading to poor performance. Two problems have been indentified here. First, the boundary condition check for building a frequency cell was off by one. Second, the calculations used to predict available steps for creating frequency cells was incorrect. The fix for these problems is enabled through trace commandline flag 2715.
551059 Verify the log free space count discrepancies in the dbcc checkverify.
551075 Signal 11 in OptGlobal::GblSetInterestingTcIds which will terminate the process can be seen under specific circumstances when assigning a variable a column value from the select-list of a query on an external table with an order by clause
551091 If error(SIGSEGV, SIGBUS) occur at sampling, the engines will be halted.
551577 "usedb" may hang when "enable metrics capture = 1" is set and "number of open databases" is not configured high to accommodate all the databases. A stack trace would be reported in the error log which includes dbt__grab and metrics_dump.
551758 When advanced_aggregation is on (e.g. under allrows_dss optgoal), signall 11 and stacktrace could happen in GtcChildOptBlockN::GtHasCorrelatedChildOb() for an aggregate over a union view/derived table under correlated subquery.
551765 Executing a query with group by all on nullable columns may get wrong result in the presence of NULL values.
551804 A 638 error, "Memmove() was called with an address of < hexadecimal address > - which is not allocated memory" maybe be reported when diagnostic server is used or random stacktraces indicating some plan corruption when normal server is used may be reported when a stored procedure containing a SELECT UNION ALL with a CONVERT() to TEXT function is executed by several sessions.
552225 Replication of an INSERT-SELECT statement on an ASE system using SQL statement replication may cause the DSI connexion to go down with error 1028, if the statement references tables from a different database than the source of replication.
552479 Adaptive Server at the replicate site may raise error 15445 when replicating a table that has multiple encrypted columns that use separate keys where one key specifies an initialization vector and another key specifies no initialization vector. A workaround is to use all keys to have initialization vector or no initialization vector.
552511 Duplicates could be incorrectly returned for a DISTINCT query over a join involving a union (from a view/derived table) where part of the union's SELECT columns is in the DISTINCT clause and another part is involved in the join predicate only.
552880 Executing a java method which has a signature with a String array can cause an assertion to be raised together with a stacktrace in the ASE errorlog containing the modules 'eudf__convertSQL2Java', 'execudf' and 'LeRun'.
553072 The replication threshold of a table may be changed regardless of the replication status of that table provided that it is not set to 'never'.
553342 In very rare case, a query using a table created in the same procedure may cause stacktrace in add__computedcol_from_tobj().
553832 A database owner different than 'sa' and not having the replication role gets permission errors when attempting to run system stored procedures used to change the replication status at table level such as sp_setreptable, sp_setrepdefmode.
553898 After altering a table which has a trigger, an update may cause error similar to: Invalid column length: 86. Value must be between 0 and 4 for 'all-pages' row with minimum row length of 6. followed by a stack trace in the errorlog.
554665 ASE incorrectly raises error 19848 instead of error 19850 when attempting to change the ASE errorlog location using sp_errorlog, while engine is coming online or offline.
555137 In very rare circumstances, the message "Current process (0x...) infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) with models like OptBlock::_OptInitBlobTcIdBm() or StTcInfoBase::StTcAverageWidthFromDataType" for queries assigning results of an anonomous subquery i.e. update t1 set c1 = (select null). The SQL is infact invalid.
555400 Previously executing stored procedure such as "sp_configure 'object'" in DBISQL would receive an error without the results. This has been fixed so that the error is correctly displayed, followed by the results.
556182 A SELECT INTO EXISTING query can incorrectly raise error 213 when the target table has a functional index. The correct error should be 11029.
556402 Percentage of log pages to be scanned exceed the threshold (30%), causing the "Post Commit Optimization" to not kick in, hence resulting into false alarm
556468 Table scans on DOL tables with many OAM entries with zero used/unused counts is slower than in previous major releases. REORG COMPACT and REORG RECLAIM_SPACE utilities will now clear out OAM entries with zero used/unused counts.
556559 Outer join semantics require that an outer null extended row be added to the result set if the inner join fails. This implies a minimum row count estimate for the result set to be at least as large as the number of outer rows of the join. This minimum estimate is now being enforced in the optimizer, and can be turned on with the outer_join_costing optcriteria. Part of the testing revealed an issue with duplicate estimates of join histograms, and a separate optcriteria join_duplicate_estimates was created to better estimate the duplicate behavior in join results.
556567 The RepAgent configuration parameter 'bind to engine' has been added to the 'Replication Agent Configuration' section of the report displayed by the system stored procedure sp_help_rep_agent.
556727 A 12313 error: "Internal error: Insert into page id < pageid > of index id < indid > of table ' < objname > ' (id = < objid > ) in database ' < dbname > 'tried to replace undeleted RID ( < rid_pageid > , < rid_rnum > ) at slot < slotnum > and ridposn < ridposn > ." may be reported when a chained-mode multi_database transaction that modified a data-only locked table, is rolled back.
556728 merge joins are not used for very small tables when the underlying index order is provided by a one page index scan.
556752 The message, "Current process infected with 11", together with a stack trace which include the modules 'srvdes_alloc' and 'omni_connect' may be reported in the errorlog when accessing a proxy table or remote server when ASE has no more free memory. As a workaround, increase the "max memory" configuration parameter.
557301 Repagent spins, consuming 100% CPU
557357 If a count aggregate appears as the inner member of an outer join and a group_hashing strategy is used to calculate the count, then an incorrect count of 0 will be returned. This could occur if a group-by count aggregate occurs in a derived table or a view and the derived table or view is used in turn as the inner member of an outer join.
557398 ASE may crash unrecoverably in a multi-connection environment at ct_poll on the scheduler thread when the configuration 'cis idle connection timeout' is set to a non-zero value.
557967 If the max possible size of the select list (i.e. adding up all the max lengths of all the columns in the select list) is larger than the max row size for the server, then the optimizer will avoid sort nodes at all costs to satisfy an ORDER BY clause. This means that a very expensive sort node may be placed much earlier in the query plan, in which the max row width is smaller. This could cause huge swings in performance, if the number of rows at the top of the query plan is much smaller than earlier in the join order. The allow_wide_top_sort optcriteria will avoid checking for the max wide, for optimization purposes only, and allow a sort node to be placed on top of the query plan for purposes of satisfying an ORDER BY. This is consistent with 12.5 behavior for placement of sort nodes for ORDER BY. The assumption is that rows formed from a select list of a query which has an ORDER BY will fit into the sorter.
558179 When PCI Bridge is disabled per ASE configuration the ASE under shutdown requests lists that it is performing a shutdown operation towards the PCI Bridge PLB (Launcher Boss) service thread. This operation always succeeds but is causing confusion as the DBA may think by this informative message that the PCI Bridge is enabled. There is no real impact other then that this is a cosmetic issue. The problem is resolved by altering shutdown path under the PCI Bridge to only issue a PLB shutdown if the PCI Bridge is enabled.
558192 Backup Server may report junk percentage progress instead of '0 %' while dumping or loading large databases.
558243 If a derived table contains a union all view, and the sybase extended column aggregate feature is used with this derived table, then "infected with 11" can occur, or wrong answers can occur. An extended column aggregate is a non-ANSI feature, in which a reference to a column is made which is not in the GROUP BY list, and not contained in an aggregate, and is outside the WHERE clause. SELECT count(fifo_realized ) FROM ( SELECT * FROM OLOpenPos UNION ALL SELECT * FROM OLMaturedPos ) pos ORDER BY external_lentity_str go In the case above, the ORDER BY column is not in the WHERE clause, and there is a scalar aggregate in the select list. This results in 2 evaluations of the union all derived table, which could have wrong answer or signal 11 issues.
558256 sp_sysmon fails with syntax error 249 when displaying the "Replication Agent" section of a database for which RepAgent has been enabled but is not running.
558338 LOAD operation with "compress::" may fail with no error message displayed.
558501 Pre-15.0 versions of bcp may insert incorrect numeric values into columns with the new BIGINT datatype
558552 If buffer pool tuning is performed during server boot-up, the config size of the default buffer pool shows a smaller value than the earlier configured value on both config file and sysconfigures.
558671 SIGSEGV could occur in PeLikeFilterPred::PeEvaluateExpression() if a simple query which has a LIKE clause and an out-of-range SARG on the same column tries to select a greater range of values than the column's histogram.
558700 Some complex query may leave worktable descriptors in the incorrect state. As a result the same session may encounter errors related to worktable descriptors like error 8210 "Duplicate of work table descriptor found in the id hash table for temporary object" or encounter SIGSEGV error with module des_wkinstall() reported in the errolog.
558961 When using "authenticate with" login support in 12.5.4, the customer must use "authenticate with" ANY vs the KERBEROS option in order to allow remote sites to login using site-handler connections which have trusted option set to true.
558995 QPTune Wizard now saves the comparison output for a tuning task when it's executed.
559034 Covered index scans were incorrectly discouraged from being at the beginning of a join order when a complex predicate that has strong filtering can be applied to the index. Instead a non-covered more expensive index may be chosen instead, or a different join order may be chosen. This can be seen when the "set statistics plancost on" output shows an estimated row count for a covered index scan which is higher than the row count for the rid join over a non-covered index scan. The behavior change is associated with the optcriteria cr559034, which can be enabled with "set cr559034 on"
559151 ASE may crash unrecoverably with signal 11 in ct_poll when a dynamic SQL query is interrupted by an cancel attention generated from a killed connection.
559216 On QPTune Wizard's Results page, the new "Verify" button allows the user to re-run the collection after a tuning fix has been applied to the server.
559219 Add support in QPTune Wizard for including 'Basic Optimization' tuning mode.
559464 Inefficient plan could be chosen for correlated subquery referencing a DISTINCT view if there is a sargable correlated predicate on the column from the DISTINCT view.
559676 DIRECT IO is now supported by Backup Server/Sybmultbuf only for archive devices on Linux platform under traceflag value -D256.
559985 srvbuild and syconfig/sybatch does not recognise case-insensitive commands leading to failure in building the dataserver
560114 Execution of a stored procedure containing a statement with a derived table expression may generate Msg 10334, "Permission related internal error was encountered". This error may occur when the procedure execution follows the drop and re-creation of a table referenced in the derived table expression.
560331 Queries that contain an expression in the select-list that has a column value with a LOB datatype (TEXT, IMAGE, UNITEXT) as an input parameter may generate an access violation/segmentation fault with the function, LeAlignedDataRow::readRow, in the calling stack. This failure can occur if the query plan contains a blocking operator (i.e. HASH JOIN, MERGE JOIN, STORE or SORT OPERATOR in showplan output) above the SCAN OPERATOR that reads in the LOB column value.
560624 When a parallel query plan is executed and - at least one SCAN OPERATOR is executed in parallel and - that SCAN OPERATOR does 'Dynamic Partition Elimination' (as seen in showplan) and - that SCAN OPERATOR evaluates a predicate on the partitioning column of a range partitioned table containing the " < " or " < =" operator (i.e. where ptncol < = @v), too few rows may be returned.
560770 Under certain circumstances, queries referencing a "view or derived table" that is defined using nested "views or derived tables" containing GROUP BY and UNION ALL that contain nested "views or derived tables" with UNION (i.e. this is triply nested) may cause this stack trace.
560848 ASE on HP-UX raises error 7718 when executing "alter role < role_name > drop passwd" after "alter role < role_name > add passwd" fails when password exists for the role < role_name > .
560878 Adaptive Server may fail to enforce the "restricted decrypt permission" configuration option on encrypted columns declared with a decrypt_default value under certain circumstances.
561072 For a select query, if the different columns are being selected and aliased to the same correlation name, it fails to raise 7348 error. For example, The following queries should raise an error: select a.col1 'name', b.col1 'name' from a, b order by name select a.col1 'name', b.col1 'name' from a, b
561156 Incorrect results containing extra unexpected NULL values could be returned when executing a statement having in its WHERE clause java user defined function calls for objects referenced in the statement with local variables.
561268 'set statistics io' can fail to report the componential cost of a deferred update. The cost will however appear in the 'Total actual I/O cost'.
561385 Restricted compatibility mode could choose a useless non-covered index scan without any sarg and the 302 index selection diagnostics would incorrectly list the index to be covered. It could happen for a non-correlated subquery which itself has a correlated subquery.
561522 SEGV may occur while running a procedure or a cached statement that has hit an exception in its previous executions. The functions LeScanOp::_LeOpClose()or LeInsertOp::LeOpen()may appear in the stacktrace.
561776 The built-in function datachange aborts with a segmentation fault when called for statistics on a VIEW.
561797 An error 335 could be raised during a select-into statement when proxy tables with unique indexes are present.
561832 Previously when adding a named dump device on Restore Wizard's Select Dump Devices page, if there was no dump device available, clicking OK would result an internal error. This has been fixed.
561959 In rare circumstances, the message Infected with 11, together with module names like SeClock::SclTrigTimeOut(), may be reported when there is a 10 or more table join, with a union view/derived table involved.
561987 For query involving < expr > NOT IN < subquery > predicate, a merge join plan under the subquery could lead to stacktrace and access violation in CgpMergeJoin::_cgpInit().
562016 Get incorrect db pagesize on winx64 platform if run dbcc checkcatalog twice or after set showplan command.
562144 The message "Assertion (fmtlen < = this- > maxRowLen) failed" along with stack trace involving modules of vtabremoteaccess.cpp might be printed or ASE Cluster Edition Error 12035 "Failed to return a row for the monOpenObjectActivity monitoring table." may be returned when customer tries to create a temporary table with a a table name > 10 characters. The same error might occur for smaller temporary tables in case the user created tempdb has a large enough name
562580 Attempting to create a table when ASE has run out of locks may cause sig-11
562643 On IBM AIX platform, establishing a server-to-server CIS connection using SSL on Adaptive Server causes a segmentation violation and closes the client connection.
562796 When the server's page size is not 2k, sybmigrate tool displays the wrong data on "Setup path: Configure work database (source)" screen - > Create on device (source server) combo box.
562873 If user inputs available physical memory for ASE larger than system free memory, there is no warning message in neither installer nor icu tools - srvbuild[res]/syconfig/sybatch, but the optimizing ASE configuration task may fail because it can't allocate the specified memory to server.
562998 ASE running on windows platforms may fail with an access violation, the stack showing the runtime routines free and delete
563308 The problem described in ASE 15.0.3 ESD#1 Cover Letter for Technical Note "SQL Statement Replication and owner" is solved and supported by Replication Server 15.2 ESD#1 onward.
563639 A view is inner to an outer join and the view resdom has a constant string expression. when this expression was used by a builtin function of an outer view outside of it join predicate which could lead to potential null row extension and the outer view also has a union, it could lead to SIG11 in ReslopOp()- > EvalConstExpr().
563896 Disable the display of 'row(s) affected' messages that made certain system procedures' output hard to read.
564077 Under certain circumstances a query of the form 'insert' can cause a stack trace if the select clause refers to two or more tables and a wild card '*' is used in the select clause. The query must result in a wide row for the stack trace to occur.
564344 run uninstall in console mode will show NoClassDefFoundError warning message
564420 The default value of memory to allocate for Adaptive Server in the Out-of-the-box Configurator checks only physical memory, not available memory.
564618 The 'max memory' config parameter's default size is not enough to boot 16k server when pci is enabled on HP platform.
564990 The license agreement text cannot be loaded with the first geographic location during installation using GUI mode.
565026 Incorrect results could be returned when executing a query joining two or more tables having in its WHERE clause a comparison between two expressions which both result in a java object and the plan selected by the optimizer decided to use a reformatting mechanism.
565083 The SySAM Administrator plugin only displays the last entry (count) in the license file for a consolidated license file
565507 The recovery redo pass suffers from reduced performance during server boot, cluster failover, LOAD DATABASE and LOAD TRAN, because asynchronous prefetch is incorrectly disabled.
565647 On HP-UX a command that writes data to an encrypted column may fail with a 15429 error message, "An internal error occurred when Adaptive Server was generating random data during an encryption operation. Please contact Sybase Technical Support."
565674 DBISQL incorrectly showed Plan Viewer menu item when connected to 12.5.x ASE. Plan Viewer is only supported for 15.x ASE or later.
565732 SEGV occurs in ASE when accessing a proxy table and the remote server's connection is killed.
565828 The attempt to failover to secondary LDAP server may fail silently (without a message in the errorlog) if the secondary URL and secondary access account details are not configured correctly.
565834 The last two charaters of binary data are truncated in 'text' results mode.
565856 When upgrading 1254 server to 1503 ESD#2, error 12324 is raised while upgrade steps [3 alter table (table sysindexes)] is being executed.
565961 Execution of sp_configure to switch off the parameter 'procedure deferred compilation' may not complete leading to stack trace.
566417 If the number of elements in the IN list is larger than 128 and the IN list has mixed data type elements, it could cause wrong results. Normally it returns less rows than expected.
566575 sp_version installmaster for 1503 ESD1 in NT platform won't get correct version info. As while building installmaster in NT platform, it won't generate the statement that could insert version info into sysattributes.
566628 Under stressfull conditions, where concurrency between ASE Tasks and Commmercial Of The Shelf JavaVM Threads execute, both operating for PCI Bridge managed memory, they could potentially lockup because of a PCI Memory management flaw not yielding other ASE Tasks or Threads. This problem could finally lead to an ASE server crash under shutdown or full hang when in shutdown.
566782 NullPointerException in Automatic Expension tab if ASE > 2K page server.
567056 Japanese, Korean and Chinese localized files for HA support on Windows platform (sybcaeja.dll, sybcaeko.dll, sybcaezh.dll) are missing in ASE 15.0.3 release.
567317 DISTINCT query in 12.5 uses EXISTS table (i.e. semi-join), 15.0.x does not use a semi-join, which results in poor performance. A semi join can be used for tables in DISTINCT queries which are not referenced in the SELECT list
567325 FAST BCP path into table with numeric non-clustered index (available in 15.0.2 and higher) may result in index corruption
567477 SQL statements whose lengths are larger than 1K (measured in characters) that are replicated using SQL Statement Replication may cause Rep Agent to shutdown with error 9202, State 1 when attempting to process log records related to SQL Statement Replication.
567577 Wrong result with a merge join or (if involving proxy table) signal 11 in CgLavaUtils::CgTargetListExprs() might happen for query with an equi-predicate on two columns of the same index.
567782 With Literal Autoparam and Statement Cache enabled, using a query with an IN list having numerics with a scale different from the scale defined on the column causes poor performance.
568259 Due to a defect under AIX 5.3 ML7, PROCESS_SHARED locks and conditions pose server hangs when multiple ASE engines are in effect. This problem is filed at IBM under PMR 51261,756,000. A workaround for those server hangs PCI Bridge Virtual access approaches are disabled under IBM AIX 5.3 ML7, making it the default server behavior. This despite an understood performance loss. IBM AIX servers can be booted with traceflag -T9403 allowing them for full PCI Bridge access mode. Doing this, such poses strong risk to server hangs, but won't cause performance loss on operations.
568357 User selects "specified license key" option, but the specified license does not take effect and installer license validation can not pass.
568449 On IBM AIX platform, ASE will not give complete stack trace when any ASE task hits timeslice error.
568458 ASE generates an infected with 11 stacktrace in the errorlog containing the function rvm_has_decrypt_perm when a cursor accesses an encrypted column on which a decrypt_default has been declared.
569332 Servers with many database entries in sysdatabases may fail to upgrade to 15.x with errors 3461 and 3452 regarding failure of upgrade steps 21 and 1501.
569515 Running a very large batch with many many IF statements when 'statement cache' is enabled causes error: Msg 632: Attempt to move memory with an incorrect length of 25600. Maximum allowed length is 16384.
569518 When an OpenSwitch is used between two ASE servers, executing an UPDATE statement on a VIEW attached with an INSTEAD OF UPDATE TRIGGER on a text or image column may result in Msg 156 "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'WHERE'" error and/or a stacktrace in 'omni_tname'.
569927 When compatibility mode is enabled, executing a cursor declare query with UNION may hit stack trace in the module of metrics_write() together with curs_open() on hpia64 platform.
570442 Executing groupby queries with groupby columns reference java ADT might get wrong result if query plan chosen LeGroupInsOp (group inserting).
570478 When compatibility mode is enabled, executing a query with GROUP BY clause may get error 414 saying the key size of a worktable exceeds the maximum allowable limit.
570657 ASE stack tracing mechanism may not work correctly on Windows 2008 and Vista
570671 In certain circumstances, distinct equi-join queries may return too few rows in non-binary sortorder servers (which are typically case-insensitive). This will only occur if reformatting is chosen for the join strategy. This could only occur if an equi-join predicate contains (var)char columns and the distinct select-list contains one or more columns that are not in any of the equi-join predicates.
570744 On p-Series Linux: Segmentation violation and memory corruption result in ASE panic under stress conditions during decryption operations.
570804 Typo "Temdb" in the ASE server attribute editor screen.
571076 Disable 'Save the connection password' option in DBISQL's 'Favorites'.
571345 Various stacktraces can be seen in the ASE-errorlog when the commands sp_engine 'offline', sp_engine 'online', together with Java statement are combined to one single SQL-batch when the target engine used in the sp_engine command is the engine hosting the Java VM.
571553 In ASE 15.0.3 ESD#1, HA failover and 'disk init' may fail with error 6513 and 5151 respectively.
573431 Parallel queries with predicates that should qualify rows with NULL values aren't returning these rows. The problem is specific to non-sargable predicates (expressions. in-lists, and or-clauses) where the predicate is placed in a RESTRICT operator below an XCHG operator. For example: select * from r where = NULL or = 8 This query wouldn't return rows with an id column value of NULL if a parallel scan is done on "r". Note, the problem is unique to sessions where ansinull semantics are off.
574527 The default ASE logical page size selected in ASE configuration tools has been changed from 2KB to 4KB. Request to pop a warning if user has selected this default value by accident. Also request to not change the meaning of "default" keyword in the resource files and let it continue to mean 2KB.
575483 Query accessing more than 16 tables may raise incorrectly error 225 "Cannot run query--referenced object dropped during query optimization."
576346 Add PCI options into sybatch_ase.res file.
576903 Spid executing MDA retrieval may go to sleep indefinitely under rare conditions whilst trying to take out a mutex. Stack trace will report upsleepgeneric, mda_take_mutex, fdpsrv_init_reader.
577353 Duplicate rows could be incorrectly returned when an EXISTS subquery is SELECTing from a DISTINCT view and not all of the view's SELECT columns are participating in the subquery's correlated equijoin predicates. Trace commandline flag 15315 can be used to workaround this problem.
577398 On Unix platforms, Fix Statistics Wizard's Options page gets a stack trace when you click Browse, enter a name, and click Save.
578330 Engines other then Engine 0 may stay around when the ASE is shutdown.
578405 Sybmon is unable to parse sqlsrvr data structures on nt386.
584160 Update Sybase Central 6.0.0 to build 4748. This addresses the issue that simplified Chinese was displayed on a traditional Chinese environment. Now English will be displayed instead.



  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0


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