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A person has the following ratings in a section of a form:

  • 2 above expectations,
  • 1 meets expectations.

Yet the section averages out to Meets Expectations. How could this happen?



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  • Situations like this have their origin in how the ratings scale is set up in the background. Each rating that is assigned, has a numeric value that operates as part of a equation in the background. So "Meets Expectations" translates into a numeric value; every other rating in the section does as well, and it is subsequently totaled and averaged.
  • The ratings scale for the above situation may appear as:

0.0->.99= Needs Improvement

1.0->1.9= Meets Expectations

2.0 -> 2.9 = Above Expectations

  • Each score rounds DOWN to the nearest whole number. So if the average falls into the range of 1.0 to 1.99, this is considered a score of 1. Two ratings of Above Executions total to a score of 4, plus one Meets Expectations totals to 5. When that is averaged by dividing that by 3, the total is 1.66.

Here it is again:

2 + 2 + 1 = 5

5/3 = 1.66


  • So that is how this person's total section rating got rounded down in this instance. If this is not desired, then SuccessFactors and the necessary HR parties should discuss a different scale.


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