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2086052 - How to add a row of data into a Composite Query - WFP


  • How to add a row of data into a Composite Query table using an existing measure already displayed on the table but sliced by an analysis option while using a different name


  • Workforce Planning and Analytics


  • In the example, we have created two composite queries.  The first query has a few measures and the second query takes one of those measures and applies an analysis option to slice the data by and now we would like to show the additional data from the second query as its own line within the first query since the name shown in the table below isn’t quite what we would like to see.



  • Current set up.



  • To add that additional line, click on the grey area below the second query (see example below)




  • A third green box will appear.  Now, right click on this box and select “edit”.  The following box will pop up:



Here is an explanation of each section:

  • Expression:  Section in which you can create a simple formula based on the data based within the other query segment.  Each query segment has a name in the following format (R#C#).  The R stands for Row, and C stands for Column.  Click on the box with the 3 dots to see examples of how to create a formula.  In my example, I referenced the query segment that shows the Average Headcount – Exempt Only.
  • Caption:  This where you can add a name that is associated to the being shown.  So for my example, I changed the caption to say “Average Headcount – Exempt Only” since this is the result of our query.
    There is no need to change the Segment Column and Row Span.
  • Format:  This section allows you the change the format of the data being displayed.  Click on the box with 3 dots to the different formats available for you to use.
  • The last item I did was hide the query segment that had our Average Headcount – Exempt Only data since we do not want to show the table/chart associated with the query, but only the data from the query.  To hide a query segment, click on the text “hide” on the side of the query segment.  In my example, I clicked on the query segment with the “R2C1” on the top left corner of the query segment box.




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