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Troubleshooting Competencies

For information on troubleshooting why competencies are not correctly populating on your forms please refer to KBA 2086613 - Top 10 Reasons Competencies are Missing in a Form - Competencies.

What are Competencies and Competency Libraries?

  1. Competencies are the professional expertise required to perform a job role. Competencies describe the contributing factors that enable employees to function in their role capacity, such as knowledge, expertise, and other professional characteristics or attributes. Your users will refer to competencies during a performance review process to evaluate how well an employee fulfilled their role requirements according to exhibited effort.
  2. SuccessFactors provides competency libraries to store individual competencies. There are two kinds of competency libraries available to you: either a prepared competency library compiled by industry leaders, such as the Lominger library, or an in-house competency library compiled and customized by your company. You can use both types of competency libraries together or just one type. Prepared competency libraries can sometimes be customized or abridged depending on your system implementation. If you'd like to make changes to, or use additional prepared competency libraries, contact your SuccessFactors technical support representative. Customized, in-house competency libraries can always be modified by you at any time. In fact, you can create an entire customized competency library from scratch directly in SuccessFactors.

About competency status setting

Competencies and competency libraries may have restrictions that limit how much you can work with them. The restrictions are determined by a status setting. See KBA 2086088 - Changing the Status of Competencies - Manage Competencies.

NOTE: Never delete a competency that has been used in the past! Deleting competencies that have been used will lead to issues on historical forms. We recommend you never delete a competency but rather just hide ones you no longer use. When you reimport a deleted competency the system sill assign it a new ID that will be different than the original so is seen as a new competency, not the original.

  1. If you delete competencies it cannot be undone
  2. Broken live forms will need to be deleted and relaunched.
  3. Historical forms and reports will break as now the master competency it was linked to is gone.
  4. Support is unable to undo or fix these issues.

To create a new competency

  1. While you can use import files to create competencies it is much easier and often just as quick to build your library directly in the tool via Admin Tools.
  2. Go to Admin Center > Competency Library > Select or create a library > click the Create Competency Button. Enter the competency content and set the status.


Manage Competency tool

This tool replaces the original Manage Competency tool if you're using The latest version of Admin Tools. If you're using the original Admin Tools, you'll have the option to try the new tool under the same Manage Competency link. The new Manage Competency tool streamlines how you create or edit competencies. It's now easy to mark a competency as a Core Competency and have it automatically pulled into review forms. You'll also be able to save copies of competencies, quickly see which job roles already include the competency, easily find links to import files, and easily access the Success Store for more content. The new Manage Competency tool supports all competencies and behaviors, but doesn't yet support Job Description Manager (JDM) content. (ADM-518)



Allows you to work freely with this competency or competency library. For example, you can add, modify, or remove any competency element.



  1. Allows restricted access to work with this competency or competency library.
  2. If this setting is applied to a competency, you can't make any changes to the competency. You can only view the existing content.
  3. If this setting is applied to a competency library, you can't add or remove any individual competencies, but you can modify the competency elements, such as by adding job roles or creating competency categories.



  1. Prevents the competency or competency library from being seen by your users in PerformanceManager.  
  2. You might want to use this setting if your company is only using some of the competencies in an existing competency library. You can hide the ones you aren't going to use.


To import a competency:

  1. Go to admin center > Manage Competencies >  Click on the dropdown next to "Add New Library" > Import New Competency Library
  2. Tip: It is recommended you first export an existing library as you will then see the correct format rules that need to be followed in the existing data. This will make it easier for you to add new data following the same format.
  3. When your import file contains duplicate roles, the system will load the first occurrence of the role and notify you of which rows have duplicate roles. You can then decide if you want to remove the duplicates and reload the file. (JDM-528)


Multiple Languages

  1. When you are loading multiple languages you will need to load them separately so the system can properly load the different character sets. Not all languages will correctly load if using Western character encoding so be sure you change the Character encoding from Western to Chinese, Korean, or Unicode based on the language being imported.
  2. If you are seeing invalid characters after loading your data, such as squares or odd symbols, then the data was loaded using incorrect character encoding, or user tried to load multiple languages at once.

Note: the newest version of SuccessStore Competency libraries can be downloaded on your own


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