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2086579 - I Deleted a Competency and Now Forms Are Not Working Correctly - Competencies


  • You deleted a competency or group of competencies and now your reports and forms that used the original competencies are not working correctly.
  • How do I manage competency data?


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Warning! Never delete a competency that has been used in the past! Deleting competencies that have been used will lead to issues on historical forms. We recommend you never delete a competency but rather just hide ones you no longer use. When you reimport a deleted competency the system sill assign it a new ID that will be different than the original so is seen as a new competency, not the original.

  • If you delete competencies it cannot be undone
  • Broken live forms will need to be deleted and relaunched.
  • Historical forms and reports will break as now the master competency it was linked to is gone.
  • Support is unable to undo or fix these issues.

The correct way to handle competencies you no longer want to use, is to change the status of the competency. Please see the following solution on how to do this. Competencies: Changing Status of Competencies

  • Your templates may have hard-coded competency IDs in them. When you delete a competency it is impossible to reload that competency into the system with the same ID (ID is different to GUID). Therefore now your templates will need to be reconfigured with the new system ID that they will automatically get. then new forms will need to be relaunched.
  • Live forms cannot be corrected, as they are now hard wired to IDs that no longer exist in the system so will need to be relaunhced after you have loaded your new competencies.


Hidden Status

  • Prevents the competency or competency library from being seen by your users in the system. 
  • You might want to use this setting if your company is only using some of the competencies in an existing competency library. You can hide the ones you aren't going to use.


Troubleshooting Competencies

If you did not delete the competency but it is not showing correctly on forms please see more information on troubleshooting why competencies are not correctly populating on your forms: Top 10 Reasons Competencies Not Showing in Form.


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