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2086591 - Excluding or Filtering Competencies in a Form - Performance & 360 Multi-Rater


How do I apply filters to form templates to hide libraries or show only competencies from specific categories?

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  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors 360 Multi-Rater



  • Never delete a competency that has been used in the past from your libraries!
  • Deleting competencies that have been used will lead to issues on historical forms
  • It is recommend you never delete a competency. Instead, hide ones you no longer use

The SuccessFactors Application allows templates to be configured with filter options to exclude competencies from specific libraries and or categories, i.e:

To auto-populate by job code (XML)


To auto-populate by core competency (XML)


Go to Manage Templates > Competency section > to set support Core Competencies, Job Specific & Custom:


Restricting competencies to one category (only applicable to Job Specific Competency Sections)(XML)

<comp-category><![CDATA[insert category here]]></comp-category>

Note: If you have competencies in different languages and the categories have translations you will need to set up the <comp-category> for each language, i.e:

<comp-category><![CDATA[Quality English]]></comp-category>
<comp-category><![CDATA[Quality Spanish]]></comp-category>

Because of this, users see both the "Quality English US" and "Quality Spanish" categories at the same time when clicking on "Add another Competency"

  • While the system is in Spanish locale, the "Quality English US" category will show no competencies and instead display "No data found"
  • Only the "Quality Spanish" category will display competencies
  • When the system is in English US locale the "Quality Spanish" category will display "No data found" and the "Quality English US" will display competencies
  • This is happening because depending on the locale used the system will check if the category name exists in that language to display the competencies
  • When the system is in English US the category "Quality Spanish" does not exist in this locale, only the "Quality English US" category can be found and vice versa

To allow users to manually add competencies (XML)


Content Filters

  • Used to determine what types of content are included in the competency section
  • The content-filter attribute can contain values

    • use-performance-profile: retrieve competencies and skill from performance profile
    • competency-type: type of competency or skill: COMPETENCY, Skill Summary, Skill Responsibility, Skill Education,  Skill Certification, Skill Age Spec Care, Skill Physical Req, Skill Complexity, Skill Environment, Skill Protective Env

Example: Using the content filter "competency-type" + "Skill Certification" will configure the form to display required skills or abilities, which are not the same as job responsibilities

    <content-filter type="competency-type" use-sub-content="false">Skill Certification</content-filter>

Note: in order to make changes in the XML, please contact your Implementation Partner. If you don't have a Partner, you can find for SAP Certified Partners via the SAP Partner Finder or, alternatively, speak with your Account Executive or Customer Engagement Executive about Professional Services options. On this specific scenario, If your form is already set up to filter on competency categories, and that category name has changed, you can also contact SAP Cloud Support via case requesting to edit this in the XML as well. For more information on Software Change Requests, please kindly refer to KB Article 2250186 - SCR Form: XML Software Change Requests for PM / 360 Reviews Performance Processes / Templates.

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