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2086662 - How to enable Auto Restore Deleted Form when importing an user - Performance Management


  • How to restore deleted documents for inactive employee?
  • How do I automatically restore deleted documents for an employee that becomes active again?
  • A user leaves your organization and then returns. Instead of manually searching for their old forms, set the forms to automatically restore upon making the user active again.


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Automatically Restore Forms

Note: This feature only works with the basic Import Users job (non-EC). Employee Data imports (Employee Central) do not support this feature.

This option sets the Form Templates to automatically restore PM documents when a user becomes active again. This can be done by following the steps below:


  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Performance Management > Form Template Settings > Select PM form template
  2. Enable "Enable Auto Restore Deleted Form When Importing User" feature;
  3. Hit the "Update Form Template" button.

Important Notes

  • This will work for new forms going forward and will not restore forms where the person is already active.

  • In the case of employees who've been deactivated then reactivated, this restores the most recent deleted form for that employee when they are imported into the system.

  • Only forms that were in an in-progress state when deleted will be restored. Completed forms will not be restored.

  • If document transfer option is disabled, and the manager info has changed, the managers associated with the form at the time it was deleted will remain the same when the form is restored for the user.

  • If the manager associated with the user has changed since the user was reactivated, the manager in the form will still remain the same as it was at the time the form was deleted.

  • If document transfer option is enabled and the manager info has changed while the form was deleted, the form will return to the previous owner once it was deleted (which could be the old manager) and the route map will update accordingly once it has been routed.

  • If form was out for feedback when deleted, form will be restored to individual who the form was with.

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