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2087333 - Route Maps - Start Date, Due Date, Exit Date, Enforce Start Date, and Automatic send on due date Validation - Performance Management


  • Explanation of Routing Maps and Step Start Date, Due Date and Exit Date
  • Enforce Start Date and Automatic send on due date
  • Why is it some forms set to "Only send forms that pass validation" are moving to the next step?
  • When a step due date is specified on a document route map, when is the document moved and Step Due Notification Sent?
  • What date and time of the day is the step due notification sent when we check the box Automatic Send on Due Date within a Routing Map?


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


Step Dates are specified in Admin Center > Performance Management > Manage Route maps > [Open desired route map] > [Open any step].

Note: Changing the options below will NOT apply to forms already launched! To update live forms, please see the section further down.

The following are the options in a route map step that apply to start, due and exit dates.

  1. Start Date - The date entered into this field indicates to the user the desired date that they should start this step. A user could still complete the step before this date if they choose to.
  2. Enforce start date - When this is checked then this will keep the form in read-only format in the user's inbox until the start date has occurred.
  3. Exit Date
    • The date that the form can be routed to the next step.
    • This means that we can't send the form to the next step before the exit date and the "Send to next step" button will be disabled on the form.
    • The form will not be locked and it would still allow user to edit the form, but just block the process.
  4. Due Date - The date entered in this field indicates to the user the desired date that this form is due. A user can complete the form before this date. If they do not, and notifications are enabled, the user will receive an email notification.

1. Step Due Date is displayed in the following places:

  • above the route step in the route map section on the form
  • on the "For You Today" tile for performance review
  • on the To-Do list for Review Performance
  • on the My Forms page of the performance Inbox

2. Step Start Date and Step Exit Date are not displayed to end users.

Automatic send on due date

If this is checked then the system automatically forwards the form to the next step once the due date has passed. This feature is useful when a specific timeframe is required to complete the forms. It will be sent based on the 2 options below.

 A. Only send forms that pass validation:

  • If this is selected then even though the due date has passed, the form will not move if the user failed to enter all the required fields on the form. It is recommended to use this option if your process relies on the answers provided in the required fields.
  • Why do some forms still move even though I have enabled "Only Send Forms that Pass Validation Rule"?
    Please keep in mind that validation of this rule is applied to the holder of the form, not others that may be in the step. Your form template maybe configured that the rule is specific to a role and not the step!
  • So if your form is in an Iterative step between E & EM, and the form is in the Employee's inbox, but your template was configured to validate the Manager's input, then it’s not going to apply the logic that required the Manager complete a specific field.
  • It would be incorrect to keep the form with the Employee on the move date because the manager had not filled in required information. The employee may not even see some required fields for the manager.
    The validation for EM therefore only applies if the form is in the inbox of the Manager. If it fails validation then it makes sense to keep it with EM, since only the Manager can fill in what is missing.
  • Therefore when a template has validation that applies to a specific role, then the option  Only send forms that pass validation: will only be enforced when the form is in the hands of the specific role(s) defined in the template permissions. We recommend that if you have fields that a specific role must complete, don’t have a process map (workflow) that introduces logic where the form could be in the hands of someone else on this date. If you have a collaborative or iterative step you might consider splitting the step or to enforce the validation on another step that only the specific role.
    Another option is to make sure the form comes to EM first if they have required fields (entry user) so the validation is enforced when they send to E, so if it now sits with E, all validation is done on the part of EM.

 B. Always send regardless of validation:

With this option, the form will be sent to the next step regardless of whether anything has been completed on the form or not. This is not recommended if it would break your reports or process by having forms move that do not have all required information.

Check Provisioning

Make sure that in Provisioning > Manage Scheduled Jobs > Auto Route Based on Due Date is set up, if not, this needs to be configured as recurring job.

For further information on the Automatic Send on Due Date feature, check out the following article: 2530594 - Explanation of the Automatic Sends on Due Date Feature - Performance Management

Relative Dates in Route Maps

  • You have the option to use route maps that have relative dates in each step. Relative dates let you can specify start, exit, or due dates based on the number of days before or after another activity, such as the form creation date or form due date, instead of having to enter exact calendar dates. (PAE-847, SDK-18).
  • This feature requires support to enable this from Provisioning > Company Settings > Enable Relative Dates For Form Routing

Changing the Due Dates For Live Forms

If you are actually needing to change the due dates on your forms to a later or earlier date then please see these solutions:

How to Disable Validation For a Specific Template

  • You can disable the validation for a specific template so that using the same route map, some forms might enforce validation whereas another template using the same route map rules will not enforce validation.
  • Alternatively you may need to disable validation for a time, and this switch also enables you to disable validation if it was found enforcing that is not desired after the forms were launched.

Go to Admin Center > Form Template Settings and check the box for > Disable Due Date Validation

Disable Due Date Validation

Validation rules will no longer be applied allowing the form to move even if required fields have not been completed.

Change timing


Applies to

PM 360, Compensation, PM Note Succession JobReq  IJR

Step Due Email Notifications

If enabled the system will also send the step due email notification.


  • Your form template has Default Due Notification Date (in days): “7”
  • The route map associated has a step due of 17th (of the month)
  • The Form Due date was set for 20th (of the month)
  • You will get a step due notification on the 10th as well as a document due notification on the 13th if both these email notification types are enabled.
  • The Step due notification is triggered on the same day of the due date (at end of the day). This is a global system setting and at this time SuccessFactors is not able to customize this time.
  • The autosend_ondue process runs nightly starting from about 2:00 AM EST and will continue to run until all client jobs have been processed which can be until 8am EST. We are unable to provide any specific times as it can vary for each client each day depending on what forms need to be moved on any given day.


See Also

2530594 - Explanation of the Automatic Sends on Due Date Feature - Performance Management


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