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  • What is my-team-rater element?

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SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


How does SuccessFactors Stack Ranker work?

  • Stack Ranker displays your entire team side-by-side on a single page.
  • The processes each user is involved with determines who shows in the Stack Ranker. Typically this will be a manager's direct reports, but if users are involved in many processes (i.e user is in the route map), they may see other employees who are not direct reports. If users were part of the process originally, but had a manager change, they may see employees for the process they were originally part of.
  • Common team competencies or other performance criteria are listed on the page. As each team member is rated, the Summary area automatically displays the team in ranking order. The order changes dynamically as you continue your assessment. When you’re done, you’ll see your team shown in the order of highest overall performer to lowest overall performer. You can then narrow the performance criteria i.e. you can select a single competency and see how your team stacks up.

         Stack Ranker.JPG
  • Note: The form needs to be in-progress (not in signature or completed) and in the inbox of the ranker for them to be able modify the competency item-rating. If it is not then as you can see above with Vik Stokes, that user will be grayed out where you cannot modify the ratings for that person.

Access Via Team Overview

  • The person using stack ranker must have write permissions (item-rating permissions) for everyone that is part of the stack. If not you will see the message “You do not have permission to rank these users”.
  • The Stack Ranker button will appear in Team Overview once the performance template has the proper configuration:
    • Enable Stack Ranker
      1. Action Search: Performance Management Feature Settings
      2. Enable Stack Ranker for Performance Management > Save
      3. (Optional) To enable the ability to see more than just direct reports, enable Stack Ranker for Performance Management - Enable display of all forms but self.
        • Note: For this option, users must be granted write permission to alter the item-ratings for users outside of direct reports.
    • Configure Form Template for Stack Ranker
      1. Action Search: Manage Templates
      2. Performance Review tab > Select the Template
      3. General Settings > Select Allow managers to stack rank employees on competency sections: Globally or Section by Section option.

Note: Stack Ranker is only applicable to the Competency and Summary sections (a Summary section is required). Adding the action-permission element with the my-team-rated refid in other sections will have no effect.

Stack Ranker Supported Functionality

  • For a manager to use Stack Ranker, they must have the forms in their Inbox (the system does not automatically create the necessary forms).
  • Stack Ranker only supports competencies in competency sections.
  • Stack Ranker does not support behaviors.
  • Competency section intro text is not supported (i.e. will not be displayed) on the Stack Ranker page.
  • Stack Ranker works for 360 form templates.
  • Stack Ranker does not support editing or viewing of the Overall Performance Score.
  • The Performance form template must have a Summary section (summary-sect). Forms configured with ONLY Objective/Competency Summary or Performance Potential Summary section will not have the Stack Ranker capability.
  • There is no batch document routing available from the Stack Ranker.
  • Stack Ranker supports competency sections configured with either hard-coded competencies or job-code related competencies.
  • By default Stack Ranker only displays a user's direct reports but can be configured to support anyone you have a form for.
  • Editing or viewing weights are not supported in the Stack Ranker.
  • Stack Ranker supports the section calculation if item weights are enabled.
  • Stack Ranker does not support adding or removing of competencies on the page.
  • Collaborative route map steps are not supported in the Stack Ranker.
  • The Friendly's calculation method is not supported in the Stack Ranker calculation.
  • Plain text comments are supported in the Stack Ranker, but users will be unable to use legal scan, spell check, or writing assistant.
  • The section comments do not support writing assistant.
  • The following form configurations apply to all forms based on the form that Stack Ranker was opened from:
    a. Rating scale
    b. Field permissions
  • There is no way to select which style of rating scale is displayed. This is system driven.
  • Currently, there is no planned timeframe for future roadmap enhancements to Stack Ranker.
  • Reports and Dashboards can be used for Stack Ranker as with any PM form template type.
  • Stack Ranker was performance tested for 50 direct reports with 20 competencies each.
  • Stack Ranker only supports individual competency ratings and not overall competency ratings
  • The system will never pull a user’s own form into the Stack Ranker. When a user is stack ranking, they should not be stack ranking themselves.



  • What if a user has more than 1 form?

    When more than one document meets the criteria per employee, the system will update/reference the most recent document for an employee based on form creation date. 
  • How are people ordered in the Stack Ranker?

        The system will display employees left to right in alphabetical order based on last name.

  • When will Stack Ranker show ratings as a drop-down list as opposed to the typical graphic?
    • Stack Ranker supports three types of rating fields: horizontal boxes with rating values, horizontal boxes without rating values, and dropdown list.
    • The system will display the rating scale as a drop-down when any of the following conditions are met:
      • The rating scale has more than 7 values.
      • The rating scale values are not single digit positive integers or zero (i.e. anything other than 0 - 9)
  • Does Stack Ranker support a reverse scale?


  • Can we change the term Stack Ranker?

    Yes, the term Stack Ranker is text replaceable. Go to Action Search: Text Replacement > scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see Stack Ranker > make your changes > Save. You'll notice the text change if you're currently using Stack Ranker.
  • In the form, I see the Team Ranker pod at the top but why I don't see all my direct reports?

    If the Team Ranker Pod doesn't show the ranks of other employees reporting to you, the Start of Review option within the Route Map has not been selected. Stack Ranker is accessed via Team Overview which means the form must show there to stack rank. Ensure Start of Review is enabled (usually in the first step of the route map) via Action Search: Manage Route Maps.

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