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2087436 - Changing the SuccessFactors Company ID


  • Can the SuccessFactors Company ID/Instance ID be changed ?
  • Are there any negative effects caused by altering the Company ID?

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When would a company change the Company ID/Instance ID?

  • Newly created instances don’t always reflect as desired; however, the Company ID should ideally only be changed at the beginning of the implementation stage & prior to any configuration/integrations.
  • The desire to change the Company ID most often occurs when a company is acquired, merges, or for other business reasons.
  • This is not a typical need, but if a company changes its name or has some reorganization, then often the Instance ID no longer reflects the new organization.

The SuccessFactors application does technically allow for the change to your company ID; but, due to the many integration points each instance may have, it is not always easy or practical for some clients.

It is NOT recommended to change BizX Company ID for instances with existing integrations. This is because, when a Company ID is changed, every associated integration that involves Company ID could be impacted. Some examples of which are included below

Some examples of Company ID change impact:

  • Access Links: If your company has published links to the BizX application these like contain the old company ID in the link and may need to be updated. Same for users with bookmarks that might be referring to the old Company id.

  • SSO: For SSO clients it will require you change any reference you may have setup on your end that refers to the old Instance ID. This is especially critical with SAML2.0 where the companyID is part of the several parameters.

  • LMS:
    • Unsealed integration: The BizX/LMS integration might need to be manually updatd to reflect the new Company Id. Open a case with LMS if necessary.
    • Sealed Integration: After Company ID updated in BizX Provisioning, the first access to LMS from BizX will result in an error.

      Provided the login is attempted by a user with matching profile in Learning, this will also automatically update the BizX company id in LMS configuration, and subsequent access to LMS will work as expected.
  • Are you a Recruiting customer? There are many external interfaces that have links to the instance and career sites. Check EQuest, JobVite, Verifications, Inc., etc. You will need to open a case to have a Recruiting specialist help you with this conversion.

  • Form Links: If you have hard coded links in your forms or in templates, (this is not typical) these will not be updated in the regular process of changing ID's. CS may be able to update live PM forms however you will need to submit a CCOR to update templates going forward, or modify yourself via Admin Center.

  • Email: Will your company be changing its email domain? Update user data via regular user imports. Notify support if you also need email addresses changed in your automated jobs.

  • Company Logo: If you are also changing your logo, you should wait until the companyID has been changed before uploading the new file.

  • FTP/Quartz: CS to Evaluate Quartz jobs and determine if import or output files require updating.

  • SuccessFactors mobile app: if you are already using the Search-Based Activation way to activate the SAP SuccessFactors mobile app and have already requested to Product Support to proceed with the Activate App Login process described on the KBA 2577716 in the past, you may need to contact Product Support in order to request to update the Company ID in the database. 
  • Jam integration: If the SuccessFactors instance in concern is integrated with Jam, then the Jam instance will also need to be updated to reflect the new company id. Else, the integration will break reference KBA 2246981 - SAP Jam - Issue Accessing SAP Jam system due to Company ID change

  • WFA integration: Warning! Changing your company ID will impact existing users / reports and WFA integration and is considered a major impact! Reference KBA 2628037 - Is it possible to rename Company ID on Workforce Analytics
    • Each user will have a new access in ORD loosing their existing configuration and reports.
    • ODS instance will need to be re-implemented from scratch.
    • SuccessFactors will re-establish the connection between your new company ID and your existing WFA instance.
    • SuccessFactors advise you to back-up your reports and users (using ORD admin before to rename your instance.
    • SuccessFactors will not be responsible to reconfigure each Schedule jobs set-up in Report distributor. Each bundle using recipients need to be recreated as the users attached as recipient are no longer valid.
    • SuccessFactors will not be responsible to fix queries and reports due to the company ID changed. You might need to re-upload your reports in your instance. 

  • WFA / ORD: WFA use the Company ID as identifier and for each SSO user's integration. If you change the company ID, your existing WFA instance won't be available anymore and all users access / queries will be lost.  We recommend you to download all reports using transfer report functionality (ORD Admin) and to also download all users from (ORD ADMIN) "User maintenance". Be aware that Customer support will not be responsible for issues related to broken reports or user access lost once the company ID has been renamed. However, we will re-establish the connection between your new company ID and your existing WFA instance.

  • ODS: ODS use company ID as identifier. ODS will need to be re-implemented. If you decide to change the company ID, this will be considered as a new implementation.  

  • Rename BizX company ID will break Career site URL reference KBA 2285612 - Is it possible to change the company name appearing on the Career site URL ?

  • Rename BizX Company ID will break integration with Onboarding see more details on 2705347 - Request to Rename Onboarding Account ID - Onboarding 1.0 [Service Request] [Out of Scope]

  • Renaming BizX Company ID has negative impact on RMK & RCM see more details on 2599060 - renaming RMK instances - Recruiting Marketing

  • BizX/IAS/IPS integration will be impacted by Company ID change and the configuration in IAS & IPS will need to be updated in accordance to the new Company ID.

Note : If system is IAS connected make sure in IAS application SF-> SAML 2.0 configuration,  SAML metadata configuration is also updated to metadata pointing to latest company ID.

Post consideration of above impacts, if a Company ID change is still deemed necessary, it can be done by Partners with their provisioning access.
But if the same is requested via Support ticket instead, a written update will need to be provided in the Ticket-

  • stating acknowledgement of the previously mentioned impacts on associated integrations
  • stating acknowledgement of the scope of support responsibility in a company id change request, as outlined below:
    Scope of support responsibility:
    • LOD-SF-PLT support will only be responsible for the change of Company Id in Provisioning -> Company Settings page.
    • Customer/Partner will be responsible for all associated integration changes (IAS/LMS/RMK etc.)
    • In a scenario where the customer/partner cannot change any associated integration due to lack of access to the intended system caused by the companyID change (for example: LMS) they must raise a separate ticket to the corresponding Support team.

See Also

KB article 2705347 - Request to Rename Onboarding Account ID - Onboarding 1.0 [Service Request] [Out of Scope]


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