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2087479 - Employee Import and Export | How to validate the file and look up for errors


  • How to check the User data file (employee import) to make sure there are no errors?
  • How do I validate the hierarchy?
  • How do I validate my Employee Import file?
  • How to find errors in the user data file (UDF)?


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


One of the most fundamental aspects of the SuccessFactors application is the need to have a valid hierarchy of users.

No errors should exist in your user file as it can result in a broken or invalid hierarchy which in turn may break reports or functionality that relies on a valid unbroken hierarchy.

With that being said, it's a quite important to validate the user data file every time you wish to make changes and reimport it.

Validating your user file is a quick and easy process, as shown below: 

  1. Go to Admin Center > Update User Information;
  2. Click on Employee Export;
  3. Click on Export Users;
  4. A zip file popup will appear. Open that and extract your user file, saving it to your desktop. It will be named something like UserDirectory_company.csv;
  5. DO NOT open this csv file. Simply save it to your desktop;
  6. Go to Admin Center > Update User Information;
  7. Click on Employee Import (or Import Employee Data for the case you have Employee Central);
  8. Browse and select File Name that you saved to your desktop;
  9. Click Validate Import File Data Button (you do not need to change any of the other options);
  10. In a few seconds you will be returned a list of errors if any.

If any errors exist you need to correct these, even if they do not seem critical or related to any current issue you may be troubleshooting, as the existence of any errors could have an unexpected impact. Once there are no issues reported you will have ruled this out as a possible factor which in turn enables Customer Support to troubleshoot other issues effectively.

You can use the file you exported to make any changes needed and then reimport. Revalidate your file, repeating the process until you no longer have any errors reported. Caution should always be used when importing data. Please see other solutions on how to safely work with .csv & .v4e user files and importing your data.

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