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2087486 - How to enable HTML email notifications in SuccessFactors?


  • How we can use HTML formatting in our email notifications?
  • What HTML tags does SuccessFactors support if "HTML email notification" is enabled?
  • The QR code is not displaying in the "Activate your mobile device now" notification
  • Html links and formatting not working even though "HTML email notifications" is enabled


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Once "Enable HTML email notifications" is enabled, our standard email notifications will be sent to the end users using HTML formatting and will include logos and color formatting.

To enable this option on your system:

  1. Go to Admin Center
  2. Search for "Company System and Logo Settings"
  3. Check "Enable HTML email notifications" box

When a client enables HTML email notifications the system by default will embed a SuccessFactors logo in the footer of the email. There may also be a SuccessFactors logo at the top of the email.

Enabling this feature also makes sure the QR code for SuccessFactors Mobile app activation email notification is displayed correctly.

To remove SF logo in the Footer:

This is achievable and the instructions are documented at KBA 2087875 - Removing SF logo in the Footer of Email Notifications - BizX Platform

To add company's logo in the Header

A SuccessFactors logo may display at the top of emails if a company does not reference their own logo. To have the company's logo show in email notifications, follow the steps below:

  1. Host your file on an internal SFTP server from which they are synced to the SuccessFactors webserver, as per KBA 2157471 - Hosting Files on a SuccessFactors Server
  2. After obtaining a static URL from SuccessFactors Support Engineers, go to Admin Center
  3. Search for "Company System and Logo Settings"
  4. Paste the static URL in "URL of the Company Logo" field
  5. Click "Set Company Logo URL"

Important notes

The HTML functionality implied by this feature is the construct of the email and NOT the ability of the client to add any html tags they might want to add into the body of the email. This option is not a feature to allow clients to embed and format notifications using HTML, but is rather an option to allow the SuccessFactors system to send the standard email notifications leveraging html which many client email systems support.

While you are free to add and test basic html tags and formatting within the body of email templates, please keep in mind that SuccessFactors does not support the use of these html elements, any javascript or other code and therefore will not provide support for any code added that does not work as expected, or that breaks functionality of the product. Any html or code in the body of email notifications have to be removed as SuccessFactors makes no commitment to enhance the product to support client code.

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