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2087885 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0.2 ESD #2


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
237976 The 3475 and 12583 error messages do not report the database name in which the error has occurred.
269270 A optdiag 12.5 with Japanese LANG would get the error messages. "The Optdiag line label exceeds its maximum allowable length. Optdiag failed. Check for error messages above."
286939 In certain situations, trying to do an UPDATE to a row on an ALLPAGE locked table where the page already has 256 rows in it, may result in a 2620 error - "The offset of the row number at offset < offset > does not match the entry in the offset table of the following page: < pageid > ."
290887 The nesting limit for stored procedures and triggers has been increased from 16 to 50.
342760 Server Configuration Error: Cannot write out file '(servername).cfg' due to system error 'Resource temporarily unavailable'. With this fix, the operation will be retried up to 5 times with a warning message. Ultimately, if all retries fail, the operation will be abandoned, thus the current failure message may still be seen.
358087 The default value of configuration parameter 'dtm detach timeout period' has been modified to 5 minutes. Any external transaction such as XA transaction will be rolled back, if in detached state, for more than 5 minutes. A value of 0 will disable external transaction timeout.
379911 For socket migration engine 0 is always a possible target. When using specific execution binding, the socket migration does not restricts the search to the set of engines associated to the execution class.
383962 Message 18472 is raised by sp_dbcc_delete_history and is an informational message that should be printed rather than raised as an error.
386242 Empty stack trace for fatal signals error like, sigsegv, sigabort, sigbus etc in native thread context.
389812 sp_modifylogin can remove the 'passwd expiration', 'min passwd length' and 'max failed_logins' value set for a single login and make that login have the same value as the system wide setting.
394709 The table in the second argument to sp_monitorconfig will not be created if it does not exist.
398320 The error 10302, "Only the DBO of database 'dbccdb' or a user with System Administrator (SA) role can run this command." will be incorrectly raised when a user without SA role different from the DBO executes DBCC CHECKVERIFY even if this access has been granted in the target database.
400834 sqlupgrade takes too long time to start the offline server when the RUN_server file includes invalid config file or incorrect format.
401066 Error 3935, "Fatal protocol error. xact_beginupdate() API was invoked in the wrong context. The transaction is currently in 'Abort tran-attached' state." may be hit in module 'xact_beginupdate' with a stack trace in the error log, when a rollback occurred during the execution of a stored procedure that is marked for replication. The module 'log_repproc_exec' will also be reported in the stack trace.
401242 Improve wording of dbcc message 7912 to indicate that dbcc FIX option has fixed the condition.
406631 Performance enhancement for update statistics affecting minor columns.
407266 In rare circumstances a 712 error, "There is insufficient heap memory to allocate < count > bytes..." may be reported during an insert into a DOL table with a clustered index after several 1105 or 1204 errors.
416246 A self-deadlock may sometimes occur if there are concurrent serializable and non-serializable transactions doing DMLs to a DATA-ONLY locked table.
417097 The LOAD TRAN command may hang after raising a 938 error reading "Database ' < DBNAME > ' is unavailable. It is undergoing LOAD TRANSACTION" followed by the message, "Forced flush of database id < DBID > failed". This may happen under very rare circumstances where the LOAD TRAN command is used many successive times to recover a huge set of log records representing around 1 billion page changes.
419141 After abnormal termination of a network listener, a new listener cannot be started on the same port.
419513 DUMP TRAN will hang when attempting to truncate the log after an out-of-space error is reported in the scratch database of an archive database that is being dropped.
425697 The command QUIESCE DATABASE FOR EXTERNAL dump can get a deadlock while creating the manifest file with a process that holds a lock on a system table or the log semaphore and it's suspended because it tried to write to the database being quiesced.
425855 Database dumps taken on HP Tru64 platform using Backup Server of version 12.5.3 ESD#3 or earlier can not be loaded to other platforms with later versions. The fix is enabled with Backup Server traceflag D128.
426674 Sybase Central ASE Plug-in provides the 'Generate DDL' option from the context menu of the following three objects only when the user has sa_role or sso_role - logins, roles and encryption keys. For all other users, this item is disabled.
428591 Under rare circumstances the "AUDIT PROCESS" system task and a user session that is in the process of auditing may block each other without ASE being able to solve this blocking situation.
428893 Provide object id and page number in addition to text pointer value for messages 7123, 7125, 7126, 7127, 7128, and 7134.
430748 Instrumentation to diagnose 12328 errors: "The calculated row offset ' < offset > ' of an index key on page ' < pageid > ' for object ' < objid > 'in database ' < dbid > ' is out of bounds (table offset on page = ' < offset > ', page status = ' < pgstat > ', local offset table address = < address > ). Also, regenerate the offset table once to try to avoid 12328 errors, unless command line trace flag 625 is turned on.
433186 The StatementNumber column was added to the monProcessProcedures MDA Table.
434146 The "Memory Used" value for sp_configure "total logical memory" is not updated when the size of a named cache is changed using sp_cacheconfig.
434482 In rare circumstances, the error "ubo_object_from_slot:Pss Invalid slot id 0" together with a stack trace which includes the modules pss_getunkept_pss, sysxacts__fmtrow_from_xdes end sysxacts_materialize may be reported in the error log during select from SYSTRANSACTIONS in a ASE with high transaction load.
434927 The option 'replication force_ddl' has a mispelling error in the system table spt_values.
435235 A new feature to store the last date and time a checkpoint record is written and the last date and time a dump transaction is taken on a database. The new columns LastTranLogDumpTime and LastCheckpointTime have been added to monOpenDatabases.
437530 If a long running transaction is active in one database, garbage collector may sometimes fail to reclaim space in other databases.
438723 ALTER TABLE may raise error 206 when adding or modyfying a column and defining a complex constrainst in the same statement.
439391 The message "Msg 701, Level 17, State 3: Server 'XXXX', Line 1: There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch. Retry later, or ask your SA to reconfigure ASE with more procedure cache." can be generated by queries involving UNION of a large number of tables.
441140 Under rare circumstances an undetected deadlock may occur between the housekeeper 'HK_WASH' system task and a session that performs a DML command in a table whose database has mixed log and data segments when that table uses a cache that has a memory pool configured.
441188 When ASE has been configured to provide email notification of SySAM licensing failures, and the "email.helo.fqdn" property in the SySAM property file is set to the fully qualified domain name, the email messages should contain the specfied HELO token.
443700 Add the ServerUserID column to the monProcess and monProcessWaits table and make the column a parameter,and also make the ServerUserID column a parameter in monProcessActivity table.
443755 This fix introduces Abstract Plans syntax to request index union or intersection. Pre-15.x, the "general OR strategy" was enumerated and costed by the optimizer when the WHERE clause contained OR clauses and all columns therein had indexes: each OR term was used in an index scan, then all resulting RIDs, after duplicate RID removal, were used to get the data tuples. This is actually an union-distinct mechanism and is implemented in 15.x as index union. In 15.x, to request the pre-15.x general OR strategy on table T, i.e. the index union, an AP would use "(union_scan T)". To specify either the merge or the hash based union-distinct algorithm, use merge_union_scan or hash_union_scan. Index intersection is also provided for experimentation but not yet for production, through hash|merge_intersect_scan. This functionality is used in the allrows_oltp "compatibility" mode (where the optimizer makes the best attempt to generate an execution plan similar to the pre-15.x one) when the legacy plan used the general OR strategy.
443769 A 691 error, "Encountered invalid logical page '0' while accessing object < negative id > in database '2'" may be reported when there are more then 128 disk fragements for tempdb database.
444117 The auditing of login failures is enhanced to include the "Error number.Severity.State" in the "Other Information" section of extrainfo column.
444143 In rare circumstances, two transaction logs that were dumped within a fraction of a second of one another, can be loaded in either order. Using the wrong order will have unpredictable effects on database recovery.
444474 Adaptive Server ignores 'authenticate with' semantics when user attempts a kerberos login.
444992 The error 9947 with text "An attempt to allocate memory failed due to insufficient SQL Server memory." is not reported mistakenly but instead error 99 with text "Message empty." when DBCC CHECKVERIFY is run.
445508 DBCC CHECKINDEX with bottom_up option may fail with error 15066, "No leaf row found for data page < datapgid > row < rowid > in leaf page < leafpgid > of indexid < indid > , table < tabid > ", when there are variable length key columns in the index. A stacktrace with module collocate can be found in the errorlog.
445595 Add a MaxOutstandingIOs column into monEngine for "Max Outstanding I/Os" per engine.
448043 The maximum length of the variables used in the command DUMP DATABASE TO @var1 STRIPE ON @var2, will be incorrectly set to the length of the value assigned to them if any of the file names used contains the library prefix 'compress::' and more than one stripe is used. If the variable is reused in the same batch to store a longer string, it will be truncated to the length of the shorter one.
449408 When a parallel query needs a runtime adjustment the runtime recompilation may incorrectly identify query objects and raise spurious errors like 'Table not found' or 'Permission denied'
451308 New feature to support plan sharing of cached statements across different users. Trace flag 7738 needs to be turned on to enable the feature.
451760 When statement cache is configured, the QPmetrics for ad-hoc statement using statement cache will not be dumped into the SYSQUERYMETRICS system catalog instantly. Instead, the QPmetrics of respective ad-hoc statements will be dumped when the statement is flushed out from the statement cache or by commands such as sp_metrics 'flush' and dbcc purgesqlcache.
451944 Loading a compressed archive database may hang if the size of the compression memory pool is set to the minimum size required that is the double of the dump blocksize. Even if the LOAD command succeeds, the hang can happen at anytime because the compression memory gets fragmented.
452658 In rare circumstances, deadlock may occur on updating sysqueryplans after 'enable metrics capture' set to 1
453273 In rare circumstances, concurrent dmls to very large data-only locked tables may cause index corruption, resulting in 644 errors: "Index row entry for data row id < pageid, rnum > is missing from index page < indexpage > of index id < indid > of table < tabid > in database < dbid > . Xactid is < xactid > . Drop and re-create the index." Running online index reorg may cause self-deadlocks and 12311 errors, and dbcc checktable may report corruption.
455102 CIS does not forward the query if it contains the 'group by' clause without aggregration.
455826 If a kerberos login gets a timeslice error during security session establishment, the engine-wide semaphore is not released, causing all the other kerberos logins on that engine to block.
455839 Concurrency problems are found when using MIT Kerberos client libraries version 1.3.x and 1.4.x or earlier, causing ASE crash or blocking all Kerberos logins when there are concurrent Kerberos authentication attempts. ASE now supports concurrent Kerberos authentication requests by default. Trace flag 7844 is no longer needed and can be used if concurrent Kerberos authentications is not required.
456061 When modifying or adding a buffer pool of a data cache, in Sybase Central ASE Plug-in, provide an option to set the "local async prefetch limit" for the buffer pool.
456156 Enable "for xml all" within message payload for ASE messaging sending/publishing messages.
460687 The error 9947, "An attempt to allocate memory failed due to insufficient ASE memory." can be raised by DBCC CHECKVERIFY, if the number of faults found by DBCC CHECKSTORAGE is very big.
461669 On PPC64/Linux, if a dump is made with the compress option, the dump archive cannot be greater than 2GB.
462191 The message text for error 15082 has been changed to indicate that it is not an error "There are < value > OAM entries with zero used/unused page counts. This is not an error. Run DBCC < value > FIX on objid < value > indid < value > to remove these entries as doing so will improve OAM scan performance.". Furthermore the message will be reported on objects with greater than 10 OAM pages and having 50% zero used/unused page counts OAM entries.
462372 With multiple checkpoint worker threads, a 216 error: " Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed" may sometimes occur, preceded by a 3702 error: "Cannot drop the < tablename > because it is currently in use."
462989 Under rare circumstances, if the configuration parameters 'deadlock pipe active' or 'print deadlock information' are enabled or the switch 'print_deadlock_information' (traditionally trace flag 1204) is set, it is possible to get an error when trying to print the deadlock chain. The error text is "ubo_object_from_slot:Pss Invalid slot id < negative number > " followed by a stack trace that includes the modules pss_getunkept_pss() and lock__print_deadlockchain().
463374 A 10852 message, "ASE is unable to get all the memory requested ...", may be reported when making a large increase to the size of a cache using sp_cacheconfig, despite sufficient memory being available.
463491 In this CR, a new column EngineNumber is added to the mda table monProcessNetIO. This new column is used to represent which Engine Number is used by a process. If a process need not network operation, this column will be NULL.
463492 Times recorded in historical server recording sessions do not properly adjust for DST 2007 changes.
464192 In some circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" together with a stack trace that includes the modules "fdpr_glue_tramp_align__fdpr", "conn_hdlr__fdpr", may be reported when using XML features on IBM Linux Pseries platform.
464790 On IBMAIX64 systems, a 5846 error, "Illegal value < value > specified for configuration option 'max async i/os per engine'" will be reported when trying to set the value to its default using sp_configure.
464797 The error "Current process infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)" followed by the text 'Error at address 0x0000000000000000' will be raised in DEC AXP when trying load or drop an archive database.
465174 Message 584 "Explicit value specified for identity field in table '%.*' when 'SET IDENTITY_INSERT' is OFF." displays the wrong table name in some cases. Similarly Message 585 "Explicit value must be specified for identity field in table '%.*s' when IDENTITY_INSERT or IDENTITY_UPDATE is ON." displays the wrong table name in some cases.
465229 Queries with large IN-lists (i.e. where col1 in (1,2,3,...10000)) would generate error 3626 (Stack overflow) with the default stack size and would require reconfiguring the stack size to as much as several MB to run successfully. With this fix, the default stack size is sufficient to run queries with several thousand elements in the IN-list.
465234 Put fix for CR 445676 under trace flag 1236 to remove undetected deadlocks.
465255 AS options screen shown along with Finished screen when configurating a new sqlserver successfully using syconfig.
465553 Message for 15.0.2 ESD #1 and 12.5.4 ESD #7. If a stored procedure or a cached statement references an encrypted column then if 1) the referenced table and the encryption key are dropped and recreated and 2) the stored procedure or cached statement is re-executed the following error may be raised: "Msg 15424, State 4 "Adaptive Server cannot access the encryption key with object id ' < obj_id > ' in database ' < database_name > '.
466445 DBCC object_stats for a specific object does not clean the resources after printing the stats information. As the task is not closing the database after reporting the required information it will be accumulated in the task PSS and will exceed the limit on the number databases used by the statement.
467010 When matching up cached statement in statement cache, ignore white spaces.
467014 management is misspelling in the string "Sybase mangement stored procedures" at the configuration panel during installation.
467296 Add an optional parameter to 'dbcc checktable' to specify the dbid, thus allowing 'dbcc checktable' to be run on offline databases.
467425 When user config a server, there is no response when user click the browser button to navigate the ASE's location.
467488 If the port number > 32767 is used for the Job Scheduler connection, the connection does not succeed and following error is logged in the errorlog : kernel - > JS: Failed to connect on socket. And hence, the Job Scheduler fails to come up.
467731 If ASE tries to move more buffers between two pools than the source pool size, the error 852 will be returned but it can incorrectly print the message 'Invalid pointer param number 4, pointer value 0x00000012' instead of the cache name.
467841 The message "current process ... infected with 11" may be reported in module 'dol_row_delete' during the execution of a DELETE command from a Data Only Locked table. The modules 'dol_delete' and 'row_delete' would also be reported in the stack trace in the error log.
469039 The performance of SELECT INTO queries that create a new identity column, such as select abc = identity(9), col1 into newtab from oldtab is much slower in ASE 15 than in ASE 12.5 because an optimized algorithm to generate the new identity values was not implemented in ASE 15. With this CR, the algorithm was implemented, resulting in performance improvement up to 30%, depending upon platform and hardware.
469098 The need for -U and -P arguments is removed from Monitor Server.
469284 In some situations, even when the number of deleted rows is zero, delete trigger waits on EX-PAGE lock .
469694 Various queries raise error 208 when setuser and statement cache are used.
470062 During upgrade from ASE 15 to another version of ASE 15, if the optimization is allrows_dss and parallelism is turned on, the upgrade process fails with a stack trace.
470403 Taking an ASE engine offline can result in a signal 11 if another ASE session is concurrently executing a query plan on the engine being offlined. The stack trace from the signal 11 will contain the functions, LeGetLavaEstmt and s_cleanframe.
471158 Trace Flag 589 was overloaded with two behaviors. It would both (1) close a cursor implicitly during a cursor FETCH and after an error was hit AND (2) dump expensive buffer allocation analysis . The first behavior became critical due to another problem. The second behavior was remapped to trace flag 9531
471287 A login, created with a password > 30 characters, fails authentication using it's truncated 30 character password.
471320 Cursor update on a join with proxy table fails with message 556.
471349 When the rand2 built in function is used with a seed value (i.e. rand2(n) where n is the seed, instead of rand2()) in a query, it will return the same value for every invocation.
471372 A new featrue, IPv6 supported has been added to dataserver.
471491 Error msg 15417 with error code 57629 may arise if selecting a column multiple times from a view, with the column being derived from a subquery on encrypted columns.
471531 In rare circumstances, a signal 11 may occur while ASE resolves the max message length a MQ Queue object can store. The top of the stack trace is function rtms_open_endpt (before signal handling processing) in that specific case.
471600 The message "Current process is infected with SIG-11" in the module "oj_xform_oj_case" is reported in the errorlog if a SELECT query using Outer joins, views with CASE statements and variables is executed.
471927 Default value of tempdb Uer log cache size may lead to increased memory consumption of ASE.
471956 Joins are not sent to DirectConnect/SDS servers if the sp_capabilites value for joins returned by the server is 6 (T-SQL and inner/outer ANSI).
471966 CIS: In rare circumstances, a query with an aggregation and a GROUP BY clause on a same remote column will be passed to the remote server with some incorrect query text and return wrong results
472181 The commands DROP, DUMP, LOAD, MOUNT and UNMOUNT were incorrectly scanning all the databases looking for cross references to local encryption keys, even if no encryption keys existed in the affected database.
472367 When running a nested SQL UDF, the ASE server may crash due to stack overflow.
472483 Outerjoin with aggregate/groupby under allrows_dss mode might hit sig11 in ResRelOp() due to eager aggregation.
472691 When running 'sp_cacheconfig' with 'logonly' option to create a cache, the command may fail to create the cache (but it consumes the memory) if any of the user database is in 'single user mode'.
472749 Query compiled in the deferred compilation mode may fail producing stack traces if the COMPUTE clause of the query is referencing local variable or parameter. Errorlog stack trace will show modules : 'match_compute' and 'paramchk'.
472804 If the trigger was defined on a prefixed table name (db..table or db.owner.table) and the schema count for syslogs table in the database is different than 0, ASE may be unable to compile the trigger correctly and the INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE statements will return the error 225/16/3, "Cannot run query--referenced object (name NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization."
472968 Queries containing an IN list in the WHERE clause, as "col IN (val1, val2, ...)", or an equivalent OR clause, as "col = val1 OR col = val2 OR ..." could use an index on the IN list column to lookup each distinct value in the list. This is called the "special OR strategy" and existed before ASE 15.x. However, such a "special OR strategy" does not provide the ordering of the underlying index unless the IN list covers, together with the equi-SARGs of the WHERE clause, a prefix of the index. Since 15.x, we exploit available/useful orderings. So in 15.x we were not generating the "special OR strategy" when the IN list column has an useful ordering (as, for instance, when it is in an ORDER BY, GROUP BY, equi-join, etc.) unless the strategy did provide this ordering. This fix relaxes the above constraint, by generating both: - the index scan which provides the needed ordering but uses the IN list as a filter (and could be thus more expensive but could also be used by efficient parent operators which rely on the ordering); - the "special OR strategy" which uses the IN list for index lookup but provides no ordering (and could be thus cheaper but would be used by less efficient parent operators or would need a sort to be used by the efficient ordering-needing parent operators). Parent plans over both access methods are costed and the cheapest is chosen. Turn on trace flag 15382 to disable this fix in the rare event that the cost-based decision proves to be suboptimal.
473027 Add a new serverwide trace flag 217 to display a warning message for using the Transact-SQL extension of queries with grouped aggregates and columns in the select list which are not in the GROUP BY clause.
473084 When creating a dynamic listener with sp_listener, if the prototype is ssltcp or ssltli, A failure will occur with an error message similar to "kernel ssltcptcp is not a valid protocol type on this platform." reported in the errorlog.
473195 If encrypted columns is not enabled and restricted decrypt permission configuration parameter value is toggled, server may get stack trace on startup.
473462 Previously in 15.0.2 ESD#1 ASE Plug-in, the Enable Server Discovery check box on Server Discovery page of ASE Plug-in Properties dialog failed to save the settings when the check box was set to disabled. This has been fixed.
473560 In Replication Server environments, allow Replication Agent to skip all the system transactions $queryplans_* logged when the configuration parameter "enable metrics capture" is set to 1.
473638 Previously in 15.0.2 ASE Plug-in, if user modified the properties on Resource Limit Properties Advanced Page by clicking Apply button, sometimes the page was refreshed with incorrect values. This has been fixed.
473642 Previously in 15.0.2 ASE Plug-in, Resource Limit Wizard complained about resource limit already existed when login name, application name, and resource type were the same as an existing limit even though the to-be-created limit had a different time range. This has been fixed to take time ranges into consideration.
473666 In the dbcc checktable message, "The total number of empty pages (with all deleted rows) in patition '%.*s' (partition ID %d) is %ld." the first instance of partition is misspelled.
473685 Loading an archive database with 15.0.2 ASE will require more locks than with a pre-15.0.2 ASE release, therefore error 1204 "ASE has run out of LOCKS ..." may be reported.
473805 A query with OR clause will do a table scan instead of chosing a local index strategy, which is much faster than the table scan.
474009 Scheduled Job Detail column for "Last Execution Result" indicates the last execution succeeded even when the Job History record indicates the execution had errors.
474010 Wrong results possible with a ct-library program using cursors with null parameters. You have a table with a null column: create table ntab (a int null) insert into ntab values (null) This parameterized query may or may not return the correct answer: @p1 = 3 @p2 = null select * from ntab where a + @p1 = @p2 The correct behavior is that this query should return one row. The "a + @p1" should evaluate to null, and the Sybase null matching extension should cause the "=" to compare true against @p2. We see this correct answer with 12.5 and also whenever this query is executed inside a stored procedure. However this comparison fails when the statement is sent as a ct-library program.
474153 Selecting Display Statistics on a system table's column would produce a stack trace. This has been fixed.
474155 Incorrectly generated SQL could be sent to the Direct Connect gateway during joins between local and remote tables if the join clause has nullable datatypes, the proxy table is on the inside of a nested loop join, and a datatype conversion is required.
474158 Table Editor gives warning when user alter or add columns for server that does not has encrypted column option turns on.
474175 Optdiag reports inaccurate space utilization after updating statistics
474183 Messages from SyLAPI are in English when installer runs on a localized environment.
474191 Enhanced substitution code to validate column lengths to avoid moving data of incorrect length which may lead to memory corruption.
474292 Previously in 15.0.1 and 15.0.2 ASE Plug-in, if user shut down a server using Unified Agent (i.e. shut down the server when not connected to the server) and immediately did Refresh All from the containing server group, the server would disappear from the server group. This has been fixed.
474315 DMLs to tables having cursors open on them may sometimes cause 583 errors: "The cursor ' < cursor_name > ' had it's current scan position deleted either because of a DELETE/UPDATE WHERE CURRENT OF or a regular searched DELETE/UPDATE. You must do a new FETCH before doing an UPDATE or DELETE WHERE CURRENT OF." in 15.0 ASE and beyond.
474457 ASE's with large amounts of memory allocated to them take much longer to boot under 15.0.2 than under 15.0.1
474632 Error 546, "Foreign key constraint violation occurred", may occur when inserting, in parallel, a row into a referenced table.
474713 The system procedure sp_helpdevice sometimes shows a description starting with a comma when providing details of devices which are not of type; raw device, file system or block device
475060 srvbuild sets excessive information to a resource file. The result of $SYBASE+$SYBASE_ASE is set to srvbuild.release_directory. The resource file cannot be used by srvbuildres.
475173 When \ is used to concatenate multiple lines for varbinary data, the varbinary data is not parameterized correctly. This may lead to parser syntax error if the cached statement is reparsed.
475310 The Monitor Server may crash when used in an SSL environment.
475455 ASE may disconnect a session along with a stack trace reported in the error log after error 1105 is raised. The modules "dol_insert", "pg_getdatapage_forinsert" and "ex_reraise_lasterror" will be shown in the stack trace.
475460 Previously in 15.0.2 ASE Plug-in, if the last opened folder was either Proxy Databases or Archive Databases, the next time ASE Plug-in connected to the server, it would not navigate to the last-opened folder. This has been fixed.
475463 Executing a query that uses the rand2 builtin that is seeded with a stored procedure parameter or variable or a column reference instead of a literal value will generate a signal 11. An example query is: select rand2(column1) from table1
475497 If one uses prepared statements and sends parameters which do not match the lengths of column variables then 2780 messages are generated query execution is aborted and Log stacktrace is generated.
476079 sp_dbcc_run_differentialreport does not handle the full size of partition ID resulting in error Msg 265, Level 16, State 1, Insufficient result space for explicit conversion of INT value '%d' to VARCHAR field.
476122 Enable ASE messaging be able to handle large message for JMS messaging bus.
476131 sp_helprotect raises error 17674 when run on a SQL UDF object.
476281 Queries that reference a SQL UDF in a group by clause may return wrong result.
476369 Client jConnect session running batch inserts with "dynamic prepare= true" is terminated when another user session performs UPDATE STATISTICS command on the insert table.
476406 When a query is being forced to use an optimization goal and it has a top clause or set rowcount option on, it may chose a different plan than using the optimization goal at a server level.
476501 DELETE with READPAST is failing to delete all unlocked rows.
476522 When "alter table modify" has an identifier > 125 characters an abstract plan error is incorrectly raised.
476588 Stack trace occurs when identity reservation value specified to reserve_identity() is null.
476761 Under very rare circumstances, a 814 error "Keep count of buffer ' < Buffer Address > ' in cache ' < Cache Name > ' holding logical page ' < Page Id > ' in database ' < DbName > ' has become negative." may be reported in the ASE errorlog together with a stack trace showing module 'buf_elchousekeeping', 'buf__elcsearch' or 'buf_elcunkeep'. The minimum condition is that at least one index is bound to a cache.
476869 A stored procedure involving CIS tables can cause a signal 11 to happen when used inside a stored procedure that has been marked for deferred compilation.
476902 When an INSERT-SELECT query contains a UNION clause in a derived table definition, and the derived table is the source of the SELECT, 206 and 207 errors may occur.
476950 If a single character of password is allowed and used in a sql statement, the obfuscated password in audited cmdtext will lose opening delimiter.
476960 A 17783 error "There is already an index named 't' for table 't'" is reported when sp_rename is used to rename an index to the same name as the table to which it belongs.
476990 A query that involves an insert-select and the select statement has (i) a union clause with select from a proxy table (ii) and a complex conditional expression with subquery in the select list, it generates a signal 11.
476997 In a multi-engine system, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'LeAPScanContext::LeRequiresMDAUpdate' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'LeScanContext::updateMDAStats' and 'exec_lava' may be reported in the error log if the configuration option 'enable monitoring' is changed from 0 to 1 while a query is executing concurrently.
477043 A 2631 error, "The maximum number of index levels '255' has been reached for index < indname > of table < tablename > in database < dbname > " may sometimes be encountered while inserting data into a clustered index with a large index key.
477175 DDLGen fails to generate DDL for a database user if the user has been aliased to another user.
477178 INSERT-SELECT into local table from remote with a UNION clause should execute in full-passthrough mode. These statements were being executed in non-passthrough mode.
477311 Cursor fetch operation may cause a segv stack trace during curs_fetch() processing.
477360 Inserting image using the insert command to ASE through CIS with causes data truncation.
477538 If an "alter database" command adds data space to a device that already contains space for that database, using a command that specifies separate data and log clauses, but the device being added to previously contained mixed log and data, ASE creates a mixed log-and-data section instead of reserving the space for data only.
477540 The WaitEventID column value in the monSysWaits and monProcessWaits tables for WaitEventID values greater than 336 is reported incorrectly.
477624 Drop function doesn't restraint the user from dropping a function already in use by computed columns.
477671 On a multi-engine system, sometimes failover operation may get timed out while using ASE-HA on Sun Cluster.
477715 Backup server fails to load compressed dumps using named pipe.
477985 When replicating DML on encrypted columns, the Replication Agent thread might terminate abnormally with error 9219 state 28 ("Internal coding error") or with a stack trace showing the module "ra__equal_images" in the error log.
478030 Under certain conditions, complex queries based on tables with multiple non-clustered indexes can stack trace.
478167 When using sp_password on ASE 15.0.2, it fails with error 3906 if the user's database is read-only. The password change is trying to update the key copy.
478234 Error 247 is at times raised incorrectly when using a built-in that requires implicit conversion as a SARG in a union statement.
478284 Stored procedures queries using runtime compilation ignore abstract plan directives.
478425 ASE expands a '*' element in a SELECT target list and adds comment to syscomments system table before saving the SQL text of the procedure, view or trigger to syscomments. End comment mark (*/) may not be added to syscomments on non-English environment.
478520 In an HA with proxydb configuration, alter table fails attempting to remove encryption from a column.
478530 A 225 error, "Cannot run query--referenced object (name NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization.", is raised when selecting from a simple view in a read-only database.
478663 Possible wrong result for aggregate outerjoin query under allrows_dss mode and the aggregate is on some column from outerjoin inner table and there is also an equijoin predicate between that column and some column from outerjoin outer table. This is related to eager aggregate feature.
478687 Within a SQL UDF, calling an Execute immediate command that runs a select into local variables, will raise a syntax error : execute is not allowed within scalare SQL UDF.
478838 Interrupting a query that contains a group by operator and doing a cursor fetch, causes stack overflow and corruption. This also brings down the server.
478872 Under rare circumstances involving multi_db transactions,an explicit rollback tran or any circumstance that may cause the transaction to abort may fail with Error: 623, Severity: 21, State: 1 "Adaptive Server failed to retrieve a row via its RID in database < dbname > because the target page is not a data page. Rid pageid = 0x0; row num = 0x0. Page pointer = < addr > , pageno = 0, status = 0x300, ptnid = 99, indexid = 0, level = 0."
478913 Parallel queries will be using about 2K less procedure cache during parallel execution, regardless of the degree of parallelism of the query.
478951 When a cached statement or a stored procedure tries to access an old table that has been renamed, it runs with the old plan that references the old object name.
478959 After changing ASE server character set to utf-8, it'll cause segmentation fault if MDA "SQL batch capture" is enabled in AIX platform.
479350 When using the statement for queries with numeric literals, if two numeric values differ in precision and scale, two autoparams will be created with different names and declaration, therefore two statements and plans will be cached. This does not make the best use of the statement cache and literal autoparameters.
479710 Wrong result could happen when a view with string expression in the SELECT list is referenced at another outerjoin view inner side and the outerjoin view is later degenerated into an inner join when being queried.
479763 Messages in errorlog do not show if a login account is locked or not during downgrade.
479810 The ASEP 15.0.2 Monitor folder reports complain about the JRE folder due to wrong name.
479866 15.0.2 ESD #1 Adaptive Server doesn't support LDAPS.
479885 When opening insensitive cursor having null value which is returned by convert() to char type, error 530 will be raised.
479948 When we change sa password ha_companion file doesn't get updated with new password. This resolution fixes the problem to update the password in ha_companion. < servername > file when sa(or user in ha_companion file) password is changed.
480063 When calling a stored procedure from an embedded SQL program, a stack trace can occur if that procedure is provided with a parameter.
480111 When a sql.ini file contained "win3_master" service entry in the beginning, ASE Plug-in's Connect dialog (and other dialogs showing interfaces entries) would not show any servers. This has been fixed. Note that "win3_master" and "win3_query" are ignored by ASE Plug-in.
480470 -- Previously, DBISQL could become unresponsive immediately after loading a .SQL file. This problem was very rare, timing-dependent, and more likely to occur on faster machines. This has been fixed. -- [CR 479086 (OTW)] Previously, when importing data into an existing table, the "Preview" table in the Import Wizard would show values in BINARY columns as "[B@" followed by up to 8 numbers and letters. Now, the value from the file is displayed. -- [CR 476693] Previously, you could not use the INPUT statement to populate a GLOBAL TEMPORARY table that did not preserve rows on commit. The INPUT statement had the unintentional side- effect of commiting changes. This has been fixed; INPUT no longer commits changes. -- [CR 475259] Previously, if you selected the "@@rowcount" variable, it was always displayed "1". Now, the actual value is displayed. -- If DBISQL is configured to display result sets using text, and you execute a statement which causes a JConnect "JZ0P9" error, that error was not being reported. Now it is. -- If DBISQL is configured to display results in grid mode, and you execute a statement in a batch which throws an unrecoverable error, you used to get a "JZ0CU error" message, but the text of the underlying error was not displayed. Now, you see the text of the underlying error, and the "JZ0CU" text is not not displayed. To reproduce this: 1. Connect to an ASE server using a non-DBA account 2. Execute: use sybsystemproces 2. Execute: sp_hidetext sp_jdbc_getcatalogs You should see an error message which reads "Could not execute statement. Object does not exist in this database." -- If DBISQL is configured to display results in text mode, and you execute a statement in a batch which throws a recoverable error, you used to get a "010P4 error" message, but the underlying cause of the error was not displayed. Now the cause is displayed, and you don't see the cryptic "010P4" message. To reproduce this, connect to an ASE server using a non-DBA account, and execute the following as a single batch: exec sp_helpdb select * from sysobjects -- Previously, if connected to a slow server, double-clicking the database drop-down in the toolbar could crash DBISQL. This has been fixed. -- [DBISQL-054] Previously, when executing statements that returned one or more large result sets, DBISQL could become unresponsive or could exhibit undefined behavior (e.g. it could close the database connection, or be unable to stop the statement). This has been fixed. -- [DBISQL-054] Previously, if you tried to stop a statement which returned a large result set, DBISQL could enter a state where it was unable to execute any further statements. This has been fixed. -- Previously, when executing a batch of statements, DBISQL would ignore any results returned from statements that followed the first statement in the batch that caused an error. This has been fixed for both "text" and "grid" display modes. -- Previously, when displaying results in "text" mode, it was possible that DBISQL would not display the results at all due to an internal race condition. This has been fixed. -- [DBISQL-056] Previously, when DBISQL executed a batch of statements, it would not report an error raised by one of the statements if the preceding statement raised a warning. This has been fixed. -- [DBISQL-033] Previously, error messages reported via jConnect did not include the severity level, (ASE) state, or the transaction state. Now they do. Also, if the JDBC driver state is "ZZZZZ" (meaning "no information"), it is now not displayed at all. -- OEMs can now disable the "SQL/Execute" & F5 accelerator key by adding the following line to the ".isqlPreferences9" file: disableExecuteAll=true -- [CR 472617 (OTW)] Previously, the ISQL window could stop painting when executing a long-running query. This has been fixed.
480541 Query with nested views can run into a signal 11, especially when the innermost nested view has an expression over a grouped aggregation like isnull(sum(...),..).
480574 The execution of DBCC DBREPAIR with option LTMIGNORE when run on an offline database will mistakenly result in error 12901 being reported "This command is not allowed on an offline database ' < database_name > '."
480633 Error 2610 may occur in module 'ncrid_update' resulting in the session being killed when an UPDATE command is run in the 'deferred_varcol' update mode as shown by SET SHOWPLAN and a data page split occurs. The modules 'xact_endupdate', 'def_insert' and 'linksplit' will also be reported in the stack trace found in the error log.
480789 DDLGen does not provide a way of hiding password when it is invoked in an automated fashion from a script file.
481037 12909, 7949 and 7940 errors may be reported by DBCC TABLEALLOC after Adaptive Server terminated abnormally or DUMP DATABASE was done at a time when a (fast) bcp command was being used to import data into that table.
481303 sp_sproc_columns and sp_statistics are returning varchar data for all columns in a result set irrespective of their actual datatypes.
481326 When there is no statistics present on a column, Adaptive Server may not pick up simulated column statistics even after loading simulated statistics using optdiag and setting 'set statistics simulate on'.
481340 If UPDATE STATISTICS is executed with a large number of steps and the configuration parameter, 'histogram tuning factor', is at its default value of 20, then the actual step count of the resulting histogram maybe restricted to a lower number.
481395 Improve performance of system stored procedures calling sp_autoformat procedure.
481479 A 548 error, "Check constraint violation occurred ..." maybe incorrectly reported, resulting in the command being aborted when running a INSERT SELECT statement, the target table has a check constraint involving more than a single column and a NULL value from source table was being inserted into the target table.
481515 When converting device virtual page IDs from their pre-15.0 form to the 15.0 form, ASE can obtain an incorrect device number for certain page IDs. This causes ASE to store the wrong device number in sysusages.vstart.
481537 Error 1579 will be raised when you run a query attaching an abstract plan with multi-byte object name.
481601 A query with a qualification which has a CASE or an OR expression, may sometimes generate wrong results.
481665 Server could hit stacktrace during codegen when an outerjoin is: 1. referencing a materialized outerjoin view (worktable), and 2. at the same time another view is merged into the parent outerjoin query as the inner joining table, and 3. the SELECT list is referencing some column from that merged view, and 4. that column from the merged view is an CASE expression.
481797 Optimizer will not choose a unique index based on the search clauses in the query and instead choose a different non-unique index. This is particularly true when the wrong index chosen has the same cost as that of the unique index, because of a stale histogram.
481822 DBISQL’s method to cancel query plan generation is very non-intuitive. Added a "Cancel Plan" button in planviewer.
482234 For columns that "grow" so that update statistics on these columns are out-of-date fairly soon after update statistics is completed, this feature will assign some selectivity to out-of-range search clause accesses. This will only be done for search clauses that select values that are greater than all values in the domain described by the histogram. In the "set option show_lio_costing on" tracing, there will be messages associated with the selectivity of the column that indicate an "Out of range histogram adjustment" has been made. The selectivity assigned to each out of range search clause will be slightly less than the selectivity of one domain value i.e. if you have 100 unique values in the column, then 1/(100+1) is assigned to the out of range search clause, and then weights are stolen from the remainder of the cells in the histograms, including the newly created cell, so that all the cells in the normalized histogram still add up to 1.0. Thus, the actual weight in this example will be (1/101)/(1.0 + 1/101) after normalization to 1.0 The feature can be turned off by trace flag 15355.
482284 Running the datachange() builtin with no specified column (analyze datachange across all histogramed columns) could result in a SIGSEGV or SIGBUS error. This could occur if there are a lot of columns in the table with histogram statistics. The problem is more likely to occur if no partition id (check the column's datachange across all partitions) is provided and the table has many partitions.
482322 Under allrows_oltp mode, a plan with nary nested loop join and a merge union as the first branch of the nary nlj, may return too few rows.
482404 Queries involving null character/unicode strings may result in stack trace or Msg 540 in single-byte non-binary servers or in utf8 binary servers in allrows_oltp mode.
482428 HK CHORES task may fail to generate a new RSA key pair for network password encryption with the message "ks_falloc: Cannot allocate using ubfalloc" because Network Buffers are filled up.
482499 Insert or Update statements that contain datetime values fail for proxy tables mapped to a Direct Connect server.
482566 Queries involving Sybase outer joins and access rules can sometimes lead to error 325.
482645 Stored procedure may raise error 622 "Opentable was passed a varno of 0. Object 'table_name' in database 'db_name' already has that session descriptor in use" during recompilation.
482898 Sig11 could happen during codegen (CgEvals::_CgCompVcol()) for outerjoin query when either the ON clause predicate involves correlated subquery or there is a nested join inner to the outerjoin.
482909 HK CHORES task may flood the error log with many "RSA keypair regeneration failed" messages when the regeneration of a keypair fails.
482961 A distinct clause may be ignored in an insert ... select statement when there is no order by specified and the insert includes a timestamp column.
483041 When an unserved per-CPU license is used, ASE always limits the 'max online engines' configuration to the quantity of per-CPU licenses. When a machine is fully licensed ASE should allow the 'max online engines' to be equal to the number of logical CPUs.
483183 Stored procedure execution may resume from the incorrect statement after the failure of the runtime compilation.
483733 When 'Unknown' is chosen as the LicenseType during installation ASE fails to obtain a license and reports a message similar to 'SySAM: Failed to obtain 1 license(s) for ASE_CORE feature with properties 'PE=EE;LT=Un'.
483739 DDLGen does not generate sp_dboption and sp_changedbowner statements with create database statements.
484028 Encountered error msg 3532 when any user (including sa) logins for the first time after servers are upgraded to 1502 and they are configured for HA.
484075 A statement that references a temporary table with a prefix (e.g. dbo.#t1) will be cached in the statement cache. This is not currently expected or supported.
484141 For DISTINCT view with some distinct expression column, SELECT on such view could raise Assertion (_SrtTcIdBm.VbmDisjoint(*pConstSargs)) failure. Also one further SELECT DISTINCT on such DISTINCT view could lead to some stacktrace during code generation.
484271 select statement on a proxy table expects a table name for a union even though it doesn't need to.
484310 For large joins, sometimes different final plan could be given when a particular optgoal is set through the abstract plan "plan" clause versus at the session or server level.
484346 ASE cannot use multiple per-CPU unserved licenses, instead limiting the 'max online engines' configuration to the value of the CP license attribute of the first license it finds.
484684 In rare circumstances, there may be locks of a process that is not in Adaptive Server anymore.
484769 The message "Current process ... infected with signal 11" may be reported in the error log in module 'mda__process_sdes' followed by a stack trace when a query on the monProcessObject table is run, resulting in ASE shutting down itself. The modules 'mda_std_populate_pid' and 'mda_fill_and_send_monProcessObject' will also be reported in the stack trace.
484969 ASE may mistakenly report "Page 0 was given as a target page for allocation to object < value > index id < value > and there is no entry in the OAM for this page." when running DBCC CHECKALLOC, TABLEALLOC, INDEXALLOC or TEXTALLOC with the FIX option. This error is seen when OAM entries with zero used/unused page counts have been deleted.
484997 A stack trace occurred in csi_malloc when using LDAP UA due to memory leaks.
485373 Small procedural objects may use more procedure cache memory than needed when they are created after a large SQL batch.
485433 When CIS tables are involved in a join query and allrows_oltp is the optimization goal, ASE may generate a 325 error that says that there is no legal query plan available for this query.
485654 srvbuild converts self management user password char into singlequotes.
485814 Sybatch(sybinit) fails with a 950 error, because ASE takes too long to recover a database.
485861 The LIKE clause is not passed to the remote server when querying a proxy table when parameters or variables are present in the LIKE clause.



  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.0.2 ESD #2
  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 ; Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition 15.0


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