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2087928 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0 ESD #1


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR number



A 696 error "An attempt was made to fetch logical page ... Restart of SQL Server will clear the error ..." may be raised when using char_length() built-in function on TEXT/IMAGE columns from within a TRIGGER.


Installer may hangs if NFS mounted devices are inaccessible.


The message "infected with 11" together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'apg__setop', 'ap_generate' and 's_ap_capture' is printed in the errorlog when "abstract plan dump" is configured and a SELECT containing a UNION with a simple SELECT like SELECT " < string value > " is executed.


If a command is sent to ASE which contains a huge number of syntax errors (eg thousands), then the ASE task handling the command may hang in 'send sleep'. This is because the client machine has not yet called ct_results to retrieve input, and the large number of syntax error messages sent back to the client may fill the client's tcp/ip receive buffer. To prevent this, only the first 25 syntax errors in any single command batch will be reported.


Previously DBISQL does not display query result similar to the that of command-line isql. This has been addressed by adding a "Text" output mode, in addition to existing "Grid" output mode. To turn on Text output, open Options dialog by selecting menu item "Tools"- > "Options...". On Options dialog, select "Results" from the left-hand-side list and select "Text" radio button to enable text output.


The message "current process infected with 11" may be raised in module bufdlink() when the sysindexes system catalog and the database where it resides are bound to different named caches, and when the clustered index of sysindexes is not explicitly bound to a named cache.


syconfig.exe or sybatch.exe creates "%SYBASE%\data\sybsysdb.dat" device during the ASE upgrade.


Some memory usage improvement to histogram merging during optimization. This can significantly reduce the compilation time and the procedure cache consumption for some queries.


A Null pointer exception may be reported by the ASE Installer during a TYPICAL installation of ASE.


Under certain circumstances, if ASE is startted with '-w master', then immediately restarted with '-w model', then restarted with '-m' followed by 'disk reinit' and 'disk refit', recovering tempdb may fail with error 806: Could not find virtual page for logical page 1280 in database 'tempdb'.


When a local index is created on a partitioned table with a large number of partitions, then a large number of locks will be required to perform the implicit updates to sysstatistics. This fix will greatly reduce the number of locks required in this scenario to be a fraction of the previously required locks.


Previously Make Permanent button of Options dialog does not save preferences permanently. This has been fixed in build 3204.


A message indicating that the query enountered a signal 10 or signal 11 may occur in the server errorlog when a query is performed on the monProcessObject table. When this happens the query will be aborted and must be resubmitted.


sqlupgrade and sqlupgraderes reported "Adaptive Server failed to restart" if one or more databases failed to recover.


An UPDATE of a local table joined to a proxy table, where the local text column is set to the value of a remote text column, can result in a stack trace that includes the routine syb10_text_read_init and omni_txcp_rem2txpgs.


Previously DBISQL command "output to" does not work for saving a single result set from a stored procedure, such as: sp_helpartition go output to sp_helpartition.txt go This has been fixed.


Error 632, Severity: 20, State 9, during upgrade to 15.0, if the pre-15.0 installation had system catalogs bound to named caches and if the caches are not defined in the config file used during upgrade. This problem will not occur if the upgrade is performed through sqlupgrade.


This fixed the following wrong result bug: if you have an equi-join clause between two different length char() and char()/varchar() type columns and also use char_length() on one of the columns, the result of the char_length() is indeterminate and is a function of the final plan because we have different truncate models for the equi-join and char_length() on char() type columns. Here is an example: create table t1 (sid char(8), styp char(5)) go create table t2 (sid char(16)) go select char_length(a.sid) from t1 a, t2 b where a.sid=b.sid and styp = 'R1' go The same for binary() and varbinary() with data_length(), unichar() and univarchar() with char_length().


Previously DBISQL does not refresh database dropdown list when "create database" statement is inside a if...else statement. This has been fixed.


If an exception occurs during an internal sort, a subsequent query execution will result in the process termination with Error 706, Severity 20 and State 3.


508: Correct the bug that table items cannot be access by up and down arrow.


508: When SQL Preview dialog close, focus should go back to the dialog that spawns the Preview dialog.


The installer's generated options file has incorrect Job Scheduler property names configJSPanel.getManagementDevice, configJSPanel.getManagementDeviceSize, and configJSPanel.getManagementDatabaseSize. The correct property names are configJSPanel.managementDevice, configJSPanel.managementDeviceSize, and configJSPanel.managementDatabaseSize.


When ASE's default charset is multi-byte charset, if a specified object name string contains more than three dots (full object name is in the format of server_name.db_name.owner_name.obj_name), server stack traces.


When the 15.0 server runs against an installation created by ASE version 12.0, and the 15.0 server is started using the 'DE' license, it will print a message stating that a graced license has expired. ASE will then shut down. This problem does not occur when using the 'EE' license.


When an error is encountered by the server during recompilation of a stored procedure the session may be killed, and a stack trace may occur with error 216: "Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed." This error is spurious and no temporary object will remain in the temporaray database.


This fixes a stacktrace for parallel plan when the plan is inserting into a table with identity column using SELECT DISTINCT and one of the SELECT DISTINCT list items is an expression.


When a 11.9 or 12.0 installation is upgraded to 15.0, dbcc checkstorage() on the master database may report faults 100029 , 100038 on the first page of the syscharsets text index.


Error 1204 occurs during installjsdb after an upgrade to ASE 15.0 and if the configuration parameter 'number of locks' is insufficient. The preupgrade utility has been augmented to report the required number of locks.


When configuration parameter 'enable real time messaging' is set to enable the RTMS feature on Windows, initialization fails during ASE startup sequence with an unhandled exception error for ExceptionCode: c0000005. This makes the RTMS feature of ASE unusable on Windows platform in ASE15.0 GA release.


On the HP platform HTTPS (SSL) is not available for ASE WebServices. The HTTP transport is not affected, however.


Many tools need to get an estimated cost from a query plan without executing the query. This cost is used to compare estimated plan cost in 15.0 vs the actual cost in pre 15.0 query plan. A new "set option" called show_final_plan_xml has been added that prints a query plan before the query gets executed along with its estimated logical and physical I/O.


Job Scheduler utility scripts fail on Windows platforms due to error in statement to set an environment variable.


When the 'optimization timeout limit' option is configured via sp_configure, then the newly configured value is not reflected in the session (visible via the @@opttimeout global variable) that invokes sp_configure. The query plans generated in the invoking session may thus be based on the previous 'optimization timeout limit' value instead of the newly configured value.


Previously in 15.0 GA, DBISQL launch script "dbisql.bat" (Windows) and "dbisql" (Unix platforms) contained invalid argument "-path" that caused the script to fail. This has been fixed. (The correct argument is "-Dpath".)'


On the Windows platform, the message "KERNEL structure not padded correctly - size = 5288" appears at the start of the ASE boot sequence.


A SELECT SUBSTRING(...) statement on a proxy table mapped to a remote table on DB2 using the DirectConnect/DRDA results in an ILLEGAL SYMBOL error from DB2.


After the cross platform dump and load (XPDL), the space utilization is not handled correctly, and an index is unnecessarily rebuilt by sp_post_xpload, if variable length index key was greater than 252 bytes. Also some page corruptions happen in DOL index root page, in DOL non-leaf index page for UNICHAR NOT NULL index key in some cases, and in a special case of slice control page if the database dump is from 11.9.x.


UNION queries may return wrong results in very limited circumstances. This may occur if the select list of the first SELECT contains duplicate column references.


"alter table drop" command with more than 9 text columns fails with signal 11 in oh_insert.


Running ASE 15.0 GA, Load Database performed upon a 12.5.x dump of a database that has replicated stored procedures can fail on this error: Error: 632, Severity: 20, State: 2 Attempt to move memory with an incorrect length of -166. Maximum allowed length is 16384.


After dropping a column using ALTER TABLE, the computed columns defined after the dropped column as well as any function-based indexes do not work properly.


A stacktrace may occur when an error is raised while executing a query that has a hash join, a hash distinct or a hash union operator in its plan. This stacktrace contains the functions : LeHashOp::_LeClose() and soextdealloc().


The sqlupgrade utility may initiate the upgrade process for the server before all databases in the server have completed recovery.


Auditinit now ported to ASE15.0 in ESD1 on IBM64.


When an update command tries to update a column with the result from a cursor fetch and a deferred update causes the cursor position to be lost, a signal 11 and stack trace including LeDMLOp::_LeOpClose() may occur.


Fixed possible wrong result for queries whose plan contains a DistinctSorting and one of the DistinctSorting's projection is a column with a search clause < the column > =constant on it. The wrong result typically only showed up under heavy server load.


The XML for showplan_in_xml has been enhanced to cater to the changes in ASE for 15.0 ESD #1. The new XML has information that tries to bridge more gap between the text version of showplan and the xml version. For all Objects/Nodes the following Important attributes are added 1) Abstract Plan 2) Overall Cost 3) Resource 4) Optimizer Metrics 5) Optimizer Statistics [Including object for which stats is missing]


When running the Linux/x86 installer on Linux/Opteron, the JRE core dump.


A 14108 error "Could not find partition descriptor for objid 8, indid 255, ptnid 8 in dbid < value > ." followed by the message "ASE is terminating this process." may be raised when using datalength() built-in function on TEXT/IMAGE columns within a TRIGGER. The stack trace being reported in the error log will show modules 'LeRun', 'textsize', 'gettxtpage' and 'open_partition'.


The use of HAaseAgent for ASE 15.0 may lead to the failure of thorough probe for HAase resource on Veritas Cluster Server.


If a license acquired by ASE is not a permenent license or a license cannot be acquired and is awarded on grace, a new error message with severity 17, non fatal but requiring action, is printed to the dataserver's errorlog. This error message is to inform DBA that license will expire at a stated date.


UPDATE PARTITION STATISTICS raises error 9810 with a stacktrace containing the function call sl_update_ctrlpg_pagecnt


Added support for allowing plan generation for multiple queries separated by GO statement.


When doing text upgrade for compiled objects in ASE 15.0, the upgrade might fail with error 705.


A signal 11 could occur in queries with non-correlated subqueries that are executed with subquery cache statistics enabled. The stack trace will include printSqCacheStats.


When resource manager and parallelism are enabled, we run into error 3630 and 11002, which aborts a query saying that it had exceeded its resource limit. This happens with queries which contain UNION/UNION ALL operators, because the query optimizer was incorrectly estimating the cost of those queries to be cheaper than they ought to be.


Fixed a potential sig 11 stacktrace during code generation for CIS query involving subquery.


The system stored procedure sp_statistics returns extra data. In addition the order of data are not consistant with documentation.


Error 3121 "Index sysobjects.ncsysobjects (objid=1, indid=2) may be invalid..." maybe reported in the error log during ONLINE DATABASE, after loading the database that is dumped by a server using a different charset id than the current server. A table created in pre-15.0 system and then altered into range-partitioned table with char/varchar partition key column(s) may be marked as SUSPECT and thus read-only during sort order/char set change that normally wouldn't make the range partition suspect.


Union queries that use a NULL constant in the select list of the union's first select statement and are the source for an insert statement may return wrong result or stacktrace. The following union provides an example: insert foo (c1, c2, c3) select c1, c2, c3 = null from t1 union select c1, c2, c3 = c1 from t2 The problem may not occur depending on how columns are aligned in the underlying data row.


Some queries containing hash operators may attempt to allocate large private buffer pools. These pools could require a large chunk of contiguous memory which could lead to 701 errors even though there is ample free space in the procedure cache. A 701 error can be traced to this problem by rerunning problem query with traceflag 751 enabled. If the resulting stacktrace contains sort_auxbufinstall(), then this is the problem.


Due to change in system catalog DDLGen was generating wrong DDL for database. This fixes the problem, by generating correct value of the database size.


ASEPlugin reported wrong value for device size for data servers with 4k, 8k and 16k page sizes. This is fixed to show the right values


Database Properties Usage page is modified. It now only reports the following information: database size, reserved space, used space (by data and indexes), unused space, and unreserved space.


15.0 GA suffered the following problems CR 406159 : Wrong Device Size in creation and the current CR, i.e duplicate context menu items for a db created for load These are fixed


For Server SQL Execution: Make it Modeless Add SQL Execution Time, Number of rows returned in Messages tab Use split panel between SQL Editor and output


Fixed error 586/16/5 when running query with ORDER BY and IDENTITY.


Upgrade process and system stored procedure sp_checkreswords cannot identify the following new ase15.0 keywords: "count_big", "materialized", "tracefile", "semi_sensitive", "insensitive", "scroll".


The following problems have been addressed in DBISQL: - CR401397 Previously DBISQL does not refresh database dropdown list when "create database" statement is inside a if...else statement. This has been fixed. - CR404078 Previously in 15.0 GA, DBISQL launch script "dbisql.bat" (Windows) and "dbisql" (Unix platforms) contained invalid argument "-path" that caused the script to fail. This has been fixed. (The correct argument is "-Dpath".)' - CR399694 DBISQL failed to import Excel 2.1 worksheet. This has ben fixed. - CR400053 Previously Make Permanent button of Options dialog does not save preferences permanently. This has been fixed in build 3204. - CR400479 Previously DBISQL command "output to" does not work for saving a single result set from a stored procedure, such as: sp_helpartition go output to sp_helpartition.txt go This has been fixed. - CR402435 DBISQL cannot be launched using the script file on Unix($SYBASE/DBISQL/bin/dbisql) and Windows (%SYBASE%\\DBISQL\\bin\\dbisql.bat).' - CR386931 Previously DBISQL does not display query result similar to the that of command-line isql. This has been addressed by adding a "Text" output mode, in addition to existing "Grid" output mode. To turn on Text output, open Options dialog by selecting menu item "Tools"- > "Options...". On Options dialog, select "Results" from the left-hand-side list and select "Text" radio button to enable text output.


A 702 error may be generated from queries that contain hash operators with large estimated hash table sets ( > 5.8 Gbytes).


TSQL statements that return rows wider than a database's page and contain distinct clauses, unions, or group by clauses may generate a 702 error if a hash operator is used.


Dissociate index intersection and index union: don't try index intersection anymore together with an OR clause index union when SET INDEX_INTERSCET is OFF. Also, when index intersection properties (as partitioning) don't match, abandon gracefully instead of continuing up to a failure.


When an allpages table with more than one nonclustered index is updated, if a nonclustered index is safe (index columns are not updated) and if the second nonclustered index has one row in the root page, the update may fail with error 2601 if the index is safe index is unique. If the index is not unique, duplicate index row will be inserted.


A stack trace with command aborted message may occur while doing an insert into a table with indices. Stack trace with error 2618, "couldn't find duplicate key group" will be seen.


When a select statement has a predicate on a column, which is part of an inner table of an outer join, extra incorrect row(s) are returned. This is due to some plan for an outerjoin query could miss a predicate on a column of an outerjoin inner table.



  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.0 ESD #1
  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 ; Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition 15.0


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