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2087990 - Data Imports & Exports: What Are the Options to Export or Extract all Our Data and Forms from the SuccessFactors Application?


What are the options to export or extract all of our data and forms from the SuccessFactors application?


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


The SuccessFactors application offers many powerful options for clients to extract their data and store externally.


  • The first and probably most important consideration is that data is stored across multiple database tables, and due to configurations and calculations that occur in real time with data, generating a single raw data dump from your instance is not an option. Because of this, SuccessFactors provides powerful front-end reporting and exporting functionality, we typically do not provide raw data dumps, or any backend reports other than what is already built into the product via the user interface (Admin Center & Reports.)
  • The reporting functionality is designed to be used for human readable contact and should not be used for data dumps. Please see KBA 2317376 with the explanation and difference between reporting and integration center.
  • Clients are recommended to enable the "Archive & Print" feature in Classic Reports if it is not currently enabled. Please request Customer Success turn this on. This feature is an excellent resource to mass create and save PDF copies of forms externally of the product.
  • Make sure the user exporting data has granted FULL reporting permissions for ALL divisions dept, locations etc so that all information is captured.
  • Some reports may not export data for inactive users.
  • If an Excel report fails because of large extracts, it is likely due to limitations with Excel. Sometimes it is necessary to slice up reports either by year, division, dept etc. so as not to exceed Microsoft excel limitations.
  • Customers are responsible for exporting all data, setting filter parameters, setting processes, setting users reporting permissions, and validating that the export contains the required information. If customers need further assistance, please reach out to your Certified Partner if you have one, or look for one using 2149831 - SAP Professional Services / SAP Certified Partner / SAP Account Management Team [SuccessFactors Cloud].

Reporting and Extract Options

Integration Center

A number of tools have been developed to allow customer to extract data from several SuccessFactors systems. There tools allow for full and delta extracts that can be performed on an on-going basis for integration into external systems. For more information, please check the KB Article 2491521 - Integration Center - User Assistance Documentation Link.

Table Reports

You can use table reports as an alternative to extract data for most modules. The benefit to using these reports is that they can be customized to get exactly what you need in most cases. Go to Report Center > Table reports.

Dashboard Reports

You may wish to generate Dashboard Reports if you need to print out graphical reports.

Module Specific

Basic User Data

Employee Data can be exported via Admin Center > Employee Export. For more information, please check the KB Article 2087439 - Employee Export | How to export all your user's information.

Personal info, Background Info and Trend Data exports

Go to Admin Center > Live Profiles > Export User Information (Data and Template).

From there you can run 3 reports and extract all existing data that may have been imported or saved from forms.

Detailed Document Report

  1. Go to Classic Reports > Detailed Document Report. This report provides the most expansive abilities to export form data.
  2. After setting your filter options, click on Open Export options and check all boxes > select Export Doc Contents.

Note: If you select to export all values, the report will contain a large amount of data and many columns. The data for 1 form may be spread over many rows, and depending on the forms, fields may return blank data if your form was not setup with those fields. Blank columns do not necessarily indicate that the report is not working but rather that data does not exist.

Detailed Document Report is the report to use if you have a need to extract as much data as possible to re-import into another database. It will likely take some effort to reformat this data in a meaningful way in any external database. SuccessFactors does not perform any reformatting of data exports.

Recruiting Management - Candidate's Resumes and Cover Letters

Candidate's attachments can be exported via SuccessFactors Integration Center. An Attachment outbound Integration is now available to download these documents and upload to a SFTP Folder. For further information on how to export these files, please check the KB Article 2582360 - Recruiting Data Extraction Request - Candidate's Resume and Cover Letter.
Recruiting Marketing Data

Recruiting Marketing has multiple options for extracting data. On most screens, you can access and extract nearly every single report and set of data as either a .CSV, .PNG image, .PDF file, or added to a full report for export.

Employee Central

  • Employee Central HRIS Element Data can be exported using Ad Hoc Reports with subdomain Person and Employment Export: 2266216 - How to Export Employee Central Data for Import Activities
  • Use Integration center and APIs (Read APIs, Compound API) to extract the employee Data.
  • To export MDF based data, you can use the 'Import and Export Data' feature, selecting the generic objects you would like to download: 2277155 - How to Export Data for MDF Objects in SuccessFactors HXM Suite.
  • Foundation Object Data can be exported using Ad Hoc Reports with subdomain Foundation Object: 2769017 - How To Export a Foundation Object

Succession Management

  • All Succession Management export options are in SAP SuccessFactors Expert Content - Options to extract data in Succession Management
  • For instances using MDF Position nomination method, you can export the position data using the Importing and Export Data tool: 2094158. If you are using Legacy Position nomination method, the position data can be exported in Admin Center > Position Management: Export Positions.
  • Successors data can be export by running an AdHoc Report (Table): 2105242. Position Tile can be exported directly from the feature page: 2407771, same as Talent Pools: 2905674.

Time Tracking, Clock In Clock Out

Please note that with 2H 2022, the time events displayed on the Manage Clock In Clock Out page can be downloaded in an Excel format. For further information please refer to corresponding help document Download Time Events Displayed on the Manage Clock In Clock Out Page into an Excel File.

Career Development Planning

Talent Intelligence Hub & Job Profiles

  • All Job Description Manager, Job Profile Builder, and Center of Capabilities export options are in SAP SuccessFactors Expert Content - Options to extract data in Capabilities and Job Profile
  • If you are still using Job Description Manager (JDM1.0) in your instance, you can follow the steps provided in the KBA 2992728 to export the data from your instance.
  • If Job Profile Builder (JDM2.0 / JPB) is enabled in your system, you can export all related data (Families, Roles, Competencies, Skills, etc.) under Manage Job Profile Content and Manage Job Profile Content Import/Export:
    1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Job Profile Content Import and Export;
    2. In the section Download Data Import File Template, select the object you want to export (competencies, skills...);
    3. A confirmation box will appear to confirm if the user wants to download the template along with the existing data in the instance. Select "No" if you only want the template file and "Yes" if should include all object data.

Dynamic Teams

If the need for a full data export arises, customers must raise a ticket for data export and/or data export logs, with the outputs then uploaded into the customer’s secure file transfer (SFTP) folder. Product Support will create a request with our Operations Team to extract the request data into the customer's SFT.

  • For requests regarding Data Export of Dynamic Teams data, please create a case with the following component: LOD-SF-DT-ADM.
  • For requests regarding Data Export of Objectives and Key Results data, please create a case with the following component: LOD-SF-DT-OKR.

The available data to be exported for Dynamic Teams, and Objective and Key Results includes:

    • Team
    • Team Member
    • Dynamic Teams Configuration (Feature Enablement)
    • Objective
    • Key Result
    • Key Result Contributor 
    • Key Result Comment
    • Objective Status Configuration 
    • ObjectiveGoalLink (Link from OKRs to Performance Goals)

    Performance Management and 360 Multi-Rater



    • All Calibration export options are in SAP SuccessFactors Expert Content - Calibration
    • The exported session files are available from My Jobs page within "View Schedules" in Report Center. The user who has access to export Calibration sessions does not require "Report Center" permission to access the My Jobs page once they have triggered the export job.
    • In the Calibration Session List page, select the sessions you wish to export and click the Export All button: KBA 3045319

    Continuous Performance Management

    • Customer can create ad-hoc reports to track details such as the list of completed activities, the achievements year to date, the total number of one-on-one meetings between employee and manager, etc. - KBA 3045319
    • Continuous Performance Management has two types of ad-hoc reports:
    • Continuous Performance Management
    • Continuous Performance Meetings

    Compensation/Variable Pay

    Compensation and Variable Pay data can be exported through executive review export or adhoc report. For Executive Review export please refer to KBA 2084853.

    Reward and Recognition (Spot Awards)

    Reward and Recognition data can be exported through the particular award program - reporting pill - spot award reports > set the date range as required.

    Jam/Work Zone

    There are some specific items that can be downloaded from jam and also imported to another Jam environment in the future. All of these are described in the following two KBAs: 2706983 and 2356853.


    • Exporting Data with Standard Reports
      • A range of out of the box reports are available under Learning Administration > Reports. Most reports enable you to export the output as a delimited file, HTML or PDF file. For more details on Learning reports refer to SAP SuccessFactors Learning Reports
    • Exporting Data with Custom Reports
      • If you require a report that is not available as a standard report you can use the Plateau Report Designer Tool (PRD). PRD allows you to connect to the database schema for your Learning tenant and write any SQL query based on your requirements. To get started with using the PRD tool see the KBA - 2171592 - Process to enable the use of Plateau Report Designer (PRD).
    • Bulk data export with SAP Data Services
      • A SuccessFactors Learning license includes the ability to implement SAP SuccessFactors Learning Data Services, which provides you the ability to extract any data from Learning to meet your custom reporting requirements. To see more on Data Services, please see the documentation for more information. Data Services must be implemented by SAP Professional Services which does have costs associated. Please contact your SAP CSM/CEE/Sales/Account Executive to start this process.
    • (For LMS only) One-time courtesy full data export for leaving customers
      • As per the process, no full DB schema export should be provided to customers. This is the guidance from Security/compliance team:

        "Before the Subscription Term expires, Customer may use SAP's self-service export tools (as available) to perform a final export of Personal Data from the Cloud Service (which shall constitute a "return" of Personal Data). At the end of the Subscription Term, Customer hereby instructs SAP to delete the Personal Data remaining on servers hosting the Cloud Service within a reasonable time period in line with Data Protection Law (not to exceed six months) unless applicable law requires retention.

      • Note: Support Engineer please see internal memo for offboarding customer requests. 
      • Unless this Customer has a unique clause in their contract, there is no obligation for us to perform a HANA database schema-level export. There are self-service tools within SuccessFactors that the Customer should be able to use. Please contact CSM /CEE for additional details on Full data export.
      • The contents of the data export are listed on this page: SAP SuccessFactors Learning Data Services Packaged Entities (login may be required to access the document).

    Onboarding 1.0

    • To extract candidates' data, you could use Advanced Reports in Onboarding module. For more information, please see KBA 2161955
    • To extract candidates' documents please use Document Center export feature. For more information, please see KBA 2409700


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