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2088010 - Admin Alerts - SuccessFactors


  • The Admin Alerts tile is a compact way to see all the pending action items you track throughout SuccessFactors
  • The Tile is organized the same way you work, into Workflow activities, People activities, and HR Data activities
  • It's possible to quickly see how many activities are pending and make updates, changes, or get more details about those activities directly from the tile
  • It isn't necessary to first navigate to the individual tool or find the exact employee anymore. Action can be taken directly from the tile

****Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.***


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Please ensure that necessary permissions are granted to your account for you to be able to have access to Admin Alerts:

  • Access to non-secured objects: You can find this permission under Manage Permission Roles > Select your role > Metadata Framework > Access to non-secured objects
  • Access Admin Alerts: You can find this permission under Manage Permission Roles > Select your role > Administrator Permissions > Admin Alerts > Access Admin Alerts
  • Configure Alert Types: You can find this permission under Manage Permission Roles > Select your role > Administrator Permissions > Admin Alerts > Configure Alert Types
  •  Admin Alerts Object Permissions: You can find this permission under Administrator > Admin Alerts Object Permissions permission for the following alerts:
    • Job Information Issues

    • Invalid Approvers in Employee-Related Workflows

    • Invalid Dynamic Role Users

    • Stalled Workflows - Employee Related

For more details on other required permissions, please refer to this section of the admin guide.

How it works:

Admin Alerts is a feature that brings all the itens that need attention from the user who is viewing it. You can access it by going to Admin Center > Admin Alerts or also via a tile in the legacy Homepage, which allows users to see the items that need attention and then click to go straight to what you need to action, and exactly the alerts that are related to you. If you navigate to Admin Alerts page, the system will be displaying all items.

There are several applications where Admin Alerts can be used at this time:

  • Time Management
  • Time Data Replication Management
  • Workflow - stalled ‘Stalled Workflow Requests’ not acted upon for 3 days or more. Items are grouped by workflow type and in age order.
  • Employee Central (HR Data Issues) - category Invalid Foundation Object alerts are displayed too. This will display Objects; after a scan has been of the employee job information table and there are Foundation Objects present that are referenced that have a status of deleted, inactive or there is an association issue.
  • Time Data Replication

Admin Alerts in the Legacy Home Page:

  • Please refer to the Home Page Admin Guide on how to manage home page tiles in the instance.
  • If you do not see the Admin Alerts tile here, you can check if it is located under "Repository" or "Not Used" tab. You need to move the tile to "Default" to make it visible to the permissioned users. 


  • It is possible to assign Admin Alerts to yourself or to others (assigning alerts provides a way for teams to work jointly on Admin Alerts). For more details on how to assign admin alerts in your instance, please follow the steps in this section of the Admin Guide. 
  • Checks for Admin Alerts have been added to the Check Tool after b2005 system release. Administrators can now take advantage of the Check Tool to run checks for admin alerts, including inactive alerts as well as alerts that haven't been processed in the past 30 days or longer. This helps assuring they are triggered and shown to the responsible administrator users correctly. You can learn more about the Check Tool on this Admin Guide
  • You can grant permissions to the Admin Alerts tile and the categories by the Role Based Permissions:
    • To see the Admin Alerts Tile and to see the ‘Stalled Workflow Requests’ category too then specifically ensure you have this permission. Look in Admin Tools > Manage Permission Roles > select the role to edit > click the Permission button > browse under the Administrative Permissions section > Manage Workflow > Manage Workflow Requests. This Permission Allows administrators to view and access stalled employee-related workflows from the Admin Alerts tile. Users without the permission can process the same workflows in the old Admin Alerts. When the permission is granted, the workflows move over to Admin Alerts. For More details see sap help guide on on Handling Workflow Requests under Employee Central Workflows: Implementation and Administration. 
    • Similarly you will only see the ‘People Issues’ category in the Admin Alerts tile if you have permission to the Role in Administrative Permissions section > Manage Hires. See more details on sap help guide Manage Pending Hires Tool
    • You will also only see the ‘HR Data Issues’ category in the Admin Alerts tile if the Role has permission in Administrative Permissions > Manage Foundation Objects > Import Foundation Data see KBA 2339054 - Admin Alerts - How to permission HR Data Issues feature.  For addittional Permissions see sap guide for HR Data Issue Alerts
  • For any data issues with related to Admin Alerts please raise a case with the Module Team who are responsible for the application related data. 
  • As part of 2205 release, some alert types will support retention period for deleting the alerts. You can consult if the alert type will have a retention period by going to: Admin Alerts > Select the alert type > Information > "Retention" section in the Information popup will show if those alerts will have a retention period or not.


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