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  • There are two types of tasks that are displayed in the To-Do list:
    • Tasks that are created from To Do list Manager > Create List > Add task
    • Form based Tasks - Tasks requiring actions are active links that take users to the requested action or form
    1. How to delete old items from To-Do portlet
    2. Why are overdue notifications still displaying in the To-Do portlet 


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We are unable to prevent items from appearing on the To-Do List when these are for live forms that are pending some action by an individual. Please instruct your users to complete the actions that are pending.

We cannot remove only certain entries or only older entries from the To-Dos. The best way to remove these entries is to either delete the old forms that are still in process or route those forms through to completion.

  • Deleting Forms – Admin Tools > Delete Documents > User the filter options/Search criteria to delete form(s).
  • Routing Form – Admin Tools > Route Document > Search for the form(s) (User the filter options/search criteria) > Next > Move to completion step > Next.

However, SuccessFactors can remove all entries from all To-Do Lists, but this would impact the current review process as well. If there are old forms in place that are routed or moved to a new manager because of a managerial change, then these To-Do List entries are valid, and they can be removed by deleting the old forms that are no longer really in-process.

We can delete some tasks from the To-Do list - But the form based tasks (notifications of the forms that require your action) cannot be deleted.

We recommend you simple delete the documents (overdue forms) from the system - if they are no longer valid/required or you can force these forms through to completed stage, in which case the overdue items will no longer be displayed in the To-Do List (as they are no more in the inbox).

Notes for Customer Support & Partners:

If there are entries that are appearing in the To-Do List that should not be appearing, then a JIRA should be opened to have the 60 day window enforced on entries that are displaying.

Please Note:

  • This will remove all entries and would impact the current review process as well.
  • If there are any valid task(s) notifications, these will also be removed from the To-Do list.


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