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2088160 - Forms are Not Created in Performance Management - Manage Scheduled Reviews


  • This KB article reviews why forms may not have created as expected
  • Why have forms not created as expected?
  • Forms have failed to create for people
  • Why do I need to manually create forms, can't SuccessFactors do this automatically?


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  • For general information on setting up the scheduled review please refer to the article 2076115 - Launching Forms - Manage Scheduled Reviews. 
  • This solution is also closely related to the following solution on general failures of forms creating: 2076088 - Top Reasons why Forms Fail to Launch or Create in Performance Management.

Scheduling Mass Form Creation

  • You can schedule mass form creation to automate an event. For example, if you schedule a New Hire evaluation 90 days after an employee's hire date, the New Hire evaluation will be sent to all employees 90 days after their hire date.
  • Use this method if your company conducts reviews based on employees' hire date. If your company conducts reviews for all employees at the same time, regardless of hire date, use the mass-creation method instead.
  • After you schedule an event, you can make changes to the event or cancel it until 11:59 P.M. EST on the day before your form is scheduled to be distributed. For example, if your form is scheduled for 6/15, you can make changes up until 11:59 P.M. on 6/14.

Run Once Only!

  • It is very important to understand that all scheduled jobs that use date parameters will only ever meet that criteria ONCE and once only. Also the job to launch forms only ever runs once a day. We never re-run the jobs to pick up any that were missed later in the day. UPDATE > New Quartz scheduler described above does enable multiple run times.
  • Exception here is if you move your jobs to the new Quartz Scheduler. Quartz has the option to run more than once if you request multiple times to be set.
  • For example, you import HIREDATE. Your schedule is to launch forms based on hiredate, or hiredate + 5 days. If that was 1/1/2015 + 5 + business group, then understand it is only ever mathematically true once on 1/6/2015, and never again. So if you do not have ALL your data exactly correct on 1/6/2015 in time prior to when the job runs, then because it involves calculation based on a specific date that this will never be true the following night or any other day when the job next runs.
  • Therefore if ANY field was not correct at the time the job runs, updating and fixing that data even later the same day will not cause forms to launch the next day. In fact the system will never launch a form for the people already missed via a scheduler that uses a date parameter unless you manually change the date so that the calculation will be true on another date. This is one of the reasons why having support rerun the job the next day will not launch the missing forms. We recommend you manually launch the forms.
Best Practice Advice (For Schedule Form Creation jobs setup in the backend. See 2212605 - Scheduled job setup)

Do not schedule jobs to run between 12 midnight and 4am (relative to the data center you are on).

This is when all quarterly releases and weekly planned system downtime occurs. Scheduled jobs cannot run during this time, so files you may send to us or need to run at this time will fail and cause problems for your processes.

Auto-Recover: During planned downtimes all scheduled jobs will attempt to run once the servers are back on line, so waiting until later in the morning is typically all that is needed. However, it is possible some jobs due to specific parameters will not auto-recover and need to be manually run by the client.

When Forms Fail to Create

  • Forms may fail to create for various reasons, and multiple failures may all have different reasons, so each failure should be investigated objectively, and in separate cases, without the assumption they failed due to same factors.  
  • If all forms failed to create today or in the past then you must manually launch forms for those affected. SuccessFactors has no way to automatically launch forms to users that were missed. Please manually create forms via Admin Tools > Mass Create Forms.

When forms did not create for just some users (some people got forms, while others did not)

  • This first thing to consider is whether forms created for anyone at all. If forms created for some users on this date, but not for others, then this indicates your scheduler is running successfully. The users that did not have forms created most likely did not meet the filter criteria setup for this specific job.
  • Other reasons for just some forms not creating are invalid data relative to that persons forms. These are ordered by most common:
  1. Filters: Investigate the parameters in your filter options for this scheduler
      • Review your user data to see if this user meets all parameters for all fields set in this scheduler. It is common that they did not meet one of the attributes. For example you require them to be in a certain business group, but you did not import the right values for that user until after the job had already run for the day, so while their record is correct right now, it was not at the time the job initially ran.
        Solution: Always ensure all data changes are made days before forms are needed to be launched by the scheduler as opposed to trying to import new records, update data, and also launch forms based on these required fields all within one import file
      • Correct the information for the users. Note, you will now need to manually create the form if it includes a date based calculation.
  2. Invalid Goal Data: If the person has data exceeding 4000 characters in a goal field this will cause a failure for that person. Another cause is when a user copies text from MS Word into the goal.

  3. Competencies: If the person has invalid competencies
    • If the competency or goal data for that person has corrupted data, typically caused when someone copies and pastes formatted data from Word into their goal plan, or you are using HTML formatting in goals or competencies.
  4. Order of Data Imports: You are performing Employee Imports and not considering the order of your data changes. This can cause some forms not to be created because maybe their record or manager record was not correct and in the system at the time the file processed their record. KBA 2087907 - Data Imports and Exports: Order for Importing User Changes Via Employee Imports.
  5. Timing of Imports + Scheduler Process: Are all your employee imports and data changes completed each night before the scheduler process runs? If you have data updates happening at same time as form launches then various random issues are possible. See 2144482 - Launching Forms - Forms Fail to Launch Due to Timing Issues.  

  6. Template Settings: Check your scheduled job AND the form template settings for the following 2 options.
      1. Only create for users who don't have an existing form with an End Date:
      2. Prevent forms from being created with overlapping date ranges
        Your user may have already had a form created for them, and this prevents them from getting a second form. User the Detailed Doc Search Report to search for all forms that might exist for the user.

    1. Schedule Creator Permissions - The selection of employees on the launch form wizard is dependent on your target population. Therefore, as an Admin when you are scheduling the launching of forms for a later date or for future recurring dates, you need to consider the fact that the user selection is derived out of the target population on the day of launching the form. If the employees in the target population is removed, or becomes inactive on the day of form launch, the forms will not be launched for those employees. (Link to Implementation Guide Topic)    

When forms did not create for all users

Please consider all of the above first, as there maybe an issue for user data for all the users scheduled to get forms on this date

Has the scheduler ever worked? If it has never worked consider the following.

  • Check your scheduler to confirm that the filter settings are validIs the frequency field set correctly to allow forms to be created?
  • Check the HIREDATE column in your userdata to make sure valid dates are set.
  • Check scheduler TYPE field, to make sure the correct type of scheduler is set. Anniversary, New Hire, Focal.
  • Check the form templates this job is scheduled to create. Is it set as active in admin tools > form templatesDo you have a conflict of schedulers? If you have multiple schedulers setup, make sure that you have unique job names, and that no schedulers conflict with each other is some way
  • Check the job owner whether he/she is an ACTIVE USER in the system

If this scheduler has worked and continues to work today, but simply failed for just one specific date consider the following.

  • The issue may have been caused by System Maintenance. 
  • If the job is failing for all users but not regularly, and you are sure this is not data related, please open a case with Support. We will have our operations team review the log files for your company to confirm the job ran. If the job is confirmed as running, and simply no forms are being created, then this will be a userdata issue, related to your filter options as explained throughout this solution. Support will work with you to try to determine what might be incorrect with settings or data.
  • If the scheduler has worked in the past, but has stopped working, then delete the current scheduler and re-create a new scheduler. Identify some people that have upcoming dates to have forms created and monitor results.
  • Is the form template active? Admin Tools > Form Templates > Status. If it is disabled you can change status in the template settings > Template Status.
  • It is very difficult to prove after-the-fact that a user did meet the criteria since data in the system can change hour to hour. If some forms are created while others do not it is a strong indication that its a data issue. User data can change daily, and what you see today set for any specific user can never prove that was what existed at the time the scheduler ran.

Why do I need to manually create forms, can't SuccessFactors do this automatically?

  • SuccessFactors cannot automatically create the missed forms for you since the scheduler uses logic based on a calculation probably similar to: DATE TODAY - HIREDATE of your users +- the offset date you set in the scheduler.
  • Your calculation may differ but nevertheless will be similar and therefore is only correct on that day. Re-running the job on any other date will not cause any missed forms to create. In fact, rerunning it cause people to get duplicate forms. This is why manually launching forms for the people via admin tools is the best and fastest approach.

Note: Jobs won't run if the executor user is an inactive user. It needs to be an user who won't ever be deactivated, like a support user or even the v4admin (system system) user.


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