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2088578 - Show Me feature | Must-known guide


  • What is the "Show Me" feature?
  • Which permission do I need to access the Show Me feature?
  • Can I copy Show Me videos from one instance to another?


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Enabling the Show Me feature:

The Show Me Video feature allows the granted users to upload and place contextually relevant how-to videos within their SuccessFactors system to improve user adoption and overall execution.

In order to have the Show Me feature available at your end, it's necessary to go through the following enablement workflow:

  1. Initially, it's necessary to have the feature enabled in Cloud Product Support Provisioning system.
    1. For this, open a new ticket under the component LOD-SF-PLT-SHW requiring the enablement.
  2. Once enabled in Provisioning, you'll have two ways to enable it in the instance:
    1. Go to Admin Center > Company System and Logo Settings > check “Enable Show Me” checkbox.
    2. Or, enable it through our "Upgrade Center" feature.
  3. Finally, it's necessary to grant the respective Role-Based Permission that allow users to use the feature:
    1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles > Access the role > Click on "Permission" button > Access "Manage System Properties" section > check "Show me Author" checkbox.

After those steps, the granted users will be able to use and upload videos within the Show me feature.

In case the Show Me button is still not visible, please engage Support team to perform a Refresh over the RBP from the back end (Provisioning)

For Support Engineers only: please see internal memo with steps required to perform RBP Refresh.

Show Me characteristics and tips:

Please find below some important premisses and helpful tips regarding the Show Me feature:

  • SuccessFactors BizX pages supports Show Me feature, except:
    • Admin Center;
    • Continuous Performance Management; (Show Me is not supported by CPM and is not advised to be used on this module)
  • Every single page can have only one video hosted;
  • Once a video were uploaded, end users will be able to see the Show Me icon at the top right of the page and hence access the video;
    • Please note that, if there are no video hosted for a specific page, the icon won't be shown in that page as well;
  • It is not possible to copy Show me videos from one instance to another;
  • A video can have no more than 2GB of size in order to be uploaded within the feature;
  • In order to ensure if the end users are able to se a video you may have uploaded, you can just proxy as them and try to access the icon.

Important architecture change to be caught up on:

  • Show Me data were recently moved from North America to European servers;
    • Whether your internal IT have some geoblocking solution, all calls originated from Europe region should be allowed from now onwards;
    • Either, any possible firewall premise or network rule should be also adjusted to handle EU-based calls;
    • Furtherly but essential, you may also ensure that both "*" and "*" domains are whitelisted by your IT.
    • Finally, to test Show Me's content availability from your IT perspective, you may access this URL and ensure Media Service's version and build numbers are shown.
    • All the above advises must be taken in order to ensure a smooth behavior of the feature.

*Important clarification about the recording option disablement:

Java plugin was discontinued for some browsers and, besides that the industry is moving away from using java applets (technology in which the recording functions were based on).

Therefore, in order to avoid any possible security risks regarding the deprecated plug-in, SuccessFactors Engineering Team has disabled the recording function.

Considering this you should proceed with recording a video on your own. You can either Windows 10 and Mac OSX official software to record videos:

  • Windows 10: Screen recorder utility;
  • Mac OSX: New Screencap Recorder.


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