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Overview of Quick Cards

Quick cards are the small rolodex-card icons shown next to each employee’s name in most name lists in the system. For example, you’ll see the quick cards next to the employee names on your My Forms page or My Goals page. When you click the quick card, a popup “card” window opens and displays contact information about the person in the top half of the card, and links to their performance areas in the bottom half of the card. Quick cards are a convenient way to find information about a person in a single place.

  • Content in the quick card is dynamic and most content is not customizable. Some links can be enabled or disabled; please see the details below for features that can be configured.
  • Links to performance forms are based on the most current form that you have access to.
  • You will not see links to content that you do not have permission to see, so all security permissions that you have established at the form level are respected in the quick card.

What is displayed in the quick card may differ for each person for the same form, as again, links are displayed based on the most current form that is accessible to that particular user, which may differ for users with many forms or multiple copies of forms based on the same template.

From the Quick Card window, you can:

  • See the user information
  • Click the e-mail address to send an e-mail to the person
  • Write a note about the person
  • Click the appropriate link to go to the person’s Goal Plan or Employee Scorecard, if they have one
  • Click the appropriate link to go to the person’s Performance Form if they have one and you are permissioned

Quick cards were automatically set up for you. The standard elements on quickcard are hard-coded and if data is populated for users in these fields, they cannot be hidden on quickcard.
List of standard elements available for quickcard:

  • Name (and username);

The following can be hidden by removing the permissions from Employee Data

  • Job Title;
  • Location;
  • Business Phone;
  • Business Email Address;
  • Manager.

**Note: Username can be hidden by enabling the option in Platform Feature Settings  > "

Currently, custom fields are not supported on quickcard by default, though there are ways to change the information shown on the Quick Card:

If you do not have EC enabled:

You can repurpose one of the supported standard elements to show the necessary information (e.g. location, business phone or business email address).


If you have EC enabled:

You can use the Employment Differentiators to configure up to 3 fields from Job Information to show more information. Please refer to this page at SAP Help Portal Adding Employment Differentiators to Indicate Multiple Employments

Goal Links in Quick Cards:

  • Links to goal plans should only show if a person has access to goal plans.
  • Links to goal plans can be disabled from displaying in quick cards system wide (we are not able to permission them per role). Your choices are to have them enabled globally or disabled. To have your company provisioning setting "Disable TGM link in Quick Cards" changed, please open a case with Customer Success. Provisioning > Company Settings > Disable TGM link in Quick Cards

Why isn't the Development Plan link showing in the quick card?

Any of following reasons will prevent the development plan link from showing:

    1. Development Plan feature not enable in provisioning for your instance. As of July 2011 you have the option to remove the Development link from Quick Cards. To do so, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to update your account. (CDP-1353) Provisioning > Company Settings > Disable Development Plan link in Quick Cards
    2. My Goals Tab feature not enable in provisioning for your instance
    3. User does not have CDP Access permission in admin tools

Pixel Perfect Talent Cards:

You can publish and view Pixel Perfect Talent Cards directly from any QuickCard, giving you two places where you can find Pixel Perfect Talent Cards: from the original Employee Scorecard and now from any QuickCard. You don't need to do anything to see this enhancement. The new Publishing link will automatically display in the QuickCard if you're already using Pixel Perfect Talent Cards. If you're interested in adding Pixel Perfect Talent Cards to your account, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success.

Matrix Grid Report Quick Card:

Matrix Report: You now have the option to open the Profile link in this report in a new window instead replacing the existing window to make it easier for you to go back to the report and click the other Profiles. To use this option, go to Admin tools > Matrix Grid Report > Performance-Potential or How vs What, and select the Links on Quick card should open in a new browser window checkbox. (SCM-655)

Compensation Quick Card:

In a compensation plan a quick card will show next to the persons name in the default Name column. You need to have v11 or above to use this feature and request that Customer Support update provisioning > Company Settings > Compensation > Compensation form UI V2 [requires Version 11 UI framework (ULTRA)] . Please logout and allow time for changes to apply (up to 30mins) once Customer Support has applied the change.

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