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2089418 - Quick Links and Deep-Linking within the SuccessFactors Application


  • This KB article details Deep Linking and Quick Linking and how, when, and why these links can be used throughout applications in SuccessFactors
  • Will users be able to provide deep links to pages within the application?
  • If users are using SSO (Single Sign-On) will they still able to use deep linking?
  • Can users add quick links to a home page that will link to other pages?

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SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


Deep linking and Quick links are slightly different in nature.

  • Quick links refer to links within the application, such as a link on your home page or company resources, that will take users to another page within the application. 
  • Deep linking refers to links stored outside of the application before a user has logged in, such as a bookmark in a browser or a link from the company intranet portal, that users will click on to bring them to a specific page within the application.

Note: Deeplinks in SuccessFactors have different behaviours across the SuccessFactors Suite and as a result, module specific queries should be routed to the relevant SAP SuccessFactors Module Team.

Quick Links Within The Application

  • Quick links can be added to the Home Page in the Welcome Portlet, the Company Resources Page, and even in a Performance Form, and take users to another specific page within the SuccessFactors Application.
  • For example, if a user wanted to add a link from the home page to the Directory/Faces page.
  • An example of this being done is by using a link such as the following:


Please see the attached document that provides a number of creative examples of how you can add custom links.


  • Note: Support provides the following examples with the understanding and condition that the platform specifications can change and these links may no longer work.
  • No commitment is made to support any custom link, like those provided below, or any custom links added to pages or provided to end-users.
  • The only fully supported navigational links are those links, tabs, and buttons that exist within the product that are provided out-of-the-box.
  • In addition, some links may not work for all versions or configurations.
  • Trying to make these work in all situations is not supported and are provided relative to a standard implementation.

Help & Tutorials: /xi/ui/helptraining/pages/help_home.xhtml
Company Resources: /xi/ui/company/pages/companyResource.xhtml
Employee Files: /xi/ui/empfile/pages/employeeFiles.xhtml

Reports Help & Tutorials: /xi/ui/helptraining/pages/help_rpt.xhtml

Calibration: /xi/ui/calibration/pages/sessionList.xhtml

Compensation: /acme?fbacme_n=my_forms&inbox_fbfl_ftype=Compensation
Compensation Executive Review: /acme?fbacme_n=compensation&fbcomp_param_action=comp_exec_template_list
Compensation Help & Tutorials: /xi/ui/helptraining/pages/help_comp.xhtml

Goals: /sf/goals
Goals Help & Tutorials: /xi/ui/helptraining/pages/help_goals.xhtml

Performance Reviews: /sf/pmreviews
Performance Team Overview: /xi/ui/pm2/pages/teamoverview/teamoverview.xhtml
Help & Tutorials for PM: /xi/ui/helptraining/pages/help_pm.xhtml

Recruiting: /acme?fbacme_n=recruiting&recruiting_ns=sourcePortlet

Succession Org Chart: /xi/ui/orgchart/pages/succession_orgchart.xhtml
Succession Lineage Chart: /xi/ui/orgchart/pages/lineageReport.xhtml
Directory Page: /xi/ui/empdir/pages/employeeDirHome.xhtml
Org Chart: /xi/ui/orgchart/pages/orgchart/orgchart.xhtml
Succession Help & Tutorials: /xi/ui/helptraining/pages/help_succession.xhtml

Settings > Mobile Registration options: /sf/options?opt_ns=mobile_reg

Deep Links From Outside the Application

  • The SuccessFactors Application does provide limited deep-linking support for SSO and non-sso instances.
  • Not all pages and features can be directly linked and it is recommended linking only to the main module pages.
  • Although a user may be able to build a custom URL that successfully opens the page needed, unsupported deep-links may in the future break should changes be made to the SuccessFactors Application.
  • SuccessFactors Cloud support is not required to fix any such custom deeplinks you may have used.
  • Typically Cloud Support only supports deep-links to the main modules.

Note: See the SuccessFactors Deep Links guide for a list of supported deeplinks. As each client may have different modules and configurations, not all links provided may work. Trial and error will provide immediate insight into which deep-links are valid for a specific instance.

Using Deep Links

To use a deeplink, add it to the base URL of your SuccessFactors instance.

  1. Determine the base URL used in your system. The base URL can vary slightly by customer and by region but always ends in "".

    For example, if the main SuccessFactors login page is:

    Then the base URL would be:
  2. Insert the deeplink immediately following "", starting with a slash.

    For example, to add a deeplink to the logged-in user's development plan, you would use:
  3. Insert the resulting URL as a hyperlink in the desired location.


Deep Linking with SAML can be accomplished to in the same way. For example:

Note: Don't forget to include the loginMethod=SSO parameter.

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