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2089436 - Uploading and Displaying Your Company Logo in the SuccessFactors


You can add your company logo to SuccessFactors so it displays on the login page and at the top of each form. If you already see a company logo in SuccessFactors, your logo was posted as part of the system implementation.


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


There are three options available for displaying your company logo in SuccessFactors. The first option should always be the primary method used. This provides the best functionality as the image will be available throughout the application including the printing of reports, org charts, PDF documents, etc.


  • Users must have the Company System and Logo Settings permission under Manage System Properties.
  • The logo must meet the following criteria:
    • File format = *.jpg *.png
    • Max Height = 40 pixels
    • Max Width = 210 pixels
    • Color mode = RGB
    • Please note the size limit is 1024 KB (1MB)

Upload Your Logo into SuccessFactors: (Recommended Option)

Best: PDF printing and load times are optimal when your logo is stored this way.

  1. Make sure you have a logo on your desktop ready to upload that meets the requirements listed above.
  2. Action Search: Upload Company Logo.
  3. Use the Choose File button to locate and select the image you saved on your desktop.
  4. If the image is acceptable, you will see a preview of it onscreen > Save.
  5. Log out, and log back in to see the new logo.

Note that when you are using a Theme, the system will respect the configuration on the "Login Styles" section of Theme Manager. All details can be found in KBA 2396411 - Newly uploaded company Logo is not displaying on Login Page.

If you still do not see your logo, follow the steps below:

    1. Action Search: Company System and Logo Settings.
    2. In URL of the Company Logo, confirm you see a URL similar to:
        1. If you do not see a URL similar to this, try uploading the image again. If this URL does not change, please contact Customer Support
        1. If your URL is similar to this, but you are still not seeing your new logo:
          1. Logout of the application.
          2. Clear your browser cache.
          3. Close all browser windows.
          4. If it still fails to display after 30 minutes, please contact Customer Support.

    SuccessFactors Uploads Your Image

    Some performance issues can occur, and load times for forms and printing is not as fast as above.

    • If the above method has failed to work for you, we have an alternative option where Customer Support can upload your logo to a SuccessFactors hosted directory. You should opt for this option only if the above preferred option has not worked and Customer Support has recommended this alternative. Please open a case with Customer Support and attach your logo to the case. It typically takes 1-3 days for Customer Support to process your request. Once the logo has been uploaded, you will be provided with a URL to enter into Company System and Logo Settings > URL of the Company Logo.


    Refer to an External Logo Using a URL

    Slowest: Storing a logo externally can cause severe performance issues. PDFs can take much longer to print, and some may even fail/timeout when trying to retrieve the logo.

    A third option is if you refer to a logo that already exists on your external webservers. This can be done without the need to engage Customer Support.

    1. Action Search: Company System and Logo Settings.
    2. In URL of the Company Logo, enter the absolute (full) URL of your image i.e., > Set Company Logo URL.
    • Note: This option is not recommended as the logo is external to SuccessFactors and may cause the following issues:
      • Display problems for people not logged into your intranet.
      • Images may not display in org charts and in reports.
      • Images may fail to print or show in PDFs et al.
      • Your logo may fail to show in a PDF if you only use a relative path to your logo, i.e., /images/xyzlogo.png.

    Important: Though it is not officially supported, SuccessFactors system accepts .GIF logo images. However, if you face issues with this please, use the supported formats.


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