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2089551 - Remind a team member to complete pending tasks (Nudge Feature) in SAP SuccessFactors


  • What is the Nudge option and how does it work?
  • Can the Nudge feature ('Send Email' on My Team card) be removed?
  • Who do I have visibility to in the My Team Tile?
  • Remind a team member to complete pending tasks


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


Name: My Team (nudge for pending tasks)

Description: Notifies managers when their direct reports have tasks that are overdue or due in the next 7 days. Enables you to send them an email reminder.

Where Shown: For You Today

When Shown: Appears when any of the manager’s direct reports has at least one to-do task that’s overdue or due within 7 days. Disappears when the tasks are completed.

  • The Nudge Feature is a part of the My Team Tile that gives managers a team view of their direct reports, matrix reports and TBH (To be Hired) employees.
  • Each person can be drilled into to view their local time, records, add a badge, new note, nudge or view overdue items.
  • Clicking “Nudge” will allow the manager to send a reminder email regarding this persons coming due and overdue tasks.
  • All overdue items and items due within 7 days will be displayed as a total number of tasks due on the "My Team Tile" (# need attention!).
  • This feature was added so managers may nudge their team members to ensure things are on time.
  • Permission control for the Nudge Feature follows the same as My Team Tile.


  • It is not possible to hide/turn off the Nudge Feature.
  • Also, The Send Email button cannot be removed from the card.
  • The To Do List and the number of items in the Nudge feature may not always match: It’s important to remember the To Do List populates with items Overdue, Due within X Days, Due Today and Completed, whereas the Nudge Feature populates overdue and items due within 7 days. 
  • The My Team reminders will continue to display for the manager until the user has actioned and completed the tasks. Sending a reminder email to user will not clear the managers "remind a team memeber to complete a pending task"

More information on the standard homepage features can be found in the help guide - Standard Features of the Home Page | SAP Help Portal

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