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2090101 - Reports: SuccessFactors Reporting Tables - Feedback Tables - Reporting and Analytics


  • Understanding how the SuccessFactors Suite uses reporting tables (also known as feedback tables) to store the data to make available to reports.
  • Why does my report show different data than what I see in the form?


  • Reporting and Analytics


  • Whenever you are running reports it is unlikely that the data being reported is physically the actual data stored in the physical form, goal plan, worksheet. Rather, for perfornance reasons all data stored in your actual goal plans, 360 forms, PM forms, compensation worksheets, executive reivews etc, is actually feed into "reporting tables".
  • If we were to physically to go and open every form to get the actucal data from the form it would introduce a huge drop in performance.
  • For this reason all data is automatically and transparently feed into "reporting tables". Most BizX reports will then use this data within your reports. This enables your reports to run very fast as they are not interacting with the physical forms.
  • The users of the product do not need to do anything to trigger this (except for a few exceptions by design). Data will always remain in sync between plans, forms & worksheets.
  • There are however a few designed exceptions to this rule, so it is possible that at times data you see within a report amy not reflect recently imported data via goals, user imports, and compensation imports etc. Again, this is rarely a defect or gap in product design, but rather expected behavior based on the order of events that your administrator performed updates.
  • It is not desired that under every single scenario a data update was expected to update certain forms in certain statuses and in these scenarios the system will err on the side of caution and not force data into forms and then into the feedback tables, resulting in your reports to seem out-of-sync.


          We do offer tools to trigger the update event in any scenario where data did not update and you do require that it is updated.

  1. Performance & Goals: For issues related to goal updates not syncing with your PM forms automatically, please open a support case and check to see if we have enabled "Enable the GM-PM Sync up" feature in your instance (Provisioning > Company Setting).
    1. Another option for PM forms is Open & Save: For any update involving goal plans and PM forms where data has not flowed through to a report, then we recommend you try the "Open & Save" feature. Please click here to learn how to use this feature. This can include compensation worksheets where data has been updated (typically via an import as opposed to an individually actually updating their form).
  2. Compensation Executive review, reports and worksheets are not in sync. Please click here for how to address possible causes.


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