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2090195 - Add a static custom URL to E-mail template(s) - BizX Platform


  • How to add static custom URL to SuccessFactors e-mail templates. 

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  • BizX Suite - e-mail notifications
  • Employee Central - Workflows and e-mail notifications


  • This document will guide you through adding a custom static URL to one of the existing system e-mail templates. The standard system e-mail templates current configuration displays the entire dynamic URL in the e-mail sent for a specified action. Here we will use the pending workflow action request as an example.


  • This option to add a custom URL might be used if you or your users do not like seeing the full URL linking to the pending workflow request. The drawback to this setup is that the approver will have to remember which specific approval they were working with, as all pending requests will be shown.
  • The e-mail templates support some basic HTML commands.
    Pre-requisite:- The "Enable HTML e-mail notifications" feature should be enabled in the Company System Setting page.
  • See the screen shot below of a pending workflow e-mail showing the view link tag and a sample custom link.


To add a custom link that takes users directly to the pending approvals page follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools…Under System Properties select the E-Mail Notification Template Settings link

This takes you to the E-Mail Templates section. Selecting a template link from the left pane populates the e-mail Body text box in the right pane with the specifics of the template selected.

In the right hand pane, you can customize the text and/or tags contained in the e-mail. To begin you will need to first grab the URL that you will be using for your custom link. Navigate to the pending requests page by:

  1. Going to Admin Tools →Employee Records → Employee records → Pending Requests
  2. In the address bar of the Pending Requests page highlight by double or triple clicking in the address bar box. Once the URL is highlighted copy it by right clicking on the highlighted URL and selecting copy or by pressing ctrl+c.

Next you will need to format the link by going back to the E-Mail templates page, selecting the template you would like to modify and then doing the following:

  1. In the e-mail template created the link:  <a href=”PASTE_COPIED_URL_HERE”>TEXT_FOR_LINK_HERE</a>
  2. Paste the copied URL you can highlight the text PASTE….. then right click and select paste or press ctrl+v

NOTE: Depending on how/where you add the URL, HTTP may add an errant tag to the static link. If that is the case the link in the e-mail will look something like:

  • Incorrect Syntax
    <b<a href="">All Pending Requests</a>
    Any added tags automatically added can be fixed by closing them in the HTML or removing them by deleting the tag. To close the tag ensure that the beginning tag is configured with <b> the greater than and less than signs. And make sure the end of the URL is closed with the tag </b>.


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