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2090226 - Someone has a copy of a form that should not see it - Performance Management


It is a common scenario that a person reports seeing a form that they should not be seeing or do not understand why they received it.

This solution attempts to explain the common scenarios on how this occurs and how to correct this step in the pie chart.


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Most Common Causes in Order of Occurance:

  1. Someone uses "Send Copy" button to send the copy to another person, either on purpose or by accident.
    • We often see that the person who shows as sending the copy denies sending the copy. This is understandable if they did this by accident and simply do not remember clicking the button to send a copy, but it is the most common cause when someone unexpected gets the copy. Another less likely cause is someone proxying in as the person or even using their computer. If you do not even have the "Send Copy" button enabled this is not possible, but if you do have the Send Copy button on, and a person has received a copy of the form, then the evidence does support the fact a person did this, and not a system error.
  2. Carbon Copying a person on completion: A person may have accidentally included the person in the CC field when completing the form.
  3. You have a manager change: When there is a manager change, the new manager is automatically inserted into the route map. If there was an incorrect data import, or admin action to transfer the manager, which is subsequently corrected via another import or admin action, the person who was temporarily and incorrectly included for a time will remain in the workflow, and will now see a copy of the form upon completion. The only way to remove this is by using the Hide Document Visibility tool. SuccessFactors cannot explain the how an incorrect manager change occurs as again that is a function of your actions, and data changes, which are not logged in an audit trail to provide evidence of incorrect actions.
  4. An admin puts the wrong person in route map or at a point in time the user data file had incorrect hierarchy putting this person in the wrong relational role for a brief period. This results in same scenario as manager change described above.
  5. Automatic Completed Document Transfer to New Manager: In your Form template or in your FTP import settings you have "Automatic Completed Document Transfer to New Manager" enabled which will cause new manager to get copies.
  6. Note: While it is rare, it is possible with automated imports that the following series of events occur. In fact the most problematic and impactful problems come from the following scenario. We have seen clients cause a company wide mass "send copy" to large numbers of users due to a bad employee import.
    1. an incorrect data file comes in one night, maybe due to incorrect data entry that day,
    2. this triggers the changes to standard hierarchy (reporting relationships)
    3. Which in turn triggers a person to incorrectly get a copy of someones form.
    4. Then the data entry person corrects the file or data next day
    5. The next automated import over night corrects managers and employees relationships
    6. People now start to report having copies of forms for people they should not have.
    7. When the admin checks data everything looks ok since the error was introduced and corrected via automated imports.
    8. Nevertheless, even though reporting relationships are now correct, the wrong person(s) now have "copies" of forms for people they should not. These are not automatically removed by the system since as far as the system is concerned all changes were valid.
    9. Since the data entry person was not even working in SuccessFactors, they do not even realize the impact the incorrect data has had to people and their forms within the SuccessFactors application.
    10. This can only be corrected by using the Hide Document Visibility tool.


Whenever a person has a copy they should not have, or you now simply need to remove it from them, the options are:

  1. Delete Documents: Completely delete the form for all users via admin tools
  2. Document Visibility Tool: Selectively remove visibility to the form for specific users one at a time
    • Note: There is no ability for support to proactively determine who should not have a copy of a form and provide a list, or automatically remove visibility to forms in bulk. Only the client can determine one form at a time who should or should not have visibility to that form and remove visibility per person.

Single Instances: When just 1 person now and then reports randomly getting a copy of a form it is most likely due to the "Send Copy" option explained below.

Groups or Large Numbers of People Getting Forms: When a group or large number of people report getting a copy of a form on the same day, this will never be due to "Send Copy" but will be due to unexpected or incorrect data loads as outlined below.

Performance Form Audit Trail

  • We recommend that the administrator use the Blue Information Icon to access the forms Audit Trail. This can provide the best level of insight into the series of events.
  • Go to Analytics > Detail document search (available only to admins) > find the form > click blue info icon > open the route map and see series of entries.
  • From the audit trail you may be able to discern the when and who caused a send copy action, or document transfer. You can click on any links in the audit trail to drill into the information.


  • SuccessFactors limits what it logs and tracks about every interaction and transaction that each user, process and administrator triggers. For this reason, while we do have good logs, these are limited to what you see within the product in the Audit Trails and Email Notifications. Therefore, beyond what you see within the product, Customer Support can only explain the "how" someone got a copy of a form using the same evidence, logs and information that you the administrator can access.
  • What we can say with a good level of confidence is that it will not be due to a defect or system issue. People only ever get copies of forms because a person or process triggered that.


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