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How to change the cookie option configuration used on the RMK site ?

Where is the setting "TC User Session Type" found in CommandV2 and CSB?


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All Recruiting Marketing sites deliver cookies to site users' browsers. These are delivered so as to track visitor behavior, referral and source, any sort of keywords used to find the site, and of course to help them through the process of applying. However, there can be some unique considerations about cookies (some local laws govern how cookies can be used and delivered on a site), and furthermore there may be security concerns if there is an expectation that many users will be utilizing public machines or kiosks to visit the site.

There are four different cookie options that can be enabled on the site.

  • Permanent
  • Remember Me
  • Temporary
  • Server Session

Permanent means that cookies are transmitted to the user's browser that never expire and will never be removed, unless the user clears their cookies (usually as part of clearing their cache and history).

Remember Me inserts a small checkbox titled 'Remember Me' into the Subscribe and Apply business card. By checking this, a user will receive permanent cookies on their browser. By not checking this, the user will only be supplied with Temporary cookies.

Temporary means cookies are delivered to the user's browser that expire when the user closes their browser.

Finally, Server Session means that cookies are delivered to the user's browser that expire when the user closes their browser, or when the server session expires (typically about 20 minutes).

Important note

Server Session is the recommended option and the most secure, as it is governed by the server's behavior, a set variable that does not change much, and is also the most kiosk- and public machine-friendly option. All newly provisonned CSB site should have this setting.


Note the configuration of the Session type is no longer done in Command Center. To know which configuration is currently set and to change it if needed, one needs to Export the CSB Site Settings:
  1. Go to CSB > Tools > Import & Export > Export tab;
  2. Export the Site Settings
  3. Export the Site Settings twice (important note: keep two copies of this file - one unmodified as a backup in case anything goes wrong so you can restore the original configuration, and one that you will modify);
  4. Open the file with a text or XML editor (e.g. Notepad++, Oxygen, etc...);
  5. Look for the cookie section tokentype and check if the setting is as follows <tokentype>3</tokentype> this means the cookie type is set to Session
  6. If the setting is anything else then it should be changed to this value
  7. Save the file
  8. Go to CSB > Tools > Import & Export > Import tab;
  9. Import the Site Settings using the modified file;
  10. Reload the page;

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