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2090947 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0.1 ESD #2


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
347837 Fixed the return type java.lang.string for build-in function msgproplist.
368480 (1)Incorrect value is displayed for 'File block count' and 'Total data stored on the volume' in the LOAD ... WITH LISTONLY=FULL command when loading across platform. (2)On linuxia32 and ibmplinux platforms, if a dump file size on a tape or a capacity value exceeds 4GB, an append of a dump file to the tape could fail or fail to report an appropriate error message which tells there is no room to append on the tape.
378295 When the web service consumer starts, refresh the consumer metadata so that external websebservice are accessible.
391255 The datepart function gives incorrect results for TIME NULL values.
400664 New built-in function pssinfo( < spid > , ' < pss field > ') that returns several fields of the process structure.
415797 Commands using large IO buffers like 'CREATE/ALTER DATABASE', 'LOAD DATABASE/TRANSACTION', 'DBCC CHECKALLOC' or 'DISK MIRROR' may hang instead of reporting an error when ASE rans out of memory.
421084 The message 2843, "The dynamic statement '%.*s' could not be found. This may be due to insufficient metadata descriptors. Increase the serverwide '%s' parameter or the '%s' parameter." is incorrectly raised when multiple spids are running the same LWP in a multi-engine ASE environment.
426058 Enable the JMS message property "msgreplytoinfo".
426064 Enable the JMS message property "ttl".
426533 During upgrade to 15.0, the HK WASH task may terminate with a message "current process is infected with signal 11" in the module "ind__ides_getnext()" The stack trace may include the modules, open_system_table(), ind_get_ides() and ind__get_sysindrow().
430169 ASE running on the Windows platform may display a stack trace terminating with "NULL PSS on stack overflow" in the event that shared memory cannot be allocated at startup. Note that failing to allocate shared memory (maybe due to machine resource limitations) will always prevent ASE startup but should not cause the stack trace.
432558 In rare cases the customer could face this problem. After a stored procedure is created which access some tables. First the tables' schema is changed with 'alter table' or 'create index' command, and then 'update statistics' are made for those tables, Now if the stored procedure is executed, Assertion failure and stacktrace could occurs.
433980 When parallelism is turned ON and we have a join of two tables A and B, where both A and B are partitioned, we end up having to re-partition the scans of both sides. This results in not being able to push a join predicate to the scan of B, thereby not being able to chose a selective indexed nested loop join.
436667 Queries that contain a builtin function that can return a string (REPLICATE, STR_REPLACE, STR, SPACE) in the select-list and that have literal values as arguments to the builtin function and have literal auto parameterization enabled and have the statment cache enabled can get output results from these builtins that are blank-padded up to a width of 255 bytes.
437403 The builtin audit_event_name(106) returns the string "Encrypted Column Administration", which is 31 bytes long. This exceeds the documented result length of 30 bytes for this builtin.
437444 Error 696 occurs, in temporary databases, as a newly allocated page is over-written by a work table oam page, in some rare cases.
437810 When foreign key and primary key are encrypted with same encryption key and they are tinyint, smallint, bigint, unsigned bigint the referential constraint did not work properly. When the constraint is violated, error 15450 was given instead of 547, saying 'Both primary and foreign keys must be encrypted with the same encryption key.'
437974 SUBQUERY/REFORMAT: Sub-optimal performance may result when a query is executed which includes a correlated subquery without useful index on the correlated columns. Traceflag 15370 is implemented to enable reformat for the correlated subquery.
438569 In console mode installation, line up the list of location tidily on Japanese environment.
438705 Under very rare circumstances, a 694 error reading "An attempt was made to read logical page ' < Page Number', virtpage ' < PageNumber > ' from virtual device ' < DeviceNumber > ' for object ' < ObjectId > ' in database ' < DbId > '. The page was not read successfully. You may have a device problem or an operating system problem." may be raised for a page belonging to the log segment.
439573 sp_deviceattr accepts directio=true even if the platform does not support directio. sp_helpdevice shows "directio on" for the device as if ASE supported directio on the platform, but ASE will activate the device using dsync on and deactivate using directio at startup.
439857 Error 102 and 105 may occur when inserting a single or double-byte single quotation mark into a unicode character column on a proxy table.
440272 DBCC LOGTRANSFER may interrupt scanning the transaction log, or report the error "Character or binary data returned from Adaptive Server has been truncated. The client application does not support more than 255 bytes of data as a result column or output parameter." when it skips a log record with object identifiers larger than 30 characters.
440570 Use new click-through licenses texts in click-through license pannel of installer screen.
440874 When a spid is killed on the remote ASE, the local ASE may be infected with signal 11 in ksct_startio when accessing proxy table mapped to the remote ASE.
441060 Missing using a correlated predicate as a sarg underneath a subquery when the predicate involves an expression with correlated column(s). This could cause less performing plan.
441070 A sort failure may occur while rebuilding clustered/placement index as part of AMC operation. This may lead to improper rollback of AMC operation (In our case, the partition rootpage is not rolled back properly). A wrongpage error (605/696) will be thrown upon subsequent access of the table
441262 Stacktrace could happen for query with a DISTINCT clause on constant_expression(s) only. For example, select count(distinct 1+2) from t
441278 Results aren't correctly sorted in some cases when the FOR BROWSE option is used with the ORDER BY clause in a SELECT statement.
441498 Handle this situation: the "selector" is consist of blank characters when subscribing a JMS topic.
441592 Join operators evaluated virtual columns before any of the filtering predicates. As a result, they might raise user exceptions that could otherwise be avoided if the evaluation was deferred until just before the result is returned. This way, filtering predicates might eliminate the row before the exception occurs. This is similar to the problem fixed in CR 436738 (where the problem was fixed for scan, remote scan, or, and restrict ops).
441664 Sig-11 will occur if a semantically partitioned temporary table is dropped, while the semantic partitioning feature is OFF.
441785 Subquery LT/LE/GT/GE ANY/ALL syntax cannot be quickpassed to remote IQ server 12.6 and above even though the IQ server supports the syntax.
441803 Two new trace flags, 15306 & 15307, have been added to ignore forced joined orders and other forced options respectively.
442062 The value of BufferPools column in the monDataCache MDA Table for the default data cache, is incorrectly reported as two when only one pool is created.
442080 When queries use a IN list or joins under ORs, the costing had flaws such that dynamic index strategies were chosen with a RID scan, instead of a sometimes cheaper special OR optimization using an OR scan. This would only occur if joins are involved, and the OR predicate can be applied to the inner table of a nested loop join operator. In a query such as the following SELECT M.fiscal_period , T.service_key , sum(T.local_call_minutes) , sum(T.local_call_count) , count(*) FROM telco_facts T , residential_customer C , service S , month M WHERE T.customer_key = C.customer_key AND T.service_key = S.service_key AND T.month_key = M.month_key AND M.fiscal_period = 'Q4' AND T.service_key in (02, 03) AND C.state = 'CA' GROUP BY M.fiscal_period , T.service_key if the join order chosen used nested loop joins, and the T.service_key table was not at the beginning of the join order, then there was a possibility for an incorrect costing.
442182 Adhoc queries with large batches allocate memory in large chunks resulting in improved scans of the memory prochdrs. This improves response time in queries where large chunks of memory are consumed.
442213 When running out of procedure cache, error 701 is returned, followed by the corruption of the stack guardword.
442289 Wrong result may be reported when a query id executed which includes DISTINCT or ORDERBY clause along with a 'outer join'.
443098 Incorrect results may be returned under special circumstances when executing a query that involves a join with complex expressions for the join predicates and the optimizer decides to apply "reformatting" (store index) technique to the inner table (i.e. substituting it with a worktable with an index on it)
443497 On Windows xp_cmdshell with no_wait option fails to execute a script.
443575 UPDATE() function inside a trigger may fail to identify correctly which columns are affected by an UPDATE statement that includes a local variable assignment and that assignment is the first one in the SET clause.
444050 A SELECT INTO combining the PARTITON clause with a UNION raises a 205 error even though the column lists are identical.
444193 Occasionally, error message 9502 will be reported for a SELECT statement executed with 'set string_rtruncation on' for a SARG on char/varchar column that has statistics
444221 When ASE is shutdown while RTDS is enabled in a session, server could potentially stacktrace. Does not consistently reproduce but more likely on HP platform.
444489 Lava operators that use a work table as backing store may loop endlessly if a CTRL-C is issued while accessing the table. A merge-join with a very large number of duplicate join keys in the inner stream is the mostly likely scenario where this would occur. In the merge-join case, there is no way to kill the looping session.
444558 When a ASE session having RTDS 4.0 enabled is killed (kill -15), we could potentially see a stacktrace.
444913 hs_directload.sql was missing from 15.0.1 GA. The file is added to this ESD.
445260 Error message 311 occurs when updating the primary key on a proxy table
445278 select into a temp table having union all and encrypted columns could result in wrong data in the target table and a subsequent select from this table will result in 15417 error.
445284 In a Replication Warm Standby Environment marked to use indexes on text/image columns, a sp_setrepcol run to set the text/image replication status may fail if it is executed on a table marked for replication with sp_setreplicate.
445746 When inserting into a proxy table that has a constraint on one of the inserted columns and the inserted value needs a convert node (or perhaps any other builtin or expression) we get a sig 11 and stack trace like LeRemScanOp::_checkConstraints()- > LeEvals::LeEvRun() - > LeRun() - > bin__sqlhilo_X().
445749 When executing a stored procedure with an insert query that calls showplan_in_xml(-1), if the stored procedure triggers recompilation and the XML corresponding to a requested query plan can not be found, server may stack trace in LeInsertOp::_LeOpNext() - > LeDataRow::writeRow().
445991 dbcc checkcatalog may terminate with signal 11 if there is an inconsistency between sysobjects and sysprocedures for partition condition objects. The stack trace will have the following signature at the top: obj_com_col_ind_pro_cns_check()- > confirm()- > kisignal().
446207 ASE client SQL query with ANSI JOIN referecing a proxy table results in CIS generating query with the "NULL IS NOT NULL" clause, which gets error 403 from the remote server: > Error 403, State 1, Class 16 > "Invalid operator for datatype op: is not null type: VOID TYPE"
446272 When literal autoparam is enabled and we parameterize a string literal with delimiter (' or ") as escape character, the cached statement may contain extra characters at the end.
446329 A sp_setrepcol run to set the replication status using index may fail if the table was marked for replication using sp_setreplicate.
446658 sp_sproc_columns performs 15 to 20 times slower in ASE 15. This stored procedure uses another stored procedure, for formatting its output. This new stored procedure was added as part of 15.0, and causes a slowdown, owing to an expensive computation with it. For purposes of this fix, the formatting stored procedure was backed out, for returning the performance of sp_sproc_columns back to 12.5.4 numbers. The stored procedure in question(that causes the slowdown) is being examined, for performance enhancements.
446786 When statement cache and literal auto parameterization are on, the second execution of a query with a string literal that can not be converted to the server's default character set and has \ escape characters, may cause ASE to stack trace in ssql_reparse().
447075 If server crashes before alter database of master database commits, in some cases, recovery may fail with Error 14621, Severity 21 and State 1. The modules undo_anchor() and anch_process_logrec() will be seen in the stacktrace.
447103 If a computed column is defined using another base column, and when the value inserted in the table is from a stored procedure parameters and datatype for parameter is VARCHAR while the base column is CHAR type, wrong result may happen.
447111 When executing a stored procedure with a query that calls showplan_in_xml(-1), if the stored procedure requires recompilation, ASE may stack trace in LeStrmConst::write() - > LeStrmConst::read().
447188 On certain platforms and when statement cache and literal autoparam are on, server may stack trace in s_compile_stmt()- > oh_init_from_ob()- > oh_insert() when executing long statements with constant literals.
447197 This problem only occurs in systems using a non-binary sortorder. This problem only occurs in distinct queries with an order-by clause. Further, the target list must contain an expression, and there must be a character type column in the target list or order-by clause, and the number of columns in the target list plus order-by clause must exceed 32 columns. If all of these conditions hold, then the query may return the wrong number of rows.
447316 On NT platform when failing to send/receive message to/from JMS message bus, no memory violation will happen.
447769 The 692 error, "Server '%s', Line 1: Uninitialized logical page '%d' was read while accessing object '8' in database '%'." will be seen when loading locally or remotely a dump that has been taken using a local backup server version 12.5.4 ESD#3 at a remote backup server with a previous version. It will also happen if loading any sort of dump using a local 12.5.4 ESD#3 backup server and a remote backup server with a previous version. In the first case, the dump file generated is corrupted and it cannot be loaded in any manner. In the second case, although the dump file is correct, the combination of local 12.5.4 ESD#3 backup server and remote pre 12.5.4 ESD backup server will result in this correct dump being incorrectly loaded.
448733 A stack trace may occur when opening a cursor against a prepared dynamic statement with parameters that references proxy tables.
448872 Process afftected with sig11 in GtqSingleSubqScan::GtInitGcPerGt(OptBlock*) for 15.0.1 esd1 binary when there is a subquery under OR and a LIKE predicate under OR at the same time. Here is an example: ... where (user_name(o.uid) like @uname or (@nouname = 1 and not exists (select 1 from sysobjects o2 where and user_name(o2.uid)=@uname) and user_name(o.uid) = "dbo" ) )
448911 Queries containing a UNION ALL and an ORDER BY clause and having a column with a datatype of TEXT, IMAGE or UNITEXT in the select list on one side of the UNION ALL and a CONVERT builtin function to convert a literal string to a TEXT, IMAGE or UNITEXT datatype will result in a segmentation violation with the function, sendtext in the stack trace.
448987 Wrong result could happen for union/unionall over outer join when one of union/unionall projection is a column from an outer join inner table.
449177 The message: current process infected with 11 within the function, CgLavaUtils::CgSetAlign, and a stack trace that includes the function, CgGenLava::CGConsMJOp can occur when the optimizer chooses a query plan with a MergeJoin operation that includes literal values in the projection list of the inner stream of rows to the MergeJoin operator.
449327 The following sequencer of queries will cause a segmentation violation: 1 > set plan for show_execio_xml to client on 2 > go 1 > select showplan_in_xml(0) 2 > go The call stack will include the function, resetTraceObj.
449423 In rare circumstances the error 403 will be raised and caused by the version 15.0.1 ESD#1. Adding a convert() is a good workaround.
449709 A query has a SQL derived table and the derived table has a column from a subquery. If the query joins between the column on the derived table and a column on another table using LEFT OUTER JOIN clause, the query will get error 325 (Adaptive Server finds no legal query plan for this statement.).
450458 When performing 'disk refit' after 'load database master', ASE can find allocation units on disk that are no longer part of a database and so should not be reflected in sysusages. Attempting to remove the extraneous entries can encounter a segmentation fault and stack trace, causing disk refit to fail.
451549 server might hit sig11 in CgpGlobal::CgpGenerate() when executing a query involving a DISTINCT view and the part of the DISTINCT columns has a unique index on them.
451571 Silent install proceeds without a valid license. Without a valid license, user cannot boot the ASE.
452023 Union query with subquery could cause staktrace in s__mergelock_in_sub_steps(). This will happen only when there is datetype mismatch and implicit conversion is need and also involve subquery in expression.
452558 Update the bundled JRE release to address the following issues: 1) The implementation of RSA signature verification in SSL/TLS, or other application scenarios, may incorrectly verify forged signatures leading to security vulnerability. See for more details. 2) U.S. Daylight Saving Time Changes in 2007, see for more details.



  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.0.1 ESD #2
  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 ; Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition 15.0


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