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2090949 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
95163 A column created with the system datatype 'sysname', defined as a varchar(30) NULL, will get a length of 1 char instead of 30.
138926 Print the current OS version on which the ASE is booting up on in the errorlog.
189103 When a DROP DATABASE command deadlocks with another command due to a concurrent access to the Sysdatabases system table, the related database is being mistakenly considered as being dropped. This may affect the CHECKPOINT task from truncating the Syslogs system table of some databases that have the option 'trunc log on chkpt' turned on.
209360 When the SET NOCOUNT option is ON, a cursor returning 0 row displays 0 row affected.
229958 CIS: setrowcount not correctly enforced on proxy table with ASE/ASA backends.
233252 Provides an ability for users to monitor progress of rollbacks.
236855 Provide DBCC Wizard to run dbcc commands on databases, tables, and indexes.
257297 'Set procid on/off' has been disabled. This command is rendered obsolete by TDS version 5.
260508 The most recent logon dialog option, servername, username, host, port, character set, language are remembered in the session. So next time user open the logon dialog again, the previous chosen options are displayed instead of default.
263710 When the connections to a server are unexpectedly lost, either due to server shutdown or network problems, the ASE Plug-in notifies the user about the problem and gives the option to re-connect to the server. If the user decides not to re-connect, all the connections to the server and all outstanding dialogs related to those connections will be closed.
264327 Parameters tab is added on the properties dialogs for stored procedures, SQLJ procedures, and SQLJ functions. On the tab the parameters names, types, and input/output modes are listed.
264762 Database properties has default location field under the General tab.
270960 In a multi-engine environment, Adaptive Server may terminate abnormally after a timeslice error together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'unifree' and 'unicacheFree' is reported in the error log, when Unicode character set conversions are enabled and repeated connection and disconnection of applications with different client character sets occurs.
276344 The Real Time Posix Async I/O support library under Linux, in combination with Journaling Filesystems such as the EXT3 FS may show significant time delays causing ASE to interrupt outstanding Async I/O operations and terminate its scheduled operation resulting in a timeslice followed by a stacktrace with rt__daiostart() module on the stack.
279264 Support DOL worktables requiring GETSORTED operation. During a query's execution when ASE internally needs to create a worktable, if it decides to create it with a 'Data Only Locked' locking scheme, then errors such as 614, 691, 692, 696, 804, and 831 may occur.
280177 The use of CIS connections with SSL is fixed on Linux 32bit platform. CIS connections are used by Replication Agent, Proxy Tables, and CIS RPC calls, therefore SSL can be enabled to work with Replication Agent, Proxy Tables, and CIS RPC calls.
289990 On Compaq Tru64 platform, ASE requires ssm_threshold=0. If gh_chunks tuning is desired, the following guideline can be followed. If gh_chunks is non-zero, shared memory page size is promoted from default 8KB to 4MB, and those pages can ONLY be used by ASE and are wired down at boot time. The value for gh_chunks (number of 4MB pages to be wired down) can be calculated as "max memory"/4MB (for pre ASE 12.5 releases, "total memory"/4MB) rounded up. For example, to allocate 2GB for ASE, set gh_chunks=(2048MB/4MB)=512.
292699 Prevent the OS from performing lazy allocation when creating the master device by writing out all pages of the device. Reviewed Nov 2002. Fix is targeted (but not committed) for the ASE 15.0 release.
292764 The work done by a remote server in modifying a proxy table as part of a trigger execution is not rolled back when the ROLLBACK TRIGGER command is executed.
294078 SQL Preview feature implements in ASE Plugin -- User has the option to display SQL before execution
294092 srvbuild and srvbuildres fail to detect soft partitions feature of the Solstice DiskSuite. This is a regression of CR 278710.
294485 DDLGen cannot generate DDL for all indexes in a database.
294977 Feature request for function to return a true/false indication of whether dump tran is allowed (i.e. would be false if minimally-logged operations or dump tran with truncate_only had been executed since the most recent dump database). Reviewed Nov 2002. Pending further research in engineering.
295803 Feature request for an sp_configure option, something like sp_configure "disallow non-sa logins before recovery complete" [default off] that would prevent any users other than users with sa_role from logging in to the server before recovery of user databases is complete (i.e. logins would be allowed starting either just before or just after all engines are brought online).
296781 Incorrect result, 403 error, 678 error, or assertion error in sqx__mvranges() may be returned, or process may be infected with signal 11 in oj_contig_bm(), when query has a subquery against UNION VIEW.
297695 In rare circumstances, an 1929 error "Failed to reserve/initialize allocation hints space in index ' < name > ' on table ' < name > '" may be reported during the execution of a CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX command or an ALTER TABLE LOCK / REORG REBUILD command (on a table that already has a clustered index) if the table has at least one non-clustered index.
300435 When SET PLAN DUMP for Abstract Plans is enabled, the plans for statements inside a BEGIN-END block will be missing.
300931 dbcc settrunc may report memory allocation warnings when it is run in a database configured for Replication Agent.
301065 DUMP TRAN using multiple stripes may produce files with very different sizes.
304543 Multi-engine ASE occassionally fails to bring all engines online on Solaris 9. ASE kernel reports "Process < process ID of failed engine process > exited with status 0" in the errorlog followed by the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'kediagexit' together with a stack trace.
307773 When loading a transaction log dump containing a CREATE INDEX operation using a server that has a different buffer pool configuration from that at runtime, a 3474 or a 6902 error may be reported.
308518 When creating a clustered index with sorted_data option, error 1509 Severity 20 State 1 may sometimes occur: "Row compare failure of RIDs ( < pagenum > , < rownum > ) and ( < pagenum > , < rownum > ), keycnt = < keycount > , compflags = < value > , rowformat = < value > , minlen = < value > .
311604 If user fails to connect to server with default charset, ASE Plugin will suggest user to reconnect using iso_1 charset, it will reconnect after get a confirmation from user.
312703 Using JDBC/Jconnect, queries against the Full-Text Search SDS (FTS) fail with the message "syntax error, near TOKEN [.]". The same failure occurs when using isql, if the user has set quoted_identifier on.
315035 Add update statistics feature. User can display/update/delete statistics for tables/columns/indexes.
317310 A 10330 error, "SELECT permission denied on object < object > , database < database > , owner dbo" may be incorrectly reported when a stored procedure executes a SELECT ... UNION on a table in a different database."
317331 ASE will stop accepting subsequent RPC calls (until it is restarted) after one fails with an error 1601 in the errorlog.
318945 Langinstall fails with 102 and 105 errors when installing thai utf8.
319256 On Windows platform, the configuration file is not copied to the new directory when upgrading ASE using a separate directory. The resulting ASE is then booted with the default configuration values.
319374 Null extended row may not be returned, if OR condition is specified for an index column in the inner table of an outer join and 3 or more tables are involved.
319452 The message, "current process ... infected with 11" together with a stack trace that includes the functions 'lwp_create()' and 'sqt__copy_chunks()' may be seen in the errorlog when a Dynamic SQL application is running against an ASE server that is using a multi-byte character set.
321298 The Sybmon utility may report that the version of the server that was used to create a dump file is different from the version of Sybmon used to load it. The version string will appear to have some garbage characters appended to it.
321446 The existing -p flag, used to reset the SSO password, has been enhanced to admit sa_role and sso_role as parameters, to reset the roles password stored in SYSSRVROLES.
321599 In some cases the message "The requested update to the OAM for object < value > , dbid < value > , index < value > , oam page < value > , would cause a negative page count..." may be incorrectly reported in the error log when an error occurs whilst running a REORG REBUILD command.
322329 Certain queries involving a join between tables on columns with different datatypes and using subqueries could perform slower than expected in some scenarios because the subqueries are executed for all rows instead for only the ones that match the join condition.
322947 In rare circumstances, a 605 error "An attempt was made to fetch logical page ' < value > ' in database.... Page belongs to object with id ' < value > ', not to object ' < value > '", a 69* error or an 806 error may be reported when a duplicate index key is inserted into a table having both a non unique clustered index and some overflow pages. This is a run-time error and the table is not corrupted since DBCC CHECKTABLE does not report any error.
323730 An ALTER TABLE operation with ADD, DROP or MODIFY COLUMN on a large Data Only Locked table having a placement index may cause subsequent DBCC CHECKTABLE to report 7928 errors: "Index < indexname > is not consistent; found < leafrow_num > leaf rows but < datarow_num > data rows. Drop and recreate the index". Subsequent REORG REBUILD on this table may result in data loss.
324500 On 64-bit installation, the $SYBASE/OCS-12_5/lib3p64 directory is not set in the load library path.
325003 In rare circumstances, sessions that access a given database may seem to hang while the transaction log of this database is undergoing truncation either by the 'CHECKPOINT SLEEP' task or through the execution of the DUMP TRANSACTION command.
325280 The message "currect process infected with 11" is reported in the errorlog together with a stack trace which includes the module 'execudf' when bcp in to a table with a UDF default value.
325550 A 913 error, "Could not find row in sysdatabases with database id ... Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysdatabases" followed by a 14208 error "Unable to execute SQLJ function .... The function schema may have changed since the command was compiled." may be reported when executing a SQLJ function from a stored procedure or a view in a recently loaded database.
325557 Adaptive Server Enterprise for IBM AIX platforms encounters disk corruption if a database is created or altered on the master device after the master device has been mirrored with the DISK MIRROR command.
325943 Sub-optimal performance may result under certain conditions when executing a query involving a MAX() or MIN() aggregate and join operation between two or more tables because the optimizer chooses the best index to resolve the aggregate function. New command line traceflag provided to avoid aggregate optimization for queries involving joins.
326060 The error 10812 together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'trunctab' and 'cfg_notify_current_audit_table' may be reported when trying to change the current audit table using sp_configure, if the process gets into a deadlock or it receives an attention while trying to truncate the target audit table.
326126 CIS: SELECT < case expr > FROM < proxy tables join > may result in wrong SQL being constructed when quickpass is disabled.
326152 Replication Agent may shutdown with a stacktrace, including function ra__pack_struct_tok(), followed by stack overflow, when trying to process an inconsistent log record.
326289 New generic stored procedures added to installmaster. sp_autoformat is a generic procedure that can output a result set from a table auto-formatting character data. sp_exec_SQL is a wrapper procedure to execute a SQL statement via 'execute immediate' and handle errors in a single place.
326497 DBCC FIX_TEXT on All Pages Locked table loaded into an utf-8 server from an iso_1 server results in a 605 error after receiving 7952 error on DBCC CHECKTABLE.
326503 A positive (successful) XA status is returned rather than an XAER_NOTA error, when a thread attempts to attach to an XA transaction that is concurrently being rolled back by another thread.
326620 The message "process infected with 11" in the module 'dbt_curseq' together with a stack trace that includes the module 'lddb_chkcreator' may be reported in the error log when loading a database dump that was originally dumped on Adaptive Server 12.0.x.
326692 CIS : INSERT INTO < proxy table > command may insert additional EUCJIS character 0xA1C7 or SJIS character 0x8166.
326742 A 12301 error, "Internal error: the index (id = < value > ) and the data for row ( < pageid_1 > , < rowid_1 > ) in table ' < value > ', database < value > are inconsistent; data is marked deleted but index is not. Aborting the transaction." may be reported during the execution of a SELECT command on a Data Only Locked table, when another session has concurrently updated the forwarded data row above which resulted in its re-forwarding to an other < pageid_2 > , < rowid_2 > location.
326912 HA: Upon hitting 5156 error, dynamically increasing the number of devices on both primary and secondary does not resolve the issue.
326957 HA: HA failback operations may result in unexpected gaps for identity columns if any.
327503 Allow for CSMD configuration to get a memdump for error msg "ubo_object_from_slot:%s Invalid slot id %d".
327534 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'Address 0x00000000 ()' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'send_proc_audit' and 'cast_const_to_varchar' may be reported in the error log if auditing is enabled and a stored procedure using Java parameters is executed.
327546 The error 923, "User < value > not allowed in database ' < value > ' - only the owner of this database can access it.", may be incorrectly raised when trying to online a database that is setup for "dbo use only", if the database owner in the dump has a different user id from the database owner of the database being onlined.
327568 CIS: When the UPDATE STATISTICS command is executed on a proxy table, CIS will no longer issues the aggregate count SQL and the SELECT with ORDER BY statement to the remote ASE server for gathering statistics. Instead, the new default behavior for this will be accomplished via a new strategy that imports the relevant statistics from the remote ASE system catalogs. This enhancement is restricted to remote server of ASE class and may be disabled via the trace flag 11229, in which CIS will revert to the previous (old) style for gathering statistics.
327637 JAVA: The Java IO method InputStream.available() incorrectly returns zero on 64-bit ASE VM's.
327744 Rows may be missing from the result set of a query similar to "SELECT DISTINCT < col1 > , < col_unichar > ... ORDER BY < col_unichar > " when the ORDER BY clause contains a uni(var)char column and not all the columns in the SELECT DISTINCT clause are in the ORDER BY clause.
327829 With some search conditions, a OR query against unichar and univarchar columns may return wrong results.
327860 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'decision' may be reported in the errorlog for queries involving joins and qualified table names.
328351 CIS : In rare circumstances, a task which issues the "set proxy" command in a HA environment will become hard affinity to the engine.
328379 Some rows in sysattributes have tab characters embedded in the char_value field. This can cause problems for character-based bcp. ASE Engineering confirms that those strings are not being used for anything, so they should be removed.
328575 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'proc__reset_wktbl' together with a stack trace may be reported in the error log when executing a stored procedure that inserts or deletes data in a table that has more than one self-referential integrity constraints and when Adaptive Server is configured to use multiple user temporary databases. Later executions of the same stored procedure may raise a 8210 error, "Keep count of descriptor...was expected to be 1...".
328689 Correct the two dsparser errors: If content of the interface entry is separated by tab, then the entry is not read. Another one: If the end of line is a new line, then NullPointerException.
328709 Some rows may not be updated when an UPDATE statement has a FROM clause with a view containing a UNION ALL. In some cases the UPDATE may result in the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'update()'. A DELETE using the same view in the FROM clause will result in the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'norm3_setop()'.
328769 When the server rewrites the master database on a raw partition (which requires using the "-f/orcebuild" boot-time argument and either "-w master" to rewrite master or the "-z" and "-b" flags to create a new installation), the server does not initialize every allocation page on the raw partition. A subsequent "load database master" can find allocation pages from the previous installation, which can cause spurious entries in sysdatabases and/or sysusages.
328806 The Database folder has a total size (MB) column
328812 ASE on Solaris has TCP/IP incoming connections backlog queue limited to 5 which can result in some of the clients failing to connect to ASE when there is a surge of incoming connection requests to ASE. This fix enhances the backlog limit to 128 eliminating this bottleneck.
328888 Database device properties dialog 'Parameters' page is removed and its content is moved to 'General' page.
328976 DDL for a user 'guest' in a database (other than master), is not generated along with DDL for all users.
329033 Java/XML samples directory has been renamed to JavaSqlXml to better reflect the kind of sample program it contains.
329088 Migration setup fails due to unique index violation error on sysusers.
329108 sp_helpdevice reports the amount of free space on each database device
329159 In rare circumstances, OPTDIAG, when used in input mode, might fail with message "At step xxx of the histogram for 'xxxxxx', the step value is not increasing".
329181 Upgrade (to 12.5.1) process hangs while trying to upgrade a database that is enabled for 'async log service'.
329242 CIS: In rare circumstances, sp_showplan may be infected with signal 10 or 11 and core dumps, or causes ASE to hang in a CIS environment.
329302 sp_lock now returns both the object name and id for locked objects.
329357 Able to create Column level constraint from column properties. From Column properties, select constraint tab. Click on "Add" button, Check constraint wizard starts. In the constraint expression screen, user can click the "columns" button which opens the "Paste columns for check constraint" screen and select columns to be included for the constraint.
329375 CIS: INSERT < local table > SELECT * FROM < proxy table > inserts garbage when the proxy table has CHAR type column inserted into TEXT column of local table or BINARY type proxy column inserted into IMAGE column of local table.
329424 fix makefiles for 12.5.1 MCL sample programs
329430 Feature request to put additional information regarding server name and interfaces file location in the backupserver errorlog.
329454 Incorrect results may be returned for a query having more than one derived table with group by aggregates in the derived table expression.
329488 A 10711 error: "Cannot find a public method named ' < method name > ' in class ' < class > '. Either the method does not exist, or it is being called with the incorrect argument types." may be raised when trying to execute a new method added to a java class in a database that has been just loaded.
329635 ASE does not start as a service on the Windows 2003 operating system. Attempts to start the service result in the message 'the service terminated unexpectedly'
329680 Database will be able to issue a checkpoint Issuing a database checkpoint A checkpoint is an automatic mechanism to guarantee that data pages changed by completed transactions are regularly written from the cache in memory to the database device. Each time it issues a checkpoint, Adaptive Server does the following: * Freezes all current data modification transactions * Writes pages that have been modified in memory, but not on disk, since the last checkpoint, to the database device * Writes a checkpoint to the transaction log * Unfreezes the current transactions
329756 Historical Server crashes sometimes at the beginning of a view refresh
329921 Feature request Sybase able to use OS new AdvFs "Direct I/O" feature
330066 The message "nclose: Unknown servtype, 0" will appear in the ASE error log while disconnecting from a remote site (such as backupserver) that uses a TLI network listener if ASE is not using a TLI network listener.
330159 Multiple sessions get blocked on Address locks when running Java applications. This blocking results in a poor performance for these connections. Optimizations were made to the JAVA VM to allow more concurrency.
330279 Some of database devices failed to be displayed due to an Arithmetic overflow occur when ASE Plugin issue the SQL to retrieve the database devices information. The database devices retrieval SQL is corrected to avoid the Arithmetic overflow exception.
330319 CIS: For a query having a local table and a proxy table, OR search conditions of the proxy table will not be passed to the remote server if the local table is chosen as the outer table for the JOIN, and there is a builtin in the WHERE clause at the same time. A traceflag 11262 has been added to fine-tune OMNI optimizer to pass OR search conditions as many as possible.
330569 CIS: When a transaction that is executing an INSERT..SELECT (insert to proxy table) has been imposed as the deadlock victim, the session fails to acknowledge this error event and continues.
330841 Starting with ASE, CPU utilization may go to 100% when "enable housekeeper GC" is set to 1, and the housekeeper queues have filled up to more than 80% of their maximum capacity because of an old open transaction.
330962 The JVM could incidentally trap with a Segmentation Violation (Infected with 11) during engine offline requests.
331016 When user wants to delete login that has alias users or direct mapping users, a login delete dialog will display with all the login related users and ask the user whether he/she wants to delete all the users that associated with the login. This is a requirement for dropping the login. After the confirmation, all the users and login will be deleted. If the login does not has associated users, the dialog will not be shown and login delete as normal.
331052 A global variable @@version_number is now available to return the full version number with minor version included. In 12.5.2, @@version_number returns 12520. This complements @@version_as_integer, which returns the upgrade version number (12500 as of 12.5.2).
331064 xmlextract queries may return a wrong result, if the xpath contains a wildcard and fetches an attribute.
331083 A 511 error, "Attempt to update or insert row failed because resultant row of size < value > bytes is larger than the maximum size ( < value > bytes) allowed for this table." maybe reported when executing an INSERT statement based on a SELECT using a view and a UNION clause. The error is raised when the target table has a column with a DEFAULT using a builtin function like suser_id().
331107 The VCS HA agent for resource type Sybase may invoke 'monitor' and 'clean' scripts continuously and no failover occurs if thorough probe is used and ASE server fails to respond to probe before monitor times out.
331168 Increasing "size of process object heap" causes slow response time when executing single user java applications. Also at times Out of memory error is returned under a multi user scenario.
331537 From HA wizard, user can add a remote server which can be used for a HA companion server
331545 After loading a database from an older server version (that is, one which requires upgrade to make it usable by the current server), "online database for standby_access" performs the upgrade even though the database is marked as being in standby mode. This prevents subsequent LOAD TRAN in that database.
331606 The message "Database ' < db > ' is now online with a lower server version number. Refer to the higher version release notes on the limitations of backward compatibility", may be incorrectly printed during the online of a database that was loaded from a dump which originated on an 11.9.x (or earlier) version of Adaptive Server.
331758 Under some circumstances incorrect results may be returned when executing a query using "GROUP BY" clause on columns defined with fixed char datatype and when the Adaptive Server is configured with a non binary sort order.
331777 Mirroring of master device on IBM may lead to 'uninitialized logical page' message
332268 When ASE runs out of LOCKS, 707 error "System error detected during attempt to free memory at address 0x < value > ..." may be raised resulting in the session being killed. Alternatively an "infected by 11" error may occur. A stack trace will be reported in the error log showing modules 'proc_read', 'proc__fetchphdr' and 'proc_read__backout'.
332378 A UNION VIEW used in an INSERT query may result in a 622 error where the database for the target table for the INSERT is different than the database for the base table of the view.
332429 Historical Server memory corruption, potentially causing crashes
332447 When loading a transaction dump into a database that is bigger than 38000 pages, if the source and target databases have a different layout, the segment map will be set to SYSTEM + DEFAULT (segmap = 3) if the source database has segregated log. If the source database has mixed log and data, the segment map will be set to SYSTEM + DEFAULT + LOGSEGMENT (segmap = 7).
332462 Provide JavaHelp for ASE Plugin Help button is enable for properties page.
332464 A local variable using an extended datatype (Java Object) can contain an incorrect value when a field in this Java Object is from a subclass and is assigned a value from a SELECT FROM < table > statement.
332536 The branch of a distributed transaction will continue to persist after the transaction manager has committed the transaction, if the branch has incorrectly nested transactions.
332663 The fractional seconds of the datetime value will be discarded, If datetime value of a proxy_table is mapped to an Oracle TIMESTAMP column.
333077 Queries containing GROUP BY with an expression using local variable may return duplicate rows. The workaround for this problem is to remove the local variable from the GROUP BY list or to add a DISTINCT clause to the query.
333216 The error 643 together with a stack trace that includes the module 'tmp_check_nulls', or the error 233 reporting an empty column name, will be incorrectly raised if a table is created inside a stored procedure including the 'ON segment' option.
333350 When the server's default character set is UTF-8 and a non-binary sort order is configured, error message 1579 can occur in unexpected circumstances (e.g. have invalid characters in the table).
333614 Server fails to boot and will raise 1569 error when changing character set from utf-8 with one of the external sortorders (big5bin:194, cp932bin:192, cyrdict:140, eucjisbn:192, euckscbn:161, gb2312bn:137, gbpinyinbn:163, rusdict:165, sjisbin:179 and turdict:155).
333850 When a UTF-8 non-binary sort order is configured, the charindex built-in function may yield incorrect results if the length of the expression1 does not equal the length of the matching string within expression2.
333873 SQL Derived tables cannot have unnamed columns. The columns have to be always named either using the "AS" clause or the derived column list. Else, the user will get 11073 error. select * from (select sum(advance) from titles) d1 will get 11073 error. Rewrite as: select * from (select sum(advance) from titles) d1(a1) or: select * from (select sum(advance) as a1 from titles) d1
334069 Re-loading the Job Scheduler sequencer code by multiple stop / start operations can cause corruption within the JS Task sequencer memory table resulting in Job Scheduler Task violations such as Segmentation violations or Bus errors. When this happens the only way to restart the Job Scheduler is by rebooting ASE.
334289 Performing an unmount database command in the Sybase Central ASE Plugin immediately after creating a database with the ASE Plugin will fail with the error 'Cannot unmount database 'dbname' because you are not currently in the master database.'
334358 In rare circumstances, a distributed transaction may be left in an "In Abort Tran" state after one thread of the transaction manager attempts to issue a rollback request for the transaction when another thread was still busy using the transaction. This would typically happen when some sort of error had been encountered by the transaction (for example, an out of locks error).
334458 CIS: timeslice error occurs when SELECT from < proxy table > is interrupted because connection to remote server has been broken. The connection to remote server is broken due to either remote server being shut down or the remote connection being disconnected via 'kill spid' on the remote server.
334632 When UTF-8 is configured as the server's default character set and a case or accent-insensitive sort order is chosen, variable and database object names are not case or accent-insensitive, and must be specified exactly as they were declared.
334667 Kerberos for Solaris 64 platform is now enabled and supported in this release.
334831 If a row level access rule is attached to a table involved in an outer-join query it may generate incorrect results.
335248 Improve Historical Server performance
335317 A 913 error, "Could not find row in sysdatabases with database id ... Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysdatabases" may be reported when executing a stored procedure in a recently loaded database that uses a cursor and fetches values in local variables using extended datatypes (i.e. java classes).
335343 CIS : Conversion/truncation errors may occur, When an Engine is brought online after it was offlined and while inserting into proxy database involving Unichar columns.
335465 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'q_match_cols' may be reported in the error log when cross-database queries reference a database that is in single user mode and another session is using this database.
335495 Provide quick access to JISQL and SQL Advantage (Windows only) from a server connection. To execute queries using these tools, right-click the connections and select 'Open JISQL' or 'Open SQL Advantage' menu item.
335542 CIS: An outer join query declared inside a cursor can't be passed to the remote server completely even if all tables involved are on the same remote server. Cursors involving remote tables are READONLY by default. They can be made UPDATE-ABLE by default upon enabling traceflag 11218.
335588 When insert large index rows (that each page can only hold 3 rows), the index splitting may cause index level increase linearly with the number of row inserted, soon it will run out of the max index level.
335657 The message "current process infected with 10" together with stack trace which includes the module 'PDFreeDataChain' may be reported when an error is found at SSL initialization or while adding a certificate.
335774 If there are two derived tables at the same level and only one of them has a derived column list, then it may result in error 11061.
336053 In ASE 120/125 releases, parse and compile time is longer for queries with multiple aggregates and a long IN list.
336077 The message "current process infected with 11" may be reported in module 'mda_populate_monOpenObjectActivity' during the collection of monitoring data when the configuration option 'enable monitoring' is set resulting in the session being killed. The stack trace reported in the error log will also mention modules 'execrpc', 'exec__native_rpc' and 'mdarpc_exec'.
336320 When using a larger network packet size than the normal default size, ASE may encounter 'invalid length' TDS protocol errors during login.
336789 Add 'License' field on Server Properties to display edition and enabled licensed features. For example, 'Enterprise Edition, Java Services" means the ASE is an Enterprise Edition, with Java Services enabled.
337406 There was a problem where servers with user-created tempdbs would generate SEGVs upon reboot after changing the default sort order. This occurs while commiting the transaction under rec_system_ix(). User-created tempdbs should not be rebuilding indices due to a sort order change.
337444 Database will be able to reallocate space for "for load" database. It is used only after "create database for load", when user must re-create the space allocations and segment usage of the database being loaded from a dump.
337902 Sybase Central doesnt report database segment usage for a device when the device only has a default segment on it. It is corrected in ASEP 12.5.2
338157 ASE 12.5.1 does NOT support XPath functions. However, an XPath query with function operator gives incorrect error message 'insufficient memory' instead of 'XPATH: Parenthesized expression not supported'.
338189 If ASE receives an attention from client during executing EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement, this can lead to stack overflow which results in ASE shutdown.
338337 Running xmlextract()queries with xpath parameter '//*' causes a stacktrace.
338359 View with CASE expression may be materialized even if there is no need for a materialization.
338387 Adding a threshold count for the HS alarms to fire after x consecutive times a condition is met
338523 In rare circumstances, running a Java native call produces a hard fault in the ASE Java Subsystem. The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'ubffree' together with a stack trace which includes GarbageCollection modules may be reported in the error log on Unix platforms.
338714 srvbuild and srvbuildres could not recognize veritas volumes bound to rawdevice interface on Linux.
338900 Add support for Real Time Messaging Systems. This licensed feature integrates ASE with messaging systems such as TIBCO JMS. The support in ASE Plug-in includes the management of subscriptions, messaging service providers, and login mappings. Use"Messaging Services" folder to access the feature.
338919 MacOS X: Rework processor synchronization routines to be compatible with G5 hardware. Prior to this change, 2-engine configurations caused problems when running on G5 systems.
339731 Executing a stored procedure whose name has been stored into a T-SQL variable of CHAR datatype may fail and raise an unexpected 2812 error stating the stored procedure was not found whereas it actually exists in the database.
339880 The message "current process infected with 10" in the module 'plc__flush' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'xls_preflush' and 'write_prepare_rec' may be reported in the error log if a transaction is opened in one database and a Java method modifies a table in another database.
340006 Sybase Central ASEPlugin connection attempts to the server would apparently be refused if the job scheduler database (sybmgmtdb) was created but not populated, or if sybmgmtdb was marked suspect. The Sybase Central User would see a java stacktrace containing the following frames if the details button was clicked: com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybSQLException: Invalid role string received. at com.sybase.jdbc2.tds.Tds.processEed( at com.sybase.jdbc2.tds.Tds.nextResult( at com.sybase.jdbc2.tds.TdsResultSet.nextResult( at at at com.sybase.aseplugin.sql.ASResultSet.getNextRow( at
340083 A suboptimal plan may be chosen by the optimizer when a buffer pool for a particular cache used by the query has been configured with a size bigger than 2 Gigabytes.
340261 After upgrading from Mac OS X 10.2 to 10.3 all attempts to login to ASE fail due to invalid passwords.
340340 new HS direct load feature
340399 New feature: "top n" clause for select, update, delete.
340606 Editors used in these places do not save the file unless using the "Save as" function. - DBCC Wizard - Backup/Restore Wizard - Log SQL Statements - DDL Generator This behavior is corrected. By selecting the "Save" menu item or clicking the "Save" tool bar button, the file is saved immediately.
340903 Under heavy load, if a client disconnects abnormally, ASE may encounter panic termination of the Java VM associated with that client. This will be followed by the message 'Java services are temporarily unavailable while the Java system is being recycled'.
340914 Incorrect version of installsecurity script being distributed with ASE 12.5.1 on Windows platform. Correct script to use is distributed as instsecu script.
341612 Euro character not available in cp936 (Simplified Chinese) and cp949 (Korean). Undefined characters in EUCCNS should be 2 bytes wide. Charindex built-in gives wrong results with unichar datatype and prefixes consisting of only spaces. Obscure problems with normalization and surrogate pairs.
341735 MacOS X: Remove previous ASE/MacOSX limitation of 2GB memory; limitation no longer exists with Panther/G5 hardware
341823 A 2823 error, "Process < spid > tried to remove a PROC_BUF < hex. address > named 'stored procedure name' that it does not hold in the hold procedure linked list." may be raised when some processes are running concurrently stored procedures that use the same SQLJ function.
342024 Domain errors (3622), caused when generating NaN (not a number), are only reported with severity EX_INFO even if traceflag 3625 is enabled.
342244 When a proxy database is rebuilt after failback in an HA system, all the tables are created as owned by DBO, no matter who the current table owner is.
342848 An upgrade of Adaptive Server from previous versions to 12.5.1 and beyond results in the failure to start the HA services and loss of HA functionality.
342856 Under very rare circumstances, DBCC CHECKSTORAGE may incorrectly report a large number of 100018 soft faults.
342876 A 1525 error, "Sort Failure. Rollforward of sort encountered sort descriptor timestamps out of sequence..." followed by a 4313 error may be reported when loading a transaction dump that contains a CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX with the SORTED_DATA option. The workaround is to turn on the command line trace flag 1538 at runtime, or not to use the SORTED_DATA option.
342880 The installdbextend file is missing in 12.5.1 GA release on Linux Itanium platform.
343162 If user tries to install an ESD to a copied $SYBASE directory or install an ESD to a directory that doesn't contain the correct file, the ESD files do not get installed even though the installer says the installation was successful.
343644 Text/image columns should not be listed on the second page of Index Wizard for creating a new index because they cannot be the columns of an index.
343769 For Mac OS X platform: When the Backup Server is shutdown normally, a message warning of possible memory corruption is written to the backup server errorlog. This problem has been corrected.
344324 The error 10334, Level 18, State 80, may be raised if a procedure contains a select into statement using a view created on table that is recreated.
345943 After unmirroring the master device keeping the secondary side, dumps of the master database fail with an attempt to access the original master device.
346081 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module stat_check_sampling_perct may be reported in the errorlog for queries requiring sort executed in parallel.
346210 CIS: creation of proxy table mapping to remote table or RPC using CREATE EXISTING TABLE command may not work within a procedure or batch. With this fix, CREATE EXISTING TABLE ... EXTERNAL TABLE/PROCEDURE/FILE and CREATE TABLE ... EXTERNAL TABLE/FILE commands are now able to work in a procedure and batch.
346426 The $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/scripts/installjconnect script has "^M" characters at the end of every lines.
346874 The message "process infected with 11" maybe reported in the errorlog together with a stacktrace which includes the modules 'sendtext' and 'run' if a SELECT using ISOLATION LEVEL 0 selects from text/image columns and other users are updating these text/image columns at the same time.
347084 The message "current process ... infected with 11" in module 'des_unkeep' may be hit during the execution of SP_RENAME when the given object is not yet cached. The stack trace will also report modules 'exec_dbcc' and 'd_refresh_ides' in the error log.
347282 Add support for Korean language using character set cp949. Note that to use this character set in conjunction with eucksc, the sp_configure parameter "size of unilib cache" should be increased to 144384 bytes (or more) and the the sp_configure parameter "enable unicode conversions" should be set to 1.
347369 CIS: Signal 11 stack trace in ct_poll may occur when an insert-select query is interrupted by a killed connection.
347380 Msg. 103, "The identifier that starts with ' < textpointer > ' is too long. Maximum length is 30." is raised when executing the command WRITETEXT BULK < tablename > . < colname > < textpointer > and colname is called "parameter".
347475 sp_monitorconfig displays wrong number of pages for "size of process object heap".
347528 xp_cmdshell should allow commands that exceed 255 characters
347570 When the sp_configure parameter "enable unicode normalization" is set (as it is by default) and character literals contain Unicode characters requiring normalization, the parser failed to perform the normalization. This was true for literals promoted to the unichar data type, represented using UTF-16, as well as char literals when the server's default character set is configured as UTF-8.
347753 Enhanced diagnostics for access violation errors.
347891 CIS: The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'investigate_ojs' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'omni_get_ojrelops' and 'omni_findjoins' may be reported in the error log if a query with UNION and ANSI join involves proxy tables.
348235 HA on Sun may not work properly due to utils.ksh script picking up the primary ASE run file for the secondary ASE.
348331 The error 926, followed by error 12324 and a stack trace that includes the module checkstorage will be raised when running DBCC CHECKSTORAGE on a database that is marked suspect. Similar errors and stack traces are seen if the database is unavaliable for some other reasons.
348384 The error 1505, "Create unique index aborted on duplicate key. Primary key is ' < value > '" may report an incorrect key value if the index is created in parallel mode as opposed to serial.
348390 If a row level access rule containing multiple AND qualifiers is attached to a table involved in an outer-join query it may generate incorrect results.
348513 Enhance DBCC CHECKTABLE for empty ALLPAGES LOCKED tables to report error if the root page of the index has extraneous entries even though the table is empty.
348674 When installing a language other than English, message number 19178 in the different language cannot be installed.
348878 An attempt to run an interactive program under xp_cmdshell may hang the xpserver.
349194 DBXray needs to provide support for Linux
349215 ASE hangs during shutdown on linux AS 2.1.
349240 When a wizard page or properties page is active, the focus should be set to the first text field. This makes it easy to enter text without using the mouse to focus first.
349251 When a single long transaction is aborted in a primary database because it has filled up the log, replication agent is not able to move the secondary truncation point, even if all transactions have been processed by replication agent.
349337 Makefile for sample xp_echo on the windows platform does not have include paths set.
349434 A spinlock order violation and ASE panic occurs upon first kerberos login and recovery or other highly concurrent activity is also running. Invalid spinlock sanity checks are avoided with this fix.
349790 CIS : Execution of multiple Extended Stored Procedures might result in performance improvement due to an efficient connection establishment model when routed through CIS RPC mechanism after both 'cis rpc handling' and 'negotiated logins' options are turned on.
349964 The process of serialize/deserialize java objects in ASE can cause some performance issues in a multi-session environment.
350109 This fixes a straggle problem not caught by CR 348687-1. For the user: In 12.5.1, the job timeout property was labelled to be in seconds. This value was actually treated as minutes. This fix changes the labels for the timeout property to say minutes in 12.5.2.
350211 Jobs attached to repeating schedules with a 0 interval run multiple times when the schedule start time arrives.
350523 DATE and TIME datatype columns with a CONVERT builtin on proxy_table mapped to DCO will not work.
350545 Pressing the Back button from the panel after the server configuration panel results in the following error message: "default devices already exist ... If you continue the installation the devices will be deleted." Since the installation is complete at this point, the Back button has been disabled.
350567 When a database is not useable, the command checkpoint [db |all] fails silently.
350658 SQL Advantage returns incorrect syntax when there are comments in query. Tested and reproduced with: SQLAdvantage 10752, 12.5.1 EBF 11428, ASE, ASE, ASE 12.5.1
350754 When executing the Silicon Graphics IRIX installer, error message "./setup.internal[2]: clear: not found" is displayed.
350848 Due to Large Identifier implementation in ASE, tooltip will appear for names in ASE Plugin to faciliate user of reading the object name without using scrolling.
350907 The error 8201 "Keep count of descriptor (objid= < value > , dbid= < value > ) was expected to be 1. Instead 0 was found." may be reported in the error log in module 'des_rekeep' when the statement cache option is active. The module 'des_lwpdescreate' will also be reported in the stack trace. Alternatively the error 8203 "Expected to find the descriptor for object < value > in database < value > in DROP state." may be reported in module 'des__markdestroy'. The modules 'ssql__rmplans' and 'des_objdrop' will also be reported in the stack trace.
351008 Replication Agent may report the error 691, including page '0', when trying to process an update where the before image has not been marked for replication.
351074 A 614 error, "Adaptive Server accessed a row that has an illegal length of < length > while in database < dbname > ... The page size is < pagesize > ." may be reported when a transaction doing DELETE and UPDATE operations on a Data Only Locked table is rolled back. The session is terminated abnormally and may not have its resources cleaned up.
351104 When the configuration parameter 'number of pre-allocated extents' is set to zero, or ASE has been started with -T1101 to disable large page allocation, DBCC TABLEALLOC may report a 12909 error after data has been inserted into an All Pages Locked table using fast BCP.
351152 The RTMS_MSGBODY_FORMAT and RTMS_MSGBODY_SCHEMA ASE properties have been renamed to ASE_MSGBODY_FORMAT and ASE_MSGBODY_SCHEMA respectively.
351545 When the statment cache is configured and a query includes a system table update, the first excution of the query works correctly. If the user changes the "allow updates" state, the new state is ignored when the exact same query is subsequently executed.
351618 CIS : Omni server class, RPCServer, does not allow the setting of encryption, CS_SEC_ENCRYPTION, on remote openserver logins.
351656 Stacktrace may occur in ASE jvm. The stack contains the following functions : VMClassLoader::Destroy(), VMClassLoader::CreateInstance(), FindOrCreateLoader(). This usually occurs when the server runs out of memory to launch the jvm.
351764 If an optdiag output file is specified and the password is not given, then optdiag does not prompt for a password and fails to connect to the server.
351808 The DBCC DBREPAIR( < dbname > , fixlogfreespace) maintenance command unexpectedly resets the data free space accounting with empty database counts.
351965 In rare circumstances the message "process infected with 11" in the module 'buf__unhash_and_keep_grabbed_mass' may be reported on a server that uses a lot of memory (more than 1GB) some time after the creation (and possible destruction) of a buffer pool. In 12.5.1 and above, boot time recovery may automatically create (and later destroy) such a buffer pool.
351983 Importing data with the bulk copy utility into a Data Only Locked table that has an index defined on a column of CHAR datatype may result in the corruption of the given table. ASE may then shutdown itself implicitly with the modules 'bulk__normal', 'dol__ncinsert', 'bt__splitleaf' and 'bt__addrids_to_nonleafrow' reported in the stack trace in the error log.
351984 The message "Current process infected with 11" in the module 'memshrink' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'update_statistics_col' and 'ups__minorattributes' may be reported in the error log when an UPDATE STATISTICS or an UPDATE INDEX STATISTICS command is executed.
352027 A 7951 error may be reported by DBCC CHECKTABLE after a valid XML document that is encoded in a multi-byte character set, has been BCP'd into this table.
352044 If character set conversion is already active, executing the statement "set char_convert on" will cause incorrect information to be reported via the global variables @@char_convert and @@client_csid, and it may ultimately lead to the process being terminated with a a stack trace.
352103 CIS: SELECT..INTO from proxy table command against DB2 backend is slow when the WHERE clause is not forwarded to the remote server.
352153 A 257 error, "Implicit conversion from datatype < datatype1 > to < datatype2 > is not allowed" may be raised when inserting a NULL value using a parameterized statement and the datatype of the parameter does not match with the datatype of the column.
352219 Under certain conditions when sp_monitor "procedure" is executed Arithmetic overflows could occur. Also, under certain conditions when sp_monitor "connection" or sp_monitor "statement" is executed the columns SPID, LoginName, ElapsedTime, CPU_Time, PhysicalReads, LocksHeld would by empty and only the SQL Text column would be displayed.
352238 Installshield creates masterdb default size of 6Mb eventhough you define a different size during custom installation.
352309 Query with DISTINCT and ORDERBY may sometimes fail to provide required order. This may happen if the server is configured to use backward scans.
352329 Overflow, divide by zero and domain errors were being downgraded from EX_USER to EX_INFO.
352478 On a system which is very busy or has very large buffer caches, the message "timeslice < value > , current process infected" may be reported in the error log when selecting from monCachedObject. The stack trace does not identify the offending select from monCachedObject.
352509 This change affects the layout of the various Job Scheduler wizard and property windows. While no new controls were added, some fields have been moved to different wizard pages or property tabs and borders have been removed. There has been no change in functionality nor have any of the underlying stored procedures or API been changed.
352568 In rare circumstances, ASE may hang forever if the IO subsystem is overloaded and a process goes to sleep while holding the default data cache spinlock. The call stack of this process will show the modules 'dstartio', 'kd_p_semaphore' and 'upsleepgeneric'.
352586 In rare circumstances error 11068 may be raised during the parallel execution of a select-into command in module 's_estmt_loopend' reported by a stack trace in the error log.
352587 The sp_shmdumpconfig stored procedure does not consider the amount of memory configured for the statement cache when calculating estimated shared memory dump file sizes.
352600 The sp_shmdumpconfig stored procedure prints a message saying that DEFAULTS is not a valid shared memory dump condition.
352636 There is no message printed when DBCC CHECKCATALOG with the 'fix' option fixes an error.
352766 The sp_shmdumpconfig stored procedure does not correctly calculate estimated shared memory dump file sizes for the configured shared memory dump conditions when the procedure cache is omitted from the shared memory dump.
352801 The scripts runproducer, runconsumer, stopproducer, stopconsumer, runws, and stopws now accept the tokens "" and '' as a null string password for the option -P. In addition, if no argument is given for the -P option, the value of the password is also assumed to be a null string.
352802 The functionality for invoking the Consumer are now available in SybCentral. The web pages that provided an interface to the Consumer did not work properly and are no longer available.
352817 *** Wednesday, May 26, 2004 4:11:19 PM *** ralmeida *** Problem : To make this useful to customers, we need to enhance sp_depends to also report the column level dependencies. Currently, sp_depends supports: sp_depends < tablename > [, < column name > ] By default, sp_depends lists all compiled objects that depend on table < tablename > . This shows up as the 1st chunk in the output. Solution : sp_depends will now filters the 1st chunk of output to restrict the list of compiled objects that actually use the specified column. This information can be obtained from the column ID map.
352973 CIS: INSERT < local table > SELECT * FROM < proxy table > inserts garbage when NULL source column is inserted into TEXT/IMAGE column.
352980 Deleting a named cache with the same name as a configuration parameter results in the configuration option being deleted from sysconfigures.
353014 The system dynamic loadable shared object supporting xp_cmdshell could terminate with a signal 11 (segmentation violation) under constructs where no external o/s command did execute.
353109 EFTS 12.5.2 is missing all of the extended language support (including Japanese, Chinese, and Korean). Note - The extended languages are only supported on Solaris and Windows.
353257 Partition level statistics need to be displayed in the Monitoring Tables. The monCachedObject and monProcessObject tables should be updated to add Partition information, and a new table monOpenPartitionActivity added to report statistics for all open partitions.
353277 Sample program xp_echo.c does not compile on Mac OS X, and shared library does not build
353375 The performance of the analysis and redo passes in recovery for large numbers of transactions and large numbers of log records has been improved.
353460 sp_monitor stored procedure executed with the 'connection' parameter gives incorrect time values for sleeping processes.
353472 In a server with CASE INSENSITIVE sort order, creating a nonclustered index on a Data Only Locked table with SORTED_DATA option may cause DBCC CHECKTABLE to report 9996 errors; DELETEs on the table may fail with 644 errors.
353644 The message "infected with 11 in s_result_const_memfree()" together with a stacktrace containing the modules 's_handle', 's_normalize' and 's_renormalize' is written to the errorlog when executing a stored procedures which gets recompiled. During the recompile Msg. 208 'Object < object > not found.' is raised.
353679 The Sybase Central Java addition ASE Plugin, when displaying Details for master or System Stored Procedures, when sorting the the rows using "Creation Date" the dates seemed to be sorted Alphabetical order not date order. Like Dec will be sorted before May.
353718 A 2628 or 2630 error together with message "Mass < addr > found in the buffer wash with incorrect state dirty but not writing" may sometimes be encountered while doing a lot of UPDATEs or DELETEs on a Data Only Locked table.
353866 A user trying to log into the server may be blocked forever if the master database is quiesced.
353953 The fix displays percentage completion of data transfer for DUMP DATABASE and LOAD DATABASE. The percentage is not displayed for DUMP/LOAD TRAN.
354011 Customer would like a column added named "ID" which would be the Column ID, just like the older 12.0 C++ version where the Customer would be able to sort the columns.
354012 In rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may write incorrect log records for updates of DOL tables that are replicated. This only happens for replication log records and can affect the repagent.
354208 Cannot Delete an Extended Stored Procedure in the 12.5.2 version of the ASE Plug-in.
354273 While using Large Memory Feature in ASE 12.5.2, if "extended cache" size is increased from a size > 4G, then it may lead to incorrect size calculation and may result in extended cache corruption.
354281 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'memshrink' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'cri_physbuild' and 'cri_bldindex' may be reported in the error log when a DUMP DATABASE statement is run at the same time as a CREATE INDEX, SELECT INTO or BCP. The diagserver will return error message 3205 in this case.
354511 Msg. 156, "Incorrect syntax near ELSE" is raised when executing an IF ELSE construction whereby the SQL statement in the IF block is cached using the Statement Cache feature.
354578 CIS: sp_passthru is not returning the correct @rowcount value when no rows are fetched or affected by the pass-through query.
354585 A batch executing the sequence of statements: CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX on a table and then UPDATE table may fail with error 629, "Clustered index row entry for data page # is missing in index page # of table `tabname` in database 'dbname'; index row contains data page # instead. You can recreate the clustered index to fix this error Xactid is (xactid)."
354650 Noticeable performance degradation is observed in query performance when migrating to ASE and later versions on IBM 64bit platform built on AIX 5.1 OS (ASE version string reported by 'dataserver -v' has "AIX 5.1" rather than "AIX 4.3.3").
354663 Need to Support Long Identifiers for all System Stored Procedures - Have added/modified some 20 stored procedures ( see CR description for list of SP )to support Long Identifier ( 255 ) and used sp_autoformat to format the output. qpgalaxy_amats test PASSED.
354727 When the Statement Cache is enabled and a normalization error occurs, the keepcounts of other statements in the batch may not be decremented resulting in incorrect keepcounts. This prevents these statements from ever being purged using DBCC PURGESQLCACHE.
354768 Allocate memory for EJB connection sockets only under traceflag -T 1642. This new default behavior change eliminates unused memory reserved for EJB server when EJB server is not configured so that more user connections can be configured for the ASE server.
354772 When the 'number of user connections' is configured to a large value (around 30000), ASE may fail to start due to a timeslice error in module 'dbt__getfree' after the message 'Opening Master Database ... ' has been reported in the error log.
354798 Traceflag 7842 can be used to log a diagnostic message when a client cancels an operation. Traceflag 7843 can be used to reverse the changes from bugfix 269372 for situations where an existing application relies on the previous (incorrect) behaviour of ASE attention handling.
354813 Internal upgrade of a database fails with error 247 "Arithmetic overflow during implicit conversion of INT NULL value '####' to a SMALLINT field". This error occurs in databases where user id in SYSUSERS is greater than 32768.
354936 In rare circumstances, ASE may report a timeslice error in the module 'lm_internal_ctxchain_release' if a session has acquired a very large number of locks. If the lock manager spinlock is held at this point, the server will crash.
354984 A 694 error, " An attempt was made to read logical page ' < pageno > ', virtpage ' < pageno > ' from virtual device ' < devno > ' for object ' < objid > ' in database ' < dbid > '. The page was not read successfully. You may have a device problem or an operating system problem." may be reported under rare circumstances when CREATE INDEX and DUMP DATABASE are running concurrently and the server has large pools configured.
355069 'created' column in sp_helpdb output may be truncated when server charset is utf8 and language is Japanese, Chinese, or Thai.
355108 When two instances of the same shared memory dump condition occur at almost the same time, it is possible for the number of shared memory dumps created to exceed the configured maxdumps value for that dump condition.
355183 ASE 12.5.2 running on RHEL 3.0 Linux reports that (RT) Posix Async disk I/O is in use where as Kernel Async disk I/O is in effect. This is because the O/S KAIO functionality moved from the vsys_io driver making direct KAIO system calls from librt.
355246 Using a < VALUE > < OPERATOR ( > , < , > =, = < ) > < COLUMN > construct in queries using a search or HAVING clause with GROUP BY aggregate may return incorrect results. The same problem may be seen in queries with the referenced column coming from a join. The worktable transitive closure optimization is now only enabled via -T4416. Note queries using < COLUMN > < OPERATOR > < VALUE > construct are not affected.
355322 The default of number of user connections for the Developer Edition is changed from 5 to 25.
355453 For character sets that depend on external sort order files, the sqlloc GUI tool fails to invoke the charset utility to install a new sort order in syscharsets, prior to attempting to switch to the new character set/sort order, and prior to installing localized languages. As a result these latter steps fail.
355551 When an ASE (12.5.1 and beyond) listener encounters some recoverable network errors, like client aborting a connection, when ASE is in the process of accepting the client connection, ASE may consider the error to be unrecoverable and terminate that listener. If there is only one listener, no new connections can then be established. However if a system administrator isql session is available, then listener can be restarted. This condition may be triggered by some activities like a long duration shared memory dump.
355863 On Linux 32 bit, while having disk mirroring enabled with Large memory support, there is a potential to get SEGV (segmentation fault) or cause data corruption.
355877 If a column of a view is defined by a CASE expression and this CASE expression contains a existence subquery, such as 'col1' in: create view v1 (c1, col1) as select c1, case when exists (select * from t1 where t1.c2 > 100) then 'a' else 'b' from t2 A query that contains a reference to 'col1' in a OR-clause or IN-list, such as: select c1, col1 from v1 where c1 = 5 or col1 < > 'a' May return an incorrect value for 'col1'.
356005 A 2780 error, "maxlen (1) is less than length (2)" may be raised and reported to the errorlog together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'sybase_asejdbc_Param_nt_1setBigDecimal' and 'j2c_setVal' when executing a java method that uses ASE internal JDBC driver and tries to convert from BigDecimal java datatype to NUMERIC SQL datatype.
356027 A 8201 error, "Keep count of descriptor ... expected to be 1. Instead 0 was found." may be reported in the error log followed by a stack trace including the modules 'proc_get' and 'des_rekeep' during the execution of a stored procedure whose previous execution had failed with the message 'current process infected with 11' in the module 'proc__setdb_plan'.
356308 When dbcc checkdb is run on a database in offline state, systabstats object may be corrupted and error 7928.
356785 ASE ESD#4 running on HP-64 platform after a few days suddenly becomes very slow, triggered by high network activity. Incoming network I/O is very high, ASE engines use 80% to 100% of CPU at Operating System level, but do not perform any useful work. New incoming connections are most of the time refused, effectively ASE seems to be hung.
357112 INDEX: Occasionally a covered index is not used for query involving partitioned table
357181 The amount of memory needed by Adaptive Server may be overestimated. This could happen when a large number of "open objects", "open databases" or user-defined caches are configured so that following an upgrade, Adaptive Server may be unable to boot. The following message, "The value of the 'max memory' parameter ( < value > ) defined in the configuration file is not high enough to set the other parameter values specified in the configuration file...", is reported in the error log.
357241 Interactive SQL is integrated with ASE Plug-in in the following places: - "Utilities" folder: launch Interactive SQL requiring new logon infomration - Servers: launch Interactive SQL and connect to the servers - Database: launch Interactive SQL and connect to the server of the database and switch to the database - Tables and views: launch Interactive SQL to view table or view data
357477 A 871 error, "Process < spid > is trying to release a latch on buffer < value > (dbid: < value > , pageno: < value > ) without holding a latch on the buffer." may be raised in module 'getnext' or 'dol__get_lock' when the given process selects rows from a Data Only Locked table while DML commands are taking place concurrently by other processes.
357658 In an HA environment that is configured "with proxy_db", the error "Infected with 11" followed by a stack trace that includes the module 'palt__gen_addcol_clause' will be printed in the error log and the process will be killed when a table is altered to add a new non-null column without providing a default. A 4997 error, "ALTER TABLE ' < tabname > ' failed. Default clause is required in order to add non-NULL column ' < colname > '", should be printed instead.
357688 A 530 error, "Attempt to insert NULL value into column ... in work table (table id ...) column does not allow NULLS. UPDATE fails." may be raised when a java class running inside the ASE's JVM is connecting to the server using the internal JDBC driver and then executes a query on a table that has wide columns and a worktable is necessary to resolve that query.
357839 The command DUMP TRAN < dbname > TO < devname > WITH STANDBY_ACCESS may take too much time to stop when interrupted with Ctrl C or killed from another session.
357841 Sql containing many updates to the same column in a sql update statement can cause many 264 error messages and even result in a segv or access violation.
357895 ASE running on the Windows Server 2003 platform does not produce correct stacktrace if ASE executable sqlsrvr.exe is not found in the current working directory.
358007 Stored procedure executing INSERT into a table with some VARCHAR columns may incorrectly leave trailing spaces in the VARCHAR column if the source of the data is a table with CHAR column.
358090 Two new builtin functions have been added, XA_GTRID( < xactname > , 0) and XA_BQUAL( < xactname > , 0) that decode an XA transaction < xactname > and report the decoded GTRID or BQUAL as a VARBINARY value. These builtins are useful in mapping XA transactions on Adaptive Server to XA transactions within the XA TM.
358092 When forcing an index, the optimiser considers only the 1st SARG.
358148 On Sun Solaris 8 when ASE was booted with traceflag 7841 allowing for preliminary IPv6 support ASE_JAVA applets failed to establish IPv4 oriented network communications.
358239 INTERNAL ONLY: Booting the server with a mirrored master device causes a seg fault.
358269 A SELECT UNION query using a view which is materialized whereby columns of the view are used in an outerjoin-clause can return incorrect results.
358397 Transient 806, 691, 605 errors may be seen in very rare circumstances when multiple sessions are scanning the same page of an index in an Allpage Locked table.
358418 Monitor tool to display in English only.
358421 When space remaining at the end of a disk piece happens to equal exactly the size of the smallest permitted block of space, create- or alter-database will not select that piece.
358450 If a new data cache is created using sp_cacheconfig, the "APF Percent" for the default memory pool may be incorrectly set to zero when Adaptive Server is next rebooted. This can cause performance degradation when accessing any objects that are bound to this data cache.
358541 When a database is created with quoted_identifier enabled, and the name is specified with quotes, the quotes are stored in the catalog as part of the name. As a result, accessing the database requires the quoted_identifier setting and enclosing the database name in quotes. Changes have been made not to store the quotes or trailing blanks with the database name. The database can be accessed with or without quotes now. The new behaviour can be reverted using the Traceflag 113.
358556 Users will notice that when reviewing the properties for a schedule, the start time will display the actual start time specified by the user, either when the schedule was created or when the time was last updated in the properties window rather than the current server time.
358699 The process of searching for a JRE to use is now more robust. The search for a JRE follows the following steps: 1) The SYBASE_JRE environment variable 2) Search for JRE 1.4 at $SYBASE/shared-1_0/JRE-1_4 3) Search for JRE 1.3 at $SYBASE/shared-1_0/JRE-1_3
358758 When a transaction is being implicitly rolled back by ASE, then the command "KILL < spid > WITH STATUSONLY" will mistakenly report the message "Status report cannot be obtained. ROLLBACK for spid: < spid > is not in progress.".
358800 On AIX platforms, there may be a problem with populating the aio_return field of an aio control block in a timely fashion within the ASE.
358835 ASE running on the Windows Server 2003 platform does not produce a correct stacktrace when a problem occurs. This does not affect ASE running on Windows 2000 and earlier versions.
358868 Character set conversions are rejected for older (DBlib) clients when the server's default character set is SJIS and the client's character set is EUCJIS.
358954 When CREATE TABLE and INSERT are in the same store procedure, and the table is a non-temporary table with IDENTITY column, the IDENTITY column data will be incorrect.
359128 A 10479 error, "Conversion error detected while converting Java data to SQL data. Either the conversion is not supported or the datatype(s)is invalid." may be raised when using CONVERT() function to convert certain JAVA datatype values to NUMERIC SQL datatype values.
359135 This new feature allows users to create and schedule jobs for tasks they perform from ASEPlugin without actually being in the Scheduled Job folder or even on a Job Scheduler ASE.
359172 If Job Scheduler Task fails to initialize, infected with 10 in kbfalloc() is caused by running sp_sysmon with "cache wizard".
359708 New configuration options, 'max native threads per engine' and 'rtm thread idle wait period'. 'max native threads per engine' controls the maximum number of native threads that an engine can spawn. If this limit is reached, the ASE thread that requires the native thread will sleep until another thread releases a native thread. 'rtm thread idle wait period' is the idle wait period (in seconds) that a native messaging thread will wait for work. If this period is reached without new work, the native thread will fade itself out.
359822 A 2610 error may be raised when data is inserted into a table having an index key column of DATE TIME datatype.
360063 Under large number of user connections, if connections are killed repeatedly, then subsequent logins may take a long time to get through resulting in slower response time.
360414 Under rare circumstances a session may hit a segmentation violation with message "current process ( < value > ) infected with 11" in module 'bufdlink' followed by a stack trace in the error log. This results in an implicit shutdown of ASE.
360599 The current limit of 1024 AND/OR conditions in a WHERE clause has been raised to 2000. In order to take advantage of this new limit, it is necessary to adjust the default stack size upward, to approximately 300K. No change to the stack size is required unless the application desires to take advantage of this new limit. In addition to stack space, this new limit may result in a need to allocate more procedure cache space to the server. The dataserver must be started with traceflag 404 ( -T404 ) to allow this new limit to take effect. Otherwise, the current limit of 1024 will remain.
361286 A deadlock may be reported involving system catalogs such as 'sysobjects' and 'sysindexes' when a session is in the process of dropping a replicated user table, stored procedure or function.
361335 Improve support for ASIQ databases in SQL Advantage
361472 Introduce a monitor counter usage count to enable multple applications to use monitor counters concurrently
361498 SSL Clients specifying "Diffie-Hellman" key exchange algorithm in the ciphersuites fail in the SSLHandshake. Some clients, such as ODBC TDS based driver, offer ciphersuites which will cause the handshake failures. The certificates don't seem to matter in this problem. isql and OCS clients are fine as long as they specify the default ciphersuites but if the defaults are overridden and "Diffie-Hellman" is offered, the ASE fails in the handshake with them.
361570 EFTS: Traditional Chinese locales were added for Solaris and Windows platforms. Russian locales were added for Linux platform.
361694 A 691 error: "Encountered invalid logical page ' < pageno > ' while accessing object ' < objid > ' in database ' < dbid > '." may sometimes be encountered when inserting data into an Allpages Locked table with large length columns and having a clustered index.
361772 ASEP support for Encrypted Columns feature in ASE
361835 Improved the upgrade error messages to better describe the source of the failure.
361898 HA feature support on HP Itanium 64 platform running HP-UX 11.23 with HP ServiceGuard A.11.15. Support for HP ServiceGuard A.11.15 on HPPA 32 and 64 bit platforms.
361994 Integration with Unified Agent Framework (UAF) and offer enterprise-wide features such as server discovery, monitoring, and filtering.
362041 Replication Agent may not send to Replication Server an INSERT or DELETE operation performed on a table with text/image column, if a partial rollback occurred during processing.
362330 The deadlock information reported when the configuration option 'print deadlock information' is active has been enhanced such that the database name and the index ID values are reported.
362369 On Tru64 Unix platform, ASE may generate stack traces with the wrong symbol names due to the missing file.
362460 When a subquery appears in the ON clause of a Transact-SQL outer join query, the performance may not be efficient. A new traceflag 15302 is now available such that when the traceflag is enabled, ASE will do optimization for subquery attachment to achieve more favorable performance.
362751 CIS: Querying a proxy table results in client receiving a "Command has been aborted" message when the remote server is not available. With this change, more meaningful error messages 11206 and/or 8013 will be reported in the event of a transaction failure caused by the remote server shutdown.
363041 The error 3626, "The transaction was aborted because it used too much stack space. Either use sp_configure to increase the stack size, or break the query into smaller pieces." may be reported when executing some some basic queries in 64 bits platforms, if the stack size is configured with the minimum value allowed. Likewise, upgrade to 12.5.x 64 bits version from older versions may fail if the stack size is configured to that minimum value.
363150 In rare circumstances, a 12583 error (state 6), "Unable to log a record due to internal error -6. This process will retry at intervals of one minute.", may be reported and transaction locks retained after a transaction manager (like an XA transaction manager) attempts to asynchronously abort the transaction whilst another thread is still busy using the transaction.
363369 Only ASCII characters are recognized in SQL keywords, numeric literals, and punctuation. Formerly implemented under command line traceflag -T109, this is now the default behavior. Traceflag -T109 is now ignored. A new traceflag, -T114, is introduced to invoke the former default behavior of allowing equivalence mappings of non-ASCII characters to participate in SQL language parsing.
363474 An internal change within the Job Scheduler as of the 12.5.2 GA release exposes a problem within the installjsdb script whereby, after upgrading from an earlier version of ASE with Job Scheduler installed, the 12.5.2 ASE uses an incorrectly formatted command to launch the Job Scheduler agent. This causes the Job Scheduler task to generate the message "current process infected with 11" together with a stack trace which includes the modules _doprnt, vsprintf, js__execute, js__chores, jobscheduler.
363513 The 'for xml' feature fails to work when the 'abstract plan load' or 'abstract plan dump' configuration options are switched on. With either of the above options on, a for xml query throws a parser error message that looks like "Received error 156 : Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'for xml'."
363560 xp_cmdshell encounters Signal 11 when no_output or no_wait parameter is used. Error message "Invalid parameter value specified. Refer the documentation for the correct value(s). A signal(11) was raised while executing this ESP. If this is an user DLL check the code else contact Sybase Technical Support." will be sent to the client.
363810 The backupserver compression shared library name in IBM release of ASE is changed from to This change reflects standard shared object name extension used by IBM.
363844 CIS: SQL statements containing embedded convert function call with convert style number may not work correctly.
364064 On the HP-UX platform, system load average may increase substantially when ASE is doing large amounts of asynchronous I/O.
364893 The message "Error reading SQL; SQL may be lost or corrupted. Please scan again." may occur when running the SQL Expert product.
364894 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'norm3__idriver' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'norm3_driver' and 'vu_cleanup' may be reported in the error log when a nested view with more than 16 subqueries is recompiled.
364904 Some objects displayed in right hand panel of the SQL Expert database explorer are not displayed in the tree view.
365024 Incorrect lines labeled with date and time values are sometimes displayed in the Data Cache changes in the Database Expert Performance Monitor.
365069 Failures during preupgrade (for example, insufficient space in a database) are ignored resulting in hangs later on during the upgrade. Output from preupgrade indicates the upgrade is aborted, but it does not actually abort.
365145 Database Expert does not show the Index Impact Details automatically after index analysis even when the “Show details on next generation” option is selected.
365200 During recovery, in the rare case of rollback of an incomplete nested top action, a divide by zero error may occur resulting in the failure of the recovery of a database.
365374 The message "timeslice - < number > current process infected." together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'clean_process', 'kill_proc' and 'terminate_process" is printed in the errorlog after killing a spid in the server using the KILL command.
365413 The SQL Collector sometimes displayed incorrect SQL statements when queries were executed before executing a stored procedure.
365458 Change default for "enable unicode conversions" from 0 to 1.
365617 When a database is upgraded to 15.0, newly added column syscomments.partitionid will appear to contain NULL even for rows where it should have a valid partition ID. This causes display problems for certain queries. A workaround exists; refer to the workaround section of this report for details.
365624 Syconfig.exe doesn't use the specified %SYBASE% environment variable. Instead, it uses the value from registry HKLM\SOFTWARE\SYBASE\SQLServer\RootDir.
365788 The error 12309, "Expanding update on object ' < value > ' in database ' < value > ' cannot succeed on page < value > , ... This is an internal error." may be reported on a Data Only Locked table during the execution of DML commands when the given table has a lot of forwarded rows. Alternatively the error 644 "Index row entry for data row id ( < value > , < value > ) is missing from index page < value > ... Drop and re-create the index." may be reported.
365796 CIS: Occasionally, the messages "uppushaffinity: kpid < id > affinity stack overflow", and "Attach external xact failed: astc_attach failed ", may be reported during frequent DTM transactions involving remote tables.
365825 CIS: To some non-ASE backends, inserting NULL values into the remote columns with DATE/TIME datatype will cause the local ASE session to hang
365827 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module ind_obj_seg_check() together with a stack trace which includes the module catcheck() will be reported in the errorlog if DBCC CHECKCATALOG finds an entry in sysindexes without a matching row in sysobjects.
366101 Load database with 'listonly' option fails when using a remote Backup Server.
366111 The open server routine srv_xferdata will report the error "16324/10/0: srv_xferdata(): data for column no: 1 cannot be NULL" when processing a null return parameter from an ASE RPC.
366164 If extended cache is enabled on Linux 32bit platform, then under highly concurrent system if a page is being destroyed and if it happens that the same page is being wriiten to disk from secondary cache, the page may be wriiten to master device config block. This will cause config block to be corrupted. Furture reboot of the server will fail.
366206 When a database has been upgraded from version 12.5 to 15.0, sp_helpartition will display error 515 when used on an index whose sysindexes.partitiontype is null.
366239 IQ does not support the IDENTITY keyword, so CIS will no longer send create table statements containing that keyword.
366285 The installer incorrectly set the "load library path" and PATH environment values for the Enhanced Full Text Search in $SYBASE/ file.
366290 The warning "Logical Process Manager Error: Failed to get a row from sysattributes table, in etc__getexeattr(), instance 1." may be printed in the errorlog if an application is bound both to a temporary database and an execution class.
366336 The error 12934 "Page < value > of object < value > , indid < value > undergoing change ... retry the command later." may be reported when running DBCC TABLEALLOC or DBCC CHECKALLOC in fix mode, resulting in the reported page being incorrectly deallocated.
366392 Excessive CPU usage by the HK_CHORES process may occur when distributed transactions have been used (XA, DTC or ASE distributed transactions) and the configuration parameter "dtm detach timeout period" is set to a non-zero value.
366447 Allow users without the sa_role role to execute recording scripts in the Historical Server on all platforms except Microsoft Windows. Users of the Historical Server and Monitor Client Library must have the sa_role role when running these applications on the Microsoft Windows platform.
366497 Queries generating work tables when executed in user defined temporary databases bound to a named cache, may fail with message "current process ( < value > ) infected with 11" in module 'bufdlink', or 'des_add_dirty_chain_elmt'; this is another variation of the bug reported under CR 360414.
366514 The error "Server ' < servername > ', Procedure 'sp_modifylogin', Line 489: The 'CREATE TABLE' command is not allowed within a multi-statement transaction in the 'tempdb' database." will be raised when the stored procedure sp_modifylogin is used to change the login script in a HA environment.
366757 DDLGen support for Encrypted Columns feature in ASE.
366791 On Red Flag Advanced Server release 4.1, when the LANG variable is set to zh_CN.GB18030, dataserver/isql command fail.
366801 Under rare circumstances the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'pipe_sqltext' together with a stack trace which includes the module 'sqlpars' may be reported in the errorlog when "enable monitoring" (or "sql text pipe active") configuration parameter is activated.
367438 This change incorporates some cosmetic changes to the Job Scheduler Property and Wizard windows. The user will no longer see any borders and some visual controls have moved to other locations, for example: fields in Job and Schedule wizards were moved from the second to the first page of the wizard.
367513 Transient errors during network accept operations can cause the ASE listener to quit
367546 Change scoping of local variables so that the execute immediate statement could access local variables defined by the caller of the execute immediate.
367679 If the class name of remote server is not local, stack trace is seen when user access the remote server properties from Add Proxy Database wizard - Specify the Remote Server location tab.
367726 The message 15056, "The root page < root-pagenum > of index ID < indid > for empty table < tablename > can have at most one entry pointing to the first page < first-pagenum > . However, it has either an incorrect entry, or more than one entries." may be raised if DBCC CHECKTABLE is run on a partitioned table, having one or more indexes, from which all rows have been deleted.
367931 User created temporary databases cannot be added to 'Default' temporary database group.
368049 Fine-grain access control queries whose validation rule involves application context functions may return no result for parallel queries.
368068 A 3475 error may be seen following an 'ALTER DATABASE' for a database with mixed log and data having long running transactions suspended on the LCT.
368145 The installer destination panel might not look correct because it is missing the Swing implementation class.
368156 A new mechanism has been added in DDLGen to make use of persistent cached connection.
368183 An attempt to disk init a raw device that is already in use by another server fails with an error "Device activation error. PHYSNAME ' < device path > ' may be incorrect" as expected, but zeroes out the page on the device that would have been the last page of the new device as described by the disk init. This results in data corruption.
368310 When starting ASE Web Services with runproducer may hit a Security password issue.
368424 Failed to find optdiag or other utitlies under ASE-15_0 or OCS-15_0.
368538 CIS: Occasionally, sub-optimal performance may result when a query is executed which includes a TSQL outer join with some remote tables
368687 Context menus appear with right click of data tab.
368688 ASE Plug-in shows status of logins as locked in the login list view, even when they are unlocked. The propery sheet of a login shows status as unlocked even when login is locked.
368712 If recovery attempts to recreate a user tempdb when the Model database has not been recovered, then when recovery bypasses that step with message 12544, "Not recovering temporary database ... ", it will print a unpredictable database ID instead of the database ID of the user tempdb whose recreation is to be bypassed.
368782 Update English ASE Plugin help for 1253
368999 CIS: select aggregate from a view with CASE will cause signal 11.
369052 In cases where adjacent shared memory segments may not have ascending addresses, the message "process infected with 11" in the module 'buf__unhash_and_keep_grabbed_mass' may be reported on a server that uses a lot of memory (more than 1GB) some time after the creation (and possible destruction) of a buffer pool. In 12.5.1 and above, boot time recovery may automatically create (and later destroy) such a buffer pool. This completes the fix to CR 351965.
369099 ASE supports dynamic configuration of various settings. Some of this may require ASE to allocate additonal shared memory. If so, the configuration would fail with a BUS error (signal 10). This problem has been fixed.
369222 Feature request to have alphabatical sort ability on indexes/tables in cache Component
369254 Enable message "secleanup: time to live expired" to be configurable for sybmon dump.
369269 The message 'Current process ( < value > ) infected with 11' may be hit in the module 'proc_invalidate_plans' with a stack trace in the error log when the value of the configuration parameter 'max parallel degree' or 'max scan parallel degree' is reset to its default value of 1. This will result in an implicit shut down of ASE. The modules 'cfg_notify_max_plldeg' or 'cfg_notify_max_scanplldeg' will also be reported.
369627 The stored procedure sp_logiosize may display strange characters following the database names.
370033 Enhance the buffer manager to remove certain racing conditions when recycling buffers in the LRU/MRU chain in data caches using "strict lru" strategy.
370039 If a call to xp_cmdshell is coded within a sp_thresholdaction procedure, the parameters to xp_cmdshell will be truncated to 255 characters
370055 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'ex_doprint' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'lddb_chkrolename' will be reported when loading a database that has a user or group that matches an existing role name.
370120 Simplified dynamic memory tracking and management for Job Scheduler Agent.
370364 Make SQLDBGR to be JDBC3.0 compliant.
370530 Renormalization of stored procedures may consume too much stack space leading to stack overflow errors. Module name qremap__tree is printed in the errorlog. The problem is generic but is likely to happen more frequently on linux platform.
370533 A 12301 error, "Internal error: the index (id = < indid > ) and the data for row ( < pageid > , < rnum > ) in table ' < tablename > ', database < dbid > are inconsistent; data is marked deleted but index is not. Aborting the transaction." may be reported while running a lot of concurrent DMLs on a Data Only Locked table having one or more indices.
370711 Query with a builtin function which takes as the argument user name may fail to return correct result if the statement cache option is turned on and the parameter passed to to the builtin is host variable.
370760 Select into or Insert select with text/image columns and order by may stacktrace, if the source table is a proxy_table and remote server is a direct_connect.
371136 DBCC CHECKTABLE may fail to report error 2510: "Key mismatch between index page < index pno > , at offset < indoffset > and data page < data pno > (row ID < rnum > ) in database ' < dbname > '. Drop and re-create index id < indid > of table ' < tabname > '" and abort silently.
371162 SQL Advantage 12.5.1 has significant performance degradation versus 11.5
371302 A 2511 error, "Keys of index id < indid > for table ' < tabname > ' in data page not in correct order. Drop and re-create the index.(index page < pgid > )" may be reported by DBCC CHECKTABLE after doing an UPDATE to an ALLPAGES_LOCKED table having a clustered index with a one or more descending key columns.
371323 CIS: When a proxy table is updated via ct_dynamic in a client application, error 7732 may occur indicating that the cursor is READONLY. With this change, remote tables may need to be created with a unique index for table scans on updatable cursor.
371687 Error 3475 may be raised if sessions currenlty suspended on the LCT of a mixed log and data database are interrupted. DBCC checkalloc may raise multiple 12909 errors : "Table with object id=0 (name = 0) inconsistent after Large Scale Allocation. 8 pages in extent < XXX > were found reserved."
371907 Quickly repeated requests to abort or stop and then restart the Job Scheduler task leads to a variety of problems related to communication between the ASE Job Scheduler task and its agent. Symptoms include a Job Scheduler hang (no response), ct lib connection failures (as noted in the Job Scheduler agent log file), the Job Scheduler task error 'spurious states from jsagent', and log messages indicating a failure to receive a communication buffer from either the Job Scheduler task or agent.
371920 Sybase Central ASE Plug-in generates a DDLBaseException stacktrace with the following error code, when trying to generate the DDL on a Unique Constraint object: "DGP1 The Object type is invalid null.".
372191 Add diagnostics to capture CSMD for sddone "not within virtual disk range" errors
372269 DDLGen now supports ASE 11.9.2 and up.
372324 In multiprocessor Windows systems with a high rate of process login and logout, ASE encounters a timeslice error in routine ks_closeall
372422 A 702 error, "Memory request for < number_of_bytes > bytes exceeds the size of single page of 16384 bytes." may be raised together with a stack trace reported in the error log which includes the modules 'pll_exec', 'copy__constant' and 'memalloc' when executing a query statement that uses the CONVERT() function for converting to TEXT (or IMAGE) datatype and the query is executed in parallel.
372465 A stored procedure will not be found and the error 2812 will be raised if the procedure name is stored in a variable enclosed in squared brackets, prefixed with the database name and executed from a different database.
372628 Scheduled Jobs folder was hidden when user did not have a proper JS role.
372930 A 701 error, "There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch..." may be reported after running many client or language cursors in a server configured to use Abstract Plans in "capture" or "apply" modes.
373027 12323 errors: "Internal error occured during rebuild of index id %d of table ' < tabname > '..." together with 2628 errors: "In database ' < dbname > ', page < pageno1 > is linked forward to page < pageno2 > , but that page is linked backward to page < pageno3 > ..." may be encountered while running concurrent REORG REBUILD < tabname > < indexname > on the same index together with DMLs on a data-only locked table.
373187 Jobs created from a template or jobs with long (greater than 900 characters) commands are truncated when the job is created from the Scheduled Job Wizard.
373649 When the error 1514 is raised in 64 bits platforms, the text "Message too long. Length = 546." will be printed instead of the actual error message.
373722 If the recompilation of an ad-hoc DML command is detected, error 540 "Schema for table ' < value > ' has changed since compilation of this query. Please re-execute query." may be followed by a segmentation violation in module abortcmd() with a stack trace reported in the error log.
374160 When migrating only indexes and constraints for a database then the migration can hang and an unhandled exception is printed on the console window: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.math.BigDecimal at com.sybase.sybmigration.ObjectSelectForm$NextTask.doWork(ObjectSelect at ava:28)
374269 CIS: A 12974 error, "engine < number > has outstanding ct-lib/java connections and cannot be offlined", may occasionally be reported even without any active/pending CIS connections when sp_engine "offline" is used to offline an engine.
374275 Replication Agent may shutdown with the error 9219, state 29 when trying to process an object using an identifier larger than 64 characters.
374286 A 703, state 2 error, "You cannot run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch because it requires more than 24480 pages of memory" may be reported during CREATE INDEX on a large table with the 12.5.3 server.
374293 In a Replication environment, configured to replicate DDL, a create index command is incorrectly replicated.
374297 On Linux RHAS2.1 and RHEL3.0, the Job Scheduler agent repeatedly crashes, leaving core files due to SEGV and BUS errors.
374352 Large Memory feature will be disabled when used in conjuntion with Posix aio.
374421 In Replication environments, replicating DDL, Relication Agent sends an additional 'alter table' command when a functional index is created
374681 DBCC ORPHANTABLES enhanced to drop stranded temporary tables holding EX_TAB locks. These locks may be left around as a result of an ungraceful termination of a connection.
374710 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'set_cast' may be reported in the errorlog together with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_renormalize' and 'execrpc' (or 'exectrig') when a stored procedure was executed as a Remote Procedure Call (or by a trigger) and had to be renormalized because, for example, one of the underlying objects referenced was dropped and recreated.
374733 A 12328 error, "The calculated row offset < offset > of an index key on page < page > ... is out of bounds" together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'srchpage' and 'srchindex' may be reported in the errorlog of an server with a 8 Kb or 16 Kb page size during a SELECT using an index which includes variable length columns.
374775 When an index creation that is run in parallel mode as opposed to serial gets interrupted by the end-user, a segmentation violation may be hit in module 'sortclean' with a stack trace in the error log. The modules 'cri_physbuild', 'sort' and 'sam_gen_distmap' will also be reported.
374951 The ASE server process disappears after generating the message "fatal flex scanner internal error--end of buffer missed" on the ASE console, while executing a query using the Abstract Plan syntax.
374953 The message "infected with 11 in oh_init()" together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'oh_init', 'yyparse' and 'sqlpars' is written to the errorlog when executing an INSERT or UPDATE statement and supplying large amounts of text for a column of type text.
375289 Auto update statistics feature added to ASEP
375576 When the configuration file is backed up after any configuration options is changed, the name of the previous file is truncated to the first 3 characters of the actual file name.
375578 Reduce the number of calls to mutex lock and unlock in kaengdowork.
375635 SybProtect Utility to improve ASE security on Windows platform.
375669 ASE installer does not log correct version string of ASE being installed through InstallShield in %SYBASE%\log.txt file.
375751 Database Check Consistency wizard will not has preview and scheduler buttons
375755 hpia64 : If "maxfiles" (soft maximum number of file descriptors per process) kernel paramter is greater than 32767, ASE could go down due to infected with 11 with a stack trace including kadefer().
375914 When UPDATE STATISTICS is run on a proxy table that maps to a non-ASE remote server, the warning messages 11294 "The remote server ('server_name') class < id > is not supported by UPDATE STATISTICS in import mode." and "UPDATE STATISTICS will not run in import mode." will be displayed. This causes sp_text_notify on EFTS text index table to produce an error "RMTQUERY, Execution of query 'update statistics < dbname > . < owner > . < text_index > ' failed." in the EFTS log.
376069 DDLGen puts in "null" for "not null" columns in table DDL when "allow nulls by default" is true for a database.
376291 When incorrect keywords (MESSAGE PROPERTY, OPTION, etc) are passed to messaging builtins (msgsend(), msgrecv(), etc) The following error is reported Incorrect syntax near 'Invalid pointer param number 2, pointer value 0x10'.
376344 ASE panic stacktrace in ksfreesocket after sp_listener operation
376490 ASE running on the Windows Server 2003 platform does not produce correct stacktrace if ASE executable sqlsrvr.exe is not found in the current working directory.
376755 RTMS feature is supported on hppa64 platform as of ASE 12.5.3, however installmsgsvss script is not included in ASE 12.5.3 release. Also, instructions for post installation tasks on hppa64 platform for RTMS is missing in ASE 12.5.3 Coverletter.
376861 After user entered the password to configure an existing ASE with Syconfig, Syconfig displayed error message "Server '%1' is a pre-4.8 Sybase Server. It must be upgraded to at least version 4.8 before being used with auditinit.".
377058 Install 3rd party source files used by ASE under $SYBASE/ASE-12_5/ThirdPartyLegal on Linux.
377075 A 9289 error, "RepAgent(5). Log record (1370, 17) contains inconsistent data. Transaction log may be corrupt" may be reported in a server with a multi byte character set when data inserted in a varchar column is longer than the definition of the column. This can happen for an insert using binary values for the character column.
377105 If the trace flag 9217 is active, the Replication Agent will not stop operating after having reported the error 9289 due to an inconsistent log record found. Instead it will attempt to continue the replication after having reported the error 9290 in the error log.
377307 Update ASE Plug-in to Sybase Central 4.3 and to co-exist with other Sybase Central Plug-ins under Sybase Central 4.3.
377617 On the Solaris platform, ASE tasks may hang indefinitely while waiting for disk I/O to complete. This will occur sometime after a different task encounters a fatal error, such as a timeslice error, while performing disk I/O. The stacktrace for the timeslice error will include functions such as aioread() or aiowrite(), kaio__daiostart(), and basis_daiostart.
377912 DDLGen generates NULL in Grant Statements for 'Update Statistics' and 'Truncate Table'
377920 Role and Login can be copy and paste (or drag and drop) to a ServerGroup, Server or similar type of object folder in different servers.
377973 In rare circumstances a 3474 error, "During redo the page timestamp value is less than old timestamp from log....", may be reported in the error log during recovery of a transaction which ,at runtime, was truncating a table around the time that a checkpoint was taking place.
378102 Feature request to allow sqlupgraderes to perform all the necessary preupgrade checks WITHOUT actually UPGRADING. Currently this call can be done with the GUI sqlupgrade.
378126 A query using a compute clause on an empty table will cause a stack trace. For example, "select col1 from tabA compute max(col1)" will fail if there are no rows in tabA.
378481 When UPDATE STATISTICS is run on a proxy table that has more than 1 index and the remote statistics is not available, error message 11290 “Distribution statistics for column ' < column name > ' in index ' < index name > ' is unavailable or incomplete in the remote server.” shows incorrect < index name > against the < column name > .
378535 Not to display SQL Preview and Scheduler Button for Java Wizard
378541 References to "SQL Advantage" and "JISQL" have been removed in ASE Plug-in. These two query tools are replaced by Interactive SQL, which has tighter integration with ASE Plug-in.
378698 Changing execution class from EC0 to EC1 does not correctly reset process priority until the next login, it should happen immediately.
378774 User can't choose the location of sybsystemdb device in syconfig.exe. It always use the device at %SYBASE%\data\sybsysdb.dat.
379200 The error (warning) message 11290 "Distribution statistics for column ' < column name > ' in index ' < index name > ' is unavailable or incomplete in the remote server. UPDATE STATISTICS will not run in import mode." is displayed if UPDATE STATISTICS on proxy table detects no entries in the remote systems statistics catalogs. This warning message will no longer be displayed.
379852 Temporary disable Monitor GUI in ASEP Galaxy Beta2 due to JRE1.1.8 remove from drop area No more Monitor Server selection in Server Properties or display of Monitor folder.
380074 Default job timeout value is now 60 instead of 1800.
380184 The JS-XX_X directory has been moved under the ASE-XX_X directory and renamed jobscheduler.
380433 Applications using Dynamic SQL may encounter an "infected with 11 in sqt__release_chunks" message; modules 'sequencer','lwp_create' and 'sqt_deallocate' are found in the stack trace for the terminated connection in the errorlog.
380822 SybMigrate not preserving identity values during migration. When migrating tables with identity columns the identity values were recomputed when created on the target server.
380995 CIS: Segmentation fault occurred in routine omni_prune_subtree_cnvtnode() for select-into queries against DB2 backends.
381009 Invoking sp_sjobcontrol with the run_now option does not result in the job being immediately run. Instead, the job is run when another stored procedure request is handled or the next scheduled job comes due.
381168 Hide Password information when display Monitor Viewer
381231 The message "Type Code: 100019; Soft fault that has been upgraded to a hard fault OAM entry is present but there is no allocation." may be mistakenly reported by DBCC CHECKSTORAGE when it is run on a freshly loaded database dump and the given database dump was taken on a busy ASE environment initially.
381308 DBCC CHECKSTORAGE run for a database with no text/image data may fail raising the error message "You cannot use the text workspace ' < TEXT_WORKSPACE_NAME > ' for database ' < DBNAME > '; required minimum size is < X > KB. The workspace is only < Y > KB"
381456 sybmgmtdb log fills when installing Job Scheduler.
381526 ASE may not be able to boot against a configuration file on HP and RS6000 platforms due to number of file descriptor issues, even if the configuration file contains low values for the number of user connections and the number of devices. ASE boot failure reports in errorlog "Verification failed for parameter 'number of user connections'".
381629 Correct this error: Device number greater than MAX Java Integer value will display as zero.
381870 An 834, 821, 8201 and other errors may be reported when ONLINE DATABASE is performed on a fully onlined database.
382284 New feature: support added in migration tool to allow encrypted column migration.
382355 Improve housekeeper garbage collection rate for index pages under aggressive GC option.
382386 Replication Agent may do not sent the after image of an update if the column is defined as unsigned smallint.
382522 When UPDATE STATISTICS is run on proxy table that maps to a remote view, the command fails with some diagnostic errors in the ASE error log file.
382542 Spinlock contention on the memory pool that manages the 'heap memory per user' configuration parameter may be observed on a heavily-used multi-engine Adaptive Server.
382548 The concurrent execution of a batch or a stored procedure that contains the commands CREATE INDEX on a partitioned table, DROP of a partitioned table, and SELECT-INTO that is run in parallel, may cause an undetected deadlock scenario between the concurrent tasks, requiring an ASE restart to unblock the situation.
382555 A 12314 error: "Bad child page pointer found on page < pageno > of index with id < indid > of table < tabname > in database < dbname > . Expected child page pointer to be < pageno1 > but found < pageno2 > . Check if the index is consistant using DBCC." may be encountered while running a lot of concurrent INSERTs, DELETEs and UPDATEs on a DATA_ONLY locked table.
382866 The installer fails with "Object to update not found in VPD..." error when user tries to install other Sybase products over ASE 12.5.3 IR or ASE 12.5.3 ESD1 installation.
382905 Remove Preview from Proxy Table wizard
382961 In Warm Standby Replication environments replicating DDL, a drop command may be incorrectly replicated if the object is using a large identifier.
383052 Add more explanations and instructions about default and rule expression, as wizard should be self explanatory.
383083 A transaction will be incorrectly rolled back when rolling back to a save point that follows a save point to which a rollback has already been performed.
383722 In rare circumstances, a 605 error "An attempt was made to fetch logical page < page > belongs to object with id ..." may be reported by a table scan on a DOL table when a slow BCP IN command has been previously run parallel on this table. Only expected for a 64 bits server with more than one engine or a 32 bits server which is started with -T712.
383950 Maintain high-water mark for monSysStatement.MemUsageKB to reflect the max. amount of procedure cache memory allocated by each individual statement.
384112 For long job or schedule descriptions some of the description text may not be visible.
384412 Error message 14513 requires two arguments (the database name, and name length), but ASE was providing none. The result was a poorly formatted error message, or, on some platforms, a stack trace and terminated connection.
384761 ASE Plug-in 15.0 Beta2 version displays incorrect values for size of Database Devices.
385204 SQL execution from server group. SQL applies to all selected servers in server group, user can view their output, status, error messages (if any) in one dialog.
385607 Feature Request-Sybase able to use the OS "DIRECT I/O" feature.
386327 Adaptive Server may provide incorrect results for ct_dynamic() call requesting CS_DESCRIBE_OUTPUT if the dynamic SQL executes multi-statement batch and SELECT statement returning the data is not the first one in the batch.
386445 A column defined in DB2 as LONG VARCHAR was not being mapped correctly and any SELECT of the column would fail to return the correct data.
386912 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'com__subquery' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'constree' and 'com__op' may be reported in the error log for a SELECT with a subquery under a CASE statement and an OR clause. A view using the same combination can also result in error 3626, "The transaction was aborted because it used too much stack space"
387036 sp_start_rep_agent with 'recovery' option run for an offline database will report the error 9280: Unable to start repagent on database < dbname > because that database has not been recovered and/or is not online.
387059 Temporary Databases and User Created temporary databases are not listed in Cache Bindings list.
387440 The error 8419 "Could not find index descriptor for objid < value > , indid < value > in dbid < value > ." may be raised during the recovery phase of a database with a stack trace reported in the error log with modules 'recovery', 'pg_zap_dealbit_db' and 'pg__recalc_oams'.
387523 On a 32 bit Linux platform, a 695 or 697 error may be reported in a server configured with 2K pages and Large Memory Support(the "extended cache size" is set to a non-zero value).
388369 If user installs an ESD to a release directory that doesn't have file ASE-12_5/scripts/installjconnect, the installer will throw a ServiceException.
389281 A version string has been added to the installmontables script and this version is registered with ASE when the script is installed using the sp_version stored procedure.
389302 Sqlupgrade may report "Error fetching results for query: ... CREATE TABLE spt_committab... " after "Running installcommit script", likewise the installcommit script may report error 2714, "There is already an object named 'spt_committab' in the database."
389537 UPDATE STATISTICS on proxy table that contains numeric or decimal datatytpes may fail with Error Message 11291, Level 11, State 3: “Histogram(step) statistics for colidarray < hex colidarray > is unavailable or incomplete in the remote server.” together with diagnostic error in ASE errorlog stating “Query in fetch_histogram() has error in fetched col = (varbinary column). Expect datum length ...”.
389952 ASE may experience a hang under heavy disk i/o conditions due to lost delayed I/O requests.
390136 An INSERT ... SELECT query that uses the TOP delimiter will unexpectedly insert zero rows in the target table.
390450 ASE has supported Apple's service discovery mechanism, previously called Rendezvous (and now called BonJour) since ASE version This service allowed client programs to discover the location of a server, and connect to it, without having to configure the server in an interfaces file. However, services could only be discovered on the same subnet as the client. Since Mac OS X 10.3, the Rendezvous (BonJour) API has been updated to allow domain-wide service registration and service discovery. To enable domain-wide service registration within ASE, first set an environment variable in the RUN_servername command file at $SYBASE/ASE-12_5/install. The environment variable is BONJOUR_DOMAIN. For example: set BONJOUR_DOMAIN ; export BONJOUR_DOMAIN This feature is also available for Backup Server and XP Server, and is triggered by the same environment variable.
390627 The error 4821 "Identity value overflow error" may be unexpectedly raised during the insertion of rows with the BCP utility, if the target table had its schema changed earlier to gain an IDENTITY column and one or more non nullable column(s). This error would manifest only if the given columns were added through a single ALTER TABLE command.
390649 Add a monLicense Monitoring Table to present information about licenses in use by the Adaptive Server Enterprise.
391734 On a 32 bit Linux platform, an OAM page of a recently created table may contain the object id of another recently created table, resulting in a 605 error when server is configured for Large Memory Support (the "extended cache size" is set to a non-zero value).
391901 A 2630 error "In database ' < value > ', page < value > is linked backward to page < value > , but that page is linked forward to page < value > ." may sometimes be encountered while several sessions are running concurrent DELETEs on the same DATA_ONLY LOCKED table in a multi-engine environment.
392325 Monitor GUI been updated to use JfreeChart from Netchart.
392463 syconfig.exe or sybatch.exe creates "%SYBASE%\data\sybsysdb.dat" device during the ASE upgrade.
392645 SamReport, the utility by Microvision supporting SySAM 2.0, should be launched from ASE Plug-in's Utilities Panel. Modify Utilities folder, add Wizard so user can add in external utilities
392692 For internal use only (update complete lists for DBISQL, ASEP, DDLGen and PlanViewer drop)
393021 Error message shown when localized help is missing or a help topic is missing from localized help.
393211 Some of the memory data items in monitor client library (e.g. SMC_NAME_MEM_CODE_SIZE, SMC_NAME_MEM_KERNEL_STRUCT_SIZE) always return a zero value.
393368 The message "Invalid column length: < xx > . Value must be between 0 and 30 for 'all-pages' row with minimum row length of < xx > ." is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'insert_index_row', 'ncupdate' and 'obj_newrow' when executing CREATE TABLE < identifier > , whereby the identifier is > 30 bytes using a multibyte character set.
393452 Column level constraints don't show up in Sybase Central if column numbers are used instead of column names
393542 In rare circumstances, a 692 or other similar error may be reported on the master database when restarting Adaptive Server after a earlier abnormal termination or SHUTDOWN WITH NOWAIT.
393895 Makefile make.unix provided for sample program sample/esp/xp_echo.c does not work on IBM AIX 64bit platform.
394178 sjobcontrol stored procedure does not stop JS immediately when stop_js command is issued.
394179 JS stored procedure sjobcontrol does not return 0 for success for all the command options.
394341 Typo in an informational message when running Sybmigrate. "Migrate database data is not allow because migrate server data wasn't selected during the setup session." Should be 'allowed' instead of 'allow'
394869 Command line trace flag 7603 is no longer supported. The client's IP Address is always logged as part of the LOGIN Audit Event.
395095 Include license info from sp_lmconfig
395712 Use valid_name( 'name', 255 ) for checking object names with large identifier support
396565 DDLGen has a new type - 'LK' for generating DDL defintions of Logical Keys - keys generated by sp_primarykey, sp_commonkey, sp_foreignkey statements. The name to be supplied in '-N' parameter is the table name.
397149 ASE Plugin for Sybase Central: "Create Table DDL" inserts extra commas into table contraints if they are longer than 255 characters.
397636 Job and Schedule names with spaces and other nonalphanumeric characters were being rejected by the ASE Plugin GUI.
398110 Transactional queries involving remote tables may hang on Windows platform configured with SSL when trace flag 3431 is used.
398666 The preupgrade utility does not check for and enforce correct spelling in its printed messages.
398675 The error 874 "Process < spid > is trying to unkeep buffer < buf_addr > (dbid: < dbid > , pageno: < pageno > ) without releasing the < type > latch it holds on the buffer." may be raised when an interrupt is received by a query on a Data-Only-Locked table using the isolation level 3 (serializable) and performing a backward scan.
399320 Make the network listener immune to non fatal errors.
399421 INTERNAL ONLY: when JS Agent is enabled in a server being upgraded but the JS role names do not have the IDs that ASE expects for them, upgrade fails with a "duplicate key" error in sysusers for any database containing JS roles.
399694 DBISQL failed to import Excel 2.1 worksheet. This has ben fixed.
400746 After upgrade to 15.0, the LCT value selected from systhresholds can differ from the in-memory value reported by sp_helpthreshold's invocation of lct_admin("reserve", 0). When this problem occurs, the in-memory value is correct, and the systhresholds value is slightly lower.
401279 Error 632, Severity: 20, State 9, during upgrade to 15.0, if the pre-15.0 installation had system catalogs bound to named caches and if the caches are not defined in the config file used during upgrade. This problem will not occur if the upgrade is performed through sqlupgrade.



  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.0
  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 ; Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition 15.0


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