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2090978 - Syncing accounts to RCM - Recruiting Marketing


  • Candidates who exist in RMK, but not in RCM, face a couple extra hurdles that they will need to overcome to successfully utilize SSO from the RMK platform into RCM.

     For existing users, their data exists and has already had its data storage consented to by the candidate. However, this consent only applies towards the candidate's data in RCM; it does not apply towards the candidate data in RMK, as well. As a result, when a new RMK candidate (but not new to RCM) comes through the RMK platform, they need to ensure their own data is consistent.


  • Recruiting Marketing


New RMK users logging in for the first time are required to utilize their RCM account credentials to successfully SSO into RCM. This means leveraging the same username and password as defined in RCM.

  1. Say there’s a candidate who has a profile with RCM, but emphatically not with RMK (they’ve applied to a job in the past or have been migrated over as part of a new purchase of RCM)
  2. Let’s say this individual goes out to an RMK site
    1. If they try to log into RMK with their existing RCM profile, then they get the following error message, because their profile does not exist in RMK: Your login attempt has failed. Please check that your email and password have been entered correctly.
    2. If they then try to reset their password, then they get the following error message: The user does not exist in our system. We expect some candidates may drop off at this point as they would expect to have a profile in our system as a former applicant.
    3. If they use a different email address than their RCM profile, then they can proceed with the process without further issue but will essentially have two RCM profiles and will lose their previous application history. This lets them apply to a job but is ineffective in letting them view their existing profile and existing jobs.
    4. If they use the same email address as their RCM profile, they will have to sync the accounts by logging into their RCM account (with their remembered password). This process is not initially apparent to new RMK users, and we strongly suggest that Rx customers put instruction or direction on their RMK site to account for this.
    5. If they use the same email address as their RCM profile, but utilize an incorrect password, they will receive an error not permitting them to proceed. This is because they are attempting to login, via SSO, to their existing RCM account and the credentials are not working.


  • This workflow is expected functionality.  RCM clients that add RMK as their career site will experience a less than ideal workflow for existing candidates.  We do allow accounts to be synced when a user is new in RMK and existing in RCM, but the workflow is confusing without direction to the candidate (who may try to create an account with an existing email, but utilize the wrong password (#5 workflow above).


  • Syncing user accounts between RCM and RMK has some significant data privacy problems.  We're not able to move candidate data without the data's owner (the candidate) explicitly agreeing to a data privacy policy. We cannot move protected candidate data without consent, and due to the current RCM ad RMK architectures, we cannot modify our existing structure as it stands.


  • Instead, SuccessFactors recommends instead modifying the content on the Subscribe and Apply business card, similar to the below, to provide instructions to candidates going through this process. From here, candidates can be given direction in terms of what password to use, as well as a link into RCM provided for them to reset or recover their password and then "integrate" the accounts on their own.



Long-Term Improvement

  • Naturally, as mentioned, this is a structural/infrastructure-related problem and both our Engineering, Product and Systems teams continue to watch this issue for potential improvement. It is also expected that, as RMK integrates into the broader suite of BizX tools and options, that this concern will be addressed and integrated into existing product functionality.


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