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2090982 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0.3


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
52945 Enhance sp_dboption to instruct the user when to run DUMP DATABASE in case options like 'trunc log on chkpt' or 'select into' are changed.
348743 New Feature: Java in ASE to support package.
360969 Eliminate duplicate wait event descriptions in the monWaitEventInfo MDA table.
392556 sp_monitorconfig reports a high value for Num_Reuse output per pss resources and doesn't correlate with the values displayed in column Num_Active.
397291 Global variables may return invalid negative values
397342 Flush all data to the Sybmon log file whenver the 'log off' command is executed.
402472 Historical Server playback mode returns incorrect information on 64bit platforms
405784 The "Add" items (e.g. "Add Database Device") in various folders, normally used for opening a wizard, are replaced by toolbar buttons (e.g. "Database Device" button).
415162 On a heavily-loaded system, the message "The Java VM associated with process < spid > is abnormally terminated" in the jvm module may be reported in the errorlog even though the client performing the java work terminates normally.
426791 ASE hangs or crashes when 3604 flag is enabled along with 7825, 7826 or 7827 flags.
430568 Feature request to increase or eliminate the current limit of 48 on number of execution classes.
432469 There is no error message in the errorlog indicating shared memory is locked successfully into physical memory or otherwise.
436330 Under rare conditions querying the monOpenObjectActivity table may result in error 14108 or a stack trace reported in the error log including the modules "mda_populate_monOpenObjectActivity", "mda__accumulate_ptnstats_for_obj" and "ind__get_sysindrow".
438678 User may receive bogus SySAM warning emails during product installation.
440821 Add to installmaster a new system stored procedure (sp_tab_suspectptn) to list table(s) with suspect partitioning.
440924 ASE prints the User Connection Report at the 24hr interval irrespective of the license type.
441274 CREATE RULE statement incorrectly allows the creation of rules that use subqueries on its definition.
441776 Historical Server version 12.5.4 crashes using the 'direct load to ASE' feature when executing hs_create_recording_session.
442525 A union with subquery in the result list may fail with error 530 ("Attempt to insert NULL value into column %d in work table (table id %ld); column does not allow NULLS. UPDATE fails.") if the subquery is producing empty result set.
444292 The common name in ASE SSL Certificates is restricted in that it must match the name of the dataserver.
445595 Add a MaxOutstandingIOs column into monEngine for "Max Outstanding I/Os" per engine.
447210 Need updated/configurable java VM in ASE for upcoming changes to Daylight Savings time. related to Solaris issue Customer would like to know the versions and date as soon as possible.
452033 Backup Server needs to print Open Server operating system related error message in error log as well as standard error.
452178 Optdiag input mode may fail with error message "At step < n > of the histogram for < column > , the step value is not increasing" for variable length datatypes.
453103 After primary service group fails over to secondary node, the primary HAase resource cannot go offline if the secondary ASE resource is already offline. The failure to go offline properly may also prevent primary HAase resource from going online on secondary node later even if primary ASE resource is brought back online.
454460 Query executed from the trigger and referencing tables INSERTED or DELETED may fail with errors if the optimizer decides to apply a strategy which is using a worktable based on INSERTED or DELETED table.
454609 Table scans on DATA_ONLY locked tables running at isolation level READ COMMITTED may sometimes fail to return qualifying rows if there are concurrent INSERTs/UPDATEs happening on the table.
460825 Execute immediate queries referencing outer scope variables may sometimes fail with syntax error about non declared local variables.
460907 Under certain circumstances, when ASE is using Java(enable java = 1) with multiple engines online, server may crash with signal 11 in kbfalloc routine.
461201 Poll for all completed ct-lib I/Os issued from the engine every time the scheduler checks for I/O completion. Also, the engine does not relinquish CPU to the OS if there is any pending ct-lib I/O from that engine.
461850 A new configuration parameter called 'bind to engine' added for Rep Agent. Using this Rep Agent may be forced to run on a particular engine.
462331 soc_printpeername should print port number of client associated with invalid tds
463176 Schema count is not incremented correctly for a table when dropping a foreign key constraint on if a table has multiple foreign key constraints. A stored procedure using this table will not automatically be recompiled yielding a 3601 internal error.
464192 In some circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" together with a stack trace that includes the modules "fdpr_glue_tramp_align__fdpr", "conn_hdlr__fdpr", may be reported when using XML features on IBM Linux Pseries platform.
464760 Login to ASE using LDAP may hang with the message "Waiting for native threads to be released, or for 'max number of ldapua native threads' to be increased." even after increasing value of 'set_max_ldapua_native_threads'.
465198 infected with 11 in OptGlobal::_GblInitPopRules due to size of 0
466507 Running the installer with "-options-template" switch generates an incomplete options file.
467566 Specifying an abstract plan (AP) with any query will cause the query not to be stored in the statement cache.
468188 SELECT INTO query with UNION may not execute correctly if the query plan generated for the parallel execution will be adjusted to the serial execution.
468715 If current LDAP URL state is ACTIVE, it becomes READY after sp_ldapadmin 'activate'.
469316 A login occurring during engine startup can hang until another login occurs when extended password encryption is used to encrypt passwords on the network.
470113 RPC call from ASE12.5.x to ASE15.0.1 might not work normally when sending bulk data. Increasing ASE parameter "remote server pre-read packets" from the default value 3 to 200 can workaround the issue.
471674 A 835 error (Illegal attempt to change contents of buffer) may be reported on Linux 32-bit systems, if the extended cache is enabled. This CR fixes the problem.
472260 Previously Database Device Wizard asked for device path first before device name. This has been reversed to be more consistent with other wizards.
472679 When running "sp_spaceused" stored procedure without any parameters against a database with a very large log device, response time maybe slow.
472783 The sp_modifylogin setting "max failed_logins" is documented to be the number of allowable failed logins before the account is locked, however ASE is locking the account upon that number of failed logins.
472960 Attempt to convert UNICHAR data to TEXT succeeds on the first row but fails on subsequent rows. Example: select convert(text, my_unichar_col) from table.
474593 When configuration option 'select on syscomments.text' is set to '0', Adaptive Server doesn't permit access to 'text' column of syscomments by non-sa users.
474808 When setup with "-console" is executed,some parts of License Agreements in Japanese are unreadable.
474897 The 'srvbuild' binary when used on solaris 10 will fail if there is no existing interface file.
475245 In some cases, DDLGen incorrectly misses out the WITH OVERRIDE clause for the last disk piece of a database when generating the DDL for multiple databases named by a pattern specifier. Also in some cases, when generating the DDL for a single database, the WITH OVERRIDE clause is generated for some ALTER DATABASE statements even when it is not necessary.
476068 18278 error occurs when the number of unrelated execution classes exceeds 50.
476090 On some storage devices when creating a new ASE server the srvbuildres utility will erroneously report that the master device does not exist.
476441 On IBM AIX platform, Backupserver can occasionally give false io errors due to a synchronisation issue. The error message could be similar to the following: D00: SYBMULTBUF ERROR: Wait for i/o completion failed: State=zzz, Msg=Attempted to transfer xxxx bytes, but yyyyy bytes were transferred by operating system call read/write. Backup Server: [zzz] Error for device ' < device > '. Attempted to transfer xxxx bytes, but yyyyy bytes were transferred by operating system call read/write.
476631 When executing a stored procedure with trace flag -T299 (to open temporary tables by name and avoiding recompilation of procedures using externally created temporary tables) the ASE may decide to renormalize the procedure too often. This happens if a procedure includes a statement performing covered index scan on a temporary table created outside of the procedure.
477152 sp_fixindex run for the Sysusages clustered index may lead to errors 8204, 806 and ASE boot failure.
478171 The BatchID column value in the monSysStatement and monSysPlanText MDA tables may be different for statements executed within a single batch for statements using execute immediate or deferred compilation. The monSysStatement and monSysPlanText ContextID value is not set consistently.
478928 Auditinit may incorrectly claim that there is not enough free space on the specified device(s).
479378 To support SQLs UDFs in ASEP.
480644 A new string comparison implementation for GBPINYIN and GBPINYINNOCS sortorders has been incorporated into ASE to improve query performance on queries involving Simplified Chinese (GB) characters. This essentially replaces the default string comparison processing which uses the Unilib APIs. Streamlining the Unilib comparison removes the processing overheads hence improves performance. The new implementation supports the existing GBPINYIN and GBPINYINNOCS sortorders for UTF-8, CP936, GB18030 and EUCGB charsets. A boot-time Traceflag 2411 is available to revert back to the default behaviour.
480690 ASE version 12.5.4 ESD #5 and 12.5.4 ESD #6 on Solaris may show higher cpu utilization due to a high number of brk system calls.
481144 Parsing of very large TEXT literals may case timeslice errors in heavily loaded systems.
482129 Under some circumstances the message "current process infected with 11" maybe reported in the error log when executing a batch of DML statements and a trigger executed a ROLLBACK TRIGGER WITH RAISERROR.
482398 If an attempt is made to use DISK INIT/DISK RESIZE to add more space to a device than is actually available, the command aborts on some systems and on some systems the commands executes to add as much space as is available.
482482 When killing a task in "LATCH SLEEP" state, message "Killing spid: < SPID_1 > will not be immediate because it is waiting for a latch held by spid: < SPID_2 > ." will be printed to the errorlog. This connection cannot be killed until all latch owners have completed their work or terminated.
482563 Unnecessary join with sysprocedures, in a SQL command in the procedure 'sp_sproc_columns'. Its columns are not being used either in projection list or where clause. This is leading to more I/Os which are unnecessary.
483642 No error messages or trace information is available when the High Availability agent for ASE on Windows/MSCS cluster decides to failover sometimes.
484076 Under some circumstances the execution of a stored procedure which uses execute immediate for creating other stored procedures and had to be recompiled maybe be aborted reporting in the errorlog the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'set_cast' including a stack trace which includes the modules 's_renormalize' and 's_recompile'.
484098 HA VCS 4.x: Enhanced diagnostics information for the VCS4.x HAase Agent. Also fixed a possible hostname comparison failure when one hostname obtained is short form of the hostname, and another is a fully qualified hostname with tailing domain name.
484549 Explicit or implicit convertion of java datatypes may someties lead to the corruption of the query plans.
484805 Numeric modulo function can generate wrong result when aggregate functions are involved in the calculation.
484982 When long running chained transactions are left active in the database, even though they have not done any DMLs, they may prevent housekeeper from doing garbage collection in the database.
486766 A join query with a plan using the Dynamic Index strategy may sometimes fail with error "Msg 1504 Internal Sort Error. Empty Index Page found.". This may happen if the optimizer decides to use the Dynamic Index as an inner table in the join and the parallel sort is applied to the Dynamic Index worktable.
486888 The Monitor Server can be slow in detecting ASE has shut down. This can lead to problems on restart.
488339 For query with varchar/varbinary column and there are a lot of histogram steps on the column, the compilation could hit the Assertion ((*ppFreeBase > = *ppBoundary + ElementSize) || (*ppFreeBase + *pFreeSize < = *ppBoundary)) failure under diagserver. Under non-diagserver, it might lead to memory corruption and signal 11 stacktrace in the optimizer statistics handling code area.
488436 Backup server may display configured shared memory per stripe value incorrectly. The message with wrong value will be as follows (in this example, 0 indicates wrong value. It could be other value): "Backup Server: Configuring the shared memory per stripe to 0 bytes."
489273 Job Scheduler stored procedure sjob_control enable / disable fails on cursor execution
489402 Job Scheduler stored procedure, sp_sjobcontrol, may fail with invalid cursor name
490808 PowerTransfer does not support the Sybase traditional "-I" parameter to specify an alternate location for the interfaces file.
491127 Sybmigrate may fail against 15.0.2 or higher when translating sysservers due to added column srvstatus2.
491163 Outer join queries that incorporate a merge-join/hashjoin strategy may not return null-supplied rows.
491593 When like clause contains expressions such as 'a12' + '%', the query may run slower where a table scan is choosen instead of index scan.
491882 Historical Server doesn't respond anymore after hs_create_recording_session is issued.
492349 Connecting to a remote server that has not been started hangs if the retry and delay counts are configured for the remote server in the interfaces file.
492373 Implementation of "Large Page" support on AIX platform
493198 Pre-12.5.4 and pre-15.0.2 logins need an upgrade action so that "Authenticate with" functionality will properly work for KERBEROS logins. An upgrade action should modify the status bits so that values 244 or 480, which have meant 'ANY' in the past, are reset to 0 in the 4 authentication mechanism bits of syslogins.status
493736 During UPDATE STATISTICS, the number of extended steps, that is, the product of the requested step count and the histogram tuning factor, is restricted to the maximum of 10% of the number of rows in the table and the requested step count. However, if the histogram tuning factor is at the default value of 20 and the proposed number of extended steps is greater than 400, then the actual number of steps in the histogram is restricted to a maximum of the requested step count and 400.
494315 If a query which uses distinct either explicitly or implicitly and no legal query plan is found and it is observed that there has been a timeout event during optimization then it may be due to this CR
494709 The dataserver engine fails to restart after running CSMD in sybmon.
495055 When sp_monitorconfig "number of user connections" is run, the result may show "Num_active" and "Max_Used" as 0.
495587 12.5.x OpenClient that are using SSLPlus 3.x cannot connect to ASE15 or OpenServer with 2048bit RSA keys.
495877 Signal 11 (SIGSEGV) could happen in the module 'ResRelOp' when compiling a query qualified for a general OR plan (e.g. with IN predicate). Also it would only happen when the index used for the general OR doesn't cover all search clause columns of the table and there is some equijoin on the column which is not part of the index.
497387 ASE 12.5.4 ESD#8 Installer would not proceed again when a wrong directory is specified in the first instance.
497557 A 821 error "Attempt to unhash buffer in cache ..." may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'buf_online_database' and 'cm_bufunhash' when an offlined database is in the process of being onlined while a concurrent session is trying to run a DBCC command in the given database.
498072 When the 'expire login' option of sp_passwordpolicy is set to '0', the password of new logins are expired and needs to be changed upon first login.
498076 When a database is set in single-user mode and one tries to start the replication agent on the database, replication agent does not start and reports errors 924, 9229 and 9241. Subsequent attempts to re-start replication agent will fail with error 9262 and 18421.
498088 SySAM2.0 setup of ASE15.0.2 installer can be set up only at once. When you make a mistake in a setup of SySAM2.0, please modify using a sp_lmconfig command.
498184 Clarification of error message 7628. This error needs to explicitly state that the ASE must be rebooted to start the auditing process.
498215 When Running the following query sp_helpdevice it is taking DBISQL a very long time to return the plan in the plan tab. In some case past the five min mark. Seems to be performance degregation going on.
498243 Request to support configurable keystore for SSL certificates.
498930 Remove licensing requirements for Java in database feature.
499058 Improved "insert into < table > values " performance when statement cache is off.
499092 Update variable assignment expression involving subquery was being evaluated at the Subquery Filter operator in order to improve subquery performance and avoid possible exception. But this led to some undefined behavior change compared to pre-15.0 with respect to some form of variable assignment. This happens only because we use a form on non-deterministic SQL syntax that is well documented. The fix here is temporary in nature using trace flag 15322 so that customers could use the old semantics with the possible caveat that this could lead to run time exceptions or performance issues.
499408 When real time messaging is enabled on ASE to use MQ. The additional engine spawned to handle MQ tasks uses up very high cpu even when there is only 1 messaging operation.
499656 Different messages are printed on error of dropping a login through sp_droplogin when ldapua is enabled and disabled.
500330 sp_sysmon "app_only" stops reporting application detail after several hours
500736 Character data type table column in the SELECT list might return unexpected trailing blanks when the column is involved in an equjoin with some character data type expression. Also hash/merge join was not available between character data type column equijoin under nocase sort orders.
500872 After a database dump and load, ASE may not be able to access the SQL UDFs created before the dump.
528407 In some circumstances, Adaptive Server may throw a message "current process infected with 11, in the module CgpUnion::_CgpInitProjection, together with a stacktrace which includes modules like CgpMergeUnionAll::cgpInit", when a UNION ALL query is being executed.
528604 On the Solaris platform, ASE may encounter a timeslice error during boot if ISM (intimate shared memory) is in use and the amount of memory configured is approximately 100 Gb or more.
528830 Previously DBISQL11's OUTPUT command did not work in command-line mode. This has been fixed.
528833 Previously DBISQL 9.0.2's PARAMETERS command did not work properly. This has been fixed in DBISQL 11.0.
528848 For failed authentication, authentication mechanism is missing in login audit record.
528854 Auditing of dropping and adding user messages prints the database user name information in the "objowner" column of the audit record.
528994 Previously, DBISQL11 would report a synax error if you executed an INPUT, OUTPUT, or READ statement which was followed by "GO". This has been fixed.
529256 Checkstorage may fail on 64bit platforms, with an arithmetic overflow error 247 followed by error 12964 DBCC cannot insert the row in the dbcc_operation_log table for this check of database '%s', aborting check.
529566 New feature: Create a password_random() built-in that generates a random password which satisfies the password complexity "minimum checks".
530220 Kerberos logins with connection failover support fail to connect to ASE when HA is configured.
530481 LDAP URL setting did not fail when the access account distinguished name (DN) is an invalid or non-existing DN. The error 'No such object' is returned by LDAP server for invalid DN.
530498 Misleading error message from Backup server indicating write failure for archive device during load operation. The actual failure occurs while writing to data device. Following or similar error messages could be seen in errorlog: D01: SYBMULTBUF ERROR: Internal error: In db_proc, the C_MBUF command is invalid when the context is DEST_RUN. Backup Server: [107] Error for device ' < archive_device > '. Attempted to transfer xxxxxx bytes, but yyyyyy bytes were transferred by operating system call write/read.
530618 Indirectly activated sa_role is not able to execute system stored procedure sp_listener.
530958 Introduce a new dbcc command to delete a particular plan or all plans associated with a particular procedure from the procedure cache. dbcc deleteplan(db_id/db_name, obj_id/obj_name, plan_number) Delete the procedure plan specified by plan_number dbcc deleteplan(db_id/db_name, obj_id/obj_name, 'all') Delete all plans associated with this procedure object.
531043 In case of database with mixed log and data, 603 error (out of session descriptors) might occur due to lot open descriptors on an object with id 99.
531111 When 'statement cache' is enabled, Adaptive Server might incorrectly display that it is using an expression to evaluate the selectivity of a predicate containing a 'BUILT-IN function' as part of 'set option show long' output.
531199 Optimizer doesnt consider certain query plans for large queries, which could result in suboptimal query plans.
531713 UPDATE with view and inner join fails with error 206.
531911 Install JRE 1.6 in $SYBASE/shared for ASE 15.0.3 release
531947 dbcc replicate_txtcol does not reflect 4th parameter (setrep_index) in the 9142 message.
531964 The sysprocesses cpu and physical_io fields are both flushed together whenever the lesser of the "io accounting flush interval" or "cpu accounting flush interval" is reached.
532198 When ASE starts up with large default network packet size which is equal to max network packet size, ASE may raise a message "usinitpktsz: Unable to allocate overflow buffer of size xxxxx from pool".
532743 Running a query with large joins of more than six tables may get a stacktrace in the module 'stat_add_sample'.
532911 Kerberos logins with 'data integrity' or 'replay detection' option (-Vi, -Vr) may raise a TDS protocol error: "An invalid PARAMFMT stream was received." when a query is sent to ASE.
533001 External LDAPUA/PAMUA login accounts with 'CREATE LOGIN' mapping failover to ASE authentication when 'enable ldap user auth'/'enable pam user auth' is set to 1.
533030 When LDAP User Authentication is configured and there is exactly one mapping of LDAP user to ASE login, then synchronization of LDAP and ASE password fails. Additionally, when LDAP server is down and failover to ASE authentication is permitted by configuration (enable ldap user auth = 1), then providing LDAP user name with correct password fails the login - despite the fact that there is mapping of the LDAP user to ASE user.
533277 A query involving a UNION such that 1) one side of the UNION is a SELECT from a derived table involving a join between two tables with a DISTINCT on the projection; and 2) the other side of the UNION is a SELECT < constant > might lead to wrong results. An example query would be: select et.col1 from (select DISTINCT et.col1 from et, cl clkp where et.col2 = clkp.col2 and clkp.col1 = 'Dependency' ) et UNION select 'All'
533419 ASE does not set the length for text columns in dynamic sql statements
533467 A query of the form: INSERT tab1 SELECT ... UNION ALL SELECT ..., where the second SELECT contains a NOT EXISTS subquery that references the target table (tab1) may insert extra rows into tab1 in ASE 15 compared to pre-ASE 15 versions. The ASE 15 behavior is the expected behavior, but to maintain backwards compatability, command line trace flag 9580 has been introduced to force pre-ASE 15 behavior.
533686 The message "User has been dropped from current database" may be mistakenly reported when SP_DROPUSER is run although the user to drop is not actually dropped.
533812 If an insensitive cursor referenences a java ADT, then doing fetch may hit error 'process infected with signal 11" with stack trace in the module of jcnstGetObject() and LeEmitSndOp::_LeEoRouteResults().
534108 In multidb transaction, tempplc gets flushed even when it is not necessary.
534175 Query with a groupby under a correlated subquery might miss a much better execution plan if the groupby itself also has its own correlated subquery. The better plan would be evaluating the groupby only once and storing the intermediate result in a worktable.
534293 When there is an entry name " < hostname > " exist in interfaces file, custom configure js cannot proceed.
534553 DBCC TABLEALLOC/TEXTALLOC/INDEXALLOC when run in 'OPTIMIZED' mode and with the 'FIX' option supports the correction of '100039' faults reported by DBCC CHECKSTORAGE for user tables; this fault describes an incorrect extent OAM page hint.
534554 Dynamic Buffer Allocation for group_hashing and distinct_hashing strategies is limited to sessions where the tempdb is bound to a named cache.
534605 A stored procedure, which creates a table and reads or writes that table, may incorrectly access a table by the same name created outside of the procedure. This happens in the following circumstances: - Database owner creates procedure - Database owner creates a table with same name as table created in procedure - Procedure is executed by a non-database owner - Procedure's access to the table is specified without qualifying the table name with an owner name.
534688 On IPv6 enabled machines, the sp_listener stop/suspend command fails to stop/suspend a listener after starting the listener successfully by the command "sp_listerner start".
534827 Query with AND/OR clauses may stacktrace for certain order of OR clauses in the query.
534890 Arithmetic overflow for numeric +/- expression involving more than 2 operands could happen during execution.
535392 Procedural query compiled in the deferred compilation mode may fail producing stack traces if during the compilation the server has to perform the internal upgrade of the DEFAULT clause. Errorlog indicates modules 'add_default', 's_getTreeOrPlan', 's_reinstallProcTree' and 's_normalize'.
535559 Repeat to issue the message reporting that there are insufficient spinlock monitors to monitor all allocated spinlocks.
535630 The error 206 is raised when executing a query containing views and involve nested outerjoins.
535666 TEXT values returned by remote procedure calls with CIS RPC handling could be corrupted when UTF-8 character set is used.
535719 When turning on statement cache, subsequent execution of a query on VIEWs that fires an instead-of trigger and involves LOB may hit SIGSEGV and stack trace from the module 'eval_locator_bi'.
536105 There is a syntax error in when used on AIX platforms. It can be corrected by changing: export LIBPATH $SYBASE_JRE'/bin:'$SYBASE_JRE'/bin/classic' To LIBPATH=$SYBASE_JRE'/bin:'$SYBASE_JRE'/bin/classic' export LIBPATH
536161 The Sybase Central ASE Plugin may display negative or otherwise incorrect values for the unused space field under the devices tab.
536186 For self-join delete queries, different rows may be deleted depending on the table order in the FROM list. By default, the first reference to the table being deleted in the FROM list, whether it has a correlation name or not, is used as the source of rows to be deleted. Under command line trace flag 120, if there is a reference to the table being deleted without a correlation name, it will be used as the source of rows to be deleted, regardless of where it appears in the FROM list. If no table without a correlation name is found, the first reference to the deleted table will be used as the source of rows to delete.
536314 On Unix systems other than Solaris, a server may hang under heavy CPU load while executing the command DBCC STACKTRACE(0,-1,1) and the server may not accept any new connections.
536528 Appropriate errors are raised for DDL operations that do not suitable for VHASH table.
536565 Max row size limit is unchanged when alter table lock scheme is done more than twice.
536616 ASE gets infected 11 in sqx__do_transform during update statement w/ trigger
536815 The message "Failed to allocate memory for column level datachange counters for database 'dbname' (dbid), 'objname' (objid), ..." may be reported in the error log mistakenly when a session is killed or otherwise interrupted.
536894 When the following conditions are true: 1. trace flag 7725 is on 2. abstract plan load is on 3. enable literal autoparam is on if failed to associate APs with the parameterized text, text will be parameterized again using 15.0.1-style autoparam name, and retry AP apply with the new text.
536912 Loading a 12.5 transaction dump including REORG REBUILD log records into a 15.x ASE may fail with a segfault error showing the modules 'bt__rebld_row' and 'bt__rebld_prepdestrow'.
537367 Under rare circumstances the message "process infected with signal 11" in the module 'ind__ides_getnext' may be reported in the error log with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_compile', 'substitute' and 'ind_rowcopy' when a SQL command is in the process of being compiled. This will result in ASE shutting down itself.
537570 SEGV in the module 'CgpInplaceUpdateVars' could happen when the query has a subquery under an OR predicate and there are more than 6 joining tables.
537601 Executing a query having more than 6 tables may hit a 540 error when the optimizer's alternative greedy algorithm leaves tables opened in the event of an exception.
537823 In some circumstances, queries involving declared variables may result in character interpolation assertion (ratio > = 0.0 && ratio < = 1.0) on diagservers.
537887 Overwriting of authentication mapping takes place silently without any warning.
537931 When the number of free object descriptors is less than the number of objects with entries in sysprotects calling sp_helprotect without parameters can flush the object descriptor cache.
538161 sp_statistics could return arithmetic overflow during implicit conversion of NUMERIC value to a INT field when operating on tables with more than 2^31 rows. This could also be seen when creating proxy tables.
538487 When the Job Scheduler component is not selected during installation, using srvbuildres can still configure it.
538488 DDLGen generates 'NULL' SQL statement for granting the permission of the DELETE STATISTICS command.
538527 select show_plan() can get error msg and SIG 4 sometimes.
538584 Clearing sql replication settings via sp_setrepdefmode, may remove the threshold configured at object level. Simmilary, when clearing the object's threshold, the sql replication settings may be lost.
538649 A 5846 error, "Illegal value '128' specified for configuration option.." displayed while trying to configure 'global cache partition' to 128.
538693 signal 11 (sigsegv) might happen in ResRelOp() for a nested outerjoin query with more than 2 table join inner to the outerjoin.
538727 Provide users an option to disable "Remember Password" feature in Sybase Central ASE Plugin during installation for ASE.
538777 HA failover or failback can fail when the connection that is running the HA takeover on the companion and a connection that is failing over have the same user login and the connection that is failing over gets locks on syslogins catalog before the HA takeover process does. The failover or failback does not complete and HA state on the companion remains unchanged.
538910 In rare circumstances, a stack trace may be reported in the errorlog involving the modules 'GtuUnion::_GtcNTopPopsGenerate' and 'GtcChildOptBlockN::_GtcBestArgsGenerate' during a query that involves both more than 4 UNION sides, parallelism and one UNION side with a distinct projection and greater than 6 tables.
539103 Monitor Server crashes in comn__sig_accept_thread upon receiving SIGHUP.
539162 The message "no message text" may be reported when a DBCC CHECKTABLE command has been previously run against an ASE configured to use a non-English language.
539355 Job Scheduler fails to start on Windows with IPv6 enabled.
539440 When statistics are not available for queries that consider "distinct" operators, either an implicit distinct (such as an EXISTS subquery) or explicit "distinct", then the magic number used for the duplicate count is 10% for each column in the projection list. If there is one column in the distinct operation, then 10%=1/10 translates to 10 distinct values, or 10 rows. Creating statistics on the distinct column(s) will correct the problem. The default behaviour has been changed to assume a unique column, i.e. no reduction in rows after a distinct operation, when statistics are not available. This can be reverted to the old behavior of 10% by using the new optcriteria no_stats_distinctness either at a session or query level. The new behavior will tend to discourage eagerly placed sort nodes in query plan when statistics are not available, whose purpose is to reduce row count.
539513 SybCent 15.0.2 - permissions tab error "For input string "" on Unix platforms
539757 sp_displayaudit doesn't report auditing configuration on extended stored procedures
539780 Executing groupby queries with groupby columns reference java ADT may hit stack trace from LeHashEntry::Compare() in the module of LeHashContext::ProcessTuple() if the query plan chosen uses HashVectAggOp.
539782 For cursor query referencing java ADT, spinlock and guardword corruption may happen if the cursor is not closed before exiting the session.
539821 Wrong result could happen for MERGE or HASH join when there is an equijoin predicate t1.c1 = < expression on t2.c2 > and another redundant or equivalent equijoin predicate t2.c2 = < expression on t1.c1 > is added which is simply a transformation from the first one. For example, t1.c1 = t2.c2-1 and t2.c2 = t1.c1+1
539853 Application Tracing doesnt work with "set statistics" options in login triggers.
539897 When the host component of a sp_listener command is an ipv6 address, it should be encloded in brackets. For example "tcp:[2001:ec8:4008:1::123]:80"
539924 ASE 15.0.2/AIX does print stacktrace with fdpr (Feedback Directed Program Restructuring)on FBO binary instead of trying to map that to the correct function.
540008 There is no uninstall binary on HP-UX Itanium (B.11.31) after install ASE.
540060 Sybase Central stack traces when trying to view roles: Current thread: AWT-EventQueue-0 java.lang.NullPointerException at at$RoleColumnPermissionPage.initTableComboBox( at$RoleColumnPermissionPage.initComboBox( at$RoleColumnPermissionPage. < init > (
540144 A session executing a query may hang in modules 'des_get' and 'open__lwpbyname' while the statement cache is active.
540214 In some rare situation, printing SQL text could cause stacktrace.
540230 May hit 11501 error while drop a function based index on partition table
540770 In rare circumstances, the message "Infect with 11" in modules 'memcpy' and 'com__dateadd_both' may appear in the errorlog during a query involving more than 6 tables, Nested Loop Joins and SARGs with convert(), dateadd(), getdate() and datepart().
540794 If statement cache is turned on and 'enable metrics capture' is also set, executing a query referencing temp tables will hit SIGSEV in the module 'memalloc' along with stack trace in the module 'metrics_dump' and 'ssql_purge_stmt_hastemp'.
541218 The rollback of a bulk insert operation on a table with TEXT columns may encounter a 3478 error. This situation may happen for UNITEXT, or TEXT columns in a multi-byte character set server.
541567 Previously when DBISQL tried to connect to an ASE running on HP-IA, the connection would fail with a mustached character set. User had to manually select "iso_1" to connect to the server properly. This has been fixed so that no user-interaction is required in such situation. The Connect Dialog would internally switch to the proper character set.
542013 After running sp_companion 'prepare_failback', an error 940("Dbtable in wrong state for operation") is reported while committing a transaction.
542079 In Adaptive Server 15.0.2 ESD#6 and later, when a database, originally created with log and data mixed, is extended on to another device using the ALTER DATABASE command without using the LOG ON clause, the newly added disk piece gets marked as "data only" instead of "data and log". That is, no log space is added by the command. Due to this, the database may run out of log space sooner than expected.
542096 For UNION ALL query under allrows_dss optgoal (or "advanced_aggregation" is on), signal 11 stacktrace might happen in CgpUnion::_cgpInit() during compilation. The stacktrace is more likely to happen if "append_union_all" is also turned off.
542143 When an instead-of trigger is defined on a VIEW that involves LOB columns and proxy tables, then executing a statement on the VIEW that fires the instead-of trigger may fail with message 3621, "Command has been aborted."
542209 Support reuse of cached statements that reference TEMP tables across sessions under trace flag 299.
542234 Firing an instead-of trigger on a view with big LOB colums may hit SEGV in memtextlen() along with the stack trace in the module of '_LeEoSendColumnToClient'
542352 For select query in browse mode and the query does not involve any tables, it could cause: CT-LIBRARY error: ct_results(): protocol specific layer: external error: There is a tds protocol error. Premature end of the datastream was encountered. e.g. select 'Mary' for browse
542539 Improvements include: * Release of the basic QPTune functionality * Add missing stats support * Save queries to user specified groups before any tuning exercise * Change setting default optgoal during fix to avoid any conflict * Other bug fixes and cosmetic changes to improve the existing utility overall
542721 Executing a query with parallel reformatting plan may hit error 8211 in the module of 'des__hashinst' together with stack trace in the module of 'lwp_create'.
543088 sp_showplan may not provide correctly the query plan for a stored procedure with statements compiled in the deferred mode.
543422 Installer failed to create UAF Windows service in upgrade install.
543639 Using "bcp in" to a table whose specified name (database + owner + table name) exceeds 255 bytes will fail with no error message from ASE.
543800 A search with a equality clause comparing an INT column with a literal numeric that exceeds MAXINT incorrectly returns rows.
543930 ASE failed to disable mirror device if error occurred while opening the mirror device.
544112 Queries that use a partition table (call it PT) and contain a SARG against PT on a non-partitioning column may return too few rows. The query must also contain a SARG against PT's partitioning columns such that some partitions can be eliminated during optimization. Take the following query as an example: select * from S inner join PT on S.c1 = PT.npc and PT.pc > = 1 The predicate "PT.pc > = 1" can be used to eliminate some partitions during code generation (pc is PT's partitioning column). The equijoin "S.c1 = PT.npc" is a SARG against one of PT's non-partitioning columns. In this case, once S.c1 has a value of NULL, no more rows will be returned from this equijoin even after S.c1 is refreshed to non-NULL value. Note that this problem could also occur across stored procedure or cached statement invocations.
544247 Many "Error formatting options file entry..." errors occurred during generate silent install record file, and when execute silent install, also has errors.
544256 On some platforms a stack trace in n3__make_jsig() may result when a sqlj procedure is created with more than the allowable number of parameters and there is a matching java function installed on the server.
544679 Executing UPDATE queries involving NULL LOBs may hit error 691, "Encountered invalid logical page 0 ..." with a stack trace in the modules 'updtext()' and 'wrongpage()'.
544704 The query below may return 0 row if FKcol1 and FKcol2 columns on table B are character variable-width, nullable datatypes and col1 and col2 columns on table A are character fixed-width, non-nullable datatypes. select B.FKcol1 + ',' + B.FKcol2 from A, B where B.FKcol1 + ',' + B.FKcol2 = 'TEST5,T' and A.col1 = B.FKcol1 and A.col2 = B.FKcol2
545058 ASE running on Sun Solaris machines which do not have ISM configured within the kernel will cause additional engines to SEGV during their online operation.
545119 This fixes an issue where server is reporting an error (named cache is configured too small for current demands state 3. Transaction progress may cease) too early.
545130 If both expr1 and expr2 are float numbers in 'select isnull(expr1, expr2)'and if precision of expr1 is less than precision of expr2, it returns error msg 247.
545296 QPMetrics are not captured for statements inside a store procedure which is created and compiled before QPMetrics is enabled
545413 DUMP DATABASE/TRAN with compression may fail with an error, "Length of compressed buffer is greater than the original buffer length".
545444 Under rare circumstances an ASE system running on a 64 bits Windows Server with a high rate of DML commands executed may result in some data not be written to disk.
545662 Under rare conditions a query on the monOpenObjectActivity MDA table may result in a signal 11 and server crash.
545665 If a server was configured for an ipv6 address 'connect to' would fail. A new syntax is being used to add an ipv6 address in sp_addserver. The syntax will encapsulate the ipv6 address with in brackets '[,]'. An example of an sp_addserver command for an ipv6 address: sp_addserver 'rmtsrv1',ASEnterprise,'[fd77:55d:59d9:167:203:baff:fecd:2b0d]:6268'
545754 Application Tracing does not trace actual and estimated I/O statistics when "allow resource limits" configuration parameter is enabled.
545900 Replication Agent may report the error 9205, state 0, after a cross database transaction happened between two databases and the table or the database is configured to use sql statement replication.
545960 isnull() builtin on character data could return blank padded data while returning values substituted for nulls
546047 Executing a query involving IN clause, some builtin and OR predicate may hit SEGV and stack trace in the module of 'LeEvals::LeEvRun()' and 'LeOrScanContext::setOrVtuple' if the query plan chosen has OrScan in it.
546075 The message "process infected with signal 11" in the module 'des_rekeep' may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'vu_getviewdefn', 's_reinstallProcTree' and 'proc__linktopss' when two concurrent sessions access a VIEW whose query tree needs be redefined by ASE.
546651 SET PROXY executed in the procedure using deferred compilation will not have its scope limited only to the current procedure execution but for the whole session.
547622 Adhoc batch may be silently aborted if it creates a temporary table and a clustered index on this table.
547741 Under some circumstances a stored procedure execution which aborts with certain errors (like, for example, a 226 error "... command not allowed within multi-statement transaction.") could unexpectedly close the tables used by the session who previously executed the same stored procedure.
547925 If the ASE license has expired, silent install throws java.lang.IllegalStateException.
549168 When set locale to Chinese, the Chinese characters in sysam checkout messages shows as boxes or garbage.



  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.0.3
  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 ; Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition 15.0


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