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2090983 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0.2 ESD #1


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
310001 syconfig and sybatch delete the namepipe entry in sql.ini
342074 Add SSL support for ASE communication with LDAP Directory Servers.
367842 DDLGen may generate incorrect DDL for a compiled object, if the compiled object has multi-bytes character at 255-256th position in a row in syscomments.
372034 Migration fails during setup when source server has a password and target does not
379866 On servers running multiple engines the data returned by queries on the monDeviceIO Monitoring Table may be incomplete.
400664 New built-in function pssinfo( < spid > , ' < pss field > ') that returns several fields of the process structure.
408080 srvbuild should raise a warning when installing ASE on 64-bit AIX configured with a 32-bit kernel
409094 Some applications depended on certain metadata information about databases that was available in 12.5.4 and prior is no longer available in 15.0. Provide a builtin function to obtain and display that data to properly privileged users.
415534 Adaptive Server hangs on call to a procedure on ASA or IQ using site handler RPC.
415882 Feature to audit LDAPUA state changes.
419182 A new option 'isolation_level' has been added to the existing builtin function pssinfo in order to retrieve the transaction isolation level of a given spid. Usage: pssinfo( < spid > | 0, 'isolation_level')
428922 Enhancement to sp_monitor to monitor deadlocks using monDeadLock monitoring table. Interface is "sp_monitor 'deadlock'", followed by various arguments. An archival facility is provided to store deadlock events in a user-specified table. Detailed usage information can be obtained from: "sp_monitor help, deadlock" comand. Connection monitoring is now enhanced with new command "sp_monitor procstack", that reports on a task's procedural execution stack. Use "sp_monitor help, procstack" for more details.
430423 Occasionally, a shared intent table lock on SYSSTATISTICS table might be seen being held continuously by license heartbeat process when sp_lock is executed.
433611 In some cases, the statistics "plancost" feature was over reporting physical IOs. This was because it was accounting for all physical reads rather than just the physical reads used (in readahead cases).
438848 On servers running multiple engines the data returned by queries on the monIOQueue Monitoring Table may be incomplete.
449888 A "select into" with a partition clause from a view that contains a union may cause a stacktrace.
450005 When a stored procedure involving joins on regular tables and a derived table must be recompiled due to a schema change, column names might not be resolved correctly, yielding an erroneous "ambiguous column" error.
451821 Deadlock occurs when a successful LDAPUA updates the syslogins password or the syslogins lastlogindate is being updated for the first time. This occurs when the update is on the same login row by two different login tasks.
451900 Error 1013 will be raised if japanese object name is specified in an abstract plan.
452493 In rare circumstances, a spid waiting for reception of a JMS message may generate a memory leak if it is interrupted by either a kill operation or reception of an ATTENTION sent by the client application.
452731 Added support of gbpinyin and gbpinyinnocs sortorders for Chinese character sets EUCGB, CP936, GB18030 and UTF-8. For existing installation, please run select sortkey(null, 'all') to populate syscharsets table with the new sortorders. And run sp_helpsort to get the new sortorder id.
453993 Query with derrived table expression having TSQL outer join operator *= may return incorrect result if the inner table joining column is also present in the select list of the main query.
454369 sybmigrate throws java.lang.NumberFormatException in com.sybase.sybmigration.AseUtils.getDbSizeInMb when attempting migration of a very large Database.
454927 Enable LDAP User Authentication feature on Windows X64 platform
454960 Creating an encryption key on platforms that don't support encrypted columns produces a stack trace.
455042 Client connection which is bound to the LASTONLINE will hang when issuing the "sp_engine 'offline'" command.
455180 When running ASE 15.0 on an installation that has not yet been upgraded from 12.5.x or before, #temp table creation can create a table with a name longer than is permitted by the current tempdb.dbo.sysobjects. Some stored procedures, such as sp_configure, can cause this to happen. When it happens, ASE will produce an error message and a stack trace saying that a column on disk has an invalid length.
456569 Some ALTER TABLE ADD < default > with MODIFY and/or DROP commands may fail with Msg 11050 in a HA environment.
461911 Previously Resource Limit Wizard failed to check whether the specified resource limit existed or not before creating the resource limit. This has been fixed.
462732 Inserting data into a partition other than the last partition of a table which has non-clustered indexes is very slow.
463634 Error 325, "Adaptive Server finds no legal query plan for this statement. ..." when executing a union all with more than 8 union sides in serial.
463772 DUMP TRANSACTION < db > WITH STANDBY_ACCESS is not forwarded to Replication Server. This command allows a database that has been loaded with that transaction log dump, to be brought online between loads. This is possible because this command only dumps completed transactions. In a replication environment using coordinated dumps, a dump tran with standby_access that was successfuly run on the primary may fail when RS attemps to apply it into the replicated database as it may not find a quiesce point in the transaction log of the replicated database.
463898 Error 442 might be hit for a query plan which uses a local index with more than 512 partitions if the ordering from the local index is considered useful (e.g. for min() aggregate or OrderBy).
464150 Disallow user from changing the default database if login trigger is active.
464683 When permission is granted to a user to alter an encryption key, which is not a grantable command, Adaptive Server fails to report Msg. 4607.
464847 A 675 error, "Invalid Buffer Cache Access: Attempt to locate page < pageno > , database < dbid > in cache failed because no object id was specified. scan_context={objid < objid > , indid < indid > , cid < cid > }. Contact Technical Support for Assistance." with 2 assertions prior to it may be reported when creating global nonclustered index on partitioned APL table whose first non-empty data partitions is not its first data partition.
465023 Various "out of locks" conditions can prevent the 'sa' user from logging in ASE. As the 'sa' user cannot login, steps cannot be taken to terminate users who are consuming too many locks, or attempt to increase the "number of locks" configuration parameter.
465145 When FMTONLY option is on, queries run slower than 12.5 and some execution status are shown as if the query is executed. When cursor FETCH statements are run with FMTONLY option on, the queries may 'hang' as the end of scan for the FETCH is never reached.
465159 After a successful upgrade via syconfig, a lot of tmp files are left in the SYBASE/ASE-15_0/init/logs directory (tmp1, tmp11, tmp111, tmp1111, etc.)
465196 The execution of some store procedures may result in "infected with 11" errors and stack traces that include proc_replace and s_recrtproc after upgrading.
465296 A new configuration parameter has been added to limit the maximum number of buffers that can be allocated per lava operator. It is called "maximum buffers per lava operator". It is analagous to the "number of sort buffers" parameter. However, it is applicable to hash operators and sort operators used in Lava query plans. The "number of sort buffers" parameter is now only applicable to sorts used in "create index" processing. Because the number of buffers allocated can have a second order effect on the amount of contiguous memory required to track them, this parameter can be lowered to alleviate "out-of-memory" (701) errors. The default is 2000.
465375 Under some circumstances a complex query can timeout in the optimizer while searching for the best plan before it looks at the kind of plans that 12.5 would have generated. The result is a poor plan. In addition no message was displayed to indicate that the optimizer had timed out while searching for the best plan.
465509 When a key encrypted with system encryption password is used in a set encryption passwd statement, there is no error given.
465765 If a licensed feature is enabled in the config file, and its license is expired, then the ASE fails to online engines.
466177 Using "select *" or "select into", with user created types, across databases, the destination table incorrectly retains the user type information from the source table/database.
466623 select-into with subquery on union view may fail with error 225 (Cannot run query--referenced object (name NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization.)
466677 New feature to pass UDFs (user-defined functions) to remote servers via CIS
466855 Previously ASE Plug-in and Interactive SQL's Connect dialog showed Find button by default. (Find button is used for discovering servers.) The button is now only visible when user enables it, by selecting the check box "Enable server discovery" on Server Discovery page of Settings dialog (click Settings button on Connect dialog), or ASE Plug-in Preferences dialog (right click ASE Plug-in and select Properties menu item). The "Enable server discovery" setting also affects the results on Servers details panel, i.e. ASE Plug-in will only discover servers if the setting is enabled.
466986 DDLGen fails in some circumstances to generate DDL for a table, where permissions have been granted on table columns with error P12: Critical internal application error occured.
466992 Under some circumstances a query that involves "equals to" clauses with expressions containing explicit NULL values, parameters or local variables and it is executed inside a stored procedure could return incorrect results in the rare case that ANSINULL option changes after the stored procedure was compiled, i.e. procedure is not recompiled.
466998 Under some circumstances incomplete results could be returned when executing a query with a join on an expression which involves local variables and ANSINULL option is OFF.
467148 ASE returns error 594 on cursor update statement with outer join
467149 An error 15412 or other memory allocation fail-related errors may raise when executing sql statement involving encrypted columns features.
467447 Since ASE 12.5.4, 923 errors, "User < user > not allowed in database ' < database > ' - only the owner of this database can access it" and 937 errors, "Database ' < database > ' is unavailable. It is undergoing LOAD DATABASE" may be reported unnecessarily.
467496 Title in Create Job Wizard does not show the name of the template selected as the basis for the job.
467548 Queries containing 'order by' or 'group by' clause may run into syntax error if the table or column name following 'order by' or 'group by' is 'range','list','hash', or 'roundrobin'. The workaround is adding '()' around the table/column name following 'order by' or 'group by'.
467752 UPDATE STATISTICS on proxy table via import statistics does not work for the bigint, unsigned smallint, unsigned int and unsigned bigint datatypes.
467798 The server may crash with recursive failure and stack overflow upon receiving error 603, "There are not enough system session descriptors available to run this query.Raise the value of the configuration parameter 'number of aux scan descriptors'or retry your query later."
467830 Include the column 'StatModDate' in the space usage archive table, to track the last time statistics were modified for each table or index whose space usage data is being archived.
468149 A performance degradation may be noticed while using java UDFs with internal jdbc calls.
468190 When there are multiple sargs from which to choose , then sometimes a non-equisarg would get chosen over an equisarg, which is usually not the best choice. select * from r,s where (r.a = s.a OR r.b = s.b) and r.a > = 5 In the above example, or general OR optimization, we have a choice between using "r.a = s.a" vs. "r.a > 5" and in some cases we chose "r.a > 5" for the index lookup on "r.a", which is usually not correct.
468302 For a query plan including an hash operator, there is a small window of time as the query excution is being initiated in which an exception can be raised and produce a stack trace including the release() method of the hash operator context.
468310 Under some circumstances a select query returning more than 32 columns and involving non-binary sortorder could return a wrong result (15.0.1 ESD#1) or a 415 error (15.0.1 ESD#2/#3).
468419 Bcp connections disconnect in the middle of BCP operations when using SSL.
468543 Before ASE1502esd#1, RTDS was not supported on hpia64. Sybase has decided to extend RTDS 4.5 to hpia64 starting with that version. The current CR is used as reference for that project.
468544 Before ASE1502esd#1, RTDS was not supported on amd64. Sybase has decided to extend RTDS 4.5 to amd64 platform starting with that version. The current CR is used as reference for that project.
468564 Simple sql queries on hash partitioned tables will generate stack trace when trying to eliminate partitions.
468579 A query joining at least 3 tables and containing an OR could return wrong results when an OR term contains a complex expression and at least one of the columns in this expression is also used in an equi-join.
468605 Previously Advanced connection parameters in Connection dialog (for ASE Plug-in and Interactive SQL) were not saved along with last-connected-server info. This has been fixed.
468648 If an exception occurs during free auxiliary SDESes, it will get into cursor_process_error() which calls LePlanClose() and LePlanOpen() and it could cause SIG 11.
468651 A stack trace may occur when using LIKE clauses against columns from proxy tables when the statement is executed in non-passthrough mode.
468669 A client connecting to Adaptive Server using Extended Password Encryption, (for example with isql -X) may see error message: "ks_falloc() memory allocation failed" in the errorlog. The current and subsequent incoming connection requests to the server using this encryption can fail. This message may also appear if "net password encryption" is enabled for server-to-server communication.
468691 Enable internationalization for ASE native messaging (RTDS).
468697 A stacktrace may occur when running a JAVA UDF with internal JDBC calls invoking a stored procedure that requires a recompilation.
468712 'net password encryption' should be set to true when a new remote servers added. Upgrade item 1559 is not executed when downgraded 1502 server is upgraded again.
468752 Messages 19641, 19642 are warnings, and are meant to be informational for the users, they are raised as errors in the stored procedure
468870 When printed in the error log, the message "Error 1204, Severity 17,State 1 occurred for User ' < user > '. Client IP address is ' < address > '" uses an inconsistent format making it difficult to search for within the error log.
468925 Executing a SELECT with conversion from image to varbinary datatype might result in truncation
468970 During recompilation of a stored procedure (e.g. subsequent to a schema change), references to column names for derived table expressions may be reported as ambiguous (Msg 209) if they they are the same as column names from other tables in the query.
469087 Error 156 occurs when isolation clause is used in a query against a proxy table
469243 IPV6 not supported on IBM AIX platform
469251 While doing engine offline through sp_engine there might be chance of task hanging forever
469316 A login occuring during engine startup can hang until another login occurs when extended password encryption is used to encrypt passwords on the network.
469427 Wrong result could happen when there is a LIKE predicate against a variable and the same column is also involved an IN list/OR predicate. The variable could come from the literal autoparam or a stored procedure local variable.
469576 While creating a function-based index on table who's owner is not dbo, ASE crashes in cri_bldindex.
469665 1. Probe account's password is not reset/truncated on password upgrade/downgrade. 2. 'select * from syslogins' gives stack trace on downgraded 1501 server, if statistics on syslogins is updated.
469706 sp_passwordpolicy 'set','allow password downgrade',0 does not return zero on success.
469707 Once statement cache is full, the global page usage counter may not be decremented correctly when statements are removed from statement cache to make room for new statements.
469732 In rare circumstances, ONLINE DATABASE might report 644, 12807, 1505, 15601, 1151 and other similar errors, due to an untranslated key column in a index on a system table, after loading a 15.0.x database dump across platform where the endian type is different.
469811 New feature to avoid the error 14574, "The manifest file could not be created because the allocation pages of database '%s' with dbid '%d' have a dbid of '%d'. Please run DBCC CHECKALLOC with the fix option to correct this problem." when it is possible to reconcile the dbid in the manifest file with the dbid stored in the allocation pages. This error was raised if there was a dbid mismatch when executing the commands UNMOUNT DATABASE, QUIESCE DATABASE FOR EXTERNAL DUMP and CREATE MANIFEST FILE.
469961 The message 'Current process infected with signal 11" in the module buf__writewait() may be reported if the dbcc named cache is deleted after running DBCC CHECKSTORAGE when the 'dbccdb' database was not bound to it.
469962 2805 errors, "Bad pointer encountered while remapping stored procedure.", may be randomly raised during execution of stored procedures when the autoparametrization of literals is ON.
469970 Under rare conditions error 14623 'You are trying to remove an anchor for a row in sysindexes that still exists. You must delete the row before you may remove its anchor.' maybe raised when executing sp_downgrade; using DBCC TRACEON(613) prior to executing sp_downgrade will avoid the error.
470051 In order to solve JRE dependency issues on different plateforms supporting RTDS, the new environnment variable SYBASE_JRE_RTDS has been defined. That new variable is required for JMS option to work properly since ase1502 esd1. Variable SYBASE_JRE is still used by other Sybase components, but is not anymore used in the context of RTDS. RTDS 4.5 requires the new variable to be defined in the ASE environnement and to point to a valid JRE distribution.
470099 DDLGen makes use of sp_ddlgen stored procedure in ASE for generating DDL for a database. If this stored procedure is not found in ASE, DDLGen installs this stored procedure in ASE. This installation process from DDLGen does not go through successfully resulting in DDLGen displaying the following error: -- AC13: Error encountered during execution of installddlgen script
470100 If there are spaces before the CREATE PROCEDURE keywords in a batch, the procedure source code text in syscomments may be corrupted.
470131 Under a heavy load in a multi-engine environment, infected with 11 may occur in s_normalize() while recompiling a light-weight procedure if statement cache is enabled. The stack trace should contain some recompilation or lwp functions such as s_reinstall_lwp_tree, s_getTreeOrPlan, s_procinstall_lwp and s_recompile.
470220 Using SSL Configuration Wizard, if the configured server contained named pipe services, the configuration would fail with a NullPointerException. This has been fixed.
470236 When choosing from a view with a group by clause and more columns in the target list than the target list of the user query, it can result in a stack trace.
470293 sig8 could be hit in CgGenLava::CGConsOrScanOp() when there is an OR predicate on an index column and the index column is also participating in another equijoin predicate.
470322 Previously when user's interfaces file contained named pipe services like this: [SERVER_ENTRY] master=NAMEPIPE,\\.\pipe\sybase\ase query=NAMEPIPE,\\.\pipe\sybase\ase master=NLWNSCK,server_host,5000 query=NLWNSCK,server_host,5000 In places where server entries were retrieved (such as Connect dialog), the above server entry would be skipped. Now the server entry will be shown ("server_host,5000"), with the named pipe service skipped.
470340 A query involving outer joins with an or-predicate in where-clause that does not degenerate the outer join and can be used for general Or-optimization may return incorrect results.
470354 Installed pc client 15.0.1 GA on top of ase 15.0.1 GA, during copying file, it gives a prompt that _jvm should be overwritten or not.
470368 On HPIA platform, the message "current process infected with 4" together with a stack trace that includes the modules "sqlpars", "yyparse","parserr" may be reported when using "set encryption passwd" with quoted identifier.
470533 In certain circumstances selecting into a table using a query that involves a UNION ALL and IDENTITY column can cause a stack trace.
470560 Provide automatical stored procedure recreation in case ASE detects stored procedure tree corruption. Error 2805 "Bad pointer when remapping stored procedure. Must recreate procedure" will be send to the errorlog instead of the client front end.
470690 ASE raises error 2432 on prepared statements when character set is utf8 and sort order is binary(25)
470912 Extended stored procedures fail if 'set cis_rpc_handling on' is enabled and the xpserver has the 'negotiated logins' attribute switched on.
470938 insert into select * from proxy table is slower in 15 that it is in 12.5.x
471165 The message "Current process ... infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)" may be reported when executing cursor statements that reference a proxy table once the cursor has been closed and reopened.
471241 If a query with 41 or more elements in an IN clause, it could return less rows than expected if one of the element was NULL.
471365 Update Interactive SQL to version, Sybase Central to version This contains the fixes/features delivered to JPMorgan.
471427 Error 7128 "Text pointer value < value > references a data page which is no longer allocated." may be reported during the execution of a DELETE command when there is a delete TRIGGER using the builtin DATALENGTH on a TEXT/IMAGE column.
471445 create proxy_table with unichar/univarchar/unitext columns fails with a column length mismatch error for DirectConnect/SDS servers.
471458 Sometimes, ASE ignores the set of update statement and generates the incorrect results.
471566 A session may be holding an EX_INT lock on syslogins table for too long when the configuration parameter "cpu accounting flush interval" or "i/o accounting flush interval" is established with a small value such that ASE needs to update syslogins table rather frequently.
471604 A query involving several outer joins could return incorrect results if WHERE clause references columns from one of the inner outer joins.
471693 Job Scheduler database name is mispelled in error message that reports the login is not a user of the database.
471824 Too many rows may be returned by successive cursor FETCH commands if all of the following conditions are met: - A view has an INSTEAD OF trigger for UPDATE or DELETE created on it, - A cursor is declared to select a subset of columns of the view and no other database objects appear in the cursor's SELECT statement, - The cursor's SELECT statement contains either DISTINCT or GROUP BY.
471830 Queries that contain a UNION ALL operator with a RESTRICT operator above may produce a SIGBUS error. This is only likely to occur if the RESTRICT operator evaluates an expression where one or more of it's operands are projected from the UNION ALL operator and the operand requires alignment.
472000 When using large buffer pool and large volume of data insert (e.g. bulk copy or select into), a user session may hang forever. You might see functions buf_add_split_iobuf(), bufawrite(), cm_plcunpinall(), xls_bufunpin(), plc__lock- > upsleepgeneric() in the call stack of the hanging session.
472762 Msg. 156, "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'path'" is raised when executing SQL statement that contains "path" as object name.
473069 OutOfBound exception get thrown when starting key copies properties from the key copies tab of base key properties.
473175 Right nested outerjoin might return wrong results when there is an expression join WHERE clause whose expression is referencing a column from the right nested outerjoin inner table.
473179 When statement cache and literal autoparam are on, singleton insert performance is still slower than 12.5.4.
473233 The newer optimizer set commands should behave like the older optimizer set commands (such as "set forceplan on"). In particular, within a batch or stored procedure, these new commands should be able to affect optimization.
473323 ASE hits stack trace while receing text msg, its size > max length defined by return_clause, and returned type is binary. Now It is fixed.
473346 Using TOP N with an OR predicate might incorrectly return less than N rows.
473382 In rare circumstances, a client waiting for a message from a Queue may wait while a message is effectively present on that queue. This occures when an other ASE spid having previously already consumed a message from the same queue is waiting for a message from an other Queue located on the same JMS Provider (same URL). That issue is only TIBCO JMS relative (EAS and IBM MQ are not concerned).
473887 When 'restricted decrypt permission' is configured and a trigger is fired, and if one of the actions in the trigger is to select the decrypted data from the inserted or deleted tables, then the user's session will be terminated and a stack trace containing the following notation may be seen in the errorlog: Current process (0x1b001b) infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
474309 LDAP timeouts values are not being honored when the host running the ldap server is unreachable (e.g. host down, network cable unplugged). A single timeout value, sp_ldapadmin 'set_timeout', '10000' == 10 seconds is timing out in the 3.5 minute range vs. the expected 10 seconds per timeout.
474462 An outerjoin query could return wrong result if there is an OR predicate in the WHERE clause and one OR term is < col > =NULL and < col > comes from the outerjoin inner table.
474763 When there is an update on the partition key then there is a possibility of getting 12313 error.
474808 When setup with "-console" is executed,some parts of License Agreements in Japanese are unreadable.
474892 An application/session that opens many cursors within stored procedures may encounter an 8210 error ("Duplicate of work table descriptor found ..."). The session must quit and restart to alleviate this situation.
475072 Outerjoin might give wrong result when there is a WHERE search clause on some < col > and the < col > is also involved in another expression equijoin join ( < col > = < expr > ).
475180 Under some circumstances a query involving a join between an outer join and other two or more tables could return incorrect results if the plan chosen to execute the query uses the Nary Nested Loop Join mechanism.
475689 Signal 11 may occur when using current_date() function in the WHERE clause.
475833 Outerjoin might give wrong result when a non-scan derived table is used inner to the outerjoin, such as a vector aggregate view.
476044 The message "Current process ... infected with signal 11 ..." may be reported in module aud_getsdes() with a stack trace reported in the error log when auditing is active. The modules " rvm__audit_table_view_access" and "aud_tabview_ref" will be also reported in the stack trace.
478339 Client ssl connections fail to connect to the ASE. The following error is displayed in the ASE log file: SSL or Crypto Error Message: 'Error reading the private key. The specified buffer content is not in the expected format.'.



  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.0.2 ESD #1
  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 ; Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition 15.0


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