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2090984 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0.1 ESD #3


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release. 

CR NumberDescription
401988 Syconfig and other client applications will not able to connect to the Adaptive Server if it was booted with named pipe.
405738 When using jconnect, if the query includes the db name, the dbname is not include in the TDSROWFMT2 response.
415296 Insensitive non-Scrollable cursor sends erroneous CURINFO3 token before the final TDS_DONE token.
420020 Joins between un-partitioned tables take longer time in parallel mode. In general query plans, where the number of producer and consumer processes are mismatched by a vast marging (a factor of 4 or more), the optimizer does not take into account the required slow down because of a blocked or empty pipe as may be the case.
423559 Increase limit of message parameter in syb_sendmsg t-sql function from 255 characters in length
425162 Create clustered or non-clustered index on a UTF-8 server with non binary sortorder is very slow as compared to other character sets. Boot time traceflag 2409 needs to be turned on to enable the fix solution.
428402 Support statement cache with singleton insert statements. To use the feature, please turn on both 'statement cache' and 'enable literal autoparam' configurations.
430428 modify sp_text_load_index to display progress messages
434640 In rare circumstances, a deadlock may arise between a user task running RPC and the site handler task after which no more connections to the remote server will be accepted by Adaptive Server.
442588 Subqueries that contain a group-by clause that references one or more correlated columns (from an outer query block) may return incorrect results.
443852 Occasionally, error message 9502 will be reported for a SELECT statement executed with 'set string_rtruncation on' for a SARG on char/varchar column that has statistics
446521 The BlockedBy column in the monLocks monitoring table incorrectly reports a SPID value instead of the Lock Owner ID.
446568 A 414 (EXCEED_WORKROW) error may be inadvertently raised in if the keylength exceeds 600 bytes (on a 2k page system).
448485 Support Direct I/O on Solaris Opteron 64 (AMD).
448519 AP warning message may be displayed when executing nested subquery with forceplan on.
448661 When the stored procedure sp_modifystats is issued with MODIFY_DENSITY option, Error Msg 553: "The number of parameters/variables in the FETCH INTO clause does not match the number of columns in cursor 'new_densities' result set." is raised. The output for 'Column Group' may be incorrect (show NULL) if multiple columns are involved e.g. composite index.
449301 A 510 error, "Bad eop type 0x...", may be reported in the errorlog together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'execproc' and 'tdsrecv__dynexec' when executing a dynamic parameterized sql statement which used one of the following string manipulation functions: SUBSTRING(), LTRIM(), RTRIM(), RIGHT(), LEFT(), UPPER() or REVERSE() and the parameter's length value exceeds 255 characters.
449492 It was impossible to change configuration parameter 'messaging memory' when 'enable real time messaging' equals 0 (RTDS option disabled). That CR addresses that issue, allowing the user to modify 'messaging memory' configuration parameter before he enables RTDS.
449779 Stack trace could occur during joins between local and remote tables with IN clauses.
450261 There are 2 types of OR optimization (i.e. predicates involving IN list or OR lists) One is the general OR optimization which requires a HASH operator to remove duplicate RIDs and another which removes duplicate keys (e.g. sorts the IN list to remove duplicates, which can be done at compile time if none of the keys are variables). The general OR optimization is usually takes more elapsed time, and the duplicate key approach should be preferred. This change corrects costing that prefers the duplicate key approach which could improve performance in some cases. An example of the type of query that may be helped by this is the following. select * from sysusers where name in ('dbo', 'sa_role', 'guest', 'probe') go
450288 When it is a 13941 error where the expected message is " Cannot partition table xxx because your release level does not support partitioning.", it shows up as a 4941 error whose message is, " You cannot drop a column on which constraints are defined. Drop the constraints before dropping this column.".
450398 Subsequent execution of a stored procedure with insensitive cursor with constant literal in the select list may give incorrect result.
451355 There is a short-term memory leak for Lava hash operators that appear in the inner side of a nested-loop join strategy or beneath a subquery. A relatively small amount of memory is temporarily lost for each outer or correlated row in the NLJ strategy or subquery respectively. If there are a lot of rows in the outer side of an NLJ strategy or in the outer block of a subquery, then the cumulative amount of memory temporarily lost can be quite large. Note that this memory is given back to the system once the query completes.
451682 Variables within derived table expressions within cursor declarations within stored procedures are not initialized correctly during execution of the stored procedure.
451739 QPmetrics are not captured for non-CIS related query after CIS connection has been established within a particular session
451812 In some cases, intelligent index scan may cause low LIO estimate and wrong index is chosen for the plan resulting in poor performance.
452118 If estimation errors occur with join cardinality estimations, or estimates with index scans on DOL tables, then update statistics with this fix may correct those estimates. The problem of inaccurate statistics occurs when the "with consumers" phrase is used on update statistics or a clustered index is created on a partitioned table.
452199 Stored procedre creating a table with complex CHECK clause may fail with stack trace when the execution is performed from the cached plan.
452764 Sybase Central sorts columns incorrectly should be able to sort by syscolumns.colid so that the user can sort the columns in the same order as they were created.
453503 When different data type comparison is done, ase returns wrong data. ex) create table cr453503 (deccol decimal(6,2),sintcol int) go insert into cr453503 values (1, 1) insert into cr453503 values (2, 2) insert into cr453503 values (3, 3) go select * from cr453503 where ( sintcol = deccol ) and ( deccol is not null) ase will return 0 row.
453646 Configuration parameter 'number of open partitions' uses the wrong message number for its help message: it uses 10410, but should use 14010.
453831 A SELECT statement with a derived table that contains a UNION ALL of a proxy table and a local table results in a 207 error (Invalid column name) if the proxy table is before and the local table is after the UNION ALL.
453837 Wrong results could be obtained when a view or derived table which contains a GROUP BY clause is used in a query on the inner side of an Outer Join and the query SELECT list contains complex expressions.
453904 A process is abnormally terminated after an 1105 error occurs when creating a stored procedure in a database that has the "abort tran on log full" option set.
454022 A 325 error, "Adaptive Server finds no legal query plan for this statement." may be reported with a SELECT query when the opportunistic distinct view option is enabled.
454562 Turning off the direct i/o through DIRECTIO=false doesn't take effect even after restarting ASE if the device had the DIRECTIO option set to true before.
454677 A SELECT query on a union-in-view with a large IN list ( > 40 elements in the IN list) as part of the WHERE clause hits signal 11 in PeBasicPredicate*IsCorrelatedSarg().
455016 Stacktrace could happen in CgpIndScan::_CgpIndSpecialOrPePredBmToScalar() if an equijoin between two tables (such as t1.c1=t2.c1) under an OR predicate is considered for the special OR processing on t1 and t2.c1 is also participating in another TOP level equijoin predicate with t1. Here is an example: "... where t2.c1=t1.c2 and (t1.c1=t2.c2 or t1.c1=t2.c1)"
455038 Enabling optgoal allrows_oltp incorrectly disables the optimizer from considering network latency when optimizing queries with proxy tables.
455197 If a compute clause's group-by list contains an expression and no rows are returned for the query, then a SEGV or stack corruption could occur.
455326 The 110219 error log message has been reworded and now reads "Warning: There is no valid license for ASE_ASM and therefore the ASE_ASM feature has not been initialized".
455435 Using the top clause in a select statement that involves a union all in a view (or equivalent derived table) in the from clause does not limit the size of the result set as expected.
455567 SQL queries having predicates of the form col = isnull(result of some scalar aggregation, or the result of a subquery), is not considered as a SARGable predicate, which means that such predicates cannot be used for index scans. This causes massive performance problems.
455611 HAaseAgent for VCS on Solaris and Linux executes one VCS system command with wrong syntax: hagrp -display < service-group-name > attribute SystemList The above command with correct syntax should be: hagrp -display < serveric-group-name > -attribute SystemList The wrong syntax will not cause any failure in HAaseAgent or HA function except that VCS engine may log some error message to its log.
455671 Multiple connections from another 15.0.1 ASE are left allocated.
456314 Wrong result could happen if the query has an equality predicate between two expressions (expr1=expr2) and through some other equijoin predicate(s), all the columns referenced in the predicate can be completely mapped to one joining table and at the same time also completely mapped to another joining table. For example, "t1.c1+2=t2.c1*2 and t1.c1=t2.c1".
461167 When OMNI tables are involved and no parallel is turned on, ASE aborts queries saying that there is insufficient threads configured.
461169 A 511 error "Attempt to update or insert row failed because resultant row of size < num > bytes is larger than the maximum size (1964 bytes) allowed for this table." may be reported during upgrade to 15*, during "upgrade step [ID 60], alter table (table sysstatistics)" when there are small histogram boundary values at the end of a sysstatistics row.
461305 A SELECT query with an OR CLAUSE may not return the correct results.
461319 A distinct order-by query in a non-binary sortorder server may return too few rows. This can happen if the sum of unique distinct (from the select-list) and order-by columns is less than 32 and there are no character columns in the select list that are not also in the order-by list. Taking the following query as an example: select distinct a.a, a.c from A a, B b where a.b=b.b order by c In this case, "c" is the only character column in select-list and it appears in the order-by list. So, the bug occurs. If "a" was a character column, then the problem would not occur.
461461 An outer join query using DISTINCT and ORDER BY clauses may return incorrect results for COMPUTE predicates on expressions involving columns from the inner table or may raise a 325 error: "Adaptive Server finds no legal query plan for this statement."
461470 If reformatting plan is chosen and the worktable need to be filled more than once, it could cause wrong results.
461704 In certain rare circumstances a cursor opened for update can calculate an incorrect row size for the newly updated row. This causes the cursor to fail and report error 669: "The length computation of the row < rowid > is wrong. Ensure that row-length is no greater than max possible size of < maxrowsize > . This error was detected during cursor scan fixups for cursor < cursor_name > . This is an internal error."
462379 For query like insert ... select distinct ... union all, signal 11 and stacktrace could happen in CgpUnion::_cgpInit().
462696 When ASE reports an I/O failure as a result of a hardware error, it reports an incorrect virtual page number for the failure.
463988 On AIX platform, a 19608 error, "no such parameter 'directio' " reported when changing directio parameter with deviceattr stored procedure
465448 Incorrect results could be returned when a mergejoin with at least two equijoin predicates is placed over a nested loop join that uses a reformatting strategy for the inner table and the outer scan of the nested loop join involves a unique index.



  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.0.1 ESD #3
  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 ; Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition 15.0


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