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2090990 - I see some jobs from one ATS, and some from another, but not all jobs! - Recruitment Marketing


  • When Professional Services implements a new customer site, we integrate jobs from a customer's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) by way of a job collection process (historically called a 'scrape'). Occasionally, customers will have two ATS: for example, one retail, and one corporate. 
    Note: one possible outcome of this is that we aren't collecting all jobs from a particular ATS, just a subset. Many times recruiters will post jobs in an incorrect gateway in the ATS, in a location which we do not collect from, or do not complete the posting process fully leaving jobs in a pending state in the ATS. If this is the case, this is the original configuration and should be the intended result. This can always be changed, but it is a billable change to include additional jobs in the collection.
  • When logging into the Dashboard, or searching the external site, I can see jobs from one ATS, and jobs from the other ATS, but not all. For example: there are 100 jobs in the first ATS, and 200 jobs in the second ATS. But the site is saying there is only 250 jobs. Why would this be?


  • Recruiting Marketing


  • The issue here is that the requisition IDs from each ATS may be overwriting each other. If they both have similar nomenclature systems, we may be collecting a job with ID '4818' from one ATS, and an ID '4818' from a second ATS. If this is the case, our system cannot reconcile the duplicated IDs and will only store one instance of a job ID.  There is no systematic approach to what job is excluded


  • Submit a case to the Support portal, selecting 'Recruitment Marketing Platform' as the product and referencing this article. Customer Success (in partnership with Professional Services) will update the job collections to correc this issue.
    Note: this may have an impact on how the requisition IDs show in the Recruitment Marketing Platform, but it will not impact candidate experience.


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